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  2. My guess is defend narrower with wing backs might be leaving small gaps, the centre backs are too close and there's a space in the channels. Might be way off there. Probably just a ui glitch.
  3. But long balls are the most common tactic used IRL. It is essentially the most direct/efficient way of scoring. Can't score a goal if your keeper and defense play keep ball at the back, less likely to get caught in possession too at the back. Admittedly the higher up the leagues you go you have better players, but you'll struggle to find any league in the world which doesn't have at least 5-6 teams who play 'route one'
  4. go to steam, then tools instead of games click football manager 2020 editor wait for database to load click clubs under database under edit filter press add condition then name and type chelsea into the box click chelsea (unique ID 630) click finances under transfer embargo start, end and appeal dates, delete them all so they are empty press file then save editor data save the data as no chelsea embargo load football manager and set the game up with that editor data included
  5. In game editor isn't showing up. Made sure it wasn't prevented and show editor on menu bar was ticked.
  6. My keeper, that's been excellent so far, suddenly can't save a single thing. Every shot on target against is a goal. I've no idea what to do to stop it either
  7. Literally unplayable at the moment. Hopefully an update comes very soon. I do feel like every year it gets a rushed release that’s full of bugs and we (users) end up doing the testing while paying for the privilege. I want to give my money to this franchise but man, it’s frustrating. Especially when I can’t even play something I paid for and then invested some time getting started on, only to have no way of advancing the game. I know the team is doing what it can, just some feedback for next year - I’d rather it was released ready than rushed and a crappy experience.
  8. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think those colours have any influence on your matches whatsoever. I think it's like the green circles on player roles. They are just a guideline for you to see what a players attributes fits if you cannot see it for yourself. I often play a winger on the WB position and his area is obviously red because he "can't play" that position. But as far as I know, it's just his decision stat that is taking a hit. In your example I don't think any stats are taking a hit.
  9. Page 54 of this thread !!!!!!!!!!FM19.3.5BEOWULF424IFKnapP108ECCCKINGP101.fmf
  10. Hi Neil, No I haven't. I will try that this evening when I'm home from work. Is this easy to do without risk of needing to re-purchase and be recharged for the game? Thanks for your help. Matt
  11. I'll start with Juventus but I am excited too about him even because he's a Juventus fan.I'll probably do my best to get him but since I always keep disabled the first transfer window I am scared they will ask me too much in the next summer
  12. I was not able to test as our corporate network blocks the traffic to Stadia. Should of remembered it also blocks the PS4 we have in the relaxing area. 😔 Will try from tonight
  13. Hallo zusammen, momentan liegt das empfohlene Limit an Spielern für die Datenbank bei 125.000. Hat sich diesbezüglich bei der Stadia Version was getan? Also, hat sich das Limit erhöht oder hat man es gar ganz entfernt? Weiß da jemand was? Danke! Patrick
  14. please turn off the fps lag event now, my pc hardware is good, but i don't want to get 57 fps, so my enthusiasm for playing games is running away @Neil Brock
  15. is there a reason why i'm being ignored? I see staff members replying to people multiple times in the space of a few minutes? So this talk of working oldest to newest is absolute nonsense. Its coming up to 3 days.
  16. All managers have 4 formations. Their first and second preferred formation, an attacking formation, and a defensive formation. This is how it is set in the database. In the user interface (UI), not all are displayed. If you think it is in error, or should be included, go report a bug in the interface section.
  17. Indeed it is not normal. Are you sure you have placed in the right place (and not in a sub folder graphics or logos)?
  18. Really that is weird... I saw the game only consumes less than 1GB of memory when it crashed as it shown in my screenshot below.. I get new error though it said DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVE I'm pretty sure there is a problem with AMD Radeon Driver... But I will try turning on the page file just to be sure... After you turn it on you never experience crash anymore?
  19. Name: Jimmy Bracers Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): 31st May Nationality & place of birth: English - London Starting Club (19-20 EPL only): Bournemouth 2 high technical attributes: First Touch, Technique 2 high mental attributes: Determination, Composure 2 high physical attributes: Agility, Natural Fitness Up to 1 PPM: Tries first time shots Favoured club: none DIsliked club: none Favoured personnel (and why): none DIsliked personnel: none Name: Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): Nationality & place of birth: Starting Club (19-20 EPL only): 2 high technical attributes: 2 high mental attributes: 2 high physical attributes: Up to 1 PPM: Favoured club: DIsliked club: Favoured personnel (and why): DIsliked personnel:
  20. Jack, serious question. Strip selection is now listed in the editor. It actually tells you what strips will be worn when you visit an away ground or when they come to yours. Why isn't this editable? Is there some complex issue with it that we're not aware of? The ability to do that one simple thing would resolve a multitude of issues and complaints.
  21. This is more an oddity than outright glitch but it's occurring quite often. Fullbacks are not only routinely scoring but scoring braces of edge of the box shots despite low shooting stats and my wingers/ifs not being able to do such things. This is also happening the same time as wingers/ifs and strikers taking horrible shots that go out for throw-ins? I have pkms but the lowest quality are still too large to upload? Has no one else encountered this? Side note, this season just in the EPL there has been a 9-0, 10-0, 6-0, 5-4, 9-1, 6-3, and another 5 6-0's, none of these are even my games. This seems a little high.
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