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  2. Are you inside a loan transfer window? - if you're outside of the window then at present I don't think you're able to bid in advance (simply because loans in advance are very rare irl because circumstances might change).
  3. That part is relatively easy solvable for the majority of the users by having pre-defines feature templates. The easiest example would be to have "Full fat" and "FM touch" feature templates, with a button next to it, taking you to a screen where you can enable/disable all modules. For the majority the templates are sufficient, and if not, you take a little time to change it (and save it as your custom playstyle for later games). However making the game modular might be a quite daunting project depending on the features inter-dependencies.
  4. Game date: 1 December 2019 FALKIRK - DECEMBER FIXTURES BairnNews: December is a month with no cup-ties as Falkirk will play five league matches, including a top-of-the-table clash at Raith.
  5. There is a way to program a challenge which will give a large amount of your players injuries; however, this will be random. Also, I don’t know how to load a challenge into the game
  6. I still think it's misleading even for newer players because they get wrapped up in the suitability when they are building tactics, rather than understand what the roles actually do and how they combine on the field. My point is that all training sessions should have an impact on tactics and beyond just familiarity. I think it should be an ongoing process throughout the whole season. Training is still too much about attributes rather than better tactical execution. Pep and Klopp continuously work on their team's style of play. Train the way you play and play the way you train. Maybe the Familiarity bar should fill up slower over the season. Maybe there should be more variety added to the Match Prep sessions.
  7. Signings Plenty of additions have been made over the summer. Even with a squad that went unbeaten in the league, a higher division calls for as much strengthening as possible. This wasn't easy as I had a budget of just £270k, but I'm quite pleased with the players I've managed to add to the squad.
  8. 1. I don’t think so. 2. Wrong subforum, this is where you want to post this: https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/
  9. I have the same issue with MacOS Catalina and eGPU setup. I also have a 4k monitor and get the flashing cursor. I can manage with it but the game tends to lock my entire computer when using the eGPU. It could be Catalina-related as Catalina brought on a much slower experience in FM19. I have 2019 MacBook Pro so it isn't hardware related. I will try to run the eGPU tonight and will record/upload if it crashes again. Thanks for your work!
  10. Phew... Here we have the addition of Northern Mariana, American Samoa, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Dominica. This brings the total up to 20 playable countries with a whopping 37 leagues inside of them. And that within the span of 4 days! Tomorrow will be the final day for countries under 100k inhabitants, thereafter I will take a short break before continuing at full steam.
  11. Sometimes it's just default tactics/TI that create messy and contradictory setups and users, especially newbies and/or semi-casuals (or those who don't have time or inclination to watch 10 pre-season friendlies on Extended highlights to fine-tune a couple of TI/PI). If you can't "trust" the in-game wizard (and much less your staff) it's pretty obvious many will be tempted to overcomplicate or will simply fall for one of the many pitfalls Once again, the TC is to blame... You decide to play Gegenpress because it's all the rage since its intoduction, you pick one of the 3 recommended formations and then you find out that half of your Starting XI isn't suited for those roles... So you can either leave it at that, with all the yellow circles, or you're obviously tempted to "fix" it, getting as many Green circles as you can and inadvertently screwing the original setup beyond recognition and repair. I think SI should just get rid of those horribly confusing circles, leaving the Tactical Familiarity bar as the only indicator of how well a player is suited for the position he's being played in. After all, you can have the world's best Poacher playing as a poacher, but he'll be shockingly ineffective if placed in a formation that requires a False Nine or a traditional Target Man. He'll be "Accomplished" and Happy in that position, yet he'll perform like Ali Dia because he doesn't fit. Multiply it for 3 or 4 more players, and it's easy to see why things go south quickly. Also a "1 Playmaker only" warning should be in order, alongside "maybe 2CFs (A) are overkill" etc... It's not saying that FM should spoonfed us every tiny tactical detail, but at the very least NOT CONFUSE users with conflicting and misleading data. Assistent Manager should definitely point out blatant tactical flaws besides "if you play 2 DMs and 1 AM, the cental area of the pitch will be exposed". Stuff like "2 IFs and two AFs in a narrow formation will crowd get into eachother's way and produce very little" and similar scenarios where the tactical prowess is much smaller than the sum of the individual parts (due to fitting individial roles not fitting into the picture they create) should definitely be pointed out in tactical analyses and briefings.
  12. Created a thread in the download forums with download link to the basic rules of the leagues and cups.
  13. @JDownie Hi, buddy. No worries. If you could contribute that would be great. They seemed to be aware of it prior to us mentioning it and me opening this thread though. But more example wouldn't hurt. Then they can take whatever they need
  14. Game date: Saturday 30th November 2019 Pre-match v Queen of the South (H) - Scottish Cup Third Round Replay Match Preview BairnsNews: The first game was a goal scoring epic at Palmerston Park. Can we expect a repeat at Falkirk Stadium today? Stuniverse: I don't know about that. I'd gladly take us scoring three again but I don't want to be conceding three. The big difference is we're at home today, with The Bairns fans behind us, we believe we can progress to play Partick Thistle in the next round. BairnsNews: To tighten up defensively, is that why you've signed Ambrose? Stuniverse: Yes. To be honest it's been a long courtship. We tried to sign Efe way back in July, when he first became a free agent, but he wasn't interested, wouldn't even allow his agent to begin preliminary negotiations. We were amazed when we were tipped off that he still didn't have a club in November. We approached Efe and his people again and this time we got a deal done. BairnsNews: What's the impact on your budget? Stuniverse: It's stretched our wage budget, for sure, and we'll have to readdress that if we can in January, but Efe is a Premiership ability defender and we realised the opportunity to bring him in was something we had to find a way to make happen. I have to thank my Chairman Lex Miller for his support on this one. Team Selection Unavailable: Conor Sammon (groin) Denny Johnstone (knee) Cammy Bell (dislocated shoulder) BairnsNews: And Ambrose goes straight into the starting line-up as one of three changes. Stuniverse: Yes. I think Efe's ready and I've completely changed the centre-back pairing with Efe and Mark Durnan coming in for Gregor Buchanan and Tom Grivosti. Up front, David McMillan replaces Conor Sammon (groin). Post-match: Falkirk (1) 1-0 (0) Queen of the South BairnsNews: Congratulations on another cup upset. This was chalk and cheese compared to the first match, wasn't it? Stuniverse: Yes. It was. We totally controlled the game and I don't think they had a single shot on target, did they? BairnsNews: No, they didn't. Stuniverse: Defensively we were immense. We created plenty of chances too. Morgaro Gomis gave us an early lead with a long range shot. We hit the woodwork twice so we could, probably should, have scored more, but one was enough in the end as they never looked like scoring. BairnsNews: Raith won 2-1 at Forfar to go two points above you at the top of the table. Stuniverse: We'll just have to win our game-in-hand then... but there's still a long way to go this season. Please LIKE if you enjoyed this update and FOLLOW the thread so you don't miss future updates.
  15. Watching Mane and Salah act like the Chuckle Brothers (RIP the dead one).
  16. Absolutely nothing. Well, apart from FM Touc.....arrggh Classic and FM Mobile. Both of which I also play. I have an understanding wife and daughter.
  17. The "left striker position" for a lone striker thing worked for me too! End of goal drought, Striker looking for spaces to run, moreover my team performed mutch better, midfielders try through-balls, the IF makes less silly side netting goal attempts. Does this need a seperate thread?
  18. Stoke promoted via playoffs first season sign Hamza Choudhury from Leicester for £51m rising to £62m.
  19. @bluestillidie00 I am using your match titlebar for my own personal skin which I use on a laptop. I am wanting to make the match timeline smaller to the left so that the buttons on the right are visible. I have attached a screenshot below of what I mean. I have seen in the match titlebar.xml that this appears to be controlled by the ui.main_box_gap setting in the settings file. I have copied these over to my skin settings (I am using the base light skin as a base) and edited the value but it doesn't seem to change anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. LEBANON FOOTBALL LEAGUES & CUPS // Version 1.0 [W.I.P.] [DOWNLOAD] LEBANON FOOTBALL LEAGUE v.1 (Basic Rules) NOTE: The downloadable link is the basic rules for the Lebanese Leagues. If you want, you could simply download it and do some testing for bugs. I have tested until 2026 and didn't get any issues. I have started working on the Advanced Rules of the leagues, however, i wanted to at least put this out for anyone who would like to give it a test run. WHAT IS INCLUDED: LEAGUES: Lebanese Premier League // 12 Teams - 2 relegation Lebanese Second Division // 12 Teams - 2 promotion and 2 relegation Lebanese Third Division // 24 Teams - 3 groups of 8 teams - top 2 teams from each Group (6 total) play in a league format // Top 2 win promotion to 2nd division. CUPS: Lebanese FA Cup // Includes all 48 Teams from the 3 League Divisions Lebanese Super Cup // Premier League Winner vs FA Cup Winner Lebanese Elite Cup // Top 6 Team from Lebanese Premier League play in a Group + Knockout Stage Lebanese Challenge Cup // NOT INCLUDED PLAYERS / CLUBS / OTHER: Updated Team Names // updated names and nicknames // NOT FINAL Stadiums // added stadiums and adjusted home stadium for some clubs // NOT FINAL Player DB // updated and contracted to teams. CREDIT: @Kanwulf // Player DB NEXT UPDATE: LEAGUES: Fix and Update Player Registration Rules Review League Rules Review clubs in the Lebanese Third Division CUPS: Lebanese Elite Cup: Fix Semi-Finals to be 1st from Group A vs 2nd from Group B Lebanese Challenge Cup: Add Cup to include rest of premier league clubs that didn't make the Lebanese Elite Cup PLAYERS / CLUBS / OTHER: Further updates to clubs information and names Further updates to players Update cities and regions details research and create any local academies if there are any NOTES: As you can see, i want to update this database as close as possible to the real deal. There a few things that could be hard to do, prize money, more detailed rules are hard to find and much more. If anyone could help get me as much information about the league as possible, that would be greatly appreciated.
  21. The one and only time in FM history where I took a team from the lowest league in England to winning the Champions League. This was on FM15, and I've never come close to it again since. Glorious. I also enjoyed my only ever unbeaten season with Hacken of Sweden in FM16. Apart from that, the tales of success are incredibly rare.
  22. Pre Season 2021/2022 Nothing unexpected here. We're predicted to finish last. Well, we did not lose a game, but we should have beaten most of these teams. Key Players And another key player is my signing of the season, Kyriakos Chatziaros. I had a lot of players I tried to sign this season, but everyone wanted 10 times more than I could afford, so I ended up with this guy. He was not my first choice, but he's still our best player! Here is the shortlist for the others I tried to sign.
  23. Hello! I have set the game settings to not change the time of the kick offs due to TV but still I have games 12.30, 15.00, 20.30 etc on the same day in my league Also the setting is not showing under advanced at all unless I search for "match" and I can find it, bug or suppose to be that way? Anyone having the same problems? Thanks
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