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  2. can you upload the actual logo? can you try using a default logo with that club's id, and see if it works?
  3. Sancho was too expensive, but he was my first choice. I brought Chiesa. First i tried him as Winger, but since I changed the role to IW-S he start to improve his performances
  4. February 2030 A much better month, especially those last two games where we certainly had our shooting boots on!
  5. Manorientated Zonal Marking? Never heard of such a thing. Are you talking about a man marking scheme that Gasperini plays?
  6. At this point having spent since 6pm Saturday trying to find a solution, having read every single problem below in this sub-forum reporting the same or similar issues and having only purchased the full release of FM2020 earlier today (wasn't planning to this early, usually wait until January but a flu has me with plenty of spare time) I am beyond disappointed in the the fact this can be called a "final edition" of the game which seems to have some major, major bugs. FM19 and 17 still work fine. I don't have a great graphics card but there is no way that from the beta version to this version it can go from 3 and a half stars to one star and not even function to a playable capacity. Everything looks and feels the exact same as the beta; I read back through Miles Twitter and he does say some "improvements" were made to the 3D graphics, but my God, these can't be it. This isn't even the worst issue. Whenever I hover over any tab a "fuzzy, pink" background appears, a "fuzzy, pink" background - as described by a user below - that wasn't present during the beta version either, but now somehow is. I have tried all the usual tricks; I should have made a list, but they include the usual replies - I deleted preferences and cache - I didn't install any graphics or logo packs (albeit they are downloaded and ready to go in a separate folder) - I uninstalled and reinstalled Windows 10 - I uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers - FM is obviously on the most recent update, which from what I can read, helped nobody with similar issues - I messed around with screen resolutions and skins, no dice. There has to be an issue with an update that has been released between the beta and now that has caused this and is causing now over a dozen users to be looking for assistance so that the game can be fixed and that we can enjoy it. It's all bundled into the same issues, the CPU issues are correlating with the graphic issues which make peoples systems run harder even on a static screen - I can tell you for a fact this issue was not present in the beta. Can someone try to provide me some more potential reasons as to why all of this is happening that are not stated above. I even saw one response where it was suggested the issue may correlate with Windows Pictures so I deleted that folder even. I don't plan on waiting a month for a fix to this either like some have been, which is terrible by SI mind you, but I'm sure there's an excuse.
  7. Another bug just popped up: I've "failed to reach the MLS playoffs" is the message I just received. Two things-- 1. I actually made the playoffs in my first season, and 2. The goal is to make the playoffs for 2020...it's only March 29th, so I'm not even finished with the first month of the season!!!
  8. Is it possible in fm to use Man oriented Zonal Marking if so how can you do it. I would really like to use that it's my preferred way of defending but I don't know how to. Help you'll be massively appreciated
  9. Alright! Thanks for the input! Will introduce people to the core concepts on the OP in a short while
  10. I have looked at the website a few times and you are right, it is a bit of a mess! So well done on trying to simplify it! That website takes creating tactics and makes it into trying to decipher a thesis..... That would scare many people away, especially those that already argue that creating a tactic has become too complicated. However, I wonder if other parts of that website could be added to your work. For example: https://www.guidetofm.com/tactics/choosing-roles-duties discusses penetration, solidarity and support, and gives an advised score (that score is debatable and would be interesting to see people's ideas on that). Then further down it looks at each role and duty and applies a penetration etc score to it. On the same page it also discusses how each position provides attacking cover, provides defensive cover, applies defensive pressure and plays safe and analyses each role and duty for this. It also suggests what roles to partner each role and duty with (see why this webpage is so complicated!). I also thought it may be better to divide the columns into styles from the bottom of https://www.guidetofootball.com/tactics/playing-styles like direct attacking football and analyse what would be suitable for each style. Then use that model to generate discussion and see what people could do to alter and improve it. It could also show us what could be wrong in the website's thinking and help us to understand tactics better. A few quick notes: I believe I have seen the mods on the SI forums say a few times that not everything is correct on that webpage, but I am not sure what parts are wrong. Also don't worry if people do not immediately reply to your post. Many people may not have checked the website you got it from and therefore might be confused. Maybe update your OP to explain a few concepts to help those reading the files.
  11. What about a 433? 2dmcs and a cm with AMwingers and pf.. Or one dm and 2 cms? Maybe 3 cms, but i guess you need that dm. Also i guess the problem is the space in front of full backs with AML/R. So have so sacrifice some other way to achieve balance. I like 433s, boring if it wont work at all.
  12. As demand for 4231 formation is very high even it's way less effective than Zeus I've decided to share my best 4231 tactic Wolverine V1 (download link can be found at the OP)
  13. My recommendation would be Chiesa. My scout reports told that Bailey would find it difficult to get a WP. Chiesa takes a while to settle, but then is gold. And is interested to join from the beginning. Honestly, outside of him, I would go for Sancho, and not Bailey or Everton (in the later seasons, when Sancho is interested)
  14. Champions Playoff Ouch... Actually just straight up outclassed and our run comes to a halt. In good news though, playoff defeat equals a Euro Cup berth and some much needed income The group we drew actually isn't that bad. Villareal are of course difficult, but Sparta and Rapid aren't that big a step-up from Dinamo or even a step up at all, so we have a slim chance of grabbing some decent results. And in the League We aren't losing... But constantly rotating and resting sides for Europe meant we played a lot of 50/50 squads and our team doesn't really have depth to pull off consistent wins when we're not playing our best players. Outside the First XI most of the squad is decent/leading Second Div quality and aren't liable to perform as expected. No big deal though, as all the board wants is a Top 6 finish and we're hanging near the top end of the table.
  15. Playing with fenerbache, no tactics at all seems to work... so will try this out and let you know:)
  16. League specific? Playing in my second season and the Vancouver board has created a B team that's supposed to play in the PDL (no games ever take place, which has already been mentioned.) The issue is that the board always refuses any suggestions for the B team coaches to study for a license, stating that "we currently have enough physiotherapists to do a sufficient job..." I've received the same message 2 times- once for a coach and once for the assistant coach.
  17. Today
  18. Can you please make it possible to search for out of work managers on FMM 20. I just bought the editor as I wanted to edit the managers of certain teams (Tottenham for example) but unless I’m missing something it’s impossible to do as you can’t search for managers by name.
  19. The reason why that doesn't happen is, the game rewards too much set piece goals and shots from long and/or the edge of the area. So sitting back is generally not a brilliant strategy, because a team that corners you around your area, will naturally have more chances of this kind, the laws of probability means eventually one will go in. Essentially, and this is the really exasperating thing about FM20 and btw FM19 was already a bit like that too, the game rewards teams that attack a lot but not particularly well - teams that create a lot of rubbish, low percentage chances. There is just not enough of a discernible difference in chance conversion between these fairly rubbish chances and clear ones. I would even say it feels like a free shot from the edge of the area, on the volley on a first touch, pays off better than a free shot from the penalty spot with the ball under control, which is nuts. Its all to do with the algorithms of "feeling the pressure of the nearby defender" and "goalkeeper cutting the angle". Add to it really poor decision making on the ball that overlooks clear obvious cutback options; overlooks possibilities for central short passes between the lines that would completely destabilise a defence, in favour of longer passes into players that are running into space instead (often wide players); central deep strikers and playmaker AMCs always picking up the ball with their back to goal in the rare occasions they're called upon, and therefore not influencing the game enough; players far too keen of shooting with their wrong foot and/or on their first touch; defending that is generally too narrow/compact and ignores runs by attacking fullbacks; and magic pinpoint long balls that sometimes bypass even deep defences... and this is just not a good experience at all. It's like playing a game of football on the moon, it sort of resembles football but then works with different laws of physics that are unnatural.
  20. Okay, fair enough. I appreciate your willingness to contribute with content.
  21. 2 of the goals scored in my last 2 games have been from the post/bar, so it definitely does happen in FM 20- rare but does exist.
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