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  2. It's rather "if" then "when" for me atm. I haven't made many changes since 1.1. What else do you consider needs to be changed?
  3. Wow, congrats on qualifying for the group stage of the CL. And with a bit of luck you can take even some points in this group.
  4. Congrats on promotion! I caught up with reading. I am really interested in your Transfer moves to come.
  5. It really depends on the setup I'm using, but I always look for a striker who is clearly built for a specific role, e.g. if I play a classic 4-4-2 I like to have a traditional big+quick combo, so a target man with strong physicals and a pacy poacher focused on finishing and not much else.
  6. Season 26/27; European Qualification It paid off by signing the players that I am now targetting as we qualified for the CL group stages. An impressive 4-1 win away to Kobenhavn sealed the qualification. It's a tough group, but not as tough as some of the others The usual suspects dominate the stats with my forward 3 all producing the goods. Summer signings, Gecchele, Dallari and Brzyski have all settled in well and we added further players; Cabral at LB who came in on a free and we also signed the legend that it Nicola Nanni on a free transfer. We were short of a striker, he fits the bill nicely and doesnt take up a foreign player slot. We've now moved in to our new stadium and improvements to the training and youth facilities will be completed shortly. I also requested improvements to Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment, both are now exceptional and excellent.
  7. ive never tried myself but i always think there is a bit of cheating going on when i see someone has got promotion every single season and there in the premiership and challenging for top four.
  8. What exactly would this entail? Youth facilities? Youth recruitment? I have just been handed this as a required vision for the end of the season and I’m unsure how to make it happen. Currently have superb youth facilities but only good (I think) youth recruitment.
  9. I've been using attribute masking for so long that it would feel like something is missing if I would instantly see all attributes. Eventually when you manage a top club if you set up a broad scouting pool you can have loads of players almost fully unmasked before you specifically ask for a report on them.
  10. @JB22 Brilliant ... earns my best post of the year vote
  11. Hello there, This issues happens to me, i don't know if it happens with someone else. * players don't evolve much * failed text translation where some phrases appear in English * my goalkeeper coach has been chosen as coach of the month several times. LoL * at the end of the game when it is already in the last minute, the game ends with a corner or a free kick in front of the goal. it doesn't happen in a real game * if in the example above the game ends in these examples why does a game have, for example, 4 minutes of extra time and the game ends in 5 or 6 minutes? I don't think the referee has the sensitivity to extend the extra time * loaned players receive warning of bad behavior, but I cannot talk to them because they are loaned, even in the good game situation I cannot do the same. what should I do in these cases? finish the loan? Or end with this warnings from the game. I think we could interact with them. * I can't find out the reason for the players who were sent off so I can know if I appeal the decision or if I talk to the player. in my opinion I should be able to do both, because I may want to appeal because I need this player for the next game but I may also want to give a warning to him. * I'm in a club with the best facilities and with coaches who took the exam to get a gold badge, but the players still lose stars (I see it from edit panel) and complain about not being able to evolve if they don't have access to the best coaches. what to do here? I also can't know the attendance number * during the match when I need to make a quick change to my team it takes forever to get into the management of my team, but if I want to see something on the opposing team it's instantaneous. why? * during the match if I want to change who is going to hit the corners, free kicks or penalties I cannot do it. why? * I also can't know the attendance number in a match * I should also be able to give a word to the players at halftime or before the player enters, to give him strength and motivate him * I should also be able to speak to more than one player at the same time before and at the end of the game instead of one by one, like a collective motivation or collective reprimand * Edit Mode: I don't use this much but last days I'm using and the heal team is not healing all the players. I think I have some more issues but I don't remember know but I will add in the future, and I think this kind of wishlist it's not a big deal to incorporate into the game, don't be afraid of a little bit more heavy data game, another games of the same genre are heavier than this.. I don't want to lose the passion of this game, but like this is hard. Of course the game is getting better but not a big difference along the years. Think about this please
  12. I'm not getting high GPU load, the GPU load is mainly about 20%, FPS around 55. Is everyone experiencing this using a NVIDIA graphics card?
  13. Thanks both, and thanks for your continued investment with my save! I've gone into the summer with a decent plan but, once again, feel that I probably should have done a little more background work before we got to this point. The good news is that the media doesn't predict us to come last...
  14. I was actually trying to stem the flow of unnecessary hate. The ME is not totally broken. Totally broken is a ME that doesn’t work at all. Broken by definition means not working. The ME is working. Just not how some would like. Of course the ME is a bit wonky. When has it ever been perfect? I was pointing out that conceding 3 exact same goals in one game highlights a tactical deficiency. Blame the ME all you want, but there is no reason to concede 3 goals, exactly the same way in one match. THAT is a user problem.
  15. Hi, i am playing FM2012 but i can´t change champions league and Europa League prize money . I use the files on comps.fmf edit the prize money but when i play don´t have effect. I read to change version value "0" to "1" but when i play the competition disappear. Someone Help please Thanks
  16. This is by far the biggest club that has shown interest in me.
  17. I play 4141 too- very balanced tactic. where to you play Bellingham? Jamie Shack has kept him out of my side (England regular).
  18. Mid Season 2037 It has been a very good start to the season, and we're sitting comfortbaly at the top of the table. We've had one really bad game though, and that was against Riteriai. They had two shots in total and we had 28! The biggest surprise in the league so far has to be that Zalgiris currently sits bottom, and looks like they might get relegated! Best player so far is Aidas Baranauskas (YP12f). He has an avg rating of 8.18 in the league! Youth Intake Preview The first time in a few years we don't have the "Golden Generation" tag. But again, this looks like a decent youth intake.
  19. In my experience Dan's databases are spot on however you could download and test it, just leave iT on holiday over night and have a look through in the morning
  20. and the next few posts below. hope you get the issue solved
  21. I see that AI is always there (if they miss one match they strike the following), it's a rarity if big teams misses many matches, while if you get a bad streak because of randomness the morale plummet and the season gets compromised. The season should be compromised if the player act bad (like changing the whole team in a season, fight against members of the team, bad tactic decisions or bad tactic setup, mistakes on transfer market, bad staff hiring, etc.), not because of randomness. To me that proposal is good, no one knows Messi has '20' dribbling, many would assess it as superb, but for its internal calculations only the engine should know if it is 20 or 18. That's something the player don't need to know, except to find the best advantage possibile over the AI (or excite itself), but since AI isn't flawless the player should not need it. They will definitely not implement that idea, since Sigames customers are moaners and do excite after numbers (we are all nerds, after all), but that would make the game better (if accompanied by fairer choices, like tuning down the artificial randomness) in my opinion. Unpredictability should be set by not knowing exact attributes and team cohesion instead of events/algorithms, etc.
  22. Wow, I missed this last year, and I did not know we were that far up in the ranking!
  23. Awesome formation. Leaking alotta goals according to the screenshot tho
  24. Hello, my friend, thanks for the wonderful skin that you made and that you keep updating and the time you spend on it. I just want to report this bug to you: many player menus don't keep the profile view as I saved it. I am attaching some photos wishing you that you can solve, because unfortunately it is very annoying. Greetings from Italy dear profile info works : when not works :
  25. One I used in FM19, it's a 4-1-4-1. I posted it on FM Base. It's a tweak of one I downloaded last year, but for the life of me can't remember what the original was. If you want to try find it, it's called "Teenage Kicks"
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