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  2. Hi, great guide. I have a question. How important is player’s position in this matter? I have Player who is team leader in hierarchy (Vice Cap), with great personality(Model Professionals) and he’s quite old (36). but he’s a goalkeeper is it possible to just let him mentor defenders/midfielder/strikers to pass personality? Or the player in the group MUST be in same position? Thanks!
  3. Hi Knap! Which of your tactics do you think best utilises Kante? I’m not sure where to play him 🤔 Cheers
  4. So, last night I had a wee play. Apart from the 2 CM's, I didnt change the roles else where, I just meesed about with the settings. I actually beat the mighty Barcelona at home after the tweaks. Still going to play about but it does have potential I think.
  5. Thanks Vazkin, deleting the animate rows worked perfectly. Appreciate your help!
  6. Won the league against Man U . Could it be better ? Strange fixtures program, Now i have to 2 more titles, if I can.
  7. What does his Scout report say regarding things such as Pressure, Consistency, Big Matches, Dirtiness, Injury Proneness and so on? The scout report is just as important as the attributes page. Always read the scout report. (I'm going to pin that somewhere ). And speaking of attributes, which ones have you identified as being important for your system? And that's the only player in the entire database who fits your criteria? If so then either buy him or reconsider your criteria.
  8. The guy is happy with chelsea i did tried to unsettle him, he is interested, only if i pay him 375-500k a week basically, only money can move him from there, chelsea and i have a yoyo with premier so is understandable, only thing i have over chelsea is champions league performance and only because chelsea fall short to one of the finalist Done that with my plan C guy since last season, he is the first option right now, other players that could be good as IF have a 0 on the opposite of his foot, will try that and see what world class guy can get a decent work, if not i guess i'll sell my amr for him
  9. I watch matches. I don't see what's wrong. HOnestly, If I was able to see what is going wrong I wouldn't be here posting, I would be trying to fix it. It's been one entire year now since the collapse started. I can even identify the match. What specifics do you need? My tactic? Actually, it doesn't matter. It happens with any tactic but I can post it: gk fb.su cd.de cd.de fb.at wm.at cm.su cm,de wm-su am.at cf..su No instructions (still on fm18) My defense is brutally leaky (39 goals conceded in 23 matches) when before the collapse it was excellent (26 goals conceded in 39 matches). I'm scoring more. Before the collapse I was somewhat able to move my defensive line up and down to intercept attacks. Now, it really doesn't matter.
  10. I didn't actually notice at the time, but Unai Emery actually left Inter in the summer to rejoin PSG. Inter's manager is now Marcelino.
  11. I am at the end of season 5, heading into next season and all the leagues have generated the new seasons fixtures apart from Northern Ireland. I have no additional databases and the game is updated to the newest version I have holidayed from a previous save point until after the date the game should generate new fixtures and it's still not doing it. Please let me have the link to upload the save files. Please tell me this can be sorted, I have been blogging this and it would be such a shame for this to be game breaking, I also had a game breaking glitch on another FM19 save file that was uploaded to the site and had to stop blogging that too. Thanks.
  12. Usually I just accept that sometimes I am going to lose games. That is the start. There is no point in playing if I will quit the first time the going gets tough. You need to try to work out what is causing your poor form. There will be something. For example: - pressure on players due to closing in on the title. - out of form players at key positions. - Everyone is exhausted. - Teams have changed how they play against you due to a change in your reputation. - New signings do not fit well into your previous tactical framework. Plus many more reasons. The easiest thing to do is to watch games and see what is going wrong when you are losing. Why are you not playing well. Identify the problems, and try to fix them. When I have bad form, I like to try to make sure my defense is functioning as well as possible. If I do not concede I will not lose. If that means being a little more negative than usual, so be it. I will also drop players who are simply not playing very well, and give someone else in my squad a chance. And often try to get the players back in form using my reserve side to give them fixtures and confidence. If you want more specifics, though, you will need to provide more info. If you just want to vent some steam, fair enough.
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  14. The good old fashioned way of finding a player who's accomplished in the role and playing him there, even if he can't retrain, will give you more choice
  15. Seems fairly logical where a potential bottleneck would be. You're adding a huge amount of data, and you're saying it slows down as it adds more. So it's adding values to a list. Which gets bigger. Which takes longer to process. Doesn't seem rocket science. And I very much doubt you're going to get the official answer you're looking for on something so niche, particularly when it's using input generated on a third party app.
  16. It would be good to be able to bring your backroom team with you when starting a new job. That's not to say it would be a guarantee they would decide to join you. I just resigned from my job at LA Galaxy and applied for the vacant Wigan position who are one place above relegation in the Championship. I could quite understand it if my backroom team at Galaxy didn't fancy swapping the California sunshine for the north of England!
  17. You can try to play the transfer game a bit. Make an offer you know is going to be rejected, let Chelsea reject it, and see if you can unsettle the player so he tries to force a move. Declare interest in him. Send scouts to watch him. You may be able to force his price down. You have to be prepared to play a waiting game though, for the player to become unhappy, and Chelsea to decide they may as well sell.
  18. I have just tried to load my save game (from the cloud) and everything has disappeared and will not load! I have tried loading last game but it doesn't work. Has anyone had this or can anyone help please?
  19. Thats what happens when u don't use your correctional glasses, sorry lol Scout tab normally loads very slowly, even more if u make several movements at once, my game sometimes takes around 15 secs to load the menu that pops up when u go to scout tab, sometimes it takes that same amount of time if a filter have too many options or too many players as a result, i normally play with 80-100k players so i guess 350k would do that since its doing a lot of stuff at the same time
  20. I believe that FM is developed by SI. And my question is about importing the shortlist in FM, not in Genie. I just use Genie to create the not so short "shortlist".
  21. What graphics quality are you running the game in via the in-game preferences? If you lower this (say from Very High to High or Medium) does it lower the frequency of crashes?
  22. I do have someone that can play there, he is just not optimal (he lacks pace and some key mentals stats) was thinking the same only thing that really got my head spinning was the natural fitness, then again, i just need a 3-4 season player so i can look for a wonderkid IF
  23. Where is it lagging? Just within matches or elsewhere too? What graphics quality are you running the game in via the in-game preferences? If you lower this, does it make any improvements to how it runs?
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