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  2. Does loading players with a custom db from a specific division, for example, english regional premier divisions... does this just populate those teams with the actual players to start with, or does it then always keep them loaded up with newgens in the future>
  3. @knap Hello there, i have a question btw welcome back to fm 21 , may i ask , why you use 2 different attacking corner set up in some formations like 451 and 442 ect. in 442 is BEO44 and 451 is 6dyr, any explanation? and which of them are more effective as set piece? thanks in advance mate
  4. No worries, cheers for the info, sounds like you were just having a normal game up until this happened... ... what is the save called? (a few people have uploaded a save at the same time - if it has your name in just give me a rough idea so I know which one)
  5. Manchester united's club culture seems to be getting bloated a bit too much. I know there's a bit of an identity crisis on the field, but it could do with toning down. Things need to be running consistently to get added as a cultural philosophy of the club IMO; This year they are saddled with: * Play Attacking football * Develop players using youth * Sign players U22 for future * Sign high rep players * Sign English players * Play Entertaining football * Sign U23 for first team. That's a lot of additions from FM20's: * Play Entert
  6. Nothing out of the ordinary, just subs... each time I try again from the saved file, I get through to the same point and no further
  7. That was something that helped me out when I was in Germany last season with Energie Cottbus. Their sponsorship money helped so much with how much money we were spending on wages. Once you get promoted to 2. Liga, the prize money is literally enough to cover most costs at the end of the season.
  8. How can I export the match highlights package video in FM21? I remember I could do it in FM20 by accessing the match after it took place.
  9. How can you all bring yourselves to keep the first window enabled? It just feels wrong to me to be able to add on top of the real life summer transfers. It's just a personal choice really, I am tempted to keep it enabled because there is definitely work needed to be done to the squad, but I reckon I'll stand firm and keep it disabled. Not yet started my save because of the PS5 release, so been on that.
  10. Yes I'm back, hopefully soon as there is an issue changing the England database. Second post will have all relevant leagues listed as soon as I get a chance. I have no timescale on when this will be released
  11. Links to all my packs for FM21: FM21 Backgrounds: Stadium Pack FM21 Backgrounds: Competitions Pack FM21 Backgrounds: Nations Pack FM21 Backgrounds: Continents Pack FM21 Backgrounds: Media Sources Pack
  12. Hi all, I’ve been working on a number of background projects, this one is adding manager/staff & referee pictures to the backgrounds throughout the game from all over the world, I’ve been doing this for my own personal use, but decided to share with the community, something I've built up over 2-3 years now. All are 2560x1600 at 227px, which is basically MacBook Pro Retina size, so the quality is superb in most instances. They have been compressed to their smallest file size possible without loss of quality. It currently covers 2663 managers/staff and 276 referee backgrounds over
  13. Hi, I'm coaching a club in the French lower leagues (5th tier). The club has a semi-pro status. Some players have contracts. When I try te renew them, the players say: "I'm willing to consider the possibility of renewing in general, but I don't want to discuss a new contract this time as it would be on inferior terms to my current deal, which has time left to run." I cannot do any interactions at that point, just go back. I did not make any previous offers, then how can they be inferior? Is it because there is no salary budget left? Thanks!
  14. I believe that has been tweaked, as in the beta I don't think I had a single game where I had over 1.0 xG that I didn't score 2/3/4 goals more than the xG. Meanwhile, following the full release, I've had a couple of games against 3 at the back teams where they constantly kept me out enough that I was only able to take inaccurate shots, and so ended up with like 1.5 xG, but no goals scored. EDIT: Missed that Jack had commented on this, so yea, shots that should have added to xG weren't in the beta, which would explain the overperformance against xG.
  15. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, please in future attach a timestamp for when the incident happens. This makes it a lot easier for us. This mistake is definitely a bug, so we have logged it into our system. in terms of the match rating, that is a separate issue which we will have to discuss internally. Cheers!
  16. It looks very similar to the one you've just put up actually. Shadow Striker instead of AM.
  17. Anyone know if the OFC Champions League has been fixed this year? In previous years the competition didnt select the right teams to qualify
  18. I intend on adding the Regionalliga relatively soon, however I won't be putting the right clubs in the right regions because that'd be too much work i'm not interested in. I hope that's okay with ya?
  19. Hello, For your information, it's still the case now that the whole game is enable. Have a nice evening
  20. I've noticed that some stats aren't registering. When looking at player stats at the end of the season I noticed that there has been no free kicks scored at all in my league, which is strange considering I had conceded from a direct free kick like 6 games ago. I checked other leagues and no league is registering free kick goals. I'll attach the video of the goal just as evidence, and also to highlight a bug (how did the keeper not save this?). As well as this I have noticed that statistics such as clear cut chances created, key tackles, blocks, and saves parried are significantly lower in
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