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  2. 1. Read the report from your coaches for the players getting the red cards: do they have "competitive streak" feature? If the answer is yes then there is the reason for a constant red card 2. Chill out, a team from conference/national league RARELY gets past round 3 even less possible against a former premier/championship team 3. If u put pressure on your squad saying "we can win" im sure the players will tackle harder due to frustration while being owned by a far superior oponent In short don't drown in a glass of water man, did you lose 0-10, thats the way it is, just turn the page over and don't try the almost imposible
  3. I have a similar issue, but I am also using a logopack from Uncle_Sam, and instead a lot of the Canadian colleges seem to use random American college logos
  4. First of all and most importantly: brexit doesn't affect llm much, it only really affects championship sides (the good way), some league 1 teams (also the good way) and the premier (good/bad depending on outcome) Second: llm that gets affected actually benefits as work permits in most common outcomes are wage based so is easy to get foreigns a wp And for last: this is kinda real, brexit has to affect football sooner or later, don't think that guardiola or klopp will just say "screw this" and press a reset buttom or just go to another league (this last one is possible, but it really gonna depend on how much rebuild they'll have to do with thier squads), managers will have to adapt, like it or not, first time i got a hard brexit i was kinda pissed since it got me by surprise and that save ia still active for me being my most succesful save, don't just think that a simple rule change will destroy your save, give that new rule set at least a season or two, it could very well make the game a lil bit more interesting, on top of that, who knows if before brexit actually affects football we get some silly new rule where teams have to role 4 homegrown in starting XI to help the national team to develop talent? Will that ruin FM even if thats what the real deal in that hipotetic future? I always ask myself that anytime someone's save gets "ruined" by brexit.
  5. Youth intake players asking for that much is kinda of exploit countermeasure, as players don't sign contracts right away after they are generated (they need more or less a week) human player can exploit this and get the best youth in the world with "no effort" so "wasting" 150k/pw of budget for 5 youngsters would back slash a bit if tight in wage budget only thing i'd worry is the player not developing and wasting all that wage a lil gain when reselling them (their original team get a % of next transfer so even less) if by any chance the player is already scouted or is a sure world class potential (4 yellow stars of potential and a black one) it is worth it the penalty of paying 30k a week for them As for me, i never do this, i do scout newly generated players, and sign ONLY if the player is in lower/low reputation leagues which is rare and realistic
  6. Round 28 - June 2021 Costa Rica, Uruguay and Canada don't feature in this round Ukraine (Weiry) Won 4-2 against Switzerland I choose Djibril Sow to join Ukraine Romania @Muttley84 Won 7-0 against Latvia Please choose ONE player to join Romania USA @JaytheGreat Won 2-1 against Martinique Please choose ONE player to join USA Serbia @Koetzer and Poland @estewu Drew 1-1 Serbia’s Nikola Maras is swapped with Poland’s Karol Linetty Mexico @ssestig Won 4-0 against St Kitts and Nevis Please choose ONE player to join Mexico Israel @makovn Drew 1-1 with Slovakia Israel’s Omer Atzili is swapped with Slovakia’s Juraj Kucka Kosovo @terence123470 Lost 4-0 to Croatia Loses Fanol Perdedaj Portugal @TheSparkyDee Lost 5-1 to Spain Loses Jan Obalk to Spain Rep. of Ireland @GylfiAsCharged Won 2-1 against Moldova Please choose ONE player to join Rep. of Ireland Norway @XaW Won 5-0 against Andorra Please choose ONE player to join Norway Russia @dkouv Drew 1-1 with Germany No Swap New Zealand @Reifi Won 3-1 against Papua New Guinea Please choose ONE player to join New Zealand Luxembourg @scousevasey Won 3-1 against Gibraltar Takes Louie Annesley (Highest Valued Player) This concludes Round 28 The following members have 24 hours to select a player Muttley84 JaytheGreat ssestig GylfiAsCharged XaW Reifi
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  8. Well, actually, what he has said is that your idea of symmetry can work in the game even though it's not the way he would play. He has also said that he would like to see more information about your tactical approach and what is actually happening in games before he knows enough to comment, or offer help. Which is a lot more than 'zero'. So rather than be sarcastic, try offering some more information so that a knowledgeable man can try to help you with your question. If you really think that a simple list of roles and duties is enough for anyone to draw tactical conclusions from, then I suspect your problems may well lie in your approach to FM rather than the tactic/players. If you give a player the IF role, then he will always be far more likely to cut inside than go wide - it's up to the rest of your roles/duties to proved an outlet for that other than a square pass to a Full Back. If you have a right-footed player on the left flank, you would be asking him to cross with his weaker foot which won;t help your attacks much, therefore the intelligent player would tend to favour his stronger foot (right) and cut inside to use it. Using the Messi example, you have set a role that instructs him to come inside, so, in order to manipulate his behaviour you have to go into his PIs, or Player Traits would be better - train him to run with ball down the left, add PI to do the same (not even sure it's possible with an IF) and these might help. But, with Messi, why would you want him to do that anyway? Surely he is far more effective with the ball at his feet and running at defenders driving into the box. You have said that you want these 'elite' players to do their own thing and not be constricted by extra instructions but then complain about it when they do - I don't know the history of the development that well but I would imagine this is exactly why we were given the option to train/untrain Traits and individually select player instructions. BTW, I don't think calling Ousmanne Dembele a monkey is a good idea either. So that's my 'zero pennies' worth offered - up to you what you do with it.
  9. A hotel lobby, Wednesday 7 July, 2039, present days When Penny Stiles arrived in the hotel lobby, she saw Max, her analyst, waiting for her. «Hey minimax! - Hey old hag!» he shot back. - «Jon isn’t there yet? - Nope. Shouldn’t be long though …» As he said the last word, they heard the elevator bell. Both turned their head. The elevator doors opened and Jon emerged from the car. - «There you are you tardy!» said Penny. - «Here I am you limping harpy! Still grumpy as usual I see!» She offered him a smile in response. - «The damn edge was so high that I had to sit on it just to be able to enter the bath!» Max looked at her, dumfounded. - «Your bath’s edge is that high? - There was no rail to hold on to…» Both Jon and Max knew Penny very well and could easily imagine her, swearing in the bathroom… Jon Stead met Penny Stiles for the first time almost fifteen years ago. She’s just been given the reign of Aston Villa and he had gotten an interview to become her Assistant Manager. If the first thing he noticed was the crutch, because it was unmistakable of course, the second thing was her eyes; they relayed determination, and ambition. The process took over one hour but in less than fifteen minutes, he was under her spell. Five days later, he signed his contract and since then, he blessed himself for accepting the call from the first woman manager in the Premiere League. When she left for the National team, she convinced him to stay at Villa but also to be her Assistant Manager with the Three Lions. For Max Gunn though, it was a different story. He ignored her initial phone call for a job interview fourteen years ago; he was an analyst with Swansea at the time. He wouldn’t do the same mistake twice when she called again three years after. Villa was solidly entrenched in third place on the table at that time, and she would get her place in the Champions League. In the Europa League, she was in the Semi-Finals and, for what he saw, he thought she would reach the Final, and get her win; Villa was on fire since January already. She effectively did got it, and with style too; a soul crushing 6-0 win against poor Wolfsburg. When she left Villa, she asked him to follow her, on FA payroll, fulltime with the Three Lions. The trio started to walk toward the exit and they could see a minibus with the Arsenal logo waiting for them, with a tall man in his thirties right in front of it. Once they exited the hotel, the man came to them at a brisk pace and with a wide smile. «Hi! I’m Eric and I am from the team’s hospitality crew». Penny extended her hand forward to shake the man’s. Jon and Max followed. - «Thanks Eric. I’m Penny, here are Jon and Max. - I hope all the accommodations are to your liking». Penny decided to put her personal pride away. - «Everything is perfect. Shall we go?» The man waved the trio toward the vehicle. As they hit the road, Penny got her tablet out and started to sift through some pages of text. Jon and Max stayed silent. They knew that she liked to re-read what she considers to be main topics of future discussion. Both men had talked at length during the flight from New York to London. Max had gotten a hold on every single reports, about all the players in the main squad and, with Jon, they went through them while trying to make them fit, or not, with what they knew. Penny, who was dead tired, simply withdrew from the talks by unfolding her sleeping seat; first class flights have privileges. As the trio were getting out of the airplane, Max gave the excerpt of the different conclusions Jon and he had come to. At least, they knew four players very well. Domingo Ruiz, the goalkeeper, was bought by Penny seven years ago; he was among the top ten goalkeepers in the world. Diego Pearce and Leon Smith were both former Villa Academy players she integrated to the main squad rapidly. Finally, there was Reuben Edge, a solid central defender they learned to know and like with the Three Lions. They all thought, Penny first and foremost, that to have four players who had played for more than three or four years each for her in a club, would give leverage to her reputation. The fourth was a bonus; he knew her in a setting that was very different, where expectations are almost unbearable in England, whoever you might be. She wouldn’t be able to use Reuben and Leon right at start though; they both got a respite after the World Cup. As for Domingo, the man would be playing the World Cup final in three days…
  10. Another treble won in Armenia and also takes us over the 1000 points in total.
  11. Ohhh the irony lol...you sound a bit like a British politician. If only they had an editor! Toi be honest though, whenever I've run a LLaMa save the foreign players weren't really on my radar at all anyway, so Brexite had minimal effect. Just how low a LLM are you that Brexit and foreign player rules affect you so badly?
  12. I played Susaeta as a RWB before shifting him on in the 2nd season for 10M. He was ok there but he was getting old and in the way of younger guys development
  13. Probably our worst month in charge as we lose to Melbourne Victory and drop points to Perth Glory as well. In fairness the Perth game was very much affected by us having 7 players out playing in internationals. We were asked if we wanted to move the games, which we did, but they seem to have place them during other international games, which is very nice of them to do so. In the league we are still clear of both Melbourne clubs by 6 points.
  14. Yeah, but I have no doubt you'll do fine. Me too!
  15. Can you confirm which of the 2 graphics cards on your machine is set as default for the game?
  16. @Stuniverse The Vinicius Junior move probably won't go down as my smartest move ever but, after the summer we still have above 50 mil in the bank and another season in the Champions League to boost us financially.
  17. Three great signings there, @JaytheGreat. 105 million on one player. Finances must be very healthy. Good luck 🍀
  18. It hasn't been updated to 19.3 so you'd want to use the original database if you want to use it.
  19. First time I've ever been offered a job interview in this save.Loros de la Universidad de Colima actually sacked their manager for finishing second in the Premier Division Serie A Group II,not sure I'd touch that job even if I weren't staying at one club.
  20. Well we suffered our first regular season defeat since I joined the club this month, we were quite unlucky, but hey it was going to happen eventually. We did make up for it by winning the remainder of the games in the month. We are top of the league by 6 points from Melbourne Victory.
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  22. SEP Puebla - Premier Division Serie B - End of Season - 2028/29 Season Review Transfers - Released No actual transfers this season as no one was interested in my players.Six players were released as those six tried to get their way which was never happening and now those six are retired from football as no one wanted them. Schedule 1 - Schedule 2 Competitions Premier Division Serie B - 5th Place What an excellent first season at this level!We were only expected to attempt to avoid relegation but we did so quite easily.We should be a more consistent side as I will be able to add the new youngsters to the first team next season instead of relying on a few players to bail us out. Players,Stats and Awards Overall Best XI Stats - Awards - Best XI The Team Erik González Rafael Rosas Jorge Alberto Amador Osvaldo Mejía Manager's Thoughts What an excellent first season in the fourth tier as we finished the season in fifth,we far exceeded the board's expectations of attempt to avoid relegation so I am very pleased with how things went.Rosas and González were the major reasons we survived this season but with players moving up to the first team from the youth team next season,we should be more consistent as they are a step up on the some of the current players who were playing the majority of this season.After having a look at the future team,we will be much stronger in defence but we are still lacking in centre midfield and on the right wing,if we can get a couple of decent players for these positions then I think we can push for promotion in a couple of seasons. On the finances and facility side of things,nothing will be going on at the moment and probably won't happen till we are in at least the Promotion League (2nd tier).We currently have £29k so it isn't great but hopefully we can get at least another £10k from the upcoming sponsorship deal as that should help us for next season.My aim for next season is to be more consistent as that should give us a stronger showing. Season League Position Cup Continental TF YF JC YR Avg.Att 2027/28 Third Division 1st/1st N/A N/A B.Average Poor Minimal Basic 407 2028/29 P.D Serie B 5th N/A N/A B.Average Poor Minimal Basic 344
  23. @CARRERA, that thread looks familiar. I'm sure I've read it before but probably a long time ago. I need to get some sleep but will check it out tomorrow. Thanks
  24. It's the end of the summer transfer window again and here's the recap. 1st signing Fabio Silva 22 Striker from FCP - 32 mil 4.9 mil/per year It was Xadas last year, now it's SIlva this year. We stole him right from under the nose of most of the big time European teams. A great all around striker who can get better. Great physicals, combined with good mental stats, and 17 dribbling, 1st touch, and technique. 15 finishing, and 14 passing. Silva is an insane player and I've already started working on a 2 striker formation to fit him and Bengtssen on the field at the same time. 2nd signing Kristoffer Ajer 26 from Arsenal - 14 mil 4.88 mil/per year The ultimate Swiss (Danish) army knife, he can fill in as a Ball Playing CB, Ball WInning DM, and as a Box to Box CM. He fits amazingly into the important defensive positions I run, and he turned down deals from Atletico Mardrid and Man Utd to play here at Derby. The former starting CB at Arsenal he was transfer listed but it's hard to see why. He is not the fastest by any means, he makes up for it with his strength and technical abilities. 15s in Marking, Passing, Heading, combined with 14 or above stats in First Touch, Tackling, Vision, Balance, Strength, Positioning, and Jumping Reach. An all around solid player who provides great depth for the team. 3rd signing Vinicius Junior 23 AML from Real Madrid - 105 mil 7.54 mil/per year FINALLY, I've been trying to get VInicius to Derby for about 3 seasons now. Are there better players I've could have spent the money on, probably but screw it I wanted him. He's got really good pace combined with very dribbling and flair. Since he didn't get a lot of game time at Real Madrid he hasn't developed into to top player he can be, but I know I he will fit right in with our attack. He still has time to develop and he will get the game time he needs here. The fact that I can pull him from Madrid to begin with is a major coup in my mind, and means we aren't to far off from where I want to be.
  25. Apart from our exit from the FFA Cup at the hand of Sydney FC, we have been very good in our first month of the season as we strung together three wins from three games, to start with a perfect record. Very nice to take apart WSW after they knocked us out of the post season last year. The league table after the first month has us top.
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