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  2. The fact that he is a wonderkid may explain this as he may not be able to cope with the pressure. Check his composure attribute, but it might be worth taking him off penalties for a while.
  3. I know mate have you screenshots with this team. But im having great success with the one i posted never ever had goals conceded less than other of your tactics
  4. It's always one of my 'go to' formations. Certainly one of my top 3 ways to set up so it's never a million miles away. I like the idea of Gedson Fernandes in midfield though.
  5. also an easier way (rather than dragging) to move players to the top of the queue
  6. WB Au will be a WB A compared to a IWB S, so will be a different set up. IW S is a more defensive set up but not everyone likes the IW set up.
  7. !!!!!19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC by Knap and !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442KnapP106ALLCUPS by Knap both got the most number of points in testing league of fmarena but i don't understand in what differentiate each other....
  8. Agreed, things are progressing nicely and there is no way we would be playing as well on the pitch if I didn't have (39b) Xabier (Res) * playing alongside (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) *. I tend to not take too much notice of the youngsters when they 1st come through, It's not until they turn 16 and I can start actually playing them that they catch my eye. Thanks for the kind words. I really just wrote what I'm thinking. I'm sure half the time it's a load of old waffle. Thanks for the kind words anyway.
  9. Back at it.. I just can't decide where to start.. Man City, Ajax, Benfica, Anderlecht, national team of Serbia (but then I need an already working tactic for I start)?
  10. Hola... Parece prometedora... Publica enlace para descargar y probar.....
  11. It's weird but I love (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * despite his antics. I commented earlier in the thread that if someone had to go between him and (39b) Xabier (Res) * then I would prefer for (39b) Xabier (Res) * to go. The fact that he has some negative aspects to his personality that gives some depth to the story, yet still keeps banging the goals in is just brilliant. He's still only 21 but seems like he has been around for ages.
  12. Beautiful Did I read your mind or is that just a theory?? Would love to see some analysis. That midfield looks absolutely unstoppable.
  13. Season 2 of my career ended with my team and in the start of the transfer window ''boss'' informed me that I had 53 million available to spend on transfer period.. I got really happy and started planning how I would spend them.. But Just after that I checked my transfer budget and It was only about 5 million.. I bought one player and now I got 10 thousand euros.. Please explain me how that happened because I'm so frustrated and I'm probably gonna leave the game after this..
  14. What I see I don't like but I ignore the cause: - Pass instead of shot - Shot instead of pass - Cross instead of pass - Cross instead of shot - Shot instead of cross - Don't tackle - Don't press - 2 or more player going for the same ball - 2 or more players going for the same opponent - Miss chances - Miss headers - Miss tackles - Pass the ball to the opponent - Don't move when they are pressed - Don't pass the ball when they are pressed - Don't hoof the ball when they are pressed - Don't fight for the ball - Bodyguard opponents - Don't follow opponents - Don't make fouls when needed
  15. It's kind of crappy with all the profits they make every year on new versions of Football Manager they can't seriously invest any of that into another product. There is seriously only one person working on Eastside Hockey Manager as a side hobby? I mean Eastside would never be on the same level as Football Manager, but it's still just a bad showing they won't make new releases. A bad showing that will all the money FM is bringing it that none of it will go towards new products. I mean the excuse last time was piracy wasn't it? I mean it's 2019, there are plenty of DRM solutions that would take care of that issue. All you really have to is keep pushing out updates, and that makes everyone forget about pirating it. Just have some always online element that is constantly making the game update and game crackers wouldn't even be able to keep up. I mean as it stands right now Eastside is pretty much unplayable if you use broken tactics. Too easy. You're pretty much forced to play GM mode only otherwise it'll be too easy.
  16. For some reason the "Job History" screen is missing the 2020-21 season I spent in Serie B and showing a 2022-23 season on Milan that never happened. I've uploaded a save called "MILAN 2023-24 XIIV."
  17. I used the one with soulless organisation and that is what the media puts out. fck has bought the media as always. In any case, and circumstance though, fck can **** right off.
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  19. Go to France, Paris FC and make them the dominant team of Paris?
  20. it would be nice if we could click on the columns to sort them. e.g. click on scout recommendation column to sort by value. would make it a lot quicker to cancel certain assignments than having to scroll the whole list at once
  21. My wonderkid striker has 15 for penalties and technique but it seems that he can’t consistently score penalties. He’s taken 5 penalties so far in the season and had only scored 1 (the other 4 have all been saved). I’ve had him on penalty taking for a couple of months during training but he can’t seem to score many. Is it just bad luck??? Thanks!
  22. Doing really well this season. Shame to see Xabier leave but it's a great deal and he won't actually be leaving yet. Chevalier has an interesting spread of attributes and also an excellent name, so I'm looking forward to seeing him develop. Oh, and you should defo carry on with explaining what you're doing with transfers etc., I find it interesting!
  23. It seems you're not playing with the latest version of this tactic, are you still at 19,3.0 patch or do you find this version better than latest? Latest version should be - INVERTED WINGER VERSION P101 ALLCUPS
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