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  2. Can you please try to pass that date with the custom graphics uninstalled
  3. Not gonna lie, I was enjoying the amount of goals that Farouk and AAO were scoring, that was keeping me going.
  4. Hey guys. I am also torn b/w the following: Atalanta......the little Ajax of Italy with an amazing attacking football style. Ajax....a great philosophy at the club...never stops being just amazing.....with a great name....since i am Greek Sporting CP.....also a club with a fantastic youth academy.....long time to win the title and make a difference in Europe. Lastly, Torino......great history......el sistema tactic......a very good youth academy. Any suggestions guys, would be really appreciated....so as to start a new save!!!!!
  5. there's no guide because it's fairly easy if you know what you want. And I don't really know what you want
  6. The steps on the forums that should fix the issue didn't help either. Crash dump file: https://ufile.io/s6kmloso Save file: Parma.fm (81,132 KB), uploaded in SI Cloud Service The crash happened on the 12th of October 2019 in game No editors used or in use Custom files: Standard Facepack from FM18 Logopack TCS '19 v.1.0.1 skin
  7. bug: wrong schedule version: 19.3.5-1216823 uploaded save: three-match in a row - Cagliari -2.fm 8th season, schedule so far: 20/12/2025 - Serie A Empoli 26/12/2025 - Serie A Inter 27/12/2025 - Serie A Atalanta 31/12/2025 - Serie A Roma
  8. Does the game penalize changing team? Since I started playing in FM08 or there abouts) I've always played with a 1st team and a 2nd team if I am managing a big team with European football sprinkled in. Second team plays all domestic cups except maybe finals, league games before CL matches and league games before another tougher league game. Also if I am home against a team I am expected to win easily and the first team just played, I always use the second team. In the end it's something like 65-35, sometimes even 60-40 in percentages. I've often wondered if I'd do even better if I stuck to a tired first team much more often and kept a smaller squad. I just completed my third quadruple in three seasons with ManU. Average around 100 points in the league and CL won two out of three times (lost the final in my first season). Last season conceded 4 goals in CL in total, scored around 40.
  9. thank you for your reply. i wonder do ou know of a guide on here or anywhere i may find some info??all my searches have lead to a dead end.
  10. Round 4 - October 2018 Ukraine (Weiry) Lost 1-0 to Holland Loses Roman Zozulya to Holland Romania @Muttley84 and Serbia @Koetzer Draw 2-2 Romania’s Nicusor Bancu is swapped with Serbia’s Nemanja Matic USA @JaytheGreat Won 2-0 against South Korea Please choose ONE player to join USA Iceland @Garmt02 Lost 1-0 to Scotland Loses Vidar Orn Kjartansson to Scotland Mexico @ssestig Drew 0-0 with Iran Mexico’s Jonathan Dos Santos is swapped with Iran’s Mohammad Reza Akhbari This concludes Round 4 The following members have 24 hours to select a player JaytheGreat
  11. I'm currently playing at 1366x768 resolution on a laptop with interface scaling of 85%. Is it possible to scale more by changing some other parameters ? I know I can go lower, but the leap from 85% to 50% is too high, I need probably something near 75%. thanks.
  12. Today
  13. Braga might be an interesting save. They have some promising young players and you can always pick them up from other Portuguese clubs too. I reckon you could overhaul Sporting Lisbon soon enough.
  14. A little off topic but in a previous save I had a couple of ex United players as my coaches and they refused to follow me when I changed jobs and started to manage City. Their stated reasons were that they hated City.
  15. The netherlands and gibraltar are licensed and the game contains the federation logo. to have it updated you need to manually add the country flag in one of the graphics folders to overwrite the ingame federation logo with the country flag. I've done it before but I don't have the exact details since I'm on my work laptop right now, but if you've played around with graphic packs you'll probably know enough with this
  16. 低级别俱乐部估计是球员不全,所以没办法形成阵型报告和球员报告?
  17. Did you not raise this before and SI said that they were investigating?
  18. When USA League's activate, I can't choose the starting date. I already checked the files and its all right.
  19. I also like skins that keep things simple. Don't like skins that are too fancy and shouty.
  20. Jovetic for Romania. A bit curious Milenkovic did not play this game, I was pretty sure he will jump straight into the first 11.
  21. No matter what tactics I use, I always end up with this? What am I doing wrong?
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