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  2. Hi, would you find someone here to make a few faces in the CUT OUT style?
  3. Board expectations seem way too aggressive this year. I'm 6 years in to a Trapani save, got them promoted to Serie A and spent a couple years struggling climbing to mid table. Finally was able to barely squeak into 4th placed and qualified for Champions League for first time, I'm way ahead of the club vision timing. What does the board expect for next season, that I win Serie A REQUIRED, reach Champions League Quarter Final REQUIRED no negotiation...wow. Even the pre-season media only think we're like 6th best in league. Never mind despite reaching that level of success they still rate my performance as B- it must be impossible to get an A. Previous game versions I would be Untouchable and long may I last.
  4. I'm having a similar problem. For 2 seasons in a row all my youth candidates were not signed onto the U18 team and my U18 manager couldn't even field a team the season after despite I've delegated all u18 signings to the head of youth development.
  5. Seems to be a lot of headers from close range going over the bar
  6. True, with the Saturday/Sunday it is impossible to get even a close to reality version,
  7. one on ones are properly broken.... Im bored of broken MEs, I know its never going to be perfect but almost every one on one created is missed. 1 on 1 ccc missed, 85, 78, 72, 69, 60, 46,13 mins, 7 in one match! Burnley v Liverpool.pkm 4 one on ones ccc missed in one match Sheff Utd v Norwich.pkm Missed one on ones, 10,21,57,68 Arsenal v Liverpool.pkm Missed one on ones, 12,56 Liverpool v Bournemouth.pkm
  8. oooooo a change of club. This could be very interesting. Good luck
  9. Thank you, @SRL88. One competitive game so far. One penalty shoot-out defeat.
  10. yeah, the files are different, you'll have to extract the new dds files from 20. and edit those.
  11. Looking really good in the league
  12. I don't know if this was advertised as a new feature, but if you want to see this info you can just create your own view like this. The "penalties saved ratio" is wrong though and has been reported but not fixed.
  13. Can I be incredibly anal? In the West Midlands Regional League Division 2, Ludlow Town should actually be Ludlow, and the stadium is called Ludlow Football Stadium. The colour blue should be red instead. I know it's at the bottom of your priorities, but if you could make the change, I'd be really grateful!
  14. Pretty solid month. Fingers crossed you keep things up
  15. Amaizing and detailed work! I am really surprised by your attention to detail and thoroughness. If you apply this working method to create lower leagues it would be really fantastic. I imagine lower divisions with their own rules included, such as field size, division cups, real referee databases ... I think I'm dreaming hahaha! Here you have a follower! Cheers!
  16. So with our reserve, second string, back up squad picking up a squeeky bum victory at home to a high flying Premier league team, I am slightly more optimistic about what our regular first team can do against the team who were odds on to finish with us there or there about's in the relegation places. Plus, as they rejected my job application I want to smash them in no uncertain terms. I don't get the answer I am looking for after 3 minutes when they deliver a free kick from the left of our box, it comes in an pinballs around before being swept into our net as we failed to clear. Slightly disconcerting is the fact this is the 1st time we have been behind all season, I'm not sure how we are going to respond. It takes 9 minutes after they scored for us to put some quality into the box and Masuku to get between their two centre backs and head us level. A further 3 minutes and we take the lead, a deep free kick finds Derby Duri unmarked at the back post, he heads back across goal and a tangle of defender and keeper sees it over the line, it must have been on target initially as it is given as our goal not an own goal. On 33 minutes we out muscle their right winger (Dodo!) and break quickly down the left to put a ball into the box, Master Matore makes it 2 in 2 games with a crisp 1st time finish, we have come from 1 down to lead 1-3. The reason I love 2 goal cushions is WE KEEP LETTING IN STUPID GOALS! Our lead is cut in half within 5 minutes, it's the simple long ball forward from the back, between our centre back and right back, the striker runs onto it and it's in the net.... I had hoped that when we stopped conceding these kind of goals towards the back end of last season they would be gone for good. But no, I am happyish to go in at half time ahead rather than trailing but I will repeat again, 1 goal is never a comfortable lead for me. On 52 minutes we have a corner, it comes short and I have no idea why my centre back is out there looking to cross, he must have felt my angry gaze fall on him because he pulls it down and delivers it on the ground outside the box to Duri. He takes a look at the Hwange defence rushing out to him and slips a straight ball past them to Masusunye his central midfield partner. Cool as you like he turns and squeezes the ball in at the near post from a very difficult angle. Two goal cushion restored! 2-4 Ten minutes later and I have made yet another "sod it just put him anywhere!" substitution with Nigel Chirinda my right midfielder dead on his feet, the only viable replacement is Kasinauyo an attacking right midfielder whose only saving grace is he can play on the right and is fit. I push him up to his preferred inside forward role on the right and hope for the best. His 1st touch is a swinging ball from the right to the feet of Masuku in the box, he takes a touch and slots home 2-5! That would seem to be that, until the 92nd minute when a Hwange throw in from the left finds Dodo on the left corner of our box, he heads it down for Pride Sithole who shots 1st time and curls it into the bottom corner, I am sure you imagine the kind of name I might have called him in the heat of the moment! However a 3-5 away win is fantastic, we continue to conquer the impossible and hold a position at the opposite end of the table to where all the experts expected us to be. I am beginning to wonder if we are boycotting away games as a tactic to restrict opponents gate revenue?
  17. Hi all, I’m pleased to announce that Football Manager 2020 Touch for Switch will be launching on Tuesday 10th December. Thank you for all your patience. We’re really excited to release the game to you, and look forward to hearing your feedback. Cheers, Alistair
  18. I already upload it on tactics from around the world thread.
  19. Silver, Altitude and Nacional Potosi The Liga de Futbol Profesional Boliviano (Bolivia's top league) is the least reputable amongst South America's top-flights. Languishing in fifteenth place in the reputation standings, three places lower than the second least-reputable premier division (Venezuela), it's fair to say that there is much work to do for the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF). At international level the country does have a title to its name: the 1963 Copa America; a tournament it hosted. They had to wait over thirty years to reach another Copa America final, however, doing so in 1997 where they lost to Brazil (again as hosts). The country has qualified for three World Cups (1930, 1950, 1994), but has missed out on the last six tournaments. No Bolivian club side has managed to add international prestige to the country's footballing history books. The domestic league has traditionally been dominated by Bolivar and their La Paz rivals, The Strongest. Clubs from Santa Cruz and Cochabamba have also chipped in with domestic titles, but only once has the Bolivian Championship been won by a team from the country's old colonial stronghold, Potosi. That came in the 2007 edition when Real Potosi emerged victorious in the opening stage championship. Potosi was a very important city during the colonial period. Much of the silver that enriched the Spanish empire was mined from the bowels of the earth around the city. If you read the famous history book The Open Veins of Latin America, you will find descriptions of Potosi as a city "paved with silver". It is also one of the highest cities in the world, sitting at 15,827 ft above sea level. This makes it a difficult place to play football for the unacclimatised. Nacional Potosi is one of the oldest clubs in all of Bolivia. Founded in 1942, it has primarily played in the country's second tier. It has never won the Bolivian Championship, unlike its city rival Real Potosi. As a club situated in such an historic city in a country that is waiting to be sparked into life, I have chosen Nacional Potosi to begin my Football Manager 2020 career. Instead of silver, I want the club to unearth talented young Bolivian football players, and to live up to its altitude by scaling the heights of Bolivian and South American football. Some Preliminaries: Above is what I have to work with and towards at the beginning of my tenure. Let's hope we have a season "worth a Potosi!"
  20. Dan will release his file when he’s ready to release it, I’ve been helping him the last few weeks and even I haven’t seen his file! There’s still a fair bit of work to do, I’ve got Level 9 enabled on my own file and I’m nowhere near the level of detail I want to get to if I was going to release it!
  21. I really cant get my players to score one on ones, perhaps its my tactics I dunno. I've waited ages for the through balls to be fixed, now im seeing through balls and strikers cant finish them. Frustrating! Here are some more PKMs Missed one on ones, 10,21,57,68 Arsenal v Liverpool.pkm Missed one on ones, 12,56 Liverpool v Bournemouth.pkm
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