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  2. I played matches, and if I do not win with Ripensia in the next match I will resign, because there will be no chance to save us.
  3. my bet is that teams are picked based on youth coaching/facilities.
  4. Any help would be appreciated, I’ve deleted cache & preferences folders. is there anything else I can chance I’m currently not using a anti virus either. I only use laptop for steam/football manager
  5. @knap How are your results so far with the stargazing wip Knap? Is it worth trying over Sicilian or is it too early to tell?
  6. So I wanted to buy Pedro Delgado I've had bids accepted multiple times but every time it says "Delgado isn't currently interested in entering contract negotiations" Despite this the scout reports says extremly interested (Was the same when it said slight interest earlier) and every time a player urges him to move the reports says he's very interested He is also my top transfer target I've uploaded a file called Jack Karlsson - Transfer issue.fm on the cloud Steps to reproduce: Bid for Pedro Delgado from Shandong Luneng
  7. I know one on ones are a general issue, but you've not gone a game without scoring. Also, half chances and set pieces are aspects you can maximize. I'm not going to ask that you post your tactic, although it will help, but you can go games with bare CCC's even just one and still score multiple goals. you can use the xG/xA method to determine how many more "quality" chances(mostly inside box chances) to determine how creative your side really are. You have to also consider that sometimes, you just...well....lose. Suggest you watch this, even if you've already done so: https://youtu.be/PToI29JH2SE
  8. I've never been so close to being done with a FM like this in my life. Here are the list of issues I notice every game: * Balls over the top with defenders not tracking * Countless 1v1s missed even from arguably the best finishers in the world * Full backs just get booked every game no matter the instructions * Penalties barely get scored, James Maddison is currently on a 7 missed penalty streak now. * Still shooting instead of passing in obvious situations Absolute **** show this ME.
  9. Hi all, Can anyone direct me to the default settings for the Loan Manager? I've looked everywhere I can see in the Loan Manager screen but can't find it. I remember setting default settings for my Loan Manager at the start of the game and may have set the bar too high for loans so want to change them as he keeps rejecting all loan offers for players on the development list even though they come within the loan parameters i've set for the player.
  10. Thanks majesticeternity, if it helps, Arsenal Under 23s played 77 games in season 1, and Chelsea's 44. I know some may be to do with progressing or not progressing. However, it looks like the tier they are in (whichever way teams are allocated) at the start of season 2 is more reflective of their real life status. In season one, they played in cups like the Dublin Cup and Galway Cup, in season 2, they aren't in either, and the level of team in those cups looks well below Arsenal. Could it be something that only impacts on Season 1 (depending on game start date), and then resolved itself based on your code season 2 onwards? When checking, I also found that for both the Dublin Cup, and Galway Cup, there are no previous winners when you look at season 2, even though teams won both in season 1. I understand that the winner progresses to another competition, but wasn't sure if not recording previous winners was deliberate or not. The update adds so much realism and meaning to the reserves and youth, thanks again.
  11. Essentially, you add other leagues to fully simulate them, which will mean they have full fixtures, fully active AI, and will generally be more active, which in practice means you get a more active gameworld with AI making deals, transfers, playing games etc.. I'll link this here, which is old, but explains quite well :
  12. Youth Intake 2020 I am honestly a bit dissapointed with this youth intake. Especially after we upgraded the youth coaching last season. Every single player has 5* pot, no one really stands out in a good way. Except for Paul Barker, as he is Swedish! Not really a swedish name though. Best players according to CA. *EDIT* I just realised I tagged all the players wrong. It should be (YP02) instead of 01... It's fixed in my save though.
  13. I've also noticed that. The fullback logic needs desperately looking at because they are appalling at the moment.
  14. Hi again, still my laptop is shutting down, I’ve restarted a new save after the latest version but I’m still getting the same issue of it shutting down while the calendar is loading day to day, it will always shut down at the same place each time for some reason, sometimes I’m able to progress but it’s really frustrating. recently I was in a match watching the 3D version and the players would move around standing still, maybe a graphics issue or maybe a bug in game, I have another game that I play that works fine no problems, no shut downs or anything like that. I still need a new battery but should have one soon so I guess I could wait to see if that’s the issue. I’ve checked the integrity of the game files and there was no issue there so I don’t know what to do. Reply back thanks.
  15. A few people have mentioned it already, MS have reported it to SI - so will most likely be fixed in the March update.
  16. Manaus FC Amazonas July 2019 Scored an early goal and doin a Mourinho for the rest of the game. Also we managed to do the same in the Copa Verde. I was changing formation for the knockoff games, I switch to a 41212 narrow diamond. But in the away game I went back to the 4231 and it was the right decision. And with this victory we got... In the Semis we play... One day before the first semi final leg..... Doesnt matter! Our loany from Sao Paulo had a mad game and assist 2 goals.
  17. Just updated my game as of today 14 Dec 2019 and started a game just to poke around. If you go to the competitions / league screen starting in Serie C/C and try to click the up arrow you are able to cycle up to Serie C/B and Serie C/A, but you cannot get to Serie B, it just stops working. The pop up note says "Serie C" so perhaps the issue is it gets stuck on the general Serie C total competition? If you go directly to Serie B you are able to click down to get to Serie C/A but you still can't go back up. Let me know if you need a save game or something - I don't think this is specific to my save though as I've not even passed a single day yet and this seems like a fairly general issue.
  18. I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forums to post but given it's in a match I think it might do. I've noticed that for some reason, no matter whether the morale is the same, yellowish arrow the same value as 'Really Good'. Doesn't matter if I'm thumping a team 3-0, doesn't matter if the players have perfect morale during the game it's always the same. Has anyone noticed this? I'm currently getting a bunch of screenshots to show what I mean.
  19. Youth Intake 2024/25 Alberto joins the youth ranks despite being born some 135km south-east in Cuenca. He's just about geographically in the middle of ourselves, Albacete and Valencia - and I'd have assumed he'd of gone in the opposite direction to the La Liga giants in he'd have been good enough. Following the geography trend - Israel Dominguez would have had to come pretty much straight through Madrid on his 164km journey - probably stopping off at one of the bigger clubs if he was good enough. Rafael Varela is just a 10 minute bus ride away in Azuqueca de Henares, Juan Jose Arganda came 256km from a town closer to Murcia and Gregorio Carvajal followed, with his home town of Miguelturra being a stones throw away. --- We've a nice range of positions, as you'd expect from a HoYD who favours a 4-4-1-1 formation as it's only really Varela who plays solely in a role that doesn't fit in with that. Cristo Fernandez, the man in charge of this, is listed as F.Det and, sadly, he's not given much over in terms of positive personalities with the best personality coming to arguable the weakest potential player. --- I think that both the style and pros are a little irrelevant when the players are so poor but Dominguez's intelligence is a positive sign that his anticipation, concentration and decisions may be good - or, just everything else is really poor. I don't know if this column is comparing these kids to those their own age - are they fast for a 16 year old or just fast overall? I would question the latter. --- Sadly, this isn't a great intake - the players listed here as potentially being good seem to lack the all round game to a) realise it and b) become well-rounded enough to feature for me, especially given that they are four to five years away from the first time with us at our current standing.
  20. I have been suffering with the same problem. I have already posted my problem on a thread. I can see this bug is quite recurrent. I do hope the fix is released as soon as possible.
  21. No @Kewdebew, you must add only the new nations, Use the megapack in first after just add the new leagues
  22. Just wondering is there anyway I can get around the 3D graphic card , currently using a dell laptop with 8gb ram. on start up screen it loads very slow and I have the setting on very low. would this cause my game to run slow by any chance and any fixes, I’ve deleted cache & preferences page.
  23. thanks but this isn't intermittent, it wont open for me at all. ive restarted steam, ive restarted my Mac.
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