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  2. Do you have custom graphic packs in? If so, try disabling them prior to launch then relaunching the game.
  3. I really hope they don't do that, I can't see myself playing with fake names, logos, kits and such. I would pay more for a fully licenced version and I mean fully licenced, not just a few or half.
  4. hi, I have a problem since the last patch - the game does not want to start - all the time it comes only to this image and nothing goes on (only spinning wheel) I have already tried reinstalling the graphics card drivers (Nvidia) and delete the folders (Caches and Preferences) - but it did not help ,,,
  5. Wird behoben. Es ist also kein Screen mehr nötig.
  6. 1 more question @Seb Wassell, (sorry for being a pain), but what significance, (if any), does a club's professional status have on Youth Intakes? (or is it all covered by club reputation)?
  7. I had the same and uploaded a Pkm but didn’t get a response
  8. @TJMounty @wardog @Sincs0913 @JackyGee do any of you have a save just before you complete the deal to sign the player? We are aware of a similar example raised by someone else however, the more examples the better.
  9. This is a known issue that is being reviewed. If you do have any saves just before this issue generates though it would be appreciated if you could upload it to the cloud. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the brilliant responses @Seb Wassell Can you just clarify exactly what part of this is a bug please? I'm happy to report any bugs, but not sure exactly what to report here.
  11. Hi @Tiergarten, do you happen to have a save just before the player approaches you?
  12. Hi, could you provide a save game that displays this issue please. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Hi @daniel132026, could you provide us with a save just before you complete the signing of the player? Who are you managing and which player was it?
  14. Exactly. The first option there should be Pepe. This is still a ball that is played diagonal across the field, just shorter distance. ME is heavily leaning on these diagonal balls, at a cost of missing obvious short through balls into the space in front of the forwards.
  15. Thanks for this and the examples - they seem to just be naming whatever squad they like at the moment and ignore the foreign player rule in this competition. It's repeating for me too on my save. It's under review.
  16. Juan Mata since he has moved to Man Utd. He was destroying me. The most overrated player in FM history, those attributes are nowhere near realistic. And I think it was CM 03/04 where Dortmund was just insanely hard oponent for me with Rosicky and Jan Koller.
  17. Just to update this, I'm still having this issue on 20.1.
  18. Hi @Rednitro There's an issue we're aware of where setting a player's position training using Right Click option doesn't cause it to be set correctly, is it possible this is what you're experiencing?
  19. Hey mate, can you upload this database again? I wanna play this fm series again with some wales club
  20. I have only noticed it in the inbox.
  21. How I'm supposed to know how many fouls a player committed? Since the last patch THIS number is gone and nowhere to be found!
  22. Can someone please tell me who nation#1 are I just want to appease the board for one season haha
  23. Wie bereits im "englischen" Bereich schon geschrieben, ist das Update 20.1.0 der helle Wahnsinn! Die ME sieht bereits jetzt schon besser aus, als der finale FM19! Was mich bisher noch stört ( @KUBI bitte leite das auch weiter): - Es gibt in wirklich jedem Spiel mindestens einen Elfmeter (spiele aktuell in DK) - trotz der Anweisungen weniger eng zu decken und auf den Füßen zu bleiben. - Die Torhüter sind zu schwach geworden. Zwar fallen nicht mehr so viele "einfache" Tore aus der Distanz, aber viele Schüsse innerhalb des Strafraums wirken haltbar. Klar, jeder Keeper kassiert mal einen haltbaren Gegentreffer, aber hier ist mir bisher die Anzahl zu hoch. Mein Gefühl sagt mir, dass die Moral/das Selbstbewusstsein des Keepers eine zu große Rolle zu spielen scheint: Kassiert man ein frühes Tor, greift der Keeper oft auch in den folgenden Szenen daneben (auf die Weise 2:9 gg Utrecht verloren...). - in früheren FM konnte ich in der Reserve und der Jugend die Aufstellung machen und dies wurde auch vom jeweiligen Trainer berücksichtigt. Besonders praktisch war das, wenn es darum ging, Spieler auf andere Positionen umzuschulen. Leider geht das im FM20 nicht - obwohl ich meine, dass dies als Feature angekündigt wurde.
  24. Very nice goal. But the question is, have you seen similar situations where Ozil instead passed it back to Pepe, like a one-two? That would be more of a through ball that FM19 lacked and I expected to see in FM20.
  25. Can you provide a save just before you complete the squad registration please @Marckyte?
  26. Nov 2026. First Division Elite/First Division Playoffs. I've got to admit, I thought we were playing the team that finished 2nd in the First Division North. Interestingly, while we beat Norrby IF who finished 14th, BKV Norrtälje, (who finished 2nd in First Division North), beat IF Sylvia who finished 13th. Relegated from First Division Elite. IF Sylvia, Norrby IF and IFK Malmö FK are all Semi-Pro clubs, but Trelleborgs FF are a fully Professional outfit, (although I'm not sure how long that will remain the case in the league below). Tvååkers IF (3rd season at this level after being promoted) and Sollentuna FF, (5th season at this level after being promoted) are the 2 Semi-Pro clubs who remain in the league. The Pro clubs at this level have all played at this level or higher for a period of at least 5 years, and I don't plan on waiting 5+ years to turn Pro. The board have provided a new 5 year vision, (after promotion), and the wording is new to FM20. The target for next season is to "Finish in the Swedish First Division Elite". That suggests to me that they are happy to keep me on no matter where we finish.
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