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  2. With the ability to move widgets from the match screen outside of the main window
  3. Be sure to select the right files when setting up a new game (you have to start a new save if you haven't). Then, I would simulate for a few transfer windows then check the behaviour of clubs. If they no longer easily can buy players that aren't seasoned international players, then it works as it should. Also, observe contract renewals: if players are currently under a contract, they wouldn't need to renew their work permit. That said, the AI doesn't care about there being a Brexit or not. I've simulated the harshest Brexits ever since SI first introduced the feature a couple editions ago. It stops English clubs from stockpiling young players, but that's it: the reality is that within FM, the Premier League is so reputable and so rich that they can attract any player that's good enough to feature in his national team. It really doesn't affect them much more than that. It's harder than you since you can't just buy all the young Brazilians you used to be able to, forcing you to focus on British youth. But the other AI clubs? Forget it. They don't care.
  4. What I was saying is that the 3D graphics in FM19 and the way it behaves ( ME ) is of poor quality and hence for me anyway spoils the game . I love the game but the ending spoils it . Just like a good movie with a bad ending is you only remember the ending
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  6. Also, I must of hit the post at least once in every match this season. Crazy stuff.
  7. You have to edit the nation itself, the option to decrease/increase uefa spots should be the 3 uefa coefficient options
  8. So do I have to edit England for example? or is it completely different? because that's what i have been doing
  9. Sadly wasn't to be this season Got ridiculously unlucky. Arsenal to win their first title since the invincibles and the most clean sheets top trolling lol Got hit with huge injuries to star players. Both my top striker and defender plus a few others in the middle of this fixture pile up at the end of the season Disappointed my team bottled it but i'm sure we will crack it next year.
  10. @Kuchiki Hi. Is this in the correct part of the forum? Looks like it might sit better in the FM Career Updates section?
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  12. I don't get the analogy... My point is that a game like Total War doesn't need the same graphical quality of Battlefield because they belong to different genres and have different structure, gameplay and goals. You wouldn't film a superhero movie in the same way you'd film an arthouse movie or a documentary either. What would a close-up view improve in FM? Sure, we could notice and enjoy more details on the 3D kits (which is somethin I enjoy as a semi-active kit creator), but that wouldn't really help us understanding and playing the game better! Also, I must repeat myself, graphics isn't FM's stong suit (and it needn't to be!), so getting too close would expose the ME's lack of graphical refinement. P.S. In FM12 there was a hidden, close camera. It was sort of broken, but it indeed helped to take a closer look to 3D kits. Good for "debug", completely pointless for actual play.
  13. End of 2022/23 season. Despite being expected to avoid relegation, after ten years we are back in the top flight by winning the league on goal difference. It went down to the final day where we needed a win and we won away from home 1-0. After the usual youth intake update, I will be doing a summer transfer roundup. This is because in the top league there are two transfer windows rather than on big one like it is in the lower leagues.
  14. The goalkeeper has the player's jersey and the defender has the goalkeeper jersey Christian Früchtl is a young goalkeeper from Bayern Munich. César Montes came from CF Monterrey.
  15. The DoF makes his first move as he brings in Argentinian Rodrigo Escudero from Estudiantes La Plata. He looks a good player for us.
  16. i know how to change the number of the Jersey in this picture. Find the 2D kits folder in the graphics file and replace the default Jersey and number
  17. I just checked when it updated, stability stuff and something about Belgian Leagues, still the same horrendous ME and tedious game play.
  18. UEFA Europa League Quarter final 1st Leg: Örebro SK 1-1 Marseille We played so well in this first leg, but a late error cost us the crucial away goal and makes things look tricky for the second leg. Herolind Shala's 35 yard drive just after an hour had put us in front. 2nd Leg: Marseille 3-0 Örebro SK Sadly we couldn't live with the French side in the second leg, and it was a horror night for Emil Jonassen, who was at fault for all three goals (and finished with a rating of 3.6!) Still, it's been a great run in Europe. I'd have ripped your arm off for a spot in the Europa League group stage, let alone the Champions League groups and then a run in the Europa. Lovely stuff.
  19. Not the best signing as we get in Australian Cameron Figg from Melbourne Victory. This is a Chairman signing so I won't cast aspersions on the DoF as yet. By the way we are pretty stinking rich and we are not in Australia with it's completely mental stupid rules so we should be okay and I don't mind depth in the team.
  20. The chairman decides to bring in a DoF. Let's hope he is better than **** face from the Mariners.
  21. On the other side of things Tianjin Yill have activated the release clause of Kei Watanabe, so it looks like we could well lose him.
  22. The transfer window is open and the chairman has decided to bring in centre back Rodolfo Milozzi of Independiente. He should be a good addition to the squad.
  23. The draw for the group stages of the other Japanese domestic cup is made, this being the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup, we are drawn along side Kashima, Omiya Ardija and Vissel Kobe.
  24. 1) You set a lot of criteria for every scouting assignment (ie. max wage is N p/w, max asking price is X millions), but that's not a guarantee that the club will sell the player for a fee you can afford or that he'll ask for reasonable wages instead of a 400% raise. 2) You look at ALL the scouting reports to find those who are actually interested in joining AND you can afford to sign and pay. 3) You simply use the Player Search function and scout individual players hoping to find some good and viable candidates.
  25. SEASON 2018/2019 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 GIBRALTARIAN PRIMERA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE With an amazing winning seri we took huge avantage for league title. INFO COLLEGE EUROPA College Europa lost easily in between us games but they made some very important transfers-loans from Premier League clubs!They will be much stronger next year. INJURY Ouchhh....And he had an amazing season until now both for national team and with us.. TRANSFERS OUT Kike wasn't in my plans.. IN MIKEY YOME Yome will replace injured Cabrera,he is international with Gibraltar. REIDEL And an english talent who signed by our new Head of Youth Develepment. STAFF IN A great and experienced choice for our academies. OTHER NEWS YOUTH INTAKE 2019 Nothing special in our first Youth Intake. BEST REGENS HUNT
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