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  2. Yeah completely agree. They might as well call this beta version FM Long Ball. Every single game, all I see is long ball over the top, to long ball over the top. It really ruins the enjoyment. To combat this, I have decided to play the matches on only commentary. At least this way, I can still make shouts when needed but don't have to see us miss 50 million chances!
  3. Hey @Ghost77, thanks for your post. As suggested above please post this in the Feature Request sub forum and it will go in for consideration. Thanks again.
  4. I don't know if this is actually a UI bug, or if the inside forward's mentality on support genuinely is the same as the inside forward attack, but the UI shows that the mentality for both support and attack inside forwards are the same. This is not true of any other support role in the AMR/L areas: Inverted winger (support): Winger (support): Inside forward (support): As I said, I don't know if this is a bug, or if the inside forward actually does have a higher mentality on support than the other roles.
  5. Just started my first game with Spurs and I'm able to arrange friendlies that's not an issue but then I keep getting news that other freindlies have been arranged, can't seem to turn this off or even find the option to in the new staff responsibility interface.
  6. Is anybody finding that the match engine is ruining the enjoyment of the game for them at the moment? The sheer amount of 1v1s that my strikers contrive to miss every game is winding me up a treat. Midfielders however score at will from 30 yards out. I want to carry on my save but it's so annoying when my tactics are playing the ball in over the top on the counter to my quick strikers, who always make good runs (they are suited to this style) but for some reason the match engine only allows them to score about 2% of 1v1s. Infuriating!
  7. That's what I have currently been going with. So, unless I have a sure fire wonderkid then it's probably better to go with 50% of next sale.
  8. Just wait @Nerau944 Its only a week away now until full release ... Use the time to work on tactics and who you want to go out and buy. review your squad.
  9. 50% of next sale is better, but the difference probably wont matter much unless you get a huge fee. Say you sell the player for £100k, with a 50% of profit from next transfer on a follow-on £500k sale (by the club who bought the player from you) you would make 50% of the difference between 500k - 100k = 400k. 400k divided by 2 is 200k. 50% of next sale means that for a 500k sale you get 250k. So both are good!
  10. I'm getting a lot of offers but all are for under 100k. I just wasn't sure which would be better. For example, if I sold a player who for me will play every week and will be a good player for 100k with 50% of next sale included, and he then sits in the new clubs reserves for a couple of years and they then sell him for 10k, I have lost out, correct? Whereas if I added 50% of next sale then I would at least get 5k back?
  11. Thanks for the feedback. This is an issue we are aware of and looking to improve for full release. Cheers. Ben
  12. Some issues with South Shields data: - Jon Shaw is listed as "unconvincing" at striker, despite starting there multiple times this season. He's also contracted as a youth coach/HOYD at the club - https://southshieldsfc.co.uk/jon-shaw-appointed-clubs-head-of-professional-development/ - Jordan Annear was released from the club last month - https://southshieldsfc.co.uk/jordan-annear-leaves/ - David Foley has recently been released from the club - https://southshieldsfc.co.uk/club-statement-david-foley-ssfc/ - Chris McDonald is in their squad for some reason despite never playing for them in real life South Shields have also signed a few youth players to professional contracts recently, and I could help with information for them. However with them being outside the official database, I'm not sure whether it's needed.
  13. Hello there just got the game yesterday, really happy overall, fantastic edition this year particularly impressed with the more realistic values of players as they were ridiculous in 19. One issue is that when I attempt to negotiate a contract with a player I cannot manually change any of the bonuses as when do and press enter the amount always goes down to £1. Which is particularly annoying as I usually use 6/7 bonuses with the majority of the players I deal with, It only gives me the set amounts that are given then I have to increase or decrease from there.
  14. @[Team Burrito] #Hashtag, thanks for the feedback. Have you not had the option to re-evaluate your expectations mid-season as this can be the case sometimes when you are overachieving...
  15. 50% 0f Next sale as profit is next sale - how much they paid you
  16. It is an unusual situation. It does seem that some were playing in Wales already though. I'm not finding too many British players to replace the Italians, so unless I'm forced to change it looks like it might stay this way for a while.
  17. Emanuele Romano (ID: 43605804 ) physio for Carpi (Serie C - Group B) actual age is 25, he was born on 14/05/1994. Source: I know him personally
  18. I want to report on the rules of the Chinese Football League. It seems that there are new rules to be formulated in 2020 season. I think you researchers can modify the new rules of China League. For example, the use of foreign players and the requirements of 23-year-old players. There are also information updates for naturalized players.
  19. So I just promoted from the 2nd div in Denmark to the 1st division. Its impossible to play amateur players, so I wanted to offer my players semi pro contracts. Everything is greyed out, and I cant find a way to give my players a semi pro salary. I still have money on my budget, so thats not an issue. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?
  20. Do you have a save just before the player becomes unhappy @Jimaldo?
  21. I only play FM on my laptop. Processor Intel Core i7 Processor-nummer 8750H Processor kernen Hexa core (6) Processor codenaam Coffee Lake Kloksnelheid 2,2 GHz Turbo snelheid 4,1 GHz Cachegeheugen 9 MB Is this enough info to say something about the i7 processor?
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