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  2. Just a tiny sample from my 5 first competitive games with Cork City: Wateford v Cork City : Shots 13 v 8. Long shots 3 v 1 Dundalk v Cork City: Shots 19 v 5. Long shots 4 v 2 Corck City v Finn Harps: Shots 10 v 6. Long shots 2 v 4 Drogheda v Cork City: Shots 10 v 17. Long shots 8 v 3 Cork City v Sligo Rovers: Shots 9 v 9. Long shots 1 v 2
  3. I'll release a simple file with leagues already in database (III liga is 4th division so this will be the lowest level) and 'advanced' file with my changes and lower leagues added so no worries for those who don't have powerful pc/laptop. Regarding real players - not a chance, when research is on (on summer and then winter) - I'm trying to add youth players to lower league teams but for my update - I simply don't have time for that.
  4. I have done this and it is still not working , I cannot change to full screen as the confirm buttons are off screen , also after deleting preference and cache folder my beta save has now dissapeared
  5. @Graphiccoma do you have a save just before this issue occurs? Thanks
  6. This isn't something that's reproducing for us internally, so it could be something to do with the custom player pictures you're using - can you try without the custom images and see if you still have the same issue please?
  7. Glad you responded back, atleast I know what's happening. Will this get fixed with the official release ?
  8. Hi guys, this issue no longer reproduces on our latest code. Thanks.
  9. The hotfix today seems to have taken care of it.
  10. Do you have custom graphic packs in? If so, try disabling them prior to launch then relaunching the game.
  11. I really hope they don't do that, I can't see myself playing with fake names, logos, kits and such. I would pay more for a fully licenced version and I mean fully licenced, not just a few or half.
  12. hi, I have a problem since the last patch - the game does not want to start - all the time it comes only to this image and nothing goes on (only spinning wheel) I have already tried reinstalling the graphics card drivers (Nvidia) and delete the folders (Caches and Preferences) - but it did not help ,,,
  13. Wird behoben. Es ist also kein Screen mehr nötig.
  14. 1 more question @Seb Wassell, (sorry for being a pain), but what significance, (if any), does a club's professional status have on Youth Intakes? (or is it all covered by club reputation)?
  15. I had the same and uploaded a Pkm but didn’t get a response
  16. @TJMounty @wardog @Sincs0913 @JackyGee do any of you have a save just before you complete the deal to sign the player? We are aware of a similar example raised by someone else however, the more examples the better.
  17. This is a known issue that is being reviewed. If you do have any saves just before this issue generates though it would be appreciated if you could upload it to the cloud. Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the brilliant responses @Seb Wassell Can you just clarify exactly what part of this is a bug please? I'm happy to report any bugs, but not sure exactly what to report here.
  19. Hi @Tiergarten, do you happen to have a save just before the player approaches you?
  20. Hi, could you provide a save game that displays this issue please. Cheers, Andrew
  21. Hi @daniel132026, could you provide us with a save just before you complete the signing of the player? Who are you managing and which player was it?
  22. Exactly. The first option there should be Pepe. This is still a ball that is played diagonal across the field, just shorter distance. ME is heavily leaning on these diagonal balls, at a cost of missing obvious short through balls into the space in front of the forwards.
  23. Thanks for this and the examples - they seem to just be naming whatever squad they like at the moment and ignore the foreign player rule in this competition. It's repeating for me too on my save. It's under review.
  24. Juan Mata since he has moved to Man Utd. He was destroying me. The most overrated player in FM history, those attributes are nowhere near realistic. And I think it was CM 03/04 where Dortmund was just insanely hard oponent for me with Rosicky and Jan Koller.
  25. Just to update this, I'm still having this issue on 20.1.
  26. Hi @Rednitro There's an issue we're aware of where setting a player's position training using Right Click option doesn't cause it to be set correctly, is it possible this is what you're experiencing?
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