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  2. Test your edits in game. Save and export it as xml. That way it can be loaded i to the game and testet.
  3. So no one from SI available to verify this problem? Will you leave it at that?
  4. Should be Alt+s. Print Screen works as well, like prot651 says. If you're having Steam overlay active you can just press F12 as well and use Steam.
  5. The tactic FM20.2BEOWULF442WAFKnapP107ALLCUPS to works fine needs correct PPM for each position. Just an advice
  6. Birmingham are a good candidate for a 442, although you'll have to bring in some additional strikers for rotation options. Brentford has good wide midfielders, but again they're short-handed up front - a 4411 maybe? Similar situation at Cardiff. It's a sweeping generalisation, but from the Championship up, most squads are set to play with a lone striker; while from L1 down, most squads are better for a two-striker tactic. Bristol City would be a prospect and 442 would be a natural choice there.
  7. I think I got it working correctly. I change a couple of date settings in general and it seems to be working as intended. I think the issue was that it was trying to set up the competition for the summer of 2019 (even though I told it not to) with the 4 teams, but as the fourth tier league is a brand new one it didn't have a winner to pull from. So I offset it a year (summer 2020) and it seems to be working correctly.
  8. Had 49 shots in one of my latest games, scored zero goals, whilst there were mulitple 1v1's squandered by my attacking players i think headers may also need looking at MK Dons v Leeds Utd.pkm
  9. Thinking of Birmingham or Cardiff for the Championship, think I could try a 442 with them. Also Bradford for an easier challenge. might have to start here to gain some confidence again. Reading look good with all their youth talent as well, although a 442 would negate some of their young stars like Danny Loader.
  10. Imitates real like as KUBI says You think Arsenal are frustrated ? Tottenham have a new manager with new tactics so you can see whats happening to them in real life too
  11. In my current save, I'm 7 years in and Tottenham have already had Allegri as their manager twice and Roberto Mancini as their manager twice. Shouldn't there a weighting against managers immediately (i.e. a year later) returning to the same club?
  12. Ah, I missed when this thread went up! As always, I started with an Arsenal save this year. I'm currently in season 2, in February. Season 1 League Table - I finished 2nd to Liverpool in a REALLY tight race. S1 - Europa League - 1st knockout round S1 Europa League - rest of the knockout rounds - As you can see, I won the Europa League. However, it was REALLY tight. Some inconsistent play gave me way too much stress throughout, however. But I was able to win it. S1 FA Cup - The finals was yet more of my inconsistency, where I lost to Wolves. It was incredibly frustrating. S1 Transfers In - A wide range of transfers here. I'll talk about each of them a little. I tend to buy youth and try to develop them instead of spending huge amounts of money on established players. Took in Moussa Wague on loan to cover both my fullback positions due to the injury problems at the start of the season. Unfortunately I was unable to get a future fee agreed with Barcelona. He played reasonably for what I needed him for. Zeca was brought in as a backup defensive-minded midfielder to play behind Torreira. I wanted someone cheap as I searched for a long-term backup who I could develop into that position. He had a very mediocre season, but did his job. He's playing slightly better so far this season, but now that he's 32 I'm looking for another replacement. Antony was bought from Brazil for 17 million pounds because I was having some injury issues in January and wanted another winger. He made the AMR position his own since. 8 goals and 3 assists in the half-season I had him to start with, and 7 goals + 5 assists so far this season. He's been my best buy in the save, and well outperformed my expectations, displacing a currently-underperforming Pepe this season. My other purchases were all for the future. Daramy's been on loan, but will be fighting for a first-team spot next season. Israel, Valera, and Beyer aren't especially close to a first-team spot yet. They're the type of players I love to buy though, pretty cheap prospects that I can hopefully flip for a profit if they don't reach my level. S1 Transfers Out --------- S2 League Table so far - Not as many goals as I'd like, but we're not giving them up. S2 competitions overview - Doing well overall. I hope I don't lose to Spurs in the Carabao Cup. S2 Transfers In/Out I wanted Ozil out due to wages. I'm still paying like 100k/week of his wages, but got a ton of money off the books(this is important due to the wage ballooning I've unfortunately had to do elsewhere Now, about the ins: With Ozil leaving and Ceballos's loan finishing, I needed replacements for the AMC position. I was able to find 2 of them: Dani Olmo came over from Dinamo. Only 22, but a heck of a technical player. He's played pretty well, but is currently my backup, but only because I was able to find someone else for free. You might recognize the name James Rodriguez. I was able to pick him up from Real on a free as his contract expired and they chose not to try to renew it. He has been a FANTASTIC replacement for the inconsistent Ozil, with 8 goals and 6 assists so far this season, plus a lot of "assist assists", where he had an important pass, but not the final assist. And between his contract and what I still have to contribute to Ozil's wages at Wolves, I'm still paying less than 350k/week. Yan Valery was bought as a backup for Bellerin from relegated Southampton that I am hoping to develop over time. I'm fairly sure I overpaid for him and am regretting this transfer a bit, but hopefully he'll turn out well still. Najim, Mwanga, Schols, Okou, and Sanches are the really cheap pickups of this season. --------- First-Team Squad - Emi Martinez is hiding out too but won't show up on the screenshot for some reason. I've also sent out a bunch of people on loan, so if you don't see someone you were expecting, they're probably out on loan. Feel free to ask about them if you're interested. --------- Let me know if you're interested in any other info about what I'm doing so far in this save! I have some plans to cull a few players from the squad at the end of this season, particularly Sokratis and Emi Martinez. Possibly Zeca too, if I can find a replacement for that spot in the squad. I also might get rid of Pepe if he doesn't turn around his current slump. He has been TERRIBLE this season compared to what I hoped for after a very good 2019/20.
  13. On the topic of the confidence and streaks thing, I've always noticed that an angry action/team talk will 99/100 result in a "green - player reacted positively to this" but then their moral absolutely disappears afterwards, That's always been the case on every edition I think, is it intended?
  14. That's what can happen in football. Both in real life and in FM. How you manage those periods though is important. Don't let your players get overconfident during good spells and keep their heads up during bad spells. It's almost all about what you do and how you do it. Almost, as you can't affect everything. Some things you just can't control. And by your logic i should have gone on a losing streak after my cup loss there. Instead i beat the team in 1st....away. With a team that is significantly worse than their team (i'm predicted 8th while they are predicted 1st). I watched the match and made a few tweaks during the match. We beat them on tactics. They had 21 shots, 7 on target and 10 long shots. We had 7 shots, 6 on target and 0 long shots. In other words; our chances and finishing was a whole lot better then theirs.
  15. April 2028. It was almost the perfect night in Manchester, until City scored with what turned out to be the last kick of the game. Frustrations aside, we have them right where we want them. They will have to chase the game in Athens. We're 90 minutes from the promised land, lads.
  16. I wrote this on FM Base for people wondering why their tactic wasn't working and could be useful here: Tactical Familiarity - This generally needs to be maxed out. If you try to plug a tactic in halfway through the season and wonder why it doesn't work, this is probably why. Player PPMs - Do your defenders/holding midfielders have traits such as "Dwells On Ball" and "Stops Play". These two PPMs alone can get your players caught while on the ball leading to a chance for the opposition. Team Talks - If you're not doing them yourself let your Assistant Manager do them as long as they have high Motivation, Level of Discipline and Man Management. Team Morale - This can cause your team to perform poorly. Hold a team meeting / speak to players. Bring that morale back up! Still not performing well? Where are the goals coming from? Have a look at those highlights. Could it be the players you have aren't suitable for the tactic? Bought/Sold a lot of players? Maybe not enough time for the team to have gelled and developed partnerships. Are your staff in charge of OIs which could be ruining the tactic? (Staff > Responsibilities > Provides Opposition Instructions - Make sure this is set to YOU). As for a tactic, I have just given a 44DM2 a go and had some amazing results. Steam / FM Base
  17. Hey dan, cheers for the hard work putting this together. no crashes, played the whole season out at level 8, anyway done Basingstoke made the play offs, but wont let me play the play off matches just gets stuck on the match preview page with the fixtures
  18. No, vanilla game. I managed to holiday for 1 day, and got past having to register the squad. But the Playoff round for the Euro Cup 2 still isn't showing up when looking at the competition, nor is there a draw day on my calendar. EDIT: Took a couple more weeks, but the Euro Cup 2 group stage has finally shown up.
  19. I am running FM20 Version 20.2.0 off steam. I click into preferences from within my save and type into the search "attribute" but do not get anything to select the colour change limits or colours of the attributes. I have attached a photo of what I get on my screen as I'm uploading via my mobile and not the laptop I am playing on. There is nothing there as I have seen exampled in guides on youtube etc and the actual preference screen and where the search bar is looks different also? I am running the default Football Manager skin. Anyone help? Thanks.
  20. Are you using a custom/third party database?
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