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  3. In the Belgian Pro League, at the end of the season the division splits into the Championship Group and the Euro Playoff after 30 games. We don't care about the Championship Group. In the European Playoff teams placed 7-16 in the First Tier and teams 2-4 in the second tier face off for a shot at Europe. There's two groups within this stage, the group winners then face off against each other in a one off match, the winner of that plays fourth place in the Champ Group for an EL place. They win and Europe awaits. This is what we care about. Feasibly, this challenge could be easier in England or Germany, where one could manufacture an FA/League or German Cup Run backed by heavy financial assistance to keep and sign a strong enough core of players to compete regularly, relying on elements of luck. This one is more interesting for me though, because you can qualify for Europe through the League and not even be in the top division. Alternatively I could even qualify through the Cup as well. But that's our challenge. Qualify for Europe while in the Pro League B I decided to start with a 3rd Division side, no real reason to it outside of the fact that I just preferred the clubs in that division, some of the Logos were quite nice and one of them even had a lot of history, being one of Belgium's most successful sides. Who are they? In terms of still active clubs in the playable leagues, they're the 5th most successful in History and the 7th overall. They're also the inaugural champions of the Belgian Pro League, a club that would relish a return to success. So... This is going to be immensely difficult. Time to get started.
  4. Y al final salió la liga Argentina? Modificadas por Tonao? Estoy ansioso
  5. The US would like Yoel Barcenas, Denso Ulysee, Mickael Malsa, and Kemar Lawrence
  6. Which is fair enough, but also isn't the issue the OP identified. The OP complained about the failure of a promise made in response to a player kicking off about the sale of other players. It's only relevant to contracts in that the player in question is seemingly now refusing to sign a new contract because of the promise issue. Leaving that aside, though I agree that avoiding making promises works around the issue of their not functioning properly, it is a problem that a game element doesn't work/operates in frustratingly obscure ways. And it's even more a problem that the game element in question has been borked for multiple iterations.
  7. 2021 North American Gold Cup USA @JaytheGreat Group Stage Game 1 Won 3-2 against Panama Please choose ONE player to join USA Game 2 Won 4-0 against Haiti Please choose ONE player to join USA Game 3 Won 5-1 against Martinique Please choose ONE player to join USA Quarter Final Won 4-0 against Jamaica Please choose ONE player to join USA Semi Final Lost 2-1 to Mexico B Please choose ONE player to join Mexico Mexico B @ssestig Group Stage Game 1 Lost 2-0 to Costa Rica Please choose ONE player to join Costa Rica Game 2 Won 3-0 against El Salvador Please choose ONE player to join Mexico Game 3 Won 1-0 against St Kitts and Nevis Please choose ONE player to join Mexico Quarter Final Won 3-0 against Guadeloupe Please choose ONE player to join Mexico Semi Final *see above* Final Won 2-1 against Canada Please choose ONE player to join Mexico Costa Rica @David Corperial Group Stage Game 1 *see above* Game 2 Won 1-0 against St Kitts and Nevis Please choose ONE player to join Costa Rica Game 3 Lost 1-0 to El Salvador Loses Ariel Rodriguez to El Salvador Quarter Final Lost 2-1 to Canada Please choose ONE player to join Canada Canada @ZLazer_500 Group Stage Game 1 Lost 2-0 to Guadeloupe Loses Tyler Blackett to Guadeloupe Game 2 Won 1-0 against Trinidad and Tobago Please choose ONE player to join Canada Game 3 Won 4-0 against Nicaragua Please choose ONE player to join Canada Quarter Final *see above* Semi Final Won 1-0 against Panama Please choose ONE player to join Canada Final *see above* This concludes the 2021 North American Gold Cup. For the second time in this game Mexico have managed to defeat Canada in the final to be crowned champions of North America. The following members have 24 hours to select a player JaytheGreat (4 picks) ssestig (5 picks) David Corperial (2 picks) ZLazer_500 (4 picks)
  8. For most leagues is # of teams x 2 -2 so a league with 20 will play 38, a league with 18 will play 34, a league with 24 will play 46 some leagues like the scottish premiership play # of teams x 3 and then it splits and plays 5 more games, the rule tab of each league should say how many games do you play a season
  9. Basically win all champions leagues equivalent from all continental federations with a single manager As for a database, i think only classen really made those, never saw any other database like that, you could just go back to fm18 if u wanna do that challenge, it will take quite some time anyway (unless u want to make it the easy way starting in europe)
  10. It should absolutely be there after you've launched the game. Can you enable the Path Bar under the view menu and tell me what it says on the Application Support folder there please?
  11. Well, you have to remember most people here are long term and hardcore fans. They don't really take kindly to issues being pointed out, even if you're correct or wanting to see improvement. If you've ever been an away fan at Millwall you'll understand the atmosphere. I do think your lower league manager comments are spot on. A lot of things simply don't affect a huge portion of the userbase as they support the biggest clubs in the world and that's who they play as. I see less issues when I play as these teams and very quickly start winning everything in sight. So what's to complain about, right? Most people would let a few 'quirks' slide at that point. For lower league though you have far more to think about, and become forced into a lot of scenarios to compete - eg promises are often required to encouraged good standard players to join. Reputation rises very slowly and each rise causes dynamics issues with players demanding new contracts (hence the threads about new contracts every 6 months - 1 year despite a new one being signed). You have players getting unsettled by clubs low ball bids that wouldn't fly if roles were reversed. Sometimes they're even below you in the league but have a higher rep, so that causes issues too. Or players unsettle themselves wanting a move before a bid is ever made and it never comes, but the damage is often done. I still invest a lot of time in this game because I'm a football fan and there just isn't anything similar, but I don't buy every year anymore and I certainly wouldn't pay full price for the game. I want to understand the mechanics, but there's huge holes that defy any logic, and bugs that are persisting over too many editions. I can see why you'd say it's a good game and accept they're never perfect, though to be honest I think FM (like many other games) is a bit like owning a swimming pool with a shark in it. Sure it'll still be fun to swim in for a bit, but you're going to encounter a problem or two after a while that spoils it to varying degrees. If we're blunt, the game suffers from a lack of investment, it's yearly turnaround, and has no direct competition to encourage it. That'll be taken personally by people here, even though it's hardly unique to FM and is in fact quite prevalent across the gaming industry these days. People still buy it, it makes money and that's the bottom line. Personally I don't think patching a few bugs and then fixing others 'for next years release' while cramming in new features/re-working things to make it seem different and worth buying is productive. It's one of the reasons that (as with other sports franchises) people just don't see it as worth buying every year anymore. I'd be much happier if they took a year or two out and fixed the major issues to release a more finished product at the end. If they really got it right they'd have greatly reduced the requirement to patch it, and could reduce the following edition or two to just being a paid roster update on a solid platform and work to a 2 or 3 year dev cycle for a new release. They'd have so much more time to properly implement new features and producing an amazing product. But initially they wouldn't be making money, so it won't happen.
  12. Yeah no problems, see above. I would say they are pretty decent players, and I would say Jason Kavanagh has been declining for a couple of years, at first slowly but its pretty noticable now for him. In terms of moves, the issue really is, being in Australia is a bit of luxury with their high FIFA ranking and managing a good side, we are raking in points. The issue is at the moment we have access to Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia or Brunei and they are all ranked 85th+. For this reason World Ranking is becoming a pretty important factor I am looking at, especially if it is going to take all my miles to move there. I spent something like 17 years in Fiji because it took so long to build up the miles. So I am trying my best to make smart moves, when I move. Early thoughts are Japan, South Korea, Eastern team in Russia, may be workable, but we will see where we can reach. Next time we get points I think the range is going to get weird, and we envelope the other side of Antarctica, so some weird countries might end up near range.
  13. Any chance you could throw up a screen of Kavanagh and Wilson? Curious how good they are as players And nice work so far, going to save up until you can make a massive move or first sign of a good league and you'll leap over?
  14. We complete March, and secured another Regular Season crown. It happened just before the derby when Melbourne were unable to win their game, and this handed us the title without a ball being kicked from our side. Perhaps it affected us as we drew against bitter rivals Newcastle 3-3. The Champions League is going very much to plan with a 4-0 win against Guangzhou and a 7-2 humiliation of Ulsan in South Korea. Confirmation that we are champions again, and 14 points ahead of Melbourne City. They only managed to gain 3 points this last month as they have clearly gone to pot. One more win and we should be through our group without too much issue.
  15. Just a simple request, for the Ability and Potential columns with star ratings, I'd like an alternate column made available that combines the two together, just like the current Physical Condition/Match Sharpness donut representation. The Current Ability would be the outer circle and Potential Ability would be the inner circle. Left text of the donut graph is the number for Current star rating i.e 3. The text on the right side is the Potential star rating i.e. 4. This would help simplify player lists by allowing us to adjust our views to have this information in a combined format.
  16. After updated my Mac the crashing has stop and i can search on internet and have other apps on . much better right now . Man I missed this ...
  17. February is complete, and the only thing that hampered a potentially perfect month was a draw against Melbourne City. We did start off our Champions League campaign in the best possible fashion with a 2-0 win in Japan. We are now a fair bit clear of Melbourne City, to be honest their draw with us kept them in contention but it is looking like the title might be returning to Gosford. Both ourselves and Guangzhou started with wins in the Champions League.
  18. Okay being realistic that yes, training for a week in attack mode won't make my team attacking, but then, how does the training system works ? If my team is bad at set piece defending and I can't do much by even training for a complete week (the longest gap I ever get between matches, that too rarely), then what should I do ?
  19. It's not the worst example of dynamics in the game, but player interaction has been an issue since it was added to the game years ago. This year they are practically schizophrenic. Player - "I'm too good for this club and need to leave" Manager - "I understand, I'll set your transfer fee 1.5x your value and let you go when a bid comes, that's fair for what you're worth to us" Player - "Nobody will pay that for me, be reasonable and sell me for half my value" Manager - "If you're that good people will pay it" Player - "I am that good, I'm just not worth much. I'm now insulted and storming out, but I'm a professional so won't say more. Except when I tell the press you're a ****." Manager - .....
  20. Thanks for your help everyone. I'm experimenting with a few different setups for my midfield while keeping most of the rest constant for the moment. Don't want to change too much at once in case I break something.
  21. Being rivals might be a factor, although it shouldn't be (insert cliche's about not doing ones business on ones own doorstep here). Generally though the human manager will pay more for players and staff, both in transfer fees and contracts. You'll see it the more you play, and it's even testable and repeatable. Resign from Juve and add yourself as Liverpool manager, the demand should be 126 million and they won't accept the 60 million deal the AI got. Heck try the opposite - add yourself as Fiorentina manager and see what you get offered. Better yet take him off the transfer list and see if you get any bids close to that 126 million demand (and now he's a player he ISN'T for sale so technically should be worth more) - Hint - You won't get that money. I've unsettled players and got them transfer listed but still had to pay way above value, meanwhile you're lucky to get a little above player value for your key players you don't want to sell, and they'll be almost immediately unsettled. I've even checked an AI bid to 100% match it and had it declined (non-rivals, different leagues). Same with contracts. Players frequently take cheaper AI deals, even with lower squad status, worse reputation, worse facilities/staff etc. Poaching staff too. They often re-sign with their current club for barely a pay rise when you've just offered double. Meanwhile your guys get poached with ease for less than they're currently earning, and half that nice new contract you just offered to keep them. They're also allowed to buy/sell players that have just transferred clubs a week or two earlier (Even if you get an offer accepted, you'll notice the red box on the contracts page preventing your offer continuing). They have ridiculous scouts, picking up players from youth players right after intake from some very lowly teams/countries (you'll see it in player histories from time to time). Oh and they also know exact PA, which is why they demand 100 million+ for players with low values, even when it's just 5k. They ask for the max transfer bid as if the player had already reached that potential, but most players never reach it. Despite all of this, the AI is far from flawless at not giving up good or cheap players or making competent business decisions; This combined with the general game complexity gives enough plausible deniability to allow hardcore fans to cry "The AI doesn't know who the human is" and "conspiracy theory"; but as I say, this is all testable if people pay enough attention and invest the time/patience in recreating the scenarios. Believe me you're paying more than if it was an AI to AI transfer.
  22. Don;t knwoi of a list available but it's eay enough to work out: #teams in Division - 1 = Y Yx2 = League games fro each club. Alternatively, #Teams in Division x 2 -2 = Fixtures Played. There are a few exceptions though - A-League for example, has 10 teams, who play each other three times = 27 league fixtures.
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