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  2. https://theresonlyoneball.com/2018/11/04/fm19-how-to-play-without-attributes/ Not sure if this works for FM 20
  3. I've noticed that not just indirect free kicks (see my thread for PKMs) are the only issue, but set pieces overall. I barely concede a goal from open play that HASN'T come from a corner, throw in or free kick. I'll attach more and more PKMs but I can't be the only one who only concedes from set pieces. The same goals for me scoring set pieces as well, I score a lot of corners at the near post. That aside, you'd think set pieces would be fixed after the throw in debacle of FM19
  4. I want to be able to use the database (and only the database) of the FM20 in FM17, FM18 or FM19 (depending on which version the players prefer) -> nothing more. So none of the new mechanics, roles or features -> just the data, and the current year. It can't be that difficult to realize. And if somebody really thinks it can't be done for free, then they should offer the database for the old parts as DLC. I'd rather pay for it than being annoyed for months with a ME that I don't like. @wkdsoul
  5. i'm confused too. So do you want the players/clubs to be available on the current ME? or older MEs available with current data?
  6. I wouldn't holiday during transfer windows, you can still reject offers even if the chairman accepts it I think, just make sure you don't holiday for long periods of time.
  7. I have gone back to FM17 today as I have seen a few people mention in this thread how superior the match engine is to FM20 and wanted to see for myself. It is actually crazy how much better FM17 is, there is so much more variety in goals scored as well as central play. It is actually fun to watch!
  8. Ligue 1: Bouake FC 0-2 ASEC Mimosas Having made light work of Wallidan in their Champions League Preliminary Round tie, ASEC Mimosas began the Ivorian Ligue 1 season with a win against Bouake FC. The game saw manager Kolo Toure ring the changes, with Yves Ablakor, Richmond Opoku, Pokou N'Guessan, Salifou Diarrassouba and Konan N'Dri coming into the team, with all having been rested midweek. Bouake set-up with a very narrow 4-3-1-2 formation in an attempt to stop the likes of Gramboute and Diarrassouba getting time and space to create opportunities. But it was the latter who managed to play the defence splitting pass that allowed N'Dri to score his first league goal for the club, and his second goal in as many games. The winger angled his run in behind the opposing full back and finished tidily into the far corner, leaving Guy Ogre in the Bouake goal helpless. With very little of the ball, Bouake were unable to threaten much themselves and they spent most of the game trying to keep the scoreline respectable. Their resistance finally gave way on 67 minutes, however, when a floated corner kick from Samake found winger N'Guessan running in to meet it with his head, guiding the ball in off the bar and giving ASEC breathing space. There were some good chances near the end for a third goal, with N'Dri in particular unlucky not to add to his tally. But the two goals was more than enough for Mimosas, and they will now turn their attention to Saturday's match against USC Bassam in their first home league game of the season. Toure's post-match comments: "We controlled the game from the start and made Bouake work just to stay in it. We analysed their system and learned that they would set up very conservatively, happy to sit in and frustrate us. That's why it's important to get the first goal in these games, because it forces the opposition to have a rethink. Once we got ahead, we could afford not to rush things, knowing that sooner of later Bouake would have to open up and leave more space. In the end, they opted to settle for a narrow loss and we weren't able to add the goals that our play deserved, but 2-0 is a result we'd have been happy with before the game, so we can go away from today content with how things have panned out." This is how things stand after the first round of fixtures in Ligue 1:
  9. If you need that to choose the training them I suggest using "Training Style - Balanced" I'd say team talks is a very simple thing, you just need to find such options that give the most positive ( green ) reactions indifferent situations and it isn't hard to find them, also, if you don't want to bother with it then you can delegate them to your assistant manager and any assistant manager with good "Motivation" skill will do great when it comes to team talk. "Shouts" is a different story… the way it works is still a mystery for me so I can suggest something like that: - Use encourage right after conceding. Never use it when even or ahead. - Use praise right after scoring. - Use demand more whenever unless late in the game and you have a massive lead. - Use no pressure only if your pre match or half time talks were no pressure. - Push forward when you change your tactic to make them more attacking in any way. - Basically the shouts asking them to be more attacking shouldn’t be overused when already winning by a lot. - Be creative is a good one when you have a lead. - Praising works after a good period (not necessarily scoring a goal) - If a player is disinterested, telling him to show some pasion works.
  10. Have downloaded it several times, but I don't think I have winrar on my computer, so that might be it. Will check later, but no big issue at the moment.
  11. Unless your chairman accepts an offer for Mbappe lol. This is Arsenal you know
  12. I don't understand the question. No new attributes have been added since FM17, right? That means the old ME worked with exactly the same data as the newer ones. Just because the attribute values are updated, which year is current according to the database and what the fixture list or the participants of the respective leagues look like, doesn't mean that old FM parts should contain new roles or vice versa -> it's just a matter of having the current data for the old FM parts ;-) Hope I could express myself a bit clearer or you have to explain what you mean in more in detail :-P @wkdsoul
  13. Official takers were all on and all on the correct side. Shouldn't be happening...
  14. I guess, because I am now the underdog every week, it would explain why all of a sudden we are scoring.. however we continue to concede bucket loads. We cannot defend corners, there is always someone unmarked. We also concede loads from crosses still, back post players unmarked is really bugging me now. I have made a similar tactic but try to be more defensive when playing top 6. We were 3-1 up against Chelsea, it seemed to be working perfectly (but as per concede from a corner), but we just buckle. They have better individuals, so it is no surprise, but we keep drawing from winning positions. See below said tactic...
  15. Maybe you know a fix but every time I load FM steam verifies installation and then my account, if I'm offline it tells me I need to go online and the game doesn't load, steam is set to load on startup too but never does. I couldn't play this morning because of this.
  16. Its really impossible to understand how after so many years of the game we still have so many stupid issues on ME 1.number of yellow and red cards completely stupid and unbalance punishing always more human players 2. games of completely domination and losing 1:0 only happens to human players 3. Too many chances created vs scoring 4. possession seems many times unrealistic due to all other stats 5. too many disallowed goals and vast majority to human players 6. mentality changes seems to have in the majority cases the opposite effect
  17. Hi ! How can you fix this problem, because i have a same issue ?
  18. Thanks mate, you're a hero. I'll give it a try later and crossing my fingers.....
  19. Wow. A fantastic insight mate. Thank you for everything in this thread. I hope I can come to you for more advice. I'll try some new things out tonight. If I get sack, I'll holiday until I get another club. I will then assess the squad and take on board your advice. Thanks again mate
  20. Team instructions affect all players, albeit not always to the same degree. Otherwise, they would not be called "team instructions". How do you mean you "cannot leave the risk option unticked" ??? From my experience, I can only assume their movement will improve once you create a more balanced and sensible tactic as a whole (rather than focusing on tactical elements in isolation). That's how I approach the tactics, and I never have such type of problems. Try to think about FM tactics from the perspective of real-life football. I will be glad to help, but you first need to start a separate thread. Because this one is exclusively for quick-fire questions (not detailed tactical analysis)
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