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  2. So you are just confirming what I just said. We pay for the full game but have to lower settings in order for it to work out. In other words, we cannot use the full game since we have limitations.
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  4. Best to post your own thread and upload the save for SI to take a look: @1magine
  5. Anyone finding too many one-time vollies from deep crosses from the flank?
  6. I'm glad the Twitter one wasn't just me then! Thought there was something wrong with my account or something!
  7. Another invincible season for me, another one without the achievement. I have created a save before the end of the season if it's of any use to anyone on here that can help?
  8. The first Quarter of the Season This here is our starting XI, aside from Götze our transfer budget was spent poaching some of the brightest U18 talent in Europe: Marin, Arp, Tonali and Morilla (to mold them into archetypes). I only sold Lucas Piazón and Caballero. From this XI only Hazard fully embodies an archetype (the magician) my Dream team will take shape with patience and time I don't want to simply spend exorbitant amounts of cash on the usual suspects and call it an achievement. I was hoping that Gotze could perform at a high level with his great chance-creating attributes but he has been far from the number 10 I wanted him to be and I am not entirely sure about how to improve this, he simply doesn't contribute enough: 40 passes per game, 1'5 fouls against per game, 2'5 tackles won per game, 0'75 dribbles per game. All of this translating in 1 assist and 10 key passes in 9 games. I am considering either giving him the APs role or giving him the PIs dribble more, more risky passes, get further forward. Emerson and azpilicueta have been playing just as I wanted to and have yet to gain a rating below 7'0. I didn't sign a any centre-backs because I expect Christensen to improve throughout the season and Rudiger to suffice for the first year. I am having no problem creating chances but our finishing has left us down in one or two matches which I guess is a good sign when it comes to the tactic working. Our only truly bad match was the Community Shield match where I discovered that I had to add the "Work Ball into the Box team instruction" During the next matches I will experiment with my number 10 role to try and get more out of it. I am leaving the discussion on the evolution and shaping of my youngsters for later, when enough time has passed for a significant change to take place
  9. Player sale. Aug 2041. (38b) Jorge Martínez (F.Amb) may only be 18, but he has been attracting some significant interest from the likes of Milan, Spurs and Napoli, but it's actually Inter who have managed to seal the deal. I was desperate to keep him on loan for at least another season, but nobody was interested in that. I'm really surprised at that because if I'm the Manager of Spurs, Milan or Inter and I'm keen to sign this bloke, then loaning him back to us makes complete sense to me.
  10. second season with Belper, won Northern Premier Div One East, convincingly first season. currently top of Northern League Premier. But my FA Cup adventure is the reason for my post Macclesfield and Cambridge 24th and 23rd in L2 so that lack of form helped. Spurs currently top the EPL. Clubs biggest defeat was 12-0 back in 1965.. but its all about the money, right
  11. Sorry for bumping this up after such a long time, would it be possible to make this database available for FM19?
  12. Apologies to those who have said they wanted to sign up over the last 10 days or so - if you dont tag me i dont see it in this thread as i have not been keeping an eye on it. Assuming some / all of you still want a go...... @Dwarf 4231 narrow @>LJ< (Tagging wont work on that name) - 343 @Fraser - 4240 DM Wide @thels - 5122 DM narrow
  13. Thanks for reading mate Anderlecht is a great team to play 3-5-2. I was actually considering using it to test the tactic before. A lot of great players there. I don't use many instructions, team or individual. I prefer the roles to do what they are supposed to. That's why it's very important to read the description of each role when creating a tactic. Anyway that's my belief. The only individual instructions I have are on my DLP telling him to stay wider and pass more direct to increase the number of long passes from midfield.
  14. Not just me then!!! I've just played a couple more games and I was going to say it resembles a ping pong machine. Dreadful on the eyes. Normal ME tempo is okish until something happens and I go cross eyed trying to see what's happened but slow the ME tempo and it's like watching The Six Million Dollar Man running in slow motion, maybe that's why so much judder in the ME graphics it just can't keep up with the ball!! The juddering graphics is terrible and ME colours are very strange, it's all very dark like the sun doesn't exist. I had the juddering ME in FM17 and kind of sorted it out rolling back to an earlier Nvidia driver but nothings working with this game and yet COD purrs perfectly on my machine FM17's speed was perfect. In the games I've just played I have had shots straight at the keeper who saved and the ball went out for a throw in at 100 miles an hour, I mean how many saves go for a throw in IRL?! Passes, shots, clearances are like my wildest slices or hooks on the golf course in a howling gale! As you also say I think players brains have been taken out, it's really strange but it doesn't resemble football at all. FM17 IMO was so close. I've played it for two years and loved every minute and the only thing that made me get 19 was that there is no editor in FMT17 or a transfer database too load or I would have done that. Might well go back to it and just start a new game because as far as I can tell March, April time is the last patch so I guess it won't get any better. I've played FM since the CM days and certainly ME and gameplay wise I think this is the worst I have seen, such a shame.
  15. London Colney Training Grounds, Wednesday 24 November 2038, 14h30 Penny was perched on her scaffold at pitch number four. The squad still was split in two; the planned starting XI was all together while the rest were the opposition. The interview for Arsenal TV was arranged in three separate segments. They started by walking around the pitch, talking about the fluffy stuff like how it was to be back in London, how she was liking the club and if she liked the experience with the National team. So, in short, it was all the unthreatening stuff that would also present her to the fans, if they didn’t know who she was in the first place. Then, as Kim Franssen as written, it was “time to cool down”. She would conduct part of the training, as she was supposed to do if it wasn’t for that crap. Some footage would be shot, showing her “in action”. Finally, it would be the serious part: the big incoming match against Villa but for now, it was the training. She blew her whistle twice and all the players stopped moving. «Why are you bolting forward?» she asked Damian (Zieba), her interior forward on the left side. «You’re supposed to go back when we lose possession. Look at where you are and look where Henrique (Canastro) is! He’s placed right between the place you left to bolt forward and the left back! You created a sea of space for him!» It was something she still had to drill in; losing possession meant only the front line would press if they could, nobody else. The rest were to regroup and cut passes forward and denying space… «To meet my old team will be something special, for sure» Penny said, walking with the interviewer and the two cameramen after the “cooling down” period. «I have some great memories from my time with Aston Villa. - Like the league trophies?» asked the interviewer. - «For sure, but memories are more about the atmosphere in the place; how it changed over time. The confidence that was building with each passing day, each success and misstep… - What was your reaction when you learned that Cynthia O’Flaherty was designated as their new manager?» Penny took some time to answer; it was coming… - «She did a great job with Leeds. Sure the road was hard but she managed to pull it off; Championship is a tough competition. - You ever thought you would have to play against her team, whatever the team? - I always thought that when I would come back to a regular club, I’d be facing her one day. I just never thought it would be with her at the helm of my old team!» She tried to smile but she knew it wasn’t a smile… at all… - What do you think of her? Have you ever met her before? - I met her once, at an award thing at the National Training Center. She’s very energetic and she seems to be very intelligent. With the Whites, she certainly showed that she can achieve great things for sure. The match should be interesting!»
  16. Very High Test with same conditions as set out before. Minimum graphics packs loaded. Test 1: Game Run perfectly fine. Test 2: Game Runs Fine again. Test 3: Game runs but framerate drops now this can either be because of my system not able to handle it or the bug that we have i need someone who has a better GPU than mine to test this configuration, texture quality seems to have the biggest factor in how the game renders out the 3D pitch. Its the only change that is very noticeable indifference Test 6: Same as before, with Render Quality turned down, the game performs as before and looks the same. I believe that somewhere between Texture Quality and Anti-Aliasing is whats causing the issue. Maybe a change in rendering tech on SI side might be the difference, i do belive going forward offer the option for person to choose which render they wanna use.
  17. 战术和针对性设置里的一个词:rarely,现在的翻译是从不 我认为翻译成‘极少’ 更合适
  18. Yesterday
  19. @Neil Brock hey Neil i updated to help you out here, here is my system specs: FM settings before update: After update: Test 1: On the same settings as above perfect game runs pretty fine this is without most of my graphics pack though custom graphics are loaded. Test 2: 3D Match Engine unplayable. menus are all fine. Test 3: Game is playable all menus are fine. Test 4: Slight Chopping and stuttering between frame rate. Menus are all fine. Test 5: Game is playable. Observation so far is that when Anti-Aliasing is turned to high it causes the game to lag, i believe that has todo with the rendering of textures. Now as you all can see i don't have a dedicated GPU but am running one of the latest macbooks and i am having no real performance hits. The next set of test will be very high varients. Now you all can be helpful and just do what Niel ask and play around and find out what is the best method to play so that others can play while SI pushes out a massive fix. I remember when CoD and FIFA was crashing on nvidia and amd gpus and the community which is toxic as hell still rallied around so that they can get the game playable
  20. Steam just downloaded another update on the Public Beta. Is it meant for this issue? For the record, I appreciate how hard you’re working to get this to where it needs to be on Mac
  21. It's not just you. Like you, I bypassed FM18 too, played FM17 for much longer than I normally do with any year's version. Strikers struggle to do well in FM19. They do score but nowhere near as much as they should. Most of the time they just stand there and do nothing and a lot of the crosses from wingers are aimed at the winger on the opposite side, completely bypassing the strikers. The swerve and bend is also unrealistic, too pronounced. I think shots hitting the woodwork has been an issue for a while, I don't think this year's game is any worse than it has been for a while, and it's happened too much for years now. If you've not experienced this yet, it's a delight... Crosses and shots are smashed against defenders, one-on-ones hit straight at the GK most of the time. It's like there's no awareness of players around them. Ping pong in the area until the ball ricochets back out to someone about 30yds from goal and then they will bend it in from there, often straight through the GK. That's the same GK who your striker couldn't beat when clean through on goal. The awareness issue is there for all players too. You'll see defenders trying to head away long balls too often even with no threat around them. The problem is that they head the ball straight back to the opposition 20yds in front of them rather than sideways to a teammate or out for a throw. It just looks awful. You'll probably find that the majority of your goals will be scored from, in no particular order: set pieces, 30yd belters, crosses to unmarked players at the far post, 30yd weird looking bending shots which aren't great but beat the GK anyway, and long balls over the top. If you have a winger who likes to cut inside onto his stronger foot and a decent box-to-box midfielder, they are likely to score the majority of your goals. I manage Cardiff and have just finished the 1st season. Josh Murphy (LW with a strong right foot) was my top scorer in the league with 19 goals. Harry Arter managed 11 from CM and would probably have been more if he wasn't suspended so often; he does like a tackle, bless him. Most of Murphy's goals - cut inside and hit one from outside the box. Most of Arter's - ping pong scenario described above or from set pieces that were aimlessly headed out by defenders straight to him
  22. Cheers for the advice guys, I think in the first 3 seasons I will just sign players from my Affiliates and maybe just Dutch players and or previous Ajax players and then after the 3rd season just use my youth players. I always enjoy playing as Ajax so going to start this tomorrow.
  23. Yes I used custom graphics and skins. After your suggestion i stopped to use the custom skin and it worked. Now i can go past 12 June. Thank you.
  24. That's the question. I start a save. Win matches. Even titles. Seasons go by. Random moment. Collapse. Frustrated. Disappointed. Disattached to the save. Restart. Again and again. I want to stop this circle but I don't know how. I watch matches. I don't see what's wrong. Play another match. Lose. Play another. Lose. Ocasional win. No consistency. leaky defense. I don't know what causes my defeats so I can't even think about posible solutions because I don't know what my problem is. WHAT CAN I DO?
  25. Saw your post and read all your articles about the tactic. Wow man, really interesting and really wel explained. Gonna try it out with RSC Anderlecht (Belgian team). Little question, do you use a lot of player instructions? because you don't use many teaminstructions
  26. Sorry about the dumb question, but how do you watch a match that already happened? Like not only the highlights but the whole match. I only get the option to see by highlights.
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