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  2. Hi, Not quite sure why I'm asking as I know the specs will be fine, just don't want to shell out for a new MacBook and it not do the job. The below will be fine right? 2019 MacBook Pro 13" Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz, 8 GB & 256GB SSD - I'm potentially upgrading from a mid-2012 but it has 16gb Ram and 500gb SSD, so want to check 8gb and 256gb will be fine. I usually try and run 90k players and around 10/12 playable leagues. Thanks
  3. Yes it was, thank you. That is pretty much what I was wondering. So it is indeed worth it to get a less capable HOYD attribute wise to get a better fit with the tactical style you want to play. So the JCA, JPA and WWY, the highlighted parts if you select the HOYD staff role, don't have anything to do with the quality of youngsters you get. That's interesting indeed.
  4. Nevermind, I got them all back as soon as they returned to their parent clubs.
  5. I know that by creating mentoring groups you can pass on player traits and have seen this quite a lot already on FM Touch 2020 beta. I've had to be careful as I made a mentoring group for centre midfielders, but then saw 'unwanted' traits being learned e.g. Mezzala's picking up 'Comes Deep to Get Ball' from deep-lying playmakers in the group which I don't want as it then conflicts with 'Get Further Forward'. So I separated them into smaller mentoring groups for different roles. Fine. However, for full-backs, I don't tend to have 3 players in each full-back position so I can't make a 'right-back mentoring group' etc. If I make a generic full-back group, does anyone have any idea if left-backs will pick up 'run with ball down the right' for example?
  6. Again, very realistic for me. Weird own goals happen all the time in real life. I dont want to see Roboter Manager 2020.
  7. I have Almada, Haaland went to PSG. My problem is everyone gets unhappy and wants to move to a bigger club. I did get 30m each for Tav, Barisic and Goldson
  8. Still no fan of that version but with regard to the variety of goals i would say FM17.
  9. here is another from same game different leg, in total in 16 competitive games I have been awarded 16 penalties, none have been missed Celtic v Partizani.pkm
  10. Hi, i'm playing with SLB (Portugal) and you can´t see the attributs change when you click on a player (B team) unless you go into development/progress. Would be a lot better if you be able to see it, like on team A/sub-23/sub-19.
  11. Which staff members have the most influence on bringing a foreign youngster through the youth academy? Or to take it further, how much influence does each role have on this? I'd like some diversity in my squad.
  12. Thanks, @herne79. Is a combination of inverted winger on attack duty and a deeplying forward on attack duty an example of false nine-false ten relationship, then?
  13. What is your impression from the leadership course? To which players is best suited?
  14. Summary: At HT media reports as if match is finished. Description of Issue: At HT if winning media reports as if you have won game and match is over and vice versa if losing. Steps to Reproduce: happens every single game. Simply play game till HT.
  15. No Thank god! If you want that you should play Touch och ”big” FM
  16. Why are leagues available different from ”big” FM? Why is it unlikely that a league isn’t available if its not for sale in the territory?
  17. Once the game is launched on the 19th will the in-game editor be available for beta saves or just new ones?
  18. I am very happy with the new features. Although a tactics revamp would have been nice. And I want more leagues available. Why is it different from ”big” FM?
  19. its the same in nearly every game getting a penalty awarded nearly every game, odsonne eduaord has scored 11 goals in 10 games 8 of which have been penaltys Partizani v Celtic.pkm
  20. De Gea catches the ball and twice runs outside the box with it still in his hands in the 40th and 78th minute. Receives two yellows and is sent off. Uploaded PKM with same title (GK sent off for two handballs).
  21. @bowiespace - he looks superb! Can't wait to see how he will look in a few seasons. Here are my two best regens. The first is Williams' back up in the first team wide right; the second is in the B team/hopefully loaned out.
  22. This is a bug from FM19 - the same praise (training, last match etc.) over a short period of time i.e. a few weeks
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