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  2. Borussia Dortmund (September 2027) Our 100% record continues as we go the month gathering nothing but wins. We have already gone to Bayern and won, and we have already gone to Borussia Monchengladbach and won, two of the toughest places in Germany to get points, so things are looking very good indeed for us. With six games played we have a 3 point lead over RB Leipzig. Bayern Munich have not had the best month, losing 3 times, so they find themselves already 9 points behind us in the league.
  3. February 2032 Another month with good and bad games, not really consistent right now. Going through to the next round in the Europa League is definitely the highlight.
  4. Borussia Dortmund (Champions League Group A vs Tottenham Hotspur) It was a tough encounter against Tottenham but we came through in the end, Eggestein getting the headed winner late on in the game, to give us 2 wins from 2 group games. In the other game of the group, Porto soundly beat Copenhagen 3-0 in Portugal.
  5. 2027/28 Pre-Season Good friendly results. And 9th is the highest we've been predicted in 7 years!
  6. I've had a new game going since FM19 came to the new XGP on PC last week. The past couple of days it crashes every time it tries to save. It is I believe the exact same issue as this thread from today: I've read numerous other threads on this issue and tried all the suggested solutions, to no avail: Lowering graphics quality to Medium (was high as I have a top spec gaming PC) Adjusting power management setting in Nvidia 3D settings Have latest version of Nvidia driver & Windows update Done a 'reset' on the Windows app settings Have the correct/latest version of the Xbox (beta) app - I'm using cloud save, I cant change this (by clicking 'Save As'...) as this also crashes the game - I *can* load a game but only through using 'most recent' on the title screen. I can't click Load Game from here as it crashes the game. - I can't see any game save files under C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\gamepass\games I'd love a solution to this, or at the very least a way to backup/retrieve my profile and cloud save game prior to reinstalling the game....
  7. Some great tactical points made above so I just wanted to focus on your player roles a bit more. WB(A) - I've always tended to find FB(A) more than adequate for getting forward and supporting attacks but not over committing. I would say that your opposition is probably targeting that as an area to exploit. To counter this, you could have your right CB set to 'cover' instead of 'defend' which will see then drop a little deeper and sweep up behind. Looking further forward, I'm really struggling to see where your runners are coming from. I see two potential runners in your BBM and IF(A) but they are both on the same side and may well be making runs into similar areas. AM(S) - That's a pretty static role. They'll mainly sit in that hole and not venture too far from it. They won't get into the box much and mainly look to create for others. AP(S) - I've toyed with playing an AP out wide but struggled to get it to work (but I'm sure better FM players have done it effectively). What I have found is that an 'attack' duty gets more out of them. Also, on 'support' they are likely to be drifting central and occupying a similar area to the AM(S). DLF(A) - I'm still messing with lone striker roles but I've found AF(A) to be the most effective. I too am trying to play possession based football but I want my forward players to help in the creation of opportunities. I went for the usual DLF or CF roles but with the AF(A) role, they just seem to be so much more involved (and scoring more). Not saying I'm 100% right on any of this but hopefully there is something there that makes sense and gives you something to think about.
  8. You can filter scout by nation knowledge level via Staff > Staff Search > New Search > Additional Conditions > Scouting > Nation Knowledge Level Reviewed so locked.
  9. This is where I struggle when making tactics. i want players available for easy passes when I need to recycle possession without going for long passes that may get intercepted so having them close together is a good thing but I don’t want them to be all occupying the same space and there for there’s not space to actually attack or it’s too congested in terms of having the BBM, W, F9 and IWB all near each other means that there could also be 4 or so defenders in the same area as well
  10. Don't forget there's also the Copa Verde & Copa Noroeste or whatever it's called, I would wait until early May the season after Brazil is loaded so then you can use the player search function to see which players have played the most games and then go for one of those teams!
  11. all irrelevant, i am not receiving an unavailable message when i try and launch the game. simply nothing happens when i press play. My Mac is fully updated as much as possible, there is no clientregistry.blob to rename, my network is working fine, i have verified the game umpteen times, i have uninstalled steam and installed again etc etc. tbh this hasnt happened on any other game except this one so im assuming its not steam and relates only to fm19. Without being rude I dont expect to buy something and have to start clearing computer and registry files to get it to work, it should just work. I have sent a support ticket to Sega and followed all of their instructions to no avail, still the same problem, so im stuck having paid for something that doesnt work and i cant return to get a refund, so would appreciate any further advice as to where to go from here. thanks
  12. If by "congested space" you mean a few players operating relatively close to each other in the final third, I don't see anything wrong with that. Each of them is there for a reason, and each contributes in a different way. I do want the BBM and F9 to work together, with the IWB offering both defensive protection and an option for recycling possession and the winger providing width and delivering crosses and/or cut-back passes from as high up the pitch as possible. On the assumption that all these roles are played by suitable players that can do what they are asked to. In case I want to be a bit more adventurous, I could even go with a mezzala on support instead of the BBM.
  13. I’m playing as Man Utd but I’ve set rules for that save that I can’t buy any players only use ones that come through my academy. on the left I have Martial, Chong and possibly Angel Gomes and on the right I’m gonna be using Lingard, Andreas and Gomes. so PI wise I should be sorted for choices
  14. Nope, sadly. When i was at starting the game after i choose my manager profile its just closed it self.
  15. Keep an eye on player Traits as well - a wide player who has the Cuts Inside trait (for example) can give you some nice options.
  16. UEFA Europa League Quarter final 1st Leg: Tottenham Hotspur 4-2 Örebro SK Ugh. Immensely frustrating as we played excellently, yet Spurs are now huge favourites. Twice we fought back from a goal down, with Marcus Astvald on the double, but we conceded a sloppy third tanks to a defensive error, and 6 minutes into stoppage time, they got the crucial fourth. To make matters worse, top scorer Combe is suspended for the second leg. 2nd Leg: Örebro SK 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur Unfortunately, we just had too much to do. Again we played really well, but we just couldn't quite put the ball in the net. We fall at the quarter final for the second time in three years.
  17. There is no North Riding League at level 11 http://www.nrfl.co.uk
  18. Borussia Dortmund (Champions League Group A vs Copenhagen) No mercy given as we smash Copenhagen away 5-1 to start of our Champions League campaign in the best possible way. In the other game Tottenham won in London 2-1 against FC Porto, to also give them a winning start in the Champions League.
  19. January 2032 A month of ups and downs, as it's definitely disappointing to not go through in the cup and the results against Leganes and Villarreal especially are a bit of a shame when you look at their position on the table. On the other hand, Numancia is very high up (it is a bit of a strange season!) so beating them is great. Anyway, we are still in third with all that and a nice little gap remains to the sides in 5th and below. Barcelona on course to get a fourth straight La Liga win.
  20. Well I’m gonna use something from Herne’s thread and go for a flat midfield 4 and using PIs make them an inside forward and winger respectively. also with a BBM, winger and IWB all on that side wouldn’t the space in the final third on the right flank get rather congested? Especially with the F9 drifting into those areas?
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