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  2. Sure! With a bit of intercontinental football next season at the rate you're going Nah, I predict this is the point you'll struggle. Anderlecht, Genk, Club Brugge, Standard and Gent are the bigger clubs which will most likely battle for European tickets most of the time with Antwerp coming up strong. There is also this weird playoff system here in Belgium where, after regular season, your points get cut in half and you have playoff groups. edit: ofcourse you're about 3 years into your save so the balance of power might've changed during those 3 years
  3. That's it. I am going back to FM17. Enough with Fm19 which is crap.
  4. What I meant is should the left or right volante be more defensive because they have different player instructions or can you just use whatever player you want?
  5. 10 years from 2020 to 2030, so maybe we can manage with it.
  6. We all have different macs with different specs so while you may not have any lags, other machines with different specs may.
  7. Turns out I spoke too soon, the lagging has restarted, both within (at low graphics) and outside matches
  8. I thought the number of regens is roughly the same - around 10-15 and team 'picks' the best 1-5 regens from each intake (to keep number of players around start value). And as far as I know you can't 'force' teams to choose less regen's they want to.
  9. 2026 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round Squad Goalkeepers: Syed Brumvert, Ajah McKnight, Duane Rene Defenders: Peter Brumvert, Events Collis, Kevin Cook, Ian Coulton, George Fletcher, David Glinton, Christopher Hassad, Spentz Hassad, James Speer Midfielders: George Brough, Lee Bryne, Ian Collis, Duane Fletcher, Herby Glinton, Marc Hassad, Christopher Jones, Lagneau Rene Forwards: Charles Brown, Ian Cook, Kevin Lowery Turks and Caicos Islands 1 - 1 Barbados – 2026 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round, First leg – 02/09/2023 Barbados as to be expected started off the better side, causing problems for our defence but missing their chances. Tyrone Mings was proving to be a particular problem for us. However it would be us who took the lead with Herby Glinton curling home my first ever World Cup qualification goal from just outside the box. Undeserved, but a goal is a goal. Barbados continued in much the same fashion but didn’t find that elusive goal. Early on in the second half however Barbados did find their goal, when failure to deal with Mings cross saw Rahiem Bailey eventually bundle home. Barbados didn’t fashion too many chances and towards the end of the game players were getting injured left, right and centre. We nearly won it at the end with an Ian Collis glancing header, but the game finished square and our hopes were still alive. Barbados 1 (2) - 0 (1) Turks and Caicos Islands 2026 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round, Second leg - 06/09/2023 With Tyrone Mings missing from injury in this match we came into it with heightened expectations which were dampened somewhat when Jeffrey Samuel scored from a set-piece just five minutes into the match. What followed though was a great spell of dominance for us that sadly didn’t get rewarded with a goal during the first half. The second half saw Barbados have the better of the chances and they really should’ve ended this tie, but the more chances they missed the more I felt confident we could get back in it. However we missed one decent chance when I decided to throw everything at them, but the goal never came and the qualification dream ended here. 2026 World Cup Qualification Verdict Quite disappointed really not to have got through that. Barbados missing Tyrone Mings should’ve been an opportunity that we didn’t pass up, but we did. Billy Forbes retired earlier on in the year and I reckon he might’ve just won us this tie, two class players in him and Glinton would’ve been too much for Barbados (without Mings) I think. Montserrat actually beat Puerto Rico to progress into the third round, so it goes to show with a few class players and a bit of luck in the draw, that the third round is quite achievable.
  10. It's probably because (I guess) most opponents defend tightly against you, looking to pack the middle areas, which logically leaves more space on the flanks for your wide players. You may add the "Be more expressive" TI to encourage your midfielders and forwards to use more flair and creativity, which they obviously have in abundance.
  11. Centeno could be pretty good in a DLP role, judging both from his attributes and PPMs (traits). His major weakness though is low bravery, meaning there's the risk he might panic when pressed/tackled hard by opposition. Lo Celso has all that is need for a very good mezzala. I suppose you play him in that role, right? The same can be said for Cuisance. Alena looks like a good advanced or roaming PM. Saelemaeker's very poor tackling can be a liability. How do you play Bailey and Malcom? Who is on the left (IFsup) and who on the right (IFatt)? Finally, I would play your lone striker (Silva) as an F9, rather than CF. And would tell him to roam from position (PI). By dropping deeper he would create more space for the MEZ and IF attacking the box, and would be better involved in the build-up phase, working together with deeper midfield.
  12. As I am not using a strikerless squad, it is interesting to see if having the right players make a difference. Also I am not re training, where as in FM 17 GOODBYE 3430 I did r train Kane.
  13. I nearly always have a more defensive and more attacking pair in Midfield, even if same role, Does using the right player make a difference - would be difficult to quantify.
  14. You are killing me now, Knap with strikerless. You know I am big fan since FM17.
  15. The qualifiers began with two contrasting games in March in terms of standard of opponent, but similarly dominant performances in two comfortable wins which leaves us top of the table at the end of the first round of matches
  16. Will Jääskeläinen (29141011) needs his brother Emil (29193722) added to his favoured personnel.
  17. Jussi Jääskeläinen (103453) needs his son Emil (29193722) added to his favoured personnel.
  18. Keep the faith - this is a great story in terms of the detail level and progress you have made. A setback is disappointing but it looks like it gives you a chance to reinvigorate, both the squad and your interest.
  19. I did read somethings in the Line and Diamonds thread and I removed the press, play out of defence, dribble less and tight marking. I'm seeing a lot more flair in my game. My possession is not 70%, but I'm starting to be okay with it because of the difference in counting possession. I would say I demolished the expectations, but I'm barely winning. I don't score much too be honest and I think I have the players to do it. I see a lot of play by the wings and not so much by the middle. Not that I just want to play by the middle, but I see a lot of problems in open up space in the middle for a killer ball to be put.
  20. Emil Jääskeläinen (29193722) needs his dad Jussi (103453) & brother Will (29141011) added to his favoured personnel.
  21. I'll have my IT guys look at it when I'm back home. They have saved a hard drive for me before, so I should be able to do that. Thanks for the suggestion! It is difficult - literally 2-3 players came be the entire difference between struggling and succeeding. The most frustrating thing for me is thinking I have a good/great Intake, and then the players just don't develop. Hate that!
  22. February and March 2032 A slight change to the fixture list as two games moved to the prime Saturday slot, clearly the preserve of those in the title race. And the results match the focus with us scoring four goals in four of the game, showing the benefits of the tactical changes. A little poor defensively at the end of the month which is a shame, especially as we lost one of our DCs for two games, but that was that Union Mertert and Titus Petange games, so his return coincided with the lapses in defence. Our tough mid season campaign of friendlies paid off as we were match fit for the tough game against Kaerjeng, whereas Dudelange were undercooked for their game with most players around 60% match sharpness and were undone by Fola Esch. That means we hold a small lead, and can afford to draw with Dudelange and keep in front as long as we match their other results. Being 12 points clear of third, and 17 clear of 4th helps, especially with there only being 21 points left on offer, as we could wrap up European football very early on in April. In positive news at the bottom of the table, Mamer came out of the winter break strong and picked up six points in the first three games back, and now have a chance of catching Rumelange for 12th and extending their stay at the top table. Progres have dropped away and have sacked their manager, with Racing (LUX) living up to the pre season expectations it looks like there has been a change in the mid table teams with Fola Esch becoming one of the strongest teams the behind the big three. April will be a busy month, as if we progress in the Cup then the Semi Finals will fall on Wednesday 28th, giving us a six game month. Our only loss this season came against Swift Hesperange, so we cannot look past them to the looming challenge of Fola Esch followed midweek by Dudelange away. The run up the the 14th April could decide the title winners, as if we can win all three games we will hold a minimum four point lead with four to play. Hopefully tired legs won't hurt us
  23. Only kindles are supported by the Amazon store for FMM, for all other devices please use GooglePlay.
  24. Today
  25. What exactly do you mean by "full potential"? Full potential in terms of results, or in terms of performance on the pitch (playing style, creation of good chances etc,)? Are you overachieving or underachieving relative to board expectations (and/or media prediction), or you are just in line with expectations? "Close down much more" - or extremely urgent pressing (which I suppose you are referring to?) - is a clear overkill - and a very risky one at that - when you play on much higher DL and LOE, with a high-risk mentality (positive in this case) and using counter-press in addition. Split block/press is a better and safer option. Tight marking as a team instruction can also be risky in this particular tactical setup, because it works better when you play with more vertical compactness (and generally more conservative football). But it is still less risky than extreme pressing. Your in possession instructions are basically okay for a possession-based style of football, but nothing outstanding (which is not necessarily wrong). So I guess the most important question here will be whether you chose right players for the roles (or vice versa).
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