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  2. They don't, it's a bit rubbish isn't it haha. I just schedule friendlies against basel/young boys/zurich/grasshoppers. Like I said any player above 19 that isn't going to get game time with the first team is loaned out. This is my training routine. I don't know if it's "optimal" but it seems to produce ok results. I use it on the main/u21/u18 squads every week. A few of the youth I have developed so far: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 I have 4 stars minimum on all youth coaching categories (my first team coaches are all 4 1/2) and each coach has a minimum of 15 working with youth. Would like to get more 4 1/2 star youth coaches but I can only offer 2.1k p/w wages. Coach calculator if you need one
  3. Go to: Go-Jek Liga 1 > Stages > Stage-0 > League Settings > Edit Prizepool from rank 1 to the end CMIIW
  4. I do yeah. This is what my player search looks like. I turn off the determination/work rate/current ability filters when selecting players to scout. I generally use the "highlight key attributes for role" as a guide. For central defender I would look for positioning, jumping, marking, tackling, strength & then as good mental attributes as possible. But not always, for example this is my best young defender who I just bought from Nimes. He cost £3 million upfront and these are his transfer clauses. I highly doubt he is going to make 20 appearances for France and I don't think we are going to win CL before 2027 (we haven't even made it out of group stages yet). I never buy players from England because they are overpriced, most of my players come from the czech republic, france, belgium and eastern/southern europe, and I try to develop my own swiss players too. I very rarely buy players from countries that I can't get at 16 (brazi/argentina for example) because I want them to be "home grown" for my champions league squad as soon as possible. I have 19 scouts, but I don't send any of them out on scouting assignments to countries/regions. I just use them to scout as many players as possible. I go to scouting > assignments > priorities every few days and cancel the scouting of any player that my scouts think has a potential ability of less than 2. I find this allows me to get a lot players scouted each season. I stop scouting players who are worth less than 20k because it's very unlikely I will find someone worth signing below this value. I also don't actually sign many players and try to keep my u18/21 squad as small as I can. I probably buy maximum of 5 players a season. I probably spend more time recruiting & developing my young players than I do playing matches, but it's my favourite part of the game
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  6. I would go for RB Leipzig! I think it's hard as Bayer Leverkusen to grow as a club, as I think that you will be the strongest in your first season, afterwards your star talents will begin to moan to go to bigger clubs and you won't be able to hold them let alone replace them with better alternatives.
  7. Hey fellow managers and players alike. What I am proposing is not easy, in fact I can already see the potential issues, however because these rules and qualifications are the same as in real life, it would in fact make the game so much more interesting. Currently the managers and assistant managers have (national c-a and continental c-pro) licenses in fm 19. However, most continents these days start from continental c to pro. Also each of these licences only lasts for 2-4 years and has to be renewed based on results and other criteria. Also for example premier league and most 1st division leagurs require a manager to have at least continental a license or that club cannot participate. In continental competitions the rule states that even if you are qualified to participate the manager requires a pro license to participate. Ex players have a higher chance to get the licenses as IRL and would make managers stay at clubs longer knowing that these rules are in place would make the game more challenging. What are everyone's thoughts?
  8. as you can see the prize money for the 1st place is smaller than the 3rd place and there is no prize money for 2nd place, any solution?
  9. 好的,多谢,已在爆棚论坛互动。估计是低级别队问题,已更换强队,不存在问题了~
  10. I had rounded it down to those two really. Leipzig look like they have more prospects than Leverkusen and have stronger finances. Leverkusen have a very strong 4 in Bailey, Brandt, Havertz and Tah though. What's your reason for avoiding Leipzig, is it because of how they were formed?
  11. I pre-signed two non-EU players, but am only able to register one until one of the other non-EU players in my squad "leave to a foreign club, see their contract expire/terminated, or gain an EEA nationality." I was given this option to prioritize which of the two signings would occupy that first slot already allotted: I chose to prioritize Bukievskiy, but FM chose to make José the registrable player, and make Bukievskiy ineligible and not registrable. This is annoying enough - it's a weird bug, and I don't understand why either need to be unregistrable until you actively register the other, but no matter, I will simply terminate the contract of another non-EU player at the club and then we're good to go, right? Wrong. That's a bug now, too. I terminate the contract of Tchetchoua, freeing up a non-EU slot, BUT IT STILL WON'T LET ME REGISTER BUKIEVSKIY. WHY? I prioritized him, AND then met the criteria required to make room for him. Why are these issues STILL happening? What can I do to get around this? It looks like the only thing that works is using the editor to force him to join a foreign club since no one will willingly sign him. This is beyond frustrating. I have uploaded two saves, one before prioritizing a player ("MILAN 2024-25 PRESEASON IV"), and one after prioritizing but before terminating a non-EU player ("MILAN 2024-25 PRESEASON V"). Please, please advise how I can fix this problem and continuing playing with both my new signings registered as they should be.
  12. Yes travel gets included, ideally you should be trying to balance playing time with training as well especially with younger players. I tend not to overplay them, I can get like 70 attribute point gains in 3 seasons with youngsters easily by playing them 10 games a season for like 10-45 mins per game. I use them to rotate the senior players with. That way I suffer less from RST issues
  13. As long as the individual player load are medium to heavy you should be fine. I can’t tell what they are atm but mine has more sessions than yours. Ass man can handle it too, you just need to add match prep sessions and that shld be ok too
  14. Oh yes, many saves have destroyed my will lol. Why dont you give one of the lower leagues a go with a higher badge? Even better, start of low and play as a journeyman. I think most the board expectations there are a little more realistic, so you might be able to stay more motivated. Im playing as Scarborough at the moment, in the lower English pyramid and enjoying it because it provides different challenges compared to higher leagues.
  15. What a load of kak. Everton was absolutely brilliant in that match and deserved the 4-0 win. It was no fluke, like you made it out to be because not only did I watch that game but I also watched Everton completely out play the team I support, Arsenal - just 2 weeks earlier. Arsenal deserved to lose 3-0 or 4-0 but Leno saved our asses. The pressing of Everton was absolutely incredible in both games, I was amazed. Neither Arsenal or United could get out of their own half because the structure and aggression of the midfield press was simply too good and too solid to play through. Everton also recently beat Chelsea 2-0 and held Liverpool to a 0-0 not long before that. You must be watching a different team, because you are talking absolute rubbish.
  16. Hi there, I am experiencing crash dump issue since yesterday and I cannot get through 20 May 2024 because it always crashes on that date. I have updated my graphics card driver and I have removed all skins and logos which didn't make any difference. I am not using any custom data base. I have uploaded my save onto the cloud called journey man. Please have a look at it and advice on what I should do to be able to continue my save. Many thanks
  17. On the same note, Bebe joined United for 8 mil, big money at the time for someone who went on to make two appearances. He is also now plying his trade at Vallecano, so it looks like they may be one step ahead of you in creating a team of failed wonderkids.
  18. Chelsea got a transfer ban for illegality surrounding their signing of Gael Kakuta. Only made a handful of appearances for them and now plays for Rayo Vallecano.
  19. Please advise the full game version and the crash dump message. Are you using a custom or edited database?
  20. How to let the game to Pick a random team in a division for the Continental Club Competition?
  21. @_Ben_ I've posted only a few messages here years ago about some beta test and you're making me coming back just to tell you how great your story is! I've been playing FM for as long as I can remember, probably more than 15 years, and you brought the Fm level way beyond anything I've seen so far. Great writing, awesome challenge, and super performance. Quick question: How can you go that fast?! are you managing all games or are you taking some vacation? Thanks again for you story and I hope it'll last for a very long time!
  22. @Bothan Spy Freddy Adu is in the game?! I assumed he'd retired! Do we count Phil Jones and Chris Smalling? Given Sir Alex Ferguson said Phil Jones could be one of the greatest he'd ever worked with...and also expected Smalling to partner him in defence for the rest of the decade (which you could argue they have done more than any other defenders, but this isn't a positive). Bojan Krkic (the younger) comes to mind, and Sergi Samper. Back to the Man Utd theme Federico Macheda is still kicking about in Greece. Guido Vadala was incredible on FM15 yet doesn't seem that great any more and is back at Boca.
  23. Both good sides with a bunch of young talent, strong finances and not much history in terms of trophies. It probably depends on your footballing politics - whilst they're both company-owned Bayer Leverkusen was founded as a works' team in the early 20th century, I believe at the instigation of Bayer employees and management supported it as a way to keep them fit. Leipzig is part of a network created in the 21st century by a drinks company that purchases and rebrands existing clubs. But on the other hand Leipzig's network of clubs is leading to the development of talent that otherwise might never get a look in, like how they seen to have quite a few Africans coming through, and a commitment to exciting football. The former GDR is a footballing wilderness too, so anyone reviving the scene out there could also be seen as a positive. Personally I'd never manage Leipzig though. Have you considered a smaller Bundesliga club, like Freiburg?
  24. This relates to something that I feel like I've observed through experience with playing FM for a number of years, yet I'm not sure if it's at all accurate, that being that if a player hits the 'Tired' state (which I understand being a precursor to Jadedness), that what's required is a "hard reset" consisting of 2+ weeks off from both matches and training -- that merely rotating or having a single week off will just lead to a situation where the player will rapidly become 'Tired' again because you've moved whatever score qualifies them for that status just below the threshold, and it'll rise right back up shortly. Are those particular players traveling a lot for internationals? In previous FMs I believe that travel distance was part of calculating how jaded a player became.
  25. Think automatic promotion is beyond us now; even the playoffs are not guaranteed as we sit 7pts above 7th place. A poor run through February and into March cost us dearly - strikers couldn't buy a goal! Happily Soudani has found his shooting boots and has four goals in his last two games. If he can keep that up, we're in with a shout.
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