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  2. I'd do it manually through player search. Make sure you've got a youth scouting package that covers France, untick the "realistic transfer / realistic loan" boxes, search "nationality - partially - French" and "nationality - partially - Basque" and put an age limit on it, i.e. 18. Then just highlight them all (there won't be many) and scout them. I'd do similar for Spanish ones too, just to check for the odd one that pops up outside of the Basque clubs. I don't bother about JPA / JPP if I have a good coach for it (or just set my HoYD to do coach reports).
  3. Just caught up on this. I hope you are still progressing with it?
  4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have managed to reproduce this using the save file provided and it is now under review.
  5. @MatthewS17 what sort of role DM are you using? Because that changes what sort of player you need. I haven't had a good look at him but I'd see Rodri as a slightly less technical version of Sergio Busquets. Ndombele isn't a DM at all really, unless you use a Segundo Volante. He's a CM playmaker but his Knocks Ball Past Opponent trait makes him a little bit direct.
  6. The crash dump file is attached to this thread. When I go on vacation I crash on the same date. I have not tried going past that date without vacation because on that day I have to confirm 150 trialists and that would take a while. I have also attached the application error I receive just before it crashes. Thank you FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.18 18.18.23).dmp
  7. If you want Ozil’s creativity and Aubameyang’s pace, why don’t you drop off and let the opponent come at you more? At the moment you press & push high up the pitch so you’re likely to play in the opponent’s half so how is Aubameyang pace going to be useful in those situations? Just giving you a slightly different idea.
  8. Im back on the public beta, game runs ok but I can only run the graphics on high and not very high..
  9. I agree (and even NCB is different in FM19), but my remark related to this concrete sentence: But now that he explained the reasoning behind, I guess it's okay
  10. pond is another good player for salford for me
  11. That explains why he always gets offers from north of the border after the first season. He's really difficult to keep hold of
  12. Hi @amberhelix Thank you for all the information you've provided on this. Have you got the save game that displays the above behaviour when you load it? From what you've said so far, it seems as though this may well just be an issue with the description displayed rather than the actual facilities rating. If you upload your save I'll have a look and see what's going on - instructions on how to upload saves can be found via the link below. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Thank you for the replies, I've since found a 20 year old left footed right back who I reckon could be retrained.
  14. Which is some frustration guaranteed. However, since "Commentary only" always been an option (and since SI don't seem to see the issue with that -- or rather their commenatry, which "realistically" apes all terrible commentary cliches in the world and multiplies them on many an occasion), sure why not. It will make for an interesting experience though, as voiced commentary is far more "instrusive", "memorable" and "in your face" than a simple line of text. Can already see the Steam review pages imploding due to Forwards regularly missing chances they "should have damn scored!!!!" etc. In General, the commenatary (voiced or text) could be adressed some by making it more explicitly clear that it's mostly flavor. Say, perhaps by intelligent assistants or staff that puts Things into a more "useful" perspective. Perhaps even on the Occasion by them challenging what the TV style commentator had just preached during the Highlights. Both internally (in a post match Analysis) as well as the game's various media.
  15. For versatility, if my defender has the eye for them I am not against him trying, what I am against is players who have no business trying those sort of passes launching the ball forwards without rhyme or reason.
  16. I've played FMT19 since release. Admittedly I'm on iPad but the game is the same I believe - I'll try and answer your questions as best I can: 1. You can revert to a classic/retro skin. On iPad we have the choice of the new skin or the classic one - I haven't tried the classic skin so not sure if its white or not but I imagine it would be. 2.The shift has happened this year. Takes a while to get used to but it's not really a big issue for me. I took the tutorials to get to grips with it properly. 3. You can customise your view on the "match analysis" tab so you can see the information you want to on the main screen (pitch in background but you don't see the game. 4. Just hit the Pitch tab at the top next to "match Analysis" 5. I play on iPad and have had no issues with lagging between highlights and runs smoothly so can't comment on PC version. 6. Again never had an issue with the ME stuttering on iPad 7. I normally use sideline as my default pitch view, have you tried this one? I really like this version as it suits my needs and love the new tactics setup. As its touch there is no familiarity issue so every tactic should work quickly so you can test different roles as you go. I don't understand why you would want to upload a tactic that used to work in years gone by? Football is evolving and so is the game. Fair enough if you don't care about a Mezzala, but you still need to know what they do when an opponent uses one. May even be a good thing for you? You sound like Sam Allardyce! Hope you stick with it!
  17. Not convinced 4231 would be good for an underdog, and would be inclined to use the 41311 tactic above or a 442, 4141 or 451. Another approach would be to use the mentality game, which Optimus uses.
  18. Hadn't seen this thread before sadly, but keenly catching up now - glad you've picked it up again, good luck and I'll see you (probably) on page 7!
  19. Hi Knap. Thanks for the tactic. What changes should be made to use this tactic for the underdog teams?
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