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  2. Those 3d graphics stopped working after the game got fully released if you're using a custom skin. You need to download an updated version of the custom skin you're using. But if the creator of the custom skin hasn't uploaded an updated version yet, just use one of the normal skins for now.
  3. Sampdoria - Napoli.pkm Please let me know if at 85.54 is a bug (Milik shot) Thanks!!!
  4. That's what I've done with my 5221 (also with wingbacks, so it's more of a 3-2-2-2-1) setup. Counter/Cautious Mentality, standard LOE, D-line slightly deeper and hard tackling. It's a cautious tactic, but I'm not shutting up shop. I still want to win matches.
  5. Has anyone posted to this thread resolved the problem since then? In my case, after the official version was released, I reinstalled FM2020 but did not launch. After all, I returned it.
  6. Show a screenshot of the "Teams" tab for stage 0.
  7. here is a new topic I created which has all these issues with a video link and a PKM
  8. If you watch he loses his man due to movement from the striker, who drops off then goes in behind him. The defender is follows him when he drops off but is slow to react to the striker going. So yes it's a mistake but a fairly realistic one IMO.
  9. The Europa Conference League is even more glorious than I could have ever dreamed...trips to Leto-gorets, HJK and AIK. Yes, please.
  10. Still to many penalties, just had 5 in one game... Before 4 and 3 Edit: just had a Game with 6 penalties lol
  11. Today
  12. This is only a problem SI, from year to year, the developers do not release a working version and take money for it, and in General, whether they are engaged in this problem, no one has ever answered
  13. The fix that was announced was to fix the amount of penalties being awarded, not anything to do with the success rate, which runs in line with real life stats
  14. Rashidi makes an awful lot of sense. I am experimenting a little (and not doing too badly) with a slightly modified Catenaccio set-up using a 5-3-2 with WBs. LOE is usually Standard - maybe one up from there and DL again usually standard or one down. I am not a real fan of low blocks, but in my save at the moment need a solid defensive set up. Difficult to offer much more advice really without understanding the players you have and roles/duties employed.
  15. What other technical glitches? The game slows down thousands of people who paid money for it, the developers do not know about it and are not going to do anything?? The problem is only in the game!
  16. Under the competition you want to edit, go to the General tab. So in the picture you posted, it's right under where it says "Swiss Promotion League". After clicking on "General", scroll to the bottom and look for "Fixture Rules Index". Take note of what number is there. If it's not selected, select it and pick a number. (It matters what number you pick, but you can change it later). Now go to the top of the list where it says "Switzerland". Expand the menu and look for "Match Rules". Expand that menu. Click on the number you took note of. This is where you'll enter the number of foreign players. Here's the thing though: make sure no other competitions are using those match rules, otherwise you'll be changing the squad rules in that competition as well.
  17. You would be better to post your own thread in the Crashes and Technical subforum for help with this as this issue could be a ME issue or a hardware issue
  18. So goes the game lag in the 3D match engine or not run at all? What have you done so far?
  19. Issue In the Club Vision, the tooltip to assist you with the “Play entertaining football” requirement is not clear. It provides almost no additional context that would help you determine if this is influenced by results, tactics or other factors. It should be more descriptive. My setup iPad Pro 10.5 (model MPGH2B/A) iOS 13.2.3 FMT 20.1.3-1317604
  20. All right, for a lot of money, sold the release of the unplayable version of the game and sit silently..
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