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  2. November 7th: It was time for me to pick the squad for the friendly against Argentina (4) and the European International League game against Holland (3). The squad is as follows:- Goalkeepers: Craig Farmer (Tottenham), Freddie Sands (Stoke), Josh Brennan (Man.Utd) Defender: Ben Wagstaff (Chelsea), Neil Christie (Arsenal), Lee King (Man.Utd), Uche Akilu (Man.Utd), Niall Arnold (Derby), Stuart Coleman (Liverpool), Gavin Naylor (Arsenal), Matt Harris (Man.Utd), Jon Speed (Middlesbrough) Midfielders: Tom Miles (Crystal Palace), Michael Frayne (Man.City), Mark Hunter (Southampton), Kevin Battersby (Arsenal), Matt Cox (Everton), Reiss Nelson (Liverpool), Jack Melham (Arsenal) Attackers: Ashley Cawsey (Everton), Dimitris Mastrogiannis (Arsenal), Rafer Latapy (West Brom), Narong Nakchamnarn (Arsenal) November 13th: The World Rankings sees us dropping a place to 6th with Italy still top. The most improved nation is Latvia who have gone from 80th to 60th November 13th: Argentina (H) (Wembley, London) Friendly We now faced a home friendly against old rival Argentina and neither my side or the opposition made any headway into the attacking area. The first chance of the game was on the 38th minute as a powerful strike by R.Nelson tested the keeper but it was in truth a tame shot. The second half wasn't much better with the play again centered in the middle third of the pitch. It was Argentina though who had the first real effort of the half as they broke through my defence and fired wide of the post when it was easier to score. That was unfortunately it for the rest of the game and after the hype of the game it was nothing more than a damp squid England 0-0 Argentina J.Brennan (C.Farmer), N.Christie, G.Naylor, S.Coleman (M.Cox), U.Akliu (capt), K.Battersby, T.Miles (A.Cawsey), M.Frayne, R.Nelson (L.King), R.Latapy (D.Mastrogiannis), N.Nakchamnarn (M.Hunter) Booked: N.Christie, M.Frayne
  3. Hi, has the IOS cross sync issue been fixed in the latest update? Dont want to buy the game again on iPad until it is
  4. I mainly did it by how they performed at their respective clubs, but a couple did come in just on reputation
  5. October 2023 Another decent month, some mixed results, but some tough fixtures so no shame in the defeats It was a battle against Sunderland, I was hoping to beat them as they knocked me out the Milk cup last year and I nearly did it, but for a pesky red card in the dying moments which was too much for us to hold out the 1 goal lead we had. Shame. Blackpool was a rotated squad and unlucky to lose but I'm not too bothered. The next 3 league games we won quite easily, the gegenpress is starting to feel like a cheat code! Finally, as I grew up with Swindon, I really wanted to beat Oxford, they are in the Championship (which is annoying) and they have a great appointment of Slaven Bilic as manager (which is annoying) - We concede early on but equalise soon after, a spilled corner was the difference and we couldnt quite do the job. Though going close with Oxford and beating Brentford is a really positive sign for the club
  6. Hey, I find that V2 is more effective for all types of team...
  7. I've spotted a few issues in regards to the touchscreen/interface which may need looking into: 1) During a match, the individual player stats screens for each team is showing less information than it should. No matter what option you choose (General, Defending, Attacking) you just get the same stats - Passing and Tackling (I think). 2) When swiping on screens where you need to scroll, if you begin your swipe on something that can be selected (e.g. a player on the squad screen, a team in a league table, an additional training focus on the development screen) the selection will be made when you lift your finger off, so you will often end up in a club if you scroll a league table. 3) In FMT 19 there was an option to 'view match' when looking back at games played earlier in the season in the schedule screen. When you went in you would see the match screen and all the stats. This doesn't seem to be available anymore however - is this by design?
  8. So. The move has been made. This is where we stand in terms of squad make up, with 5 players on loan (Including Troy Parrott, which gives me something to 'play' with) The aims are pretty solid, and what I worked with at The Abbey Stadium, so, they're not too bad. So, introducing the squad. Goalkeepers Vaclav Hladky is the first choice when I arrive, with 19 appearances this season, having joined at the start of the 2020/21 season from St Mirren. Connor Ripley is an adequate backup, and his contract expires at the end of this season. Corcoran and Booth look good for the future, but, theres stuff to work on. Defenders Patrick Bauer and Ben Davies are the first choice centre half pairing with loanees Lee O'Connor, and Christian Ganea filling in on both sides. Philip Heise can also play at left back, and the highly rated Jordan Storey will also fit in on the right side of the centre back pairing when required. Midfielders Preston always seem to do well in the midfield department, with Ben Pearson and Alan Browne performing well in the engine room in the centre of midfield. Tom Barkhuisen and Sonny Lo-Everton will provide some width, although, I may need to look within the squad to see if theres better options on the left flank. Attackers Up front we have loanee Troy Parrott, who is top scorer this season with 7 in his 19 appearances, and Sean Maguire, who has provided cover from the bench. Other than those, we have no natural goalscorers in the squad, so, priority has to go to find another striker to play when Parrott goes back.
  9. First i sorry for my bad English.I have a problem since FM 2019.When there is a penalty the game freezes.I can't do anything.Only I exit the game and i play last save but this so boring because I have to get a save before every game I dont use logo and face pack please help me I want play FM and my game is original
  10. I know! The 3 gold stars means good enough at this level - which is not the best long term goal. Funnily, that player actually rejected my contract and is now about to rot away as a free agent!
  11. I've imported a Club World Cup file that I created from FM19 (loosely based on the 2021 expansion) but I can't get it to appear when I start a new game. The file is verified in the FM20 editor.
  12. Players promoted from clubs cant BE loaned or listed to BE available for loan for more than 3 months when you try at mais season and on the beggining
  13. Cohort 1 Youth Development So my first year of tracking player development is over and I am quite pleased with the results. All of the four players are now within the first team and have performed reasonably well. Villalba has now become, in my eyes, the long term successor in the HB role - which means I re-addressed his individual training role a short time into the season. Both Angel and Benjamin have grabbed their chance within the first team and have become important players. It is interesting to see that, despite both of the older players having amassed more than 2000 minutes each, they haven't developed as much. Maybe this is down to my own input, or lack of, at this time with training schedules or that they are both close to their potential or that their attribute growth is naturally slowing down at this age - as is a path for some players. Never the less - their end point sees them as good enough to remain anyway. ---- Below is the overall tracker I am going to use for each cohort over the years as my facilities, coaching etc improves. I will then keep a notes section for reviewing whether they've settled into the first team, moved on, been capped for Spain etc. Ideally - this tracker will work for my top two or three prospects each year but I will ensure that I don't forget the rest of the cohort, as, in line with my philosophy will ensure that I do my best to give as many players as I can careers in professional football, at my club or elsewhere. Sometimes a player will appear on here more than once - for example, they might appear in their first year (ending 17) and then again when they end as an 18 year old and again as a 19 year old, if they aren't in the first team. With my facilities not really up to scratch at the moment and my board wanting me to sign young players to develop - there may be older players appearing on this list, Angel and Benjamin as an example, at the start. It'll be interesting to compare their development (not as much as expected this year despite their first team minutes) with my younger players. I'd expect the number of players older than 19 to significantly decrease as I develop as a club.
  14. There is no super tactic that allows you to win everything. Look at that. I took a "super tactic" and used it (FM18) at the same time (one save) for 12 clubs. A very aggressive tactic, based on attack and risk. And which, according to many, should have allowed me to "win absolutely everything". Result: It should have been for my "teams" to rank in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. That didn't happen. Because I got a lot of goals. And because each combination of players (a team = a combination of players with specific characteristics) reacts differently to this "wonderful tactic". For some teams this tactic is very good. For others ... no. Something else: I did not react at all to the changes made by AI. If I had attackers able to match the tactic ... I scored a lot of goals. If I didn't have this kind of attackers ... I missed a lot. If I had defenders able to handle with a tactic that did not help them at all ... I conceded not so many goals. If I didn't have this kind of defenders ... I got a lot of goals.
  15. All players nos are droping demands to 275m€ week
  16. Manaus FC Amazonas September 2019 After a little break, we played one friedly. Just to get the boys runnin. Managed to beat Brasiliense. In the semis we play also a Serie D side, which won the Camperonato Acriano this year. It will be a tough challenge.
  17. I believe this is what he's referring to. A player approaches the ball near the touchline and oversteps it leaving the opposition to take it. It happens a lot. Tottenham v Aston Villa.pkm 46.39 in the pkm
  18. So. This has happened. Since the last update at the end of August 2021, we've lost 2 games, one at Sunderland, and a really disappointing defeat at Wycombe. It really is a home fortress for us. Theres been a few times where we've really struggled to score, but, we're still 2nd top scorers in the division. Valentino Cernaz has more than made up for the departure of Symons, by scoring 10 goals in 20 appearances, at an average of 126 minutes per goal. All in, he has 52 goals in 124 games for the club, and is the top goalscorer in League One this season. Dimitar Mitov is the top goalkeeper in the division in terms of clean sheets, keeping 12 in his 22 games, the Bulgarian getting to the verge of a call up for his national side. Looking at how the team have performed, however, we top the division in possession, successful passes, and pass completion ratio (59%, 8379, over 700 more than the 2nd placed team, and 80%). This is what I wanted to do when I took over the club, play attractive, passing football, and this season has seen us go from strength to strength in that regard. Its going to be interesting to see if I can replicate that success at Preston, as, they were promoted from League One last season, and , the Championship is a far more competitive division. Looking at the squad I'm inheriting will come in the next post.
  19. Apologies, just loaded up the game again after restarting the tab and it's back to running smoothly again - must have been something in the background messing it up!
  20. Are you sure ? I can see MF with no problem. He's at the bottom of the list.
  21. San Marino Calcio 2019/2020 Prima Categoria Marche B - Part 2 So far, this has been pretty easy. Played 15... won 15 with a goal difference of +64!!! We are only 6 points ahead of 2nd though - beating them at home with a 94th minute direct free kick, so we do have to guard against complacency.
  22. Finidhed 10th and 11th - Joellinton has been great 22 and 19 league goals. Got a couple of really good youth intakes, 2 cracking looking CB (one of who played 25 games last season due to injuries and didn't look out of place) and two wingers. Pretty happy with how things have gone so far - new board bought me Palacios and Bergwijn due to promises made apparently and I've strengthened elsewhere. This is the year of Freddie as I have just cashed in on Dubravka for £28.5 million. Best prospect is:
  23. Is that an exhaustive list? I'm baffled that the dutch league isn't included.
  24. Any further feedback on this tactic ladies and gents? Interested to know how it's going.
  25. Hello, I've been using this tactic for 2/3 seasons for PSV and it works very well, give it a try here are my results FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipLeipzig.fmf
  26. Git Ready to git "FM'd". (And if not, report it as a bug ASAP). :P
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