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  2. Hi. I am aware of how to remove ffp from domestic football, but does anyone know if theres a way to remove it from European competitions like the champions league. Thank you.
  3. Report the issue here please: https://community.sigames.com/forum/654-bugs-found-on-ios/
  4. I already told you that: Neither player roles nor team instructions suggest that you know what you want from your team in terms of playing style. What's the idea with focusing play down flanks? Why low crosses, and not some other? Why a WP, and why on attack duty? WP on attack duty can be a good idea for a counter-attacking style, but the rest of the tactic isn't quite counter-attacking. After all, why 442? I don't say 442 is wrong, just asking to learn what's your reason to select that particular system and not some other? Each formation has its strengths and weaknesses, and therefore requires certain type of players. In 442, the absence of a DM (position) means that your midfielders need relatively good tackling, positioning and at least some speed (acceleration), along with work rate, teamwork, stamina... Because they need to be able to perform both attacking and defensive duties in a competent manner.
  5. Jul & Aug 2042. Pre-season went as pre-season goes, (if you ignore the 10 goals we scored against someone and the fact that 20k+ fans turned up to watch us draw with Spurs). We've struggled in the league at the start of this campaign, but that doesn't really tell the whole story. Guingamp. Lens. We lost both of these games 2-0 and I think it's reasonable to say that we were unlucky not to come away with a win in each game. It's early days yet though and I try not to get bogged down by individual results, (because there will be another one just round the corner). I don't know what's going on with our "form" in the bottom right hand corner, but any idiot can see that we haven't won our last 5 games. The real excitement at the beginning of this season has been our 1st foray into European football. I'm obviously REALLY happy with this and it possibly goes a little way to explaining our under-performance in the league. While our 1st team is decent now, we really do still lack strength in depth and it's clear to see where my priority has been. I was really keen to get to the Group Stages, (at least), at our 1st attempt, if a little surprised that our board expected us to not only qualify for the Group Stages, but also get out of the Group. As luck would have it, I think there is a reasonable chance of us getting out of the group, but where as I have prioritised the EURO Cup over league games thus far, it will be the other way around from now on. Viktora Plzen are a Czech team who dropped down from the Champions League after losing to Sporting Lisbon. They have got out of their EURO Cup Group on each of the last 5 seasons so they are comfortable at this level, but they have only progresses past the 1st Knockout Round on 1 of those 5 occasions. Fiorentina are obviously the Italian giants of yesteryear. They got as far as the Quarter Finals in 2040/41, but they are not big regulars in Europe now. Zorya are from Ukraine, (and yes I had to check). They didn't qualify for the Group stages last season and didn't get out of the Group stages the previous 2 seasons. They should offer us 2 easy games at least. Surprisingly, (because I don't think it's the case in real life), Viktoria Plzen are probably the big-hitters in the group. We are very much an unknown quantity but with Fiorentina getting the furthest in recent years will be the dark horses. Zorya are expected to be the whipping boys.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YKLAG5n9Jel7_9Qh9GKCTK6G5qaqqFvH/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P-M5r4Hx4XLs07I6dqzD5gSkPkSTVFAH/view?usp=sharing Here you have!
  7. FM is unplayable. Again problem for MAC users and again the support and technical department of SI is working so slow. Guys, it's so annoying...
  8. Thank you! I´ll keep the defenisve tips in mind. I want to follow up on the midfield roles tho, my idea behind the AP/BBM/BWM trio is that I have one defensive player, one hybrid (BBM, I always look for good defensive attributes aswell) and one attacking player. With a playmaker and the CM on attack I am afraid that I´ll expose my midfield, even tho the playmaker will hold position and not be as high up the field, his defensive attributes are lacking. I hope I expressed myself good enough.
  9. Aha sorry, misunderstood the frustration. However the attacking side can be contributing to the defensive side too. If you're easy to defend against then the chances of a counter increase. The actual "Out of Possession" instructions look ok to me. I wouldn't have Offside Trap and Prevent GK Distribution but that's just personal preference. The only other thing I would look at is your team shape and try it get it more Flexible/Fluid in my opinion.
  10. This is part of it. Playing a defensive tactic with a mediocre club is a recipe for getting thrashed in this ME. Also yes, the game effectively penalizes you for switching tactics and lineups frequently, so if you're doing that it could be another problem.
  11. Finally found some time whilst my 1 week old son is asleep to post an update
  12. Lyn Norwegian Eliteserien 2021 Season Review League - Table | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 - I came into this season expecting a very tough one, particularly as we were the only semi-pro side in the division. In the end we did very well indeed and ended up in an impressive 4th position. Cup - Fixtures - even better to come as we had a great run in the cup leading to a defeat of Molde in the final, our first Norwegian Cup since 1968. In doing so we also qualified for the 2022/23 Europa League Key players: Transfers - did what I could given our limited budget and semi-pro status Squad Patrik Karoliussen - continued his good form into this season, now one of our key players Erik Waagenaes - I had signed this young centre back, a regen, right at the start of the save and he has matured into a key central defender Havard Asheim - a bit part player last season, the right winger improved and became a first team player this time around Rozhat Shaswari - our top scorer Finances - our league position and cup meant these were much improved - sufficient for us to turn professional at the end of the season. Season League Position Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2019 Norwegian 2nd Division 2nd Promoted 2020 Norwegian 1st Division 1st Champions, Promoted 2021 Norwegian Eliteserien 4th Cup Winners
  13. Why can’t this fit my iPad screen anymore. You either zoom out so the match is tiny or you zoom in and lose some of pitch. The view worked fine a couple of years ago.
  14. Specifically for a top team like City, I would opt for a style that involves both control of possession and sufficient attacking "bite" to make your play less predictable. For example, the combo of higher tempo and shorter (but not much shorter) passing. Mentality can remain Positive (at least for the primary tactic). If you change the mentality, you need to change (tweak) a number of other settings as well, because mentality affects everything. As for roles and duties, I would rather combine a playmaker on support with a mezzala or CM on attack in central midfield than the opposite, because you need a PM that controls play from a bit deeper area, from where he can distribute passes wherever it's optimal in a given situation. Hence, the other CM should be on attack, in order to provide more penetration from deep. A BWM role is something I look to avoid when playing a lone DM. I'd opt for a HB or anchor, because they are way less aggressive than BWM and hence better protect the back-line (this is more for defensive purposes). In your current setup, the left flank is pretty much exposed with a CWB and AP both on attack duty (and the BWM - who tends to move early and aggressively out of position to press and tackle the opposition - makes it all even more risky). On defensive instructions... since you play with higher DL and LOE on a high-risk mentality and also using counter-press, I think more urgent pressing is absolutely not necessary (another thing that makes you more vulnerable defensively). I would keep pressing on default (medium) and instead tell the front three and the attack-duty CM to close down more via player instructions (that's the so-called split press, which is a lot safer than increasing the pressing for the entire team).
  15. July/August 2039 The perfect start to the season with an absolutely resounding victory over Sporting in the Supertaca followed up by some efficient football in the league where we have not conceded a goal. These four fixtures were not the most difficult, with the opposition predicted to end 17th, 10th, 15th and 14th but the demonstration of class is something we rarely showed last season. On the other hand, Porto sit on one point from their first three games - which means we've already opened up quite the gap to the second biggest side in the country. The Champions League has seen us drawn against Liverpool, Napoli and Kobenhaven - although part of me still wants to win the Europa League rather than come unstuck against the true giants of Europe.
  16. To add to this, I am just not sure what it would change as I have my back 4 on "Press less" PI´s anyway ?
  17. Yes, exactly, essentially just swapping things so that you're using PIs to determine which players press and which don't, so in this case you turn Pressing down to default, turn off Counter-Press, and then you would set some of the players to press more through their PIs -- my suggestion would be to set that for the CF, AML, AMR, and both CM positions.
  18. Man United again ffs I can't complain too much with the group though as Lyon were never that great when I was in Ligue 1 and Rubin have never stepped foot in a Champions League group stage before from what I can see. A weird little tidbit I noticed is that one of their star men for the last few seasons has been Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Ruben for Rubin!
  19. While that all makes sense, I dont struggle scoring goals. Its more about the defensive setup at away games, I barely concede at home and I barely draw games (2 in total this season, both being away games). So I am not looking to improve the attacking side of my team, if that makes sense.
  20. Let’s try something else: why don’t you just tell me how and where is the presented setup lacking tactical identity and what on-pitch problems is it causing?
  21. I just want to echo ED's point further up. I think the pre-set "styles" in FM have given gamers an overkill on each style of play and should be seen as "you can use these instructions to re-create this style but you don't need all of them". I am slightly worried by the amount of gamers that use Short passing and Lower Tempo combined. I'm assuming it's because they're worried about loosing possession? Or that they're buying a little bit into SI's pre-sets too much (No problem with that but SI were never going to hand out winning instructions on a plate ) Alerion// At this present time you're asking your players to pass Much Shorter (which I take no issue to in fact I do this on attacking mentality with my Liverpool side) however on top of that you're asking the tempo to be lower (bare in mind that altering the passing alters tempo already automatically). So what you're asking them is Retain Possession and pass the ball around. The positive mentality will see them be more adventurous however they're going to most of the time choose to keep the ball. Add work into the box which tries to restrict long shots (although they probably still will due to the low tempo). My advice would be up that tempo! Makes a lot of difference. I would personally also play without working into the box on positive mentality but that's just me.
  22. Summer Transfer Window A fairly lively summer. William, our star left back was on the radar of pretty much every top club in Europe. I wouldn't sell unless I got a good price and PSG eventually bid £67M-75M. He is one of the best left backs I've ever seen on the game but £75M is silly money for a left back so I let him as he wanted out. Rodri was in the last year of his deal and I was more than happy to renew, but he didn't want to, so I let him to go the highest bidder which happened to be Villarreal. Diego Savino barely played last season and I managed to get £14M for him. Ali Taider was a back-up right back with decent potential who I didn't really want to sell, but he wanted to leave once PSG were interested, so for a £7.5M profit on 1 season I thought **** it might as well, as back-up right backs are easily replaced. Our biggest signing was to bring in a new central midfielder. Alessio Riccardi was my star man in midfield at Roma for many years and he was displaced in their starting 11 this season and wanted to leave, this worked out great for me as I wanted a new central midfielder. We got a good deal of £39M for him. Francisco Sanchez is a Spanish CB who I got in from Spartak, our defence could do with strengthening and he seemed the ideal man to do that with. I needed a left back to replace Willian with so Sven van Bremen from Ajax filled that void. He's 25 and probably isn't going to improve a massive amount, but he looks pretty good and couldn't go too wrong at that price. Samuele Ferrazzo was signed to replace Ali Taider as back-up RB. Ferrazzo is a decent young Italian who was available on a bosman after leaving my old friends at AC Milan in the summer. Aleksandar Simeonov is an exciting prospect signed as a rotation/back-up player in central midfield. He's a Bulgarian international who my scouts rave about with his potential. We got him from Beroe who is a club I've never heard of and we actually fought off lots of clubs around Europe like Tottenham, Lyon and RB Leipzig to secure his signature. Domenico Michielan is a 23 year old Italian striker signed as back-up to replace Savino's role in the squad. I actually signed him as a teenager for PSG when I was there and he seems to have just been playing for their B team in the National 2 B where he has a 1 goal in 2 game ratio. I hope I can get him some proper first team game time and re-vitalise his career a bit.
  23. This post is why id like him as a regista, especially his PPM he would be like a trequartista but in a deep role. With his PPM, low team work but decent decisions rating I envisage him dictating play from deep and picking passes not as often as a standard regista but just as good of quality. I think id like his style.
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