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  2. This is still happening. I just won the treble (well, EL not CL, but still) in my first season at Milan, and am being courted by Man Utd. Using that as leverage, we've entered contract negotiations for a renewal, and they won't even give me $2,500,000! In fact, no matter what I try, I can only get them to go up about $25,000 from their initial offer. Crazy. I've uploaded "MILAN 2023-24 POSTSEASON II" for reference.
  3. European super Champions After a ten man draw against Bielsa's West Ham where I decided to boldly play a high press against them (I went for a low block the moment Jorginho earned himself a red card) I was very happy with the way we both attacked and defended but was a tad unhappy with not having a match to showcase how effective our tactics were being aside from friendlies. Until now. The European Supercup saw us fight Champions League winners Inter who played a 4231 with DMs, I decided to go for a low block and try to hit them on the counter but I was not expecting to dominate them the way we did: This here is a depiction of all the passes we intercepted from them and fro reading them we can see one thing clear, they were having trouble getting the ball into dangerous positions from deep. A second less obvious problem they had was the fact that they just couldn't give the ball with their intimidating partnership of James Rodriguez and Icardi. James had to drop deep to receive passes from the wings and Icardi only touched the ball 15 times 8 of them being headers. Even if this seems like a mess the message is clear, they were forced to rely on wingplay to attack where they had a natural advantage. This can be seen when we see they with the following revealing statistic, those nine shots they had? here is where they came from: When it came to our attack we were able to make a healthy 10 key passes, the one thing they have in common is directness other than that we were quite versatile whhen it came to our passes and the areas we received those passes in: I know it looks like a mess but it is rather easy to read, those yellow dots in surrounding the opposition area are the places where our players received a pass, if you are failing to create chances and can't see what is wrong just from looking at the game you should use this analysis tools to better understand what is going on. Just like Inter's diagram showed they relied heavily on the wings to create chances these two diagrams show an unpredictable pattern of attacks with our chances coming from deep, from the wings and from zone 14 in the way you would expect given how we played (a little less from zone 14 a little more from deep). One final thing: Despite playing a low block these where our average positions, you will notice that we tended to play higher up the pitch than them despite the low block this is because we played on an attacking mentality which meant that for us playing with a low block is roughly the equivalent of a standard D line and LOE for a balanced mentality (and our interceptions helped skew this diagram), this is an important thing to keep in mind when adjusting mentality and out of possession instructions. What in a balance mentality is the equivalent of "sit deep and tight" in an attacking mentality becomes "just be careful with leaving too much space for the strikers, don't go too high up the pitch".
  4. Because I still plays with the 19.1 database. Is it not working with the 19.3 database?
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  6. Job offer number 22. Mar 2041. Jobs offered. FC Metz while 10th in Ligue 2. Dec 2025. Dijon while 20th in Ligue 1. Dec 2025. Troyes while 17th in Ligue 1. Dec 2025. AJ Auxerre while 11th in Ligue 1. Nov 2026. Strasbourg while 20th in Ligue 1. Jan 2027. EA Guingamp were 14th in Ligue 1. Jun 2028. Stade Lavallois were 1st in Ligue 2. Jun 2028. Lille while 12th in Ligue 2. Oct 2028. FC Lorient while 6th in Ligue 2. May 2030. Nancy while 20th in League 1. Jun 2030. AC Ajaccio while 1st in League 2. Jun 2030. FC Lorient(2) were 17th in Ligue 2. Jun 2031. Stade Lavallois(2) while 17th in Ligue 2 in Aug 2031. Nancy(2) while 6th in Ligue 2 in Dec 2031. Italy National Team. Jul 2032. Lille while 2nd in Ligue 2. Feb 2033. Saint-Etienne finished 7th in Ligue 2. Jun 2033. Italy National Team(2). Jul 2034. RC Lens finished 15th in Ligue 1. Jun 2036 France National Team. Jul 2038. Bordeaux while 2nd in Ligue 1. Mar 2041. England National Team. Jul 2042.
  7. EURO Cup. Jul 2042. The Swedes dispatched Liechtenstein/Austrian giants FC Vaduz 2-1 in each leg to give them a 4-2 win on aggregate. While I'm here I might as well look at how they have done in European competition in recent seasons. They haven't qualified for Europe at all in the last few seasons and have only qualified for the Champions League once since the save started. They shouldn't cause us any problems.
  8. I don’t get as much time as I used to on FM these days as work 2 children to an ex and a new baby take up 99% of my time! And on fm19 I haven’t really gotten into a save and when I do get chance to play for an hour or so I just end up loading up a new game but have decided to start with Buxton in the Northern Premier League Premier division and want to build a 4-1-2-1-2 diamond tactic. off the top of my head the roles I have set are as follows GK-Def DL FB-Auto DC CBD DC CBD DR FB-Auto DM DMD/DLP D MC CM-s MC- MEZ-s AM- AM-s/SS-A ST TM-a ST- DLF-s I don’t have many TI’s shorter passing and GK set to roll it out being all I can remember at the min I am doing ok in friendlies and dominate shots having on average around 15-20 per game but only 2/3 goals max! We seem to play the ball about a lot in front of a packed defence can anyone help me as I would really like to make this save last me longer than a couple of days before loading a new save up
  9. What kind of budget did you get 2nd season with Leverkusen? I'm considering going either them or Leipzig
  10. Really enjoyable thread! Whatever direction you go in, very eager for more.
  11. Which team are you playing as? Because sometimes those things can't be upgraded because the team don't own them, like there's some teams who can't upgrade their training facilities because they borrow them off another team, and don't own their own.
  12. I think the most underated of managers and a guy whose ideas have shaped my understanding of football just as much as Cruyff and Michels is Valery Lobanovsky. He took both the individual and collective training sessions to new levels and his 442 was refined into a perfect machine of quick vertical passes, relentless pressing and varied defensive approaches the likes of which we have never seen again. Without him there would have been no Bielsa, no Sachi, no Simeone and no Klopp and the ways of training would be stuck 20 years in the past.
  13. Currently managing United in march of the 2nd season, Won FA Cup first season and backed it up with a community shield. I am currently on for a treble but binned off the League Cup both seasons. playin a 4123 based around control possession and some custom corners attacking and defending. My team and roles are as follows... SKS - De Gea, Romero WBS - Dalot, Lirola (12m) BPDD - De Ligt (30m), Lindelof CDD - Smalling, Jones WBS - Tierney (25m), Shaw DLPS - Rabiot (free), Fred CarrS - Dier (60m), Sandro Tonalli (12m) MezaA - Pogba, Barkley (12m) WingS - Lingard, Gnabry (12m) InsiS - Martial, Joao Felix (60m) CompA - Rashford, Lukaku cant get rid of Sanchez to save my life but gave Garner some games last season before loaning him out and now Laird, Chong and Gomes getting some minutes this season. Overall a really enjoyable save, Still wanna add Donnarumma, Upamecano, Chilwell, Rice, Neves, Bailey, Sancho and maybe even Chiesa and maybe another striker to it but these things take lots of time and money lol. Another reason why Lirola, Rabiot, Barkley and Gnabry come in just to make some cash and fill some gaps before more of the big targets arrive.
  14. Yeah but what is a young player, I mean my squad has plenty of youngsters that have come up through the academy in previous seasons, do they count? Is it only players I call up this season? Is there an age restriction on what the player classes as a younger player?
  15. Hi all. I've been looking to implement a gegenpress tactic on my first fm19 save. When setting the default tactic, it sets the pressing intensity to "extremely urgent" and yet my box to box midfielders and various others have their pressing intensity locked as "less urgent." Is this because these roles aren't consistent with extremely urgent pressing and thus that individual role's pressing is limited to "more urgent", and therefore the level of pressing will always be "less urgent" than the default tactical instruction for example? Apologies if this has been covered in another thread, I did try to search for a solution to the issue on these forums or whether it simply isn't an issue as such.
  16. Hey, i'm not sure if it's a bug or wether i'm missing something, so maybe some of you can help me out. For some reason I can't increase my Junior Coaching. It's been sitting on minimal since pretty much forever. I have enough money for it in the bank and the i have agreed and during all my playtime I also had the club philosophy of "develop players using clubs youth system" - yet despite all of that i could never ask the board to increase the junior coaching budget like I could in previous versions. I check generally every 3 months ingame. Is there something I'm missing?
  17. I won Serie A but the graphic / cutscene showing the scudetto presentation never appeared. I've uploaded a save from right before I won the league called "MILAN 2023-24 XII."
  18. This game, Football Manager 2019, has broken me. Has beaten me, kicked me while I was on the ground, and mocked me. Let me vent my frustration. I’ve been playing CM/FM for over the last 20 years. As it got more and more complex, I’ve been dedicating it more and more time. I never reload, I try to do a clean save. I don’t research for wonder kids or winning tactics. Over the past year, I’ve been watching Busthenet videos. Over the last 6/7 years, I’ve been reading guides on a semi-regular basis. But I get on the game, I don’t win trophies. I try to manage the team I support (Boavista FC), and every year, I can barely past the first season on multiple save attempts (usually sacked my jan/feb). So I got to decent saves on the past few years with Milan & Valencia (FM18 2 saves of 4 seasons), West Ham (FM17 6 seasons, finished 2nd on my last season), Everton (FM16). Not a single trophy. I thin my last trophy was the Ligue 1 with OL on FM14. As the get gets more complex, I’ve been struggling and struggling... This year, I started with Valencia. Created a manager without international caps (it kinda breaks my imersion to see nations caps and goals in my profile page). The results: 4th, 4th, 4th, 3rd (and CL semifinal), 5th. On that last season, the board wasn’t happy that I failed a CL spot. They gave me an ultimatum. 10 points in 5 games. Stupid me, didn’t bargained. Invested as I’ve never invested before on that pre-season. Start the season, 2 wins. Go to Athletic, and lose (they were the ones who finished 4th the previous seasons). So now, I need 4 points from 2 matches. Hosted Real Madrid. And so it goes. 1-0. 1-1. 1-2... 2-2 on the 89th minute. That was close... 5th game. Host Malaga. 31 shots (12 on target) by my team. 1 goal. 3 Malaga shots (1 on target). The result? You guessed it. 1-1. 8 points. I was sacked. Kept going with the save. By December that year, I was hired by Bayer Leverkusen. They were having a bad season (14th), and I raised the goal of mi table to upper mid-table. Finished 9th. I thought the board would want Europa League football next season, but no... they want a CL spot. So, the season starts. By around 1/4th of the season I’m going great. 1st place, good football, plenty of goals. But then... the goals stopped. And so we dropped. Was 9th by the winter break. But we got ourselves up after beating Bayern 4-1. Rose to 4th. Tight table. 2 match days to finish, were 1 point away from 3rd place. From 3rd to 9th, the difference is just 6 points. We go to Munich... and lost 3-1. And end the season with a home defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt. We finish... 9th place. 2 points shy of EL football. Board meeting. I don’t get the sack. Yet. But I have to get 12 points out of 5 games. No bargain allowed. The pre season? Awful transfer market, and I lost my top striker who had a release clause, and my main targets didn’t want to come, as I had no European football. So, I have to win 4/5 on the start of the season. So I go. WDWL. I’m out... Getting demotivated by now. But wait! I get to manage Brasil national team! And I start by beating Argentina easily. On the road to the WC, I lose just one game (at home to Argentina), draw a friendly with Spain, and win every other game. With a national team based on regens, and a 33 y/o Neymar. I got to the 1/4 finals beating Italy on the way. But then I face Germany... and lose 2-0. Sacked. Fair enough. Got hired by Atalanta, looking to get into Europa League. But by now, the game is full of regens and I hardly know the teams. I think I don’t have the will to carry on with this save. So yesterday, I decided I should start with my Boavista, again. Decent pre-season. Tried to create a defensive, counter-attack team. First official match, League Cup: 0-0 against Moreirense, lost on penalties. Start the season against FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon. Lost 4-0 and 3-1. Next, I host Vitoria Setúbal. Was playing nicely and creating chances. They go down to 10 men by the 60th minute. And I... can’t... score... 0-0. Stating to get on my nerves. Next match, away at Nacional. By the 17th minute I’m losing 2-0. By the 25th minute, my captain does a ugly tackle, is show the red card. Rage quit. I don’t know what to do... I enjoy playing this game so much, but it keeps giving me bad experiences this year. And I think, THINK that i know most of the tactical theory, but I can’t seem to understand how can I get so overrun on some games. I do change and tinker tactics a lot. Maybe that’s wrong? Maybe I should stick with a vision and “force” the players into it? I want a new save, but don’t really know what. Does having international caps on the manager experience easies the game? I’m thinking about managing Everton, West Ham or Newcastle. Or maybe role play that I’m a former star (like Figo or Robert Pires) and manage a team like Arsenal. Or should I go back and continue with my original save with Atalanta? Have you ever felt like this, broken by the game? Do you have a save suggestion for me? If you’ve read my rant so far, thank you. I just feel so overwhelmed that I need to vent it out.
  19. Hi Guys, I've tried to search for the answer, and not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I've finished the first season with Ajax with the new winter database, and have lost De Jong to Barca, but realised that Ajax don't actually receive any of the transfer fee, despite the game recognising the record fee etc. This kinda makes playing as Ajax a bit of a let down. Is it supposed to happen this way? Is the only way to get this cash with an in game editor?
  20. Sadly I think you're all right. I was hoping he'd be a solid backup for a few years but looks like I should move him on in the summer, just 6 months after signing. Too bad, too, because I already have pretty high turnover. It'll be interesting to see if I can make a profit off of him - his value has tripled since he went from Serie B to us, the Serie A champions, but in reality he would probably not fetch that high because other clubs would be aware of the injury situation.
  21. @Hootieleece thanks! I just kept wanting to start over on teams I'd already managed, but I've won the Champions League in every other save within the first two seasons and its kinda like "well, now what?". This Freiburg save is a case of me really building up a club into something special rather than just supercharging the already brilliant youth systems at Ajax or Lyon, so it feels like I have more to do. Well I hope not to disappoint on that front! Certainly if you like to see people making a lot of money wheeler-dealing in the transfer market this is the place for you, I imagine it'll take an entire day of FMing to get through July.
  22. yep, it's good as a general guide to get rid of the obvious outliers but i'll run anything 2 & 1/2 PA above through filters for determination/personalities etc i only really buy 16 or sometimes 17 year olds and i've found that just relying on the score would be a terrible idea. also I am always offloading players so my own player ratings fluctuate a lot i find that anything below 45-50 is usually worth stopping in the scout priorities though. i go through it every week to discard the rubbish and speed up my reports
  23. Please post a dxdiag report and we can have a look at your system. Instructions in the FAQ thread
  24. Glad to see you back! I'm working on a Dafuge/Youth Save with Stalybridge Celtic in my 3rd season of Relegation Survival...I need to be picked up reading about other people's success!
  25. Trapattoni, but also often taking some inspiration from Marcello Lippi and Fabio Capello. What I admire in Trapattoni is his ruthless defensive organization, I enjoy Lippi's chameleontic pragmatism and ability to strike a balance between attack and defence, and I am very much a Capello-like disciplinarian who tends to favor the 4-4-2 system. Among present day managers I find Gian Piero Gasperini at Atalanta very interesting. He has brought back old-fashioned man-marking, always adapting his formation to outnumber attackers, with a very dynamic offensive game. Atalanta is one of the few teams in Italy that regularly manages to beat Juventus.
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