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  2. Nevermind, I've grabbed it from another thread. We're looking into this now.
  3. So. To add to this. I'm feeling a bug. I reloaded my backup save that's at the start of the season, created the tactic, and it wasn't there(Verbatim). Then added another tactic in another slot and it appeared in the centre back roles for that one.
  4. The reason why on Defensive mentality he gets a message of minor issue between CDs and fullbacks but not on higher mentalities or why he's not getting many chances? If the former, no idea as I never pay any attention to those messages at all as for me they are meaningless as they lack context. However it seems odd he gets the message only on Defensive mentality so possibly some sort of UI glitch. If the latter then no idea without seeing the complete tactical system, but possibly related to a lack of penetration when using the Defensive mentality.
  5. Apologies if I sounded like I was making assumptions, it just felt like certain things were happening unreasonably often. I know it's a complex simulation and the options that we have I wouldn't have even imagined would be possible back in the CM days. Didn't mean to come off rude but definitely frustrated and expressed it a bit. Really glad to hear you guys have looked, thank you for the response. I'm traveling a bit so the pkm analysis updates in this thread will have to go on pause for a few. But let me know if I can provide any more information from this save or anything else that can help -- it's kind of an experimental save, I often make one early in a season just to try things out and learn the match engine and new features.
  6. Game date: 31 July 2019 FALKIRK - AUGUST FIXTURES BairnsNews: After Falkirk's success in topping the Betfred Cup Group E in July, August sees the start of the Ladbrokes League 1 campaign with The Bairns kicking-off at home to Dumbarton.
  7. Crap I uploaded the wrong screenshot.......however all of them are either Sammarinese or Sammariniese/Italian dual nationals!
  8. Odd, I just tried to and works for me, copying some player data to a different player Any specific part of the editor where it doesn't work?
  9. So....I altered Spezia in an effort to give them Sammarinese regens and look at my first intake! I think this is a success! For reference the second screeenshot is the club details after I edited them. I also changed the ground to the San Marino Stadium.
  10. Yeah I have a 1060ti card with an AMD 8350 eight core processor and I'm getting under 60fps using the 3d engine (generally between 50-60 and sometimes drops below or the game freezes a bit).
  11. @bluestillidie00 Oke nice. Can you let me know?
  12. Is there a reason to why the Red square is to the left of maguire and right to tuanzebe? Direct from me: RW is red too near the far corner?
  13. Yes.. I'm sure I change it under personal instruction (didn't change the default option for the tactics), but when I come back to check, it's changed the "default instructions" too. I saw this more than one time, so I put attention to it. I add a screenshot too for be more clear. Thanks
  14. not sure if this helps but I’m currently managing hougang Utd. Took over mid season had and 3 foreign players but at the start of the next season I had to remove one.
  15. Thanks for your feedback! These threads should be only AI and tactics, but not to worry. With issues like this, you would need to upload a file of your saved game, which we then can inspect internally. We really can not do anything with just words. Thanks Jemal
  16. Whenever I try to play a game it doesn’t work. I can hear the fans cheering, but I can’t see anything. Please help
  17. I like fantasy leagues. Like, making fictional teams for the USA Pro/Rel type system. Like playing a World Champions League, much like Dallan's or making a yearly World Cup, instead of 4 years straight. But can't do that on FMT, because it is not part of SI plans.
  18. Same problem with iPad2. I think the problem is the iOS9.3.5.
  19. You are right, this is not working as intended and is a bug. Thanks for raising this, I've now logged it internally.
  20. Im playing as Queens university in the league below Larne. I just saw how much Larne was getting in sponsorship, I immediately thought that it must of been a bug. Its more than all 3 leagues combined
  21. Is there no option to change the data base size on FM Touch on iPad?
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