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  2. B team training is seperate, so if you have a real top prospect, I'd recommend having them training with the first team and available to play for the B team. I do often put players there for a fixed period though and it usually works ok, but I find leaving them there for multiple seasons doesn't help development at all
  3. I'm sure someone out there could re-brand the logo as Maidenbower for you
  4. I am sorry for the bad language. Here are my staff ratings in the PL and some info on numbers: Here is my head of sport science: He also has a rating of 18 in fitness coaching Here are my other sport scientists: They all have fitness coaching above 17. As for international games, the jadedness happens far too often for this to be the main reason. As for resting, I rest them as much as the other players, and most of them don't get jaded at all, over a whole season. Now Savic and Asensio, they get jaded all the time. As for lacking fitness, I only play my first team players when they are fit to play. There are only exceptions to the rule if I have a sudden injury crisis, which I seldom have. As for individual training, I train them both on shooting. Savic is also learning to play as a shadow striker. As for general training, I have one of my coaches setting it up automatically. Here is are the ratings for my general training: These are the tactics I am currently using, first one being main tactic: As you can see, the tactics are intensive, but again, Savic and Asensio are the only players who get jaded all the time. None of the positions that Savic or Asensio plays in are instructed to press more than the default pressing.
  5. Cheers Dan - your knowledge of the lower leagues is remarkable as ever
  6. Sunderland August Update We made a good start at home to Charlton, dominated early on and got a deserved goal and held on well. Unfortunately, it is probably the only performance of the month that I was happy with, although the final results have been OK. The Scunthorpe result was really disappointing, we collapsed at the end of the game and they scored two goals 85+m to win the game after we'd been in the lead. Will Grigg got us out of a mess two games in a row, the first after he'd been dropped after not really performing. September's fixtures are, I believe, all winnable games and I'll be disappointed if we drop any points. I had my eye on one more player, another loanee, from our affiliated club (Man Utd). I wanted him earlier but they weren't willing to let him go at the time. I'm looking forward to seeing how he performs for us, he's definitely got the ability.
  7. This player scouted fully by 3 different scouts but where are the other 2 scout reports? I've changed the skin but this doesn't make any difference. Anyone any ideas???
  8. Yeah Van Basten was so prolific from a young age you'd almost think the guy in the video of that goal is exactly what the poor 13 year old goalkeepers and defenders of 80s Netherlands had to face. I'd still definitely count him as an Ajax product though, he wasn't playing professionally for anyone else.
  9. Hi guys! basically im trying to get my own created kit into my fm19 save rn ive tried for ever but it wont show up no matter what i am 18 years into the save so really dont want to have to start again. I believe its down to the fact my game is a custom database in which i started in the south of scotland division well down the pyramid scheme. I think my ID may be faulty and tested this by trying to put my kits into the game though a real team in one of the leagues fm19 provides. this worked perfectly and the kits showed up. is there anyway to somehow fix or change my ID so the kits will actually show up on my custom team??
  10. Mid-November, and I've been offered an extension to my contract, which runs out in the summer. I'm going to turn it down for now, as if we win the league, I need to be able to move on
  11. The club used to be known as DCK Copthorne before changing their name to Maidenbower, this was their logo before changing their name.
  12. Thank you very much for the effort, but you didn’t tell me anything new. I know the basics, all you’ve written is clear to me. Remember I’m not new to the series, quite the opposite, but I’ve lost the thread since the game turned into more and more complicated simulator. I know what pressing is, what the d-line and the loe do, how closing down disrupts shape. I’m just unable to put it together and tell what and when to do. I need examples, practical and technical. I know that regarding FM the answer is most of the time “it depends”. Maybe it does, but it doesn’t bring me any closer to grasping the game. I need to understand when and who to press and why, when go wider or narrower and why, stuff like that.
  13. I'm trying to think of other teams that are either ready to play with 3 CBs or are close to it, but as you say Sheff Utd is the obvious one; the other that comes immediately to mind is Sheff Weds. Bristol City and Derby are two other possibles. Of course, Forest is another candidate - loads of CBs, but you'd need to recruit a couple of WBs to along with them - only Darikwa is a natural in the role.
  14. While I have the game loaded, does anyone want any screenshots ?
  15. I know you're frustrated but please mind the language. Jadedness stems from players being overplayed (including international appearances), lacking fitness, not being rested enough (days off or in general training), unsuitable training programs and/or poor quality/not enough Sports Scientists. Then combine all of that with your high intensity system and I doubt that it's something bug related.
  16. @warlock Looks like a good base to build form there, really hitting form now and always great to see Jake Vokins in a save (for the millionth time ). Started a save as Rotherham after binning my QPR save, I just couldn't get a narrow formation to stick. But although Barnsley aren't exactly rivals with Rotherham, it still feels a little bit wrong. I'm now looking for an efl team to try a 5 at the back formation with, the obvious choice is of course Sheff Utd but that is definitely not happening.
  17. Today
  18. What minimum/ maximum age are you after? A few that spring to mind are ravel Morrison, Freddy adu, Nicolas bendtner, gael kakuta, adnan januzaj, Mario balotelli, ryo miyaichi and nile ranger.
  19. Hello. I'm starting to get really annoyed that my star players gets tired and needs to get sent on holiday all the damn time. I'm talking about Savic and Asensio. Why does this happen all the time? They can't play three full games in a row before they need a holiday. Yes, I play an intensive style, but nobody else needs to rested nearly that much. Worst thing is, Savic has natural fitness 20! And Asensio has natural fitness 16. Why does this happen all the time??? Must be something bug related?
  20. I am not being offered any transfer budget despite bringing in a lot of money to the club. Is this a bug, or is there some other explanation? I've uploaded "MILAN 2024-25 PRESEASON II."
  21. Funny enough, I'd play it pretty similarly. I'd be looking at something pretty similar, although since writing this I have become a much bigger fan of the AMC(S) role in an Attacking team mentality. I'd need to play around with it a bit but it would be nice to revisit the 4-2-4 at some point as I don't feel I've done it justice.
  22. Well it was an easy comment to make. So many people fall into the trap of complaining that things aren't realistic in the game, but think it's fine that you can take one of the weaker squads in the league to the Europa League semis in less than 2 years. I'd say your achievements are far less realistic than the situation you're complaining about to be honest.
  23. I do but I just signed two great players for that position.
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