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  2. End Season 2021/2022 Firstly, sorry about the long gap but I bring great news. Promotion!!! I only lost 1 game after the winter break and managed to snag the second automatic promotion spot. 3rd and the lottery of the playoff was the best I could hope for and that was my aim going into the last game as I sat in 4th. But I beat Munster 0-3 away whilst Braunschweig drew and Chemnitz lost which gave me second behind Furth. Absolutely unbelievable! I'm actually speechless. Can't believe it. Going to be playing 2nd tier footy next season. Youth Here's my intake Fairly average intake but I'll take it. The U-19s had a fairly average season finishing midtable but it's all about getting experience and game time and success is a bonus. I'm happy with my young players getting into the first team with Ehlenkotter, Grigoriadis, Karantzalis, Wilcke and Martschinowski all playing over 20 games this season in the first team. Martschinowski has signed for me on a free rather than on loan which is great and will bolster my team. Other In other Berlin news, Hertha finished midtable in the Bundesliga and were knocked out in the 2nd round of the Europa League against Arsenal. I will be taking Union Berlins place in the second tier as they were relegated tot he third tier. Hertha II were promoted from the 4th tier into the 3rd and their youth team won the U-19 league (where Union were also relegated) so a great season for Hertha and an awful one for Union. I'm really excited for what next season has to bring in the 2nd tier and cannot wait to see what I can do. But I will have to strengthen in the summer
  3. Hello there, can we save the training like weekly or monthly, so we dont need set session per session every week?
  4. Look at your right flank - you have an attacking FB and also an attacking CM in front of him, so who is providing the defensive cover (expect the DM, who probably cannot do the whole job). Tweaking the DL and or LOE is not going to help in cases like this one. On the other hand, the left flank looks a bit too conservative, i.e. without sufficient support in the final third.
  5. Injuries in December Results in December We've had a really bad month, which sees us now at 11th.
  6. I'm currently using a Raumdeuter in my away formation. He's currently doing brilliantly as my main outlet for attacking. This was his stat line for last season in which we exceeded expectations in winning promotion He's not suitable for the role at all, but he's played brilliantly there. He also only scores worldies. One here and one here.
  7. NO FEEDBACK FROM DEVELOPERS FOR MONTHSSSSS: Every time I try to go to the store, I keep getting 'A general error has occurred with the store . error 10000'. I already logged into my steam account and logged in to my google account as well. I tried deleting the app and installing the game but the error just keeps on occurring. I am on the Galaxy Tab s5e, my google account is jhc0706@gmail.com, steam account: jhc0706
  8. Not sure if this will work, because I have never experimented with encouraging the cutbacks specifically, but this is basically what i would try if i were looking for that: DLFsu Wat Wsu CMat CAR/DLPsu HB IWBsu CD CD IWBat Balanced or positive mentality + play out of defence, shorter passing, work ball into box and low crosses
  9. Season 2025/26 - January Well thats super annoying, the board decide to sell Mendez during January, I understated the money is huge for us but I would have waited or asked for the completion date to be at the end of our Domestic campaign in March. Was a superb player for us, shame we are not able to see him play for us anymore and grow into the World Class player he should become. Still I can see why the board wanted the cash and its a huge 55 million profit on him. Lozano will step into his spot now. Big shoes to fill.
  10. Putting aside the team and players for a moment... You're playing a 4231, which is a fairly attack oriented formation, with an "attacking" mentality. Yet, your only player with an "attack" role is your striker. You're playing very high lines, with an aggressive press, trying to win the ball back high up the pitch, but then you're striker is looking to run into space (what space?), while the rest of your team seems to be looking to play possession. You're kinda all over the place. How do you want your team to play? How do you want to score goals?
  11. @XuluBak I’m wondering if given the in-game description of a Raumdeuter as ‘essentially a wide Poacher’ I wouldn’t expect much link-up play whatsoever. Does the False Nine combine much with your central midfielders, and perhaps even the other wide man? Given it’s hard-coded Move Into Channels PI, Attack duty and naturally wider positioning as part of a midfield duo compared to the False Nine’s central starting position I’d maybe expect more passes between the MEZ and the Raumdeuter. Good to see you’re getting initial success either way.
  12. If you want (insist) to use the enganche role, then he'll need a lot more support than your tactic offers, because it's a fairly static type of playmaker. Moreover, an enganche is not a type of PM that suits counter-attacking styles. Rather, it makes a lot more sense in possesion-based ones. But even if you used a more mobile PM instead of the enganche, there still would be a number of issues.
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  14. The key - albeit not the only - problem here is that Newcastle is definitely not good enough as a team to play with such aggressive/risky defensive instructions, which are then compounded by the attacking mentality. The flanks are lacking variety, so that's an issue attacking-wise. Do these 2 remarks give you any idea as to how you can improve the tactic, or you would like to hear more specific and detailed advice?
  15. why would you translate the names? thought only italians did that
  16. Looks okay overall. You don't necessarily need to use the Focus play through the middle all the time, so use it situationally. When it comes to roles and duties, I can't remember if I analyzed your players or not? Because ideally, i would play the RB either as a IWBsu or WBsu, but it's possible that your player is not good enough for any of these roles. An instruction you may consider - again with caution - is the get stuck in. Btw, have you applied the "soft split block" (with the AF and BBM told to close down more)? This tactic also looks okay as a starting point, but a couple of tweaks will likely be needed in order to more closely define a style of play that optimally suits your players. Watch your matches carefully and tweak accordingly
  17. It's so annoying, it makes the 2D pitch look so naked. I really hope they sort it in the winter update.
  18. Injuries in November Results in November Another solid-ish month for us, but we dropped to 5th here.
  19. Phù Đổng FC - Mid-Season, June 2022 As you can see, the results were far from ideal. We started on the wrong foot, and failing to grab all three points at Can Tho was the biggest mistake. We never capitalized on the potential momentum raised by our cup run (which was healthy for the finances & my status at the club). Still, up until the Hai Phong fixture, we never managed to create more than 5 shots per game. I changed the team instructions to a different style of play, and all of a sudden we seem to playing much better; creating chances, monopolizing possession. Let's pray for some decent results on the return leg, and hopefully the fixture congestion of June & July of other teams will play to our benefit. Winless in 11 games, and as you can see, our inability to create chances is the main reason behind our poor league performance, with only 4 goals scored. It's important to note that only bottom-of-the-table gets relegated and the 13th-placed team plays in a relegation play-off. If we can get that 13th place, I'd be ecstatic, anything more than that is icing on the cake. But it will all depend on whether we can grab points against the beatable teams (Can Tho, TP HCM). Next update will be closer to the end of the season, depending on the relegation race!
  20. Yes, I'll be glad to share my opinion on your tactic(s). Let's begin with the first one (4231): You have literally all the front 4 players on attack duty, which is the first problem IMHO. Even if you want to play some extreme gung-ho attacking style. it's hardly going to work. Then you set the tempo to extremely high even though you play on the attacking mentality. Plus pass into space, to make it even more rushed to no avail. Likewise, your manner of defending (out of possession TIs) is needlessly aggressive, especially taking - again - the attacking mentality into account. So while you are blaming the ME, I am sure your tactic is the primary source of your team's underperformance. Because even if the ME was perfect, a tactic like this one is highly unlikely to work. I assume you created the tactic based on exploit plug'n'play tactics from the tactics sharing and download center, because those tactics are (usually) successful. The problem is, however, that they are successful only because they somehow manage to exploit ME weaknesses, not because they make any sense at all. Let's now take a look at your other tactic (4411): This one is significantly more balanced, but still far from optimal. Potential issues are: - relatively aggressive defensive TIs (more urgent and get stuck in) coupled with a BWM as a holding CM in a system without a DM - a poacher up front possibly lacking sufficient support Let me explain the latter (the poacher issue). Looking at your first (4231) tactic, I would assume you are a top team, given how aggressive and attack-minded the tactic is. But then, your second (4411) tactic looks as though you are trying to play some sort of counter-attacking football, but the problem is - if you are a top team, then there is no point to use a counter-attacking tactic (even if it was set up in a lot more sophisticated manner). Not to mention that using 2 tactics that are so different is never a good idea (speaking of tactics, not formations).
  21. Season 2025/26 -December Fixtures Decent month, we win our 4th game in the Champions League and qualify in 2nd place for the KO stages. Super excited and happy about this, its been a long time coming and we have broken the curse! Another draw in the league but its against Shakhtar so not the worst, but also not the best way to head into the a few months of the winter break. Season 2025/26 - December Winter Table 5 games to go, first game out of the break is against Dynamo. Massive game. Season 2025/26 - Final Champions League Group Season 2025/26 - Winter Squad Stats The more team orientated system is working “ok” but Budkivskyi is well down on his usual goals. Hes playing more of a Roberto Firmino type role now, so we don’t have to count on him dominating and getting us out of trouble all the time. Hes our captain as well so I am sure hes totally ok playing this type of role in the team vs his own personal glory. I am really happy with and enjoying my double Argentine duo in the middle of the park, Mendez and Gimenez are playing well together, with Gimenez scoring goals and Mendez supplying the balls and this is exactly how I planned for it to be.
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