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  2. April I'd absolutely say a very good enough, especially since we've been plagued with injuries. We lost both Olosunde for the month and Queiros for the rest of the season vs Leicester. I'm really happy we were able to come back vs Leicester. They took the lead after Leko got on the end of a long ball and slotted in. We'd just had two very early injuries and had to change shape. Rugani put us level with a header from a corner after 38 minutes and Cornet got us the winner after a superb long ball from Dewsbury-Hall was perfect for Cornet to pick up and hit low after 72 minutes. We were class vs Cardiff and deserved the win. Again though they took the lead after Robert Mudrazija scored an absolute belter from 20 yards. 10 minutes left Axenat restored the scores and just before half time Garner put us ahead with a cracking effort from the edge of the box. It was game over after 46 minutes when Axenat got his brace. We got another defensive injury though losing in form Josh Earl after 56 minutes. Luckily it was only for a few weeks. Manchester City battered us but it took a very nice curling effort from Harry Kane to give them a win. We defended well. Against Liverpool I'd say a draw any day. Axenat put us ahead but Fabino put Liverpool level from the spot after 38 minutes. Ivonei scored a great shot though no keeper was getting to as it sailed into the top corner just before the break. Salah equalised for Liverpool and we managed to hold on as Konsa was sent off after 89 minutes. We were brilliant vs Arsenal and we were actually 3 - 0 up. Tulloch put us ahead after just 12 minutes. The second half we scored two in 4 with Cornet scoring an amazing solo goal after 54 minutes and Wind getting on the end of a long ball after 58. They made some subs and formations and they attacked us. Kerry Holder, who scored against us when he was on loan at Everton got one back for Arsenal and David Brooks popped up after 65 minutes to get a second. It was squeaky bum time but we managed to defend well and get us the three points which will hopefully let us finish 6th. Not sure what Spurs saw here. FA Cup This picture says it all :(. Hickey being sent off really cost us. We should of equalised though. I mean our defense kept us in there and Iversen was great saving all of Tottenhams long shots but Millico had a great chance in the 94th minute and Efkan somehow hit the woodwork on the follow up shot when it was really an open net. Was a shame to lose but I'm happy how we played so long with only 10 men. I'm hoping for 9 points here. We're good enough to do it and finish the season in 6th.
  3. Same for me. Completely unplayable! Such a shame as the game was perfect before the update. I'm playing on the tab a 10.5. when will this be fixed ????
  4. A left footed player is a rare thing so the requirements is lower
  5. Not important at all, unless you delegate picking tactics to the assman
  6. Having the same issue as other TAB A users in that I am unable to swap players and move players around . However since the update the match play is very laggy. I play on 2D so shouldn't lag as much as it is. Takes ages to get through a game even on the fastest speed. I can't believe how slow it's playing after the update. A real shame! Get this fixed
  7. Europa League playoff round schedule season 2021-22 Playoff round is messed up because playoff round is played same time as 3rd qualifying round (dates 5.8. and 12.8.)
  8. Thanks. Working well for me. How do you find out how strong footed a player is? For me it only says preferred foot e.g. left, left only or either. Where do I see fairly strong etc? And also why do you specify very strong only on the right winger but less strong on the left winger? Thanks
  9. The "map" is frustratingly extremely difficult to read and navigate in Google Chrome - you need to zoom it a billion times before it's readable, and by then you can drag it left and right but it doesn't let you drag vertically, in which case you need to scroll up and down by actually using the OUTER scrollbar since it generates two scrollbars, and if you use the mouse to scroll it drags the inner scrollbar which does nothing.
  10. I have seen in my save that there are happening to many strange transfers. For example, Real sign Lucas Leiva even though they don't need a new CM and the transfer list him only a year after that even though he played many games. PSG buys him but the new manager transfer lists him immediately. Real was interested in Nathan Ake and they made a bid. In English deadline day Arsenal made a bid and he chose to go to Arsenal. Because I didn't want that to happen (I am not managing any of those clubs, but I have in game editor), I loaded the game a couple of days before and used the editor to make Ake to dislike Arsenal so that he won't go there. Then, on European deadline day, the transfer couldn't be completed because Bournemouth didn't find a replacement for him, when in Arsenal's case it was not a problem. Chelsea has a pretty strong midfield with some established players (Kante-Kovacic) and some with pretty good potential (Mount-Loftus-Cheek). In the 2nd season all of them have progressed extremely well. But for some reason, even in there is no actual space and there are some youngsters with pretty good potential, they bought Bentacur and Oyarzabal for a combined fee of 145m euros. Something similar happened with the winger position, where there is Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi (who has 195 PA) but the went and bought Lemar for 198m euros and Hudson-Odoi was demoted many times to the u23 team.
  11. Actually got someone through this season who the coaches say will be great and was worth £10m as soon as he signed a pro contract, so he's gone straight into my team:
  12. Made an equiry for Sancho and they have come back with £138m if I want him, should have bought him earlier in the season, Ill see if I can do anything once the next season starts.
  13. Updated the Roles and Duties map to now have a much improved Central Defence section
  14. I also get info on roles, duty, mentalities etc in my reports from my opposing team scout and my analysts. (no skins) The information is there if you want it or have the staff needed to get it. How acurate that info is I dont know, might depend on your staffs skillz.
  15. I am playing the semi final in Serie C Cup. In injury time, Soro (my player) crosses the ball and the ball goes to goal, giving me the win. However, it is ruled out as offside but not for any attacking player that might have interfered with the ball but ruling him as offside. I have uploaded a save 2 days after the event with the name "spiros91 - offside".
  16. That seems to be the main issue with CBs: they are ignoring or running towards players running at them.
  17. On the plus side, you had 3 one-on-ones converted in a match which looking around through the forums seems to be some kind of record. Might be because in these moves your forward is absolutely miles clear of the defence? I'm convinced the missed one-on-ones might be a product of "the forward feels the pressure of the nearby defender" factor being too strong.
  18. Yeah for the first goal, Eriksen just runs through the West Ham team and nobody even seems to notice.
  19. Am i supposed to train the players for the specific role in the tactic? I'm training them in the general roles like complete Forward & complete wing-back.
  20. My observations are that it doesn't matter how high the D-Line is. I have at least 4-5 one-on-ones every game - against all type of defences. I also tried to modify my own D-Line just to check if it changes anything. Even with very low block my opposition manage to create one on one situation after long ball from deep.
  21. The attacking player maker doesn't have the mobility to play any other role, thought the Raumdeuter would make runs and find space so the enganche could find him with his great vision and passing. Sold him now anyway another season has passed now and his physicals have dropped even more now hes not a viable option. Was fun trying something different, trying to build a tactic that was supposed to get the best out of an enganche ended up failing but I came accross a tactic from it that suits the team and won me the Russian Cup and helped me climb the league. Ive moved on and play an attacking midfielder in that role now
  22. The issue doesn't look like the high line itself, but the LCB pressing high up for no reason when not only is there a striker he should be marking, but he leaves a massive gap in the defence for Tottenham's RCM to run through. However West Ham's LCM should be marking/keeping an eye on Tottenham's RCM, but he just switches off and wanders away towards his DM, giving Tottenham's RCM a wide open channel to that gap in the defence. Bizarre defending and none of the West Ham players react to it until the ball is played.
  23. Hallo! Ich würde mich freuen wenn man per Option in der 2d/3D-Matchengine die Namen über den Spielern (Auswahloption ob nur die eigene Mannschaft, nur die gegnerische Mannschaft oder beide Mannschaften) angezeigt bekommen könnte. Ich sehe gern genau wer wo steht, damit ich besser Fehler analysieren kann. Da ist es immer recht nervig wenn ich vor jedem Match wieder alle Spieler per Strg+Klick einzeln auswählen muss. Da ja grundsätzlich die Möglichkeit besteht und in den Optionen ja auch verfügbar ist ob man den Konditionskreis über der Figur angezeigt bekommen möchte, sollte das Feature hoffentlich nicht zu schwer zu implementieren sein. Weiterhin wäre es toll wenn man die Spielgeschwindigkeit per Tastenkürzel selbst definieren könnte. Aktuell kann man zwar zwischen langsam normal und schnell per Shortcut wählen, aber langsam ist maximal langsam und schnell ist maximal schnell, was leider in der Praxis für Analysezwecke gar nichts nützt... Und mein letzter Wunsch wäre eher eine optimierte Lösung des Zurück- und Vorspulens. Dafür sind zwar Tasten vorhanden, nur funktionieren die irgendwie nicht in jeder Spielsituation, sodass man dann teilweise doch wieder gezwungen ist sich wieder durch das Menü zu klicken. Danke für die Mühe.
  24. Oh, I forgot to add probably my best chance at doing this. I signed him for £3.1m when he was 16. Already played 13 games for me.
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