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  2. A player getting the hump because you haven't signed anyone to keep them out the team seems pretty "broken" to me... I mean, I think before making promises I'm not sure I can keep, but instead of thinking like a manager "do I have the budget/reputation to achieve this?", I'm thinking like a gamer "are SI's parameters reasonable enough and code bug-free enough for me to be able to keep this?"
  3. This is, what, the fifth thread you've either made or derailed to make this point? Please change the record.
  4. The first month of the season could not have gone much better, with the overhaul in playing staff due to the wage cap problem, I was fearful that we drop down a performance level or two but if anything we arguably look better than ever before. We reached teh FFA Cup final and Champions League final and started the league season with two wins out of two. A manager can't really ask for much more than that. We top the table, the likely contenders have all had indifferent starts albeit Melbourne City played us so someone had to drop points. Wellington at the lofty heights of 8th after picking up a point from their first two games. Good going on the Kiwis!
  5. @Hugo Mendes Albino @Neil Brock Hi there, i had the same issues with the rest which i just updated my Macbook. Could you please fix this issue?
  6. Want to start potential bug topic in Leahue Specific sub forum but unable to select it from drop down menu? What is going on?
  7. Apparently, you can concentrate on 'Decisions', 'Anticipation', 'Vision' & 'Composure' in training yet you can't focus on 'Dibbling', 'Crossing' or 'Heading'... Yep. I'm stumped.
  8. He's my Assistant Manager at Norwich too! Just started a save as Craig Bellamy at Carrow Road! I doubt I can accomplish the same in 2 seasons as you did, I certainly don't hope so as I think I would lose my interest in the save as it doens't seem realistic to achieve such results so fast in my opinion!
  9. Hello! I want to make transfer rules where the teams only can sign players from their own nation; example - Swedish teams can only sign swedish players, regardless if they play in Sweden or in some other nation. Second question. If it's available, can you, and I use Sweden for an example again, make transfer rules where you can only sign players from a couple of nations? Let say only Sweden, Norway, Denmark and maybe some other countries?
  10. Ah, yes Mark Bowen too. I tried to recruit him to my Swansea staff but couldn't get him on board. IRL he had an 'opposition scouting' role with Reading towards the end of this season and did a very good job by all accounts (results certainly improved). @john1 Keep going, challenges like that are a great test of character!
  11. Commiserations, mate. Always a pain losing to a solitary late goal. Back to the bread-and-butter of the league, eh?
  12. We face Saudi Arabian opposition for the second year running in the final as we face Al-Hilal. Can we make it back to back Champions Leagues?
  13. This game was already over before the whistle even went to kickoff, but as we got off to a 2 goal lead, it really was an exercise in keeping the ball. In fairness to Shandong they were probably our equal this game, but we took our chances, and punished them as they went forward. We are through to another Champions League Final. A fantastic achievement for the club.
  14. FFA Cup Final will pit us against us against Melbourne Victory in Canberra.
  15. The problem wasnt just june 30th. It would crash when I would go to holiday for 40 days. It appears that that was the problem. Now I can go on vacation for 60 days and it never crashes
  16. It's over We played well and fought as long we could till 88th minutes. If we got past them, would have been home to Middlesbrough.
  17. Just checked... They beat Vitesse Arnhem in the first round, Bayern Munich in the second, and lost both legs of the third 1-0 against Inter Milan. Mark Bowen and Jeremy Goss scored the goals that beat Bayern on their home turf. Mark Bowen has been my AssMan since the start of the second season, and very good he is, too!
  18. I always forget to provide the FIFA ranking for Australia at the start of the season. It is 37th in the world so we get a modifier of 487%
  19. Champions League semi final time again and I feel pretty confident in saying that we will be progressing to another final as we take Shandong down 6-1 at home. Weird things can happen in football but with this kind of advantage we should be getting through.
  20. July 2034 There was a major rebuilding ahead in this Summer. When transfer window opened no less than seven players left Ajax for free, including Pieter Stekelenburg, Sergio Alleyne, Eugene Talea, Steven Otten, Moreno Markiet and Nketsi Matal. Pieter Stekelenburg was perhaps the best player of that bunch, but he’s fallen behind Clyde Sastrodimedjo in our squad and I was not willing to pay over £30,000 p/w for rotation player. Those departures freed up over £100,000 p/w in wages, so we’re no comfortably under £400,000 p/w in first team wages. To fill those positions we had a lot of players returning from loan. Kevin de Jonge had a fairly good season with AZ Alkmaar, Sjoerd de Jong an Stef Veldman will offer competition for AMR position, Mithat Arabaci and Jaap Hoogdorp will bolster our midfield after Stekelenburg’s departure and Rick Hendriks also returned - he and Kevin de Jonge fill play the part of rotation centre-backs in this season. I promoted Nabil Herder from Jong Ajax - young and inexperienced right-back to be understudy for Tom Drost and become a better player in the first team. We had two departures in staff. U-19 coach Mark Sale retired with one U-19 physio. I put up an advert to find a new U-19 coach, but in fact we’re not in a hurry to fill this position and we can take some time to find the best replacement. We started our pre-season with training camp in South Africa and sooner than we realized the first friendlies arrived. Training camp itself was a real trouble maker, because I had to select squa to training camp in June and I couldn’t select players who were out on loan at this time, so in the beginning of July I had at least three very upset players who were angry because they were left out of training camp squad and it was virtually impossible to apologize to them or explain them that it was all because of error of the game logic. Meanwhile, Mithat Arabaci earned his first cap for Turkey - he selected Turkish national team over Holland’s. 29.07.2034 - AFC Ajax - FC Groningen 1:1p (Dutch Super Cup) - 24. Johan van Dalen - 18. Gerry Schuur The season started again with the Dutch Super Cup spectacle. This time the game was played in Amsterdam Arena, so it’s almost like a home game for us. We had played two friendlies so far and won both of them, so I was fairly optimistic. All players were fit, even though match fitness was not yet good enough, but at least we looked ready for this game. FC Groningen is a good side and I like at least three young and talented players in their squad. They sold their best central defender Ken Bradbook to Standard in this Summer, but they do excellent work training their own youth teams and finding talented players from there. For that reason they’re predicted to finish 6th in this season, so Super Cup could be a serious battle. Because all players were fit, I could start with the best XI that I’d prefer in the beginning of this season. Note that there are two changes in our line-up: battle for DL position is still on between Leslie Lichaba and Fred Koeman and I’m going to give Lichaba a head start in this season. Sjoerd de Jong have pushed Dirk van Grinsven off from starting line-up and veteran winger will most likely have a backup role in this season. Squad: Gluhalic, Drost, Siereveld, Schans, Lichaba (69. Koeman), Engin Ari, Sastrodimedjo, Janssen (78. Hoogdorp), de Jong, van Dalen, de Wit (58. Engin Ceylan) The game started carefully and we gifted FC Groningen a goal in the first half. Simon Janssen made a poor decision and passed the ball back to Germain Siereveld, putting him under pressure with it and immediately Gerry Schuur tackled it away from him and found himself alone with goalkeeper Gluhalic. Poor error from us defensively, but we reacted well and equalized in 24’ - good cross from Sjoerd de Jong and simple finish from Johan van Dalen. We looked slightly better in midfield and had more possession, but FC Groningen got good chances and in 32’ Pim de Reuver got a fairly good opportunity from their corner. Fortunately for us, the ball bounced back from the post, but it was a clear warning sign that we have to be more concentrated in defense. First half finished 1:1 and it looked like a fair result. Both teams looked even more motivated after the break - we had more possession (and better control defensively), but FC Groningen also defended well and most of our attempts were taken from distance and were off target as well. No real chances in second half. Same story continued to extra time. FC Groningen switched to more defensive style. We had one hopeful moment when Engin Ari was left unmarked in a corner situation, but his shot was blocked in the last moment and that summed up our game. Scoreline meant that the cup winner was decided in a penalty shootout and at this point I realized that we have almost no players on the pitch who are at least half-decent from the spot. We started the shootout better and Ismet Gluhalic saved the first penalty, but Clyde Sastrodimedjo and Germain Siereveld missed theirs and FC Groningen won the super cup. Disappointing result - I feel that we should have played better and decided this game before penalties. Our overall performance was OK, but lack of creativity and almost no goal scoring chances after our equalizer is not good enough. Some new players in the squad - Sjoerd de Jong was the best performer on the pitch, but Jaap Hoogdorp looked nervous in second half and looked a bit out of place in his debut. our shooting was 20/4 - good amount of shots, but only a few good chances Jaap Hoogdorp made his debut for Ajax in this game
  21. The FFA Cup semi final comes around and I was pretty worried considering the amount of personnel that has left the club, but I needn't have been worried as we romped all over Adelaide United, winning out 7-2 in the end, as we advance to the final.
  22. @warlock Superb stuff with Norwich. It might be satisfying to see if you can recreate those European nights of yesteryear. Was it Inter Milan or Bayern, or both that they played? I seem to recall the likes of Jeremy Goss and Robert Fleck, but may be wrong. However, I would totally understand if you want a new challenge and will watch your next move with interest.
  23. Some departures in January. PSG came in hard for first choice left back, Xavi Candel and for that price I wasn't going to say no as he wasn't world class compared to left backs I've had before. I sold back-up players Pascal Tuasamu and Dieter Vlietinck for decent prices to Stuttgart and Dinamo, before Bayern activated a release clause for centre back Augusto Scabini. I didn't particularly want to sell, but can't argue that the price was more than reasonable. Marian Geiger comes in to add depth to midfield after the departures of Vlietinck and Tuasumu, whilst Gianluca Gubinelli joins to be the new starting CB. Patrick Moro actually played for me as a back-up left back at Atletico, he was a good prospect but could never get first team football so went to Rubin. He made a name for himself now and it will come full circle as he joins me at Wolfsburg to be first choice left back for me this time.
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  25. Another one has to go. The Aussie rules are brutal if you play on DoF, go over and you are in real trouble. We are threadbare, this season.
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