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  2. I still playing with the standard database. So still got De Jong. Had great offers tho. Not playing him that much. I'm a fan of Ziyech. Especially in a advanced playmaker role. If i play more defensively, then i play De Jong as a Deep Lying Playmaker. Great for that role. Selling Kristensen at the moment for 56 mil to City. Still got De Ligt. Gave him a new contract with a release clause of 90. Not going to sell him. Want to win the Champions League. I need him. Changing my tactic to a more gegenpress tactic. So need some money to buy more stamina and physical players. But if you got good results then you definitely get some nice offers on your way. Good luck
  3. Concerns. Jan 2042. Actually I'm glad I explained it. Now I can just link (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * directly to this thread rather than explaining it to him.
  4. Good going! I thought they would have a lot more money from the de Jong transfer or at least a big injection after the first season but that doesn't happen apparently. Have you still got de ligt? I am just about to start my first season. Hoping to win the CL by 2022 and if not then at least have a good enough reputation to get a Spurs or Barcelona Job on merit
  5. I could start this again a thousand times 'People generally advise those unfamiliar with roles/duties and how to understand attributes' If all of can crucially understand attributes then eventually the game will become simple to understand. Thanks a lot Rashidi
  6. Hello @Christopher Lewis are there any updates on this?
  7. We've hit the winter break after a full November and a busy first week or so in December, and we've been doing... OK. In the league, we saw off Khimki with relative ease, but were then thwarted over in St Petersburg - Zenit fought back well after Popov's early strike, and by half-time were ahead. Fedorenko pulled us level, but we couldn't find a third way through. A draw away at Zenit isn't the end of the world, but a home loss to Rubin had the alarm bells ringing. Yes, a handful of players were rested with Europe in mind - more on that later - but to fire blanks at a fairly middling side, not to mention actually losing at home, is hardly acceptable, and my men got the riot act as a consequence. They heeded the warning, bouncing back with home wins over Armavir and Ufa, but still five dropped points in six weeks is less than ideal. To Europe then, and first up was the home leg against Dinamo, who simply are not ready for this level of football. All credit to them for getting here, but we didn't even play particularly well in a 5-1 win. That put us on nine points, but with Arsenal and Juventus in the mix, we'd be hard-pressed to get the point we needed. To that end, I rested a few for the Rubin - a decision that saw us lose poorly - and in return I was given one of the finest performances of my tenure, my men putting the Italians on the back foot from the off, and being unlucky to concede twice. It looked like we'd come away with a good point, but in the 93rd minute full-back Nazarov arrowed one into the bottom corner from 18 yards, and we'd pulled off a famous win. That left us with a free hit against the Gunners, knowing that a win would see us claim top spot, which would have been a phenomenal achievement given our opponents. Sadly, Arsenal were just better than us on the day and grabbed goals either side of the break to overturn Vorobjov's strike, and a late third finished us off. We'll play Bayern Munich home and away after the resumption, and if we can beat Juventus, then I give us a chance. We stay on top of the pile in the league, but only just - CSKA have pulled a couple of points back on us, and we lead by a solitary point. It's looking like the title fight will between the two of us once again, with Zenit heading a chasing pack already eight points adrift, so we at least know what we're up against. Elsewhere, Baltika have defied my predictions of doom to put themselves within four goals of escaping the relegation zone, and both Anzhi and Rostov need to be careful to avoid getting sucked in. We shouldn't be doing anyone any favours down there. -- Spartak's domestic form had not hit the imperious heights of the previous season, but Saparow remained confident of retaining their title. CSKA looked like being the only competition once again, and after the 6-1 win early in the campaign, the Turkmen felt he had their number. In the Champions League, things were getting exciting. Wins home and away over Juventus meant a last 16 tie with Bayern seemed winnable, and it would take a heart of stone not to dream beyond that. If he could take the Russians to European glory, surely Bahtiyar would be one of the all-time greats?
  8. What if that is precisely the problem? Like I said in my opening post, I watch matches and I don't see what is wrong. There must be an alternative, something else I can do instead. The more I watch matches, the more confused I am. My problem is I can't identify problems watching matches. If I could, I wouldn't be here posting, in all honesty.
  9. I love the CM(A) role. With the right stats and spaces to attack in your system they can score 20+ goals while contributing defensively with plenty of tackles and interceptions. For me the absolute key stat is aggression, they have to have the desire to fight their way in to goal scoring positions in the usually congested centre areas of the pitch then get back and get stuck in when the opposition have the ball. I have a new gen with good stats otherwise ( ant, wor, det, otb, acc, fir, agi, fin, cmp, tec, dec ) but with an aggression of 6 and he misfires badly in the role compared to less talented players with higher aggression. Makes sense I guess when you think of the great goal scoring centre mids in the last 15 years - Nainggolan, Veratti, Lampard, Gerrard - one thing they certainly don't lack is aggression.
  10. Hi, will you add Eduardo Camavinga of Rennes? He's the youngest player in Ligue 1 history at 16 years old and has so far made a couple of short cameos as a midfielder. Hope he gets added into the game in the next update.
  11. It's just my experience, and maybe bad luck, but it seems that whenever I change to counter or defensive to protect a narrow lead, or even a two goal lead, I tend to concede. Just a few days ago I was with a confortable 2-0 lead in a Gotenborg-Sirius (I'm Sirius), by minute 80 I went on defensive to hold the lead. Minute 85: 1-2, minute 94: 2-2. And it happens alot. Now I Just leave it on attacking, and it seems I tend to score more when they start to take more risks.
  12. Won both seasons the league and cup. And the first season the semi final. Second season reached the first knock out. Both defeated by Klopp and Liverpool. The last game was close and we lost by away goals.
  13. 21 November 2018 We've hit a bit of a wall now this season. Some of our overall energy has been lost, and teams have been punishing our defensive efforts a fair bit as well. The Winter break may be our saving grace! 2nd in the League For the first time this season we've lost our top spot, squandering what was up to a 6-7 point lead. You can see our form right there. Where we're struggling is at both ends of the park. The midfield is fighting well, but our wingers are having trouble scoring and we're getting done on the break in defence. I'm torn over pulling the defensive line back a bit and losing general shape that worked so well for us early in the season. It hasn't helped that we're lacking options up front after Clem broke his arm. On of the reason's he was an appealing signing was that he was still fit and fast and athletic for his age. 8 weeks without training at his age may well have that wane - he won't be back until after winter and that might just be his career over. At least his career with us. The saving grace here is that we get a break for winter - maybe we can use that to re-focus our efforts. Winter Is Coming Ok it's a bad GoT reference Ukraine has an interesting Fixtures setup. I mentioned how early we started off for starters. The reason for this is the snowy winter of course, but if you're used to other European nations, it's a bit jarring think you have literally 4 months off football! Finances / Money / Club Things A couple of other things that should help us with finances a little bit. I'm actually really happy with this. Zorya were 3rd in the top flight when we linked with them and even if they drop a bit, they've got a decent squad and that means some potential to loan players in the future. I'll be taking a look this transfer window for sure. The fee isn't huge, but affiliation fee's are so outdated that you can't expect much these days. Similarly we earned some sponsorship - it's a little more significant. I'm not ungrateful - every bit counts! Contract For Minsc The main reason for updating now, as opposed to during the long, slow break, is that the club wanted to lock up Minsc with a new contract. The club is still sitting well beyond expectations and it's at least worth another punt next year. For Minsc the biggest challenge is getting 'more' money for the new deal out of his new contract. We'll work on it and let you know!
  14. Yeah, its because the game doesn't include the women's game that its such a weird appointment. Her history in game is literally nothing. It does include her MBE tho.
  15. Wheeler Dealer. Jan 2042. I had a player, (38i) Álex Goiria (F.Pro), who came to me approximately every day for 2 weeks and submitted a written transfer request. It was annoying as hell and I couldn't really afford to sell him because I was a little short at right back after flogging (38b) Jorge Martínez (F.Amb) to Inter at the beginning of the season. I always preferred (38b) Jorge Martínez (F.Amb) over (38i) Álex Goiria (F.Pro) and this could be just subconsciously because Jorge was (38b) and Álex was (38i), but for whatever reason it stuck. (38i) Álex Goiria (F.Pro) was previously a spirited personality and has recently popped to (F.Pro) and that could again have played a part in why I didn't favour him previously. Now (38i) Álex Goiria (F.Pro) is a decent little player, but he's not £10M decent I don't think and knowing that I could get almost £10M for him I went out to see if I could replace him with not 1 right back but 2 right backs. The idea was that I get an experienced player for the right here and now who is better than (38i) Álex Goiria (F.Pro) and then I also go out and buy a young player who I can develop and who will be able to take over from the experienced player at a future date. In my head though, I also wanted to factor in the wages of the experienced player and how long I expected him to be at the club into any deal. You can't just think in terms of transfer fees. You also have to consider wages, bonus payments, signing on fees, agent fees etc etc etc. So here is (38i) Álex Goiria (F.Pro) on the day he signs for Spurs. He's not brilliant, but he's ok and he was obviously a product of our Academy, so what's not to like. I hoped to get almost £10M for him and in the end I got £10M cash + 30% of re-sale value and a friendly against Spurs, (which should be pretty lucrative. Only after I had signed the following players however. Oier Villanueva (BAS) (F.Det) is the experienced player that has been signed as a direct replacement. He cost £250,000 plus there was a signing on fee of just over £500,000 and then if we add an agent fee of £50,000 and wages of £30k per week = £1.56M per year and very roughly speaking I want to keep him for the rest of this season and then the whole of next season then that's a cost in wages of £2.34M which brings out net spend here to approx £3.14M. I think he's a little bit better now than the young player he is replacing. So that was the experienced player and now this is the longer-term prospect Gorka (BAS) (F.Det). Again, he's not amazing, but he's decent, he's Basque and I think he will have a similar sort of ceiling to that of (38i) Álex Goiria (F.Pro). He's good enough to do a job right now and the more I play him the more he will improve. We spent, (or will spend), a total of £3.14M on the experienced player and then we spent £185,000 on this bloke and let's just add in another £15,000 in fees and what not because although I can't remember how much it was, I know it wasn't an awful lot. I'm not going to count this players wages because we would have been paying 1 player anyway. That brings us to a total cost for both players of £3.34M. We received £10M cash from the sale of the original player and we will get 30% of any re-sale fee which is likely to be somewhere in the region of £3M at current prices. That;s not the end of it though. I expect to sell the senior player for a small profit after 18 months, (although I also expect to pay some of his wages to the buying club), and then of course we will be in a position to start the whole process off again. I think a lot of people forget to factor in wages and signing on fees when looking at deals and they can quickly add up. It should also be mentioned that if the experienced player can't be sold then he will be costing me £1.56M per year so that's not to be ignored for a club of this size/stature. Despite that, I think this is some nifty business. We are better off on the pitch than we were before, we have more money in the bank than we had before and we also plan to have just as much in terms of saleable assets that we had before. It's win-win. [Edit] The reason I'm mentioning stuff like this, (yeah I know it's pretty basic), is because this is the 1st save for a long long time where I have been actively buying/selling players. I think I have been largely youth based since about 2014 and have really dipped only sporadically into the transfer market since then, (usually for non-playing tutors). Apologies if it's both simple and boring.
  16. You may find this thread useful ... it's an analysis of Pep's Barcelona. It was written for FM17 so in FM terms some things have changed ...ignore any comments about setting fluidity ... but nevertheless IMO it's still a very good read
  17. Yeah so signing the 20M guy will be a better choice.
  18. https://community.sigames.com/topic/470652-tactics-vertical-horizontal-lines-space/
  19. I'm in the start of season 3. And get offers from City and Liverpool.
  20. Again, that's not really an explanation.
  21. Juventus - Ajax at Champions League is the answer about tactics. Already posted to suggestion forum about vertical and horizontal lines.
  22. No you will get 80k plus 10k after 100 league appearances and then you will get message on your board summary telling you the fans and board agree that you made a mistake selling de jong
  23. In Europe, October has been a mixed bag. Over at the Emirates, hosts Arsenal were just too good for us on the night - scoring twice late in the first half and barely giving us a foothold in the game. On the other hand, our trip to Minsk was as simple as they come, a Vorobjov hat-trick seeing us cruise to our second win from three to position us well at the midway point. We'll still probably need one more positive result from Arsenal or Juventus though, so we're far from through. At home, we improved on a poor September, but even then we started with a stutter, my old Kuban side defending very well at the Otkritie - and getting lucky when Kolosov had one chalked one for a dubious offside - to take a point away with them. Newly-promoted Baltika are still winless and not cut out for this level, and our day in Kaliningrad was a breeze from the moment they put through their own net early on. Krylya were little better back on home soil, and it was good to see young Kozhemyakin bagging a brace on a rare start. Then there was the cup. Away to second-tier opposition, I perhaps over-rotated the side with other competitions in mind, but that was little excuse for an abject display. The Petersburgers took us to extra time, scored first to leave us scrambling, and then held their nerve to dump us out on penalties. The cup may not be a priority, but such poor showings cannot go unnoticed. A bad month from CSKA drops them down to third, and allows us to retake our rightful spot at the top of the table, leading by three from our rivals and Krasnodar. It's good to say Kuban in a more stable position than last year, while at the other end Baltika look doomed already. Coming up in the next few weeks we'll reach the halfway point and conclude our Champions League campaign, so it'll be a key month or so for Spartak. The thing is, they all are these days.
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  25. im glad you liked it its the first time im doing this so tnx for your words well lot of TIs mate hehehe looks like a mess but i will give it a look and tnx a lot for your advice
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