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  2. @Jambo98 count me mate if u can..also only in spain we can manage a team?
  3. Hi guys, Can please someone help me get a Tycoon takeover for Bari..??? Please.. please.!!
  4. Stockholm Internazionale Superettan – 2023 – 1st Squad Transfers Overview Promoted to the top flight in our second season in the Superettan. I wasn’t expecting promotion, especially as champions. I hadn’t massively improved the quality of the squad but I had sorted out the balance somewhat. Added bite in midfield and pace upfront were brought in. I expected to improve on last season but was targeting the top half of the table. Signs that we might be in for a good season came with the Svenska Cuppen. We finished top of a group containing three Allsvenskan teams and took Hammarby to a penalty shootout in the quarter final. In the league we won our first five games and form didn’t slip much all season. We never had a run of bad form, defeats were always followed by wins and ultimately we had the league won with games to spare. Next season will be a challenge, with a few new faces hopefully relegation can be avoided but I have no illusions it won’t be a battle. Key Players Henrik Johansson – Pacy striker signed on loan from AIK. Scored 19 in 26. Christos Gravius – Central midfielder converted to play left wing. Hit double figures in goals. Record Season League Position Europe Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 Div 2 4th 2020 Div 2 1st Promoted, Champions 2021 Div 1 1st Promoted, Champions 2022 Superettan 13th 2023 Superettan 1st Promoted, Champions
  5. Not sure at what Research SI are Looking at (I've seen Rashidi recently also making a strong case against headers being ever counted as "Big chances", which arguably is a bit much, mind). But, for instance:
  6. Loads of people have mentioned this. It seems like there's a bug where when a Premier League game is scheduled at the same time as the Super Cup, it's the Super Cup match which gets postponed (should obviously be the league game), and since that's never meant to happen the game doesn't know when to put it and it ends up in an international break.
  7. Hi Neil, I am using custom graphics (logos, faces, kits) and custom databases "FMTU" and "pro" files. Thanks for the quick response. FM19 Japanese Leagues & Cups (by pr0).fmf FM19 New Players (by pr0).fmf FM19 New Staff (by pr0).fmf FM19 Random Changes (by pr0).fmf FM19 Real Life Agents (by pr0).fmf FM19 Transfers (by FMTU).fmf FM19 Wonderkids (by pr0).fmf FM19 Current-Potential Ability Changes (by pr0).fmf FM19 Cypriot Leagues & Cups (by pr0).fmf FM19 Greek National C Division (by pr0).fmf FM19 Indian Super League (by pr0).fmf
  8. Hi Keysi ! I've a problem regarding the stars on the club's infrastructure. As you can see in this picture, they do not seem to be displayed correctly no matter the club, no matter the save... the reinstallation of the game didn't have any effect either like clear cache .. Have you ever encountered this problem? Thanks !
  9. Yeah it will be 19.3.5 if you’re on the public beta - have you definitely followed the instructions in regards to selecting the public beta drop down?
  10. Congratulations, I scratched my balls when I woke up at 6AM sunday. Tell us interesting?
  11. Please upload your save game to our Cloud letting us know the file name and we’ll take a look to identify the cause - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/180_how-to/181_pc/how-to-upload-files-r666/ In the meantime it may be worth removing all custom logos/graphics/skins etc and seeing if that helps.
  12. Just to confirm have you tried reading and following everything as instructed in regards to this from our FAQ link here? - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/183_technical-support/186_pc/unable-to-save-the-game-successfullycrashes-whilst-saving-r672/
  13. Have you tried reading and following all the instructions as shown here? - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/183_technical-support/186_pc/unable-to-save-the-game-successfullycrashes-whilst-saving-r672/
  14. Have you tried reading and following the instructions here? - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/183_technical-support/186_pc/the-game-appears-slow-when-i’m-clicking-between-screens-r691/
  15. Would be worth uploading/clarifying which custom files you’re using as well as it’s almost certainly related to the addition of these. Thanks.
  16. Please help me, is it possible to train player to specific role in my tactic and not train his position? And what training playing position means, does player train position there or his playing role?
  17. Details on how to upload your save game here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/180_how-to/182_mac/how-to-upload-files-r711/ Just to confirm, have you used the add/remove league function at any point in game?
  18. Just to clarify we recommend any user running on 10.14.4 to switch to the public beta version and try the game. If they find they still have performance issues we would suggest lowering the graphics quality of the game via the in-game preferences to a level where there’s no lag/jerkiness. Then if you please let us know what level you were running on previously and what level you’re on now (even if it is the same) as a comparison it’d be appreciated. Thanks.
  19. I've had a look through the forums and haven't been able to find anything on this, but I could easily have missed it. When players retire and become staff, do they have set staff potentials? For example, lets say Carlos Tevez retires. Will his staff potential be the same in each save I have? I'm determined to have former players on my staff but so far, most former players I've looked at look like poor staff!
  20. Do any of you know of a guide or thread about setting up corners and othe set pieces? I am clueless when it comes to those things and like I said in a previous post we need to work on those
  21. Just a quick update before work. It's getting interesting, lads... Still in the FA Cup, in the next stage of Checkatrade Trophy and top of the league.
  22. The first 90 minutes The first match of pre season had us facing RC Lens a team that played a deep defensive 4141, which was perfect since it would test our ability to break down a team ready to park the bus. I decided to go with a balanced mentality and the "play out of defence" team instruction and nothing else just to see how the team behaved. It soon became clear to me that my fullbacks needed to play in the wider areas of the pit and that our default width was nowhere near enough so I told my fullbacks to sit wider when we had the ball and to run wide with the ball once we received it. But I was still not entirely satisfied so I turned on "extremely wide" a a team instruction. This here was more like it, Marcos Alonso had no problem running up the wing and could now take his time to cross the ball to one of his four partners in the box, additionally our overloading of the box created space in front of it that Azpilicueta could move to should the cross had gone astray, this play ended with Bakayoko scoring. Their narrow defence meant my fullbacks could always find space and because of my midfield diamond Lens' midfield could never press my players enough for them to fail to see our incursions from the wide areas of the pitch. My front three were creating space in the centre of the pitch as I expected but what I didn't expect was them employing 5 players to deal with them, this meant that the wings were mine to fully exploit at my leisure. The play from the back instruction meant that we started with short passes to drive the ball forwards but because I chose not to give them a set passing length my midfielders are always ready to play long passes to the wide areas of the pitch, begging the question: just what exactly are numbers 11, 8 and 10 doing to help the team defend. In the end we won the game 2-0 thanks to a free kick with only 5 of our 18 shots taken from outside the opponents area despite the fact that our opponent tried to park the bus against us. Not too bad for a pre season match
  23. Today
  24. Some updates on my Man Utd game on mobile. now into my Jan 2024 season. Lukaku had been my main main since 21/22 season. Scoring 34, 45 and 41 goals so far in the season following. Mbappe is still the most expensive player so far with Asensio following 3rd is Paqueta from Juventus. Some of the wonderkids now are Rodrygo and Diego Lainez. Sancho and Milinkovic Savic are in my team and doing well too. Gotten Donnarumma for 122M for this season to progressively replace De Gea who is 33 now. Won the league in every season except for the 20/21 where Spurs are winners. achieved unbeaten in the 22/23 season and lost to Fulham away this 2024 season away, can you imagine. never won the CL though and furthest is the Final in 20/21 where I lost to Barcelona. still trying hard.
  25. No, I restored my machine before latest windows update. Now it works.
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