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  2. He is great in Complete Forward role; he was my only Complete Forward back in the first few seasons. Also, he is great for big matches, especially in European competitions.
  3. My players: 1. Bojan Šaranov 2. Nemanja Antonov 3. Strahinja Bošnjak 4. Nikola Milenković 5. Said Mhina 6. Saša Zdjelar 7. Uroš Nikolić 8. Miloš Vulić 9. Miloš Zličić 10. Marko Janković 11. Dušan Vlahović 12. Nemanja Stevanović 13. Radovan Pankov 14. Marko Poletanović 15. Leonardo de Souza 16. Uroš Đurđević 17. Miroslav Bogosavac 18. Ivan Šaponjić SERBIAN CLUBS IN EUROPEAN COMPETITIONS 1. Čukarički 2. Radnik Surdulica 3. Crvena Zvezda
  4. This is what I am asking mate I am playing lower league teams in friendlies at the min I am asking for advice on how to unlock the defences more as we have plenty of shots and shots on target
  5. Cheers Mark - that's what an early red card'll do to you I suppose! A big shock as you say, but with the second leg at home you'd assume they'll be alright. -- Hapoel Be’er-Sheva (ISR) vs BATE Borisov (BLR) After the scrappy, attritional and largely unappealing clash between FH and Alashkert, neutrals will have at least hoped for something a little more exciting from a Champions League stalwart. Belarusians BATE have won the last 10 domestic titles and reached the group stage of UEFA’s premier competition five times in that period, so would be hoping for more success in this year’s edition, beginning away in Israel. But if BATE were hoping for Hapoel to roll over they had another thing coming. Three minutes in, a swift counter saw wonderkid-that-never-was Ben Sahar roll the ball through for Maor Buzaglo, and the winger beat veteran keeper Sergey Veremko to the delight of the home fans. Not to be outdone, a 70-yard lung-busting run from full-back Alexey Rios saw his cross drilled in on the half-volley by Igor Stasevich just 10 minutes later, and the 14,500-strong crowd had a game to watch. The scoring rate dropped off a little at that point, unfortunately for those with money a 6-6 draw, but it was apparent that neither side would be happy with the status quo. As marginal underdogs, Hapoel wanted a lead to take to Belarus, while BATE were looking for more away goals to add to Stasevich’s emphatic finish. As the first half drew to a close, it was the hosts who got their wish, a free-kick from 20 yards smashed through the wall by Buzaglo to make it 2-1 at the interval. Once again, the lead would not last. Five minutes after the interval, a free-kick from half-time substitute Valeriane Gvilia rattled the crossbar, Rios was the first to react, and his chipped ball to the back post found the head of Vitaliy Rodionov to make it 2-2. It was not to be Rodionov’s last involvement. Although both sides enjoyed further chances over the course of the second half, the biggest talking point came just three minutes after the second equaliser. From another set-piece, the striker was harshly judged to have been brought down by his opposite number Sahar – a decision provoking protests so fierce that two Hapoel players were booked in addition to the man committing the foul – presenting Stasevich with the chance to make it 3-2 from the spot. His penalty was hard and low, but not beyond the reach of Guy Haimov, the 31-year-old getting a strong hand to the ball and pushing it into space left of the goal where it was duly thumped upfield by a defender. Hapoel survived, neither side netted again, and this tie is still hanging very finely in the balance. Hapoel Be’er-Sheva 2-2 BATE Borisov (Buzaglo 3, 43; Stasevich 13, Rodionov 50) IFK Norrkoping (SWE) vs Astana (KAZ) One of the more recent additions to Europe’s footballing map, having joined UEFA from the AFC in 2000, Kazakhstan have developed significantly in recent years thanks largely to substantial investments in a handful of clubs. Capital side Astana are one such outfit, and would pose a tricky test for Swedish side Norrkoping, who qualified after winning their first domestic title for 16 years in 2015. In the opening exchanges, Astana put paid to any and all theories that jet-lag and tiredness from travel would have an effect on the game. A cross from the right was cleared up rather than out, forward Patrick Twumasi was able to collect inside the area, and his lay-off to the edge of the box was thumped home by Ivan Maevskiy after just four minutes. Astana had the away goal and all the momentum, and the hosts looked worried. However, the Kazakhs’ period of early dominance did not yield further scoring, and while the Swedes were rattled – two players going in the book before half an hour was played – they were able to take some of the sting out of their opponents’ rapid start. Fouls played their part, but so did a threat on the counter, and late in the first half they made one stick. A cut-back from Niclas Eliasson was met by David Moberg-Karlsson 10 yards from goal, and the man Sunderland once paid £1 million for and never played pulled his latest club clinically level. From the on the game ebbed and flowed a little more evenly, with Astana keenly aware of the danger posed by their hosts. Tumasi remained the game’s most dangerous player, the Nigerian’s pace always a threat to the Swedish defence, but he was unable to find the breakthrough. For their part, Norrkoping tried to force the issue with the introduction of a third striker in the form of Kalle Holmberg, but the deadlock remained unbroken. With four minutes remaining, the hosts’ ill-discipline came back to bite them, Andreas Johansson picking up his team’s seventh yellow card and his second to see him banned from the return leg and his team a man down for the dying moments. The whistle blew with the score still 1-1, and there is everything to play for in the Kazakh capital. IFK Norrkoping 1-1 Astana (Moberg-Karlsson 37, Johannsson s/o 86; Maevskiy 4)
  6. IIRC it's U21 and the criteria for actually playing are ambiguous and probably too strict, so it's a promise I'd avoid making...
  7. Yup same tactic, I have !!!!!19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC as a backup but it rarely gets used, I don't touch the mentality at all. I was going to move on from this season but I'm interested how long we can keep this run going
  8. Well done. Remember having Djurdjevic in my Fulham save on FM17, really liked him. Very solid and most attributes and a good, physical player to lead the line.
  9. Really? I played in a 4-3-3 and I obviously only use the WB strata when playing 5-3-2 or 5-2-3.
  10. Many football clubs are organised as corporations and have to file their financial statement with public registers. At least here in Germany you can see the financial statements of Bundesliga teams in a public online-register. The question is if that helps much as you need some accounting knowledge to understand and analyse them.
  11. Hello, I have tried all fixes mentioned in the forum: Clear cache Removing and adding manager removing leagues taking vacation Installing the game on different machines Game keeps crashing on the specified date, first the sound of my machine cuts for a second or so and then game quits with a windows error. Is it possible to look in the save file and edit things to fix this issue? I would upload the save file to the FTP, but I am getting "You dont have permission to visit this". If you require the save, please advice how to upload it. Thank you, Ivan Gergichanov
  12. Note: My computer froze up and I had to replay the second half of the 2028/29 season; we still won the league and failed to win any cups so I won't update the season review unless requested.
  13. Wasn't sure where to put this so putting it in here as he was last playing in Canada... Ritchie Jones, who was last listed as playing for Edmonton in Canada, should now be marked as retired. He could be listed as a fitness coach, as that is what he is doing now according to his twitter profile, and is based back in Cheshire, England. https://twitter.com/Ritchie8Jones He should also have Stockport County listed as one of his favourite clubs:
  14. They keep recommending staff for positions that I have already filled, such as director of football. Is this a bug, or are they trying to tell me the staff I have need replacing? Seems to happen all the time across multiple game saves.
  15. FM12 for me, and my longest ever save on any FM game (since playing from 2008) Managing Norwich for 42 seasons and making them the powerhouse of england with numerous league and CL titles. Always remember unearthing an absolute gem of a regen from a lower league team in Germany who ended up the best in the world. Making me want to get back on the canary yellows again...
  16. I'm struggling to find a third CB. Just sold Lovern because of his age and his contract only have 18months to run. So need someone who can fill in for Gomez or Van Dijk. My fourth choice is currently Coady (got him for 5m) because he's a Home-Grown. But don't want to go into the second half of the season with him as my 3rd choice. Any suggestions on who to sign?
  17. What about AS Roma? They have alot of talent. Pellegrini x 2, Zaniolo, Cengiz Ünder, Kluivert, Schick.. They have okay money, not rich but not poor aswell.. It is also a fallen giant. Italian capital, and a big stadium.
  18. I completely agree with you on how this can be time consuming. I would say the best way to go about this is to holiday the whole season when you have time, please? In the meantime, it would be helpful if you can upload the two affected saves (burnely and Southamption) on SI Cloud Service, so we can take a look for you. Let me know the name of the two saves when you have uploaded it, please. Thanks.
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