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  2. Anything around and above 70% is good and to be expected, regardless of the League as the ability of the Penalty Kicker and the ability of the Goalkeeper should almost allways be in a similar balance ratio. In 3 different starts (bcs i got bored so fast and starting is a big part of the fun when boredom has not set in yet) i had 1 Striker scoring every single Penalty (4/4) and every other Player is either missing any of them or in the low 30% range at best. No other FM i ever played behaved like this... regards T.
  3. Definetely good reason for keeping fouls, crosses and corners on realistic levels.
  4. I just want to see goals that look like those scored in real life. If you watch real life matches the types of goals that are scored are almost impossible to replicate in the ME and those we see in the game are generally all similar. The variety just isn’t there at all. Hard thing to get right and probably needs a completely new engine but it’s way off at the moment in terms of variety.
  5. Done Files uploaded are Tonbridge Angels C 6-2.fm Tonbridge Angels C 6-3.fm Tonbridge Angels C 6-4.fm They should be in sequential order in game time
  6. I agree as I hope they don't mess with the ME too much . FM19 I think became worse because of people complaining about the ME . It seems ok to me but probably not for the purists who want a Fifa style game
  7. I was managing ibiza in Spain and managed to gef them to la liga. Brian brobbery was on loan from ajax for 2seasons, when the loan ended he went back to ajax and I wanted to bid for him again, his screen showed as if he was a free(orange) but it wouldn't let you offer a contact. I checked the contract screen and he was indeed still with ajax however he wasn't on the squad list and I wasn't able to make an offer. I tried using the Ige to transfer him back to me on loan then cancel it to see if the error would be fixed but unfortunately it wasn't, then I tried moving him to my club and back, again with no luck. I have the Dutch leagues loaded but ajax seem to have a very small squad that's viewable.
  8. I've played this game since the start, I've played all FM's on full mactch highlights since the visual representations started. That means I watch every game from start to finish. I should be a beta tester. This ME although not perfect (Can never be by the way) is very very good. I think that judgements based on watching highlight clips could provide a distorted result. I hope Si bear this in mind when analysing the feedback, I would hate to end up with an engine made too easy again. The closer to perfection, the bigger the cracks appear to be.
  9. Please find attached my crash dump - I have tried uninstalling and re-installing both the game and my graphics drivers. This is unacceptable. A friend of mine used to say to me not to buy Football Manager until January because by then you'd worked out all the glitches... should have listened, very very unimpressed. When ever I finish a match and hit continue it crashes. FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.10 17.29.40).dmp
  10. Typically, I win, but I’m noticing a very concerning trend in games where I go behind by more than two goals - I can’t score. Ever. This has happened enough now that the pattern is pretty consistent. And the goals usually come from long balls or a long, accurate cross from a throw-in. I’m currently playing a game in a similar situation and shots are hitting the post. Is anyone else experiencing the same? I think this match engine update has been such a mistake. I really wish something could be done and soon. The game is so inconsistent now. I truly understand the feeling of “randomness” that others are having. And what’s worse, the goals being scored in games like the aforementioned aren’t necessarily quality goals - long shots from weak headers, rebounds in the box, etc. Maybe the AI of top teams is too overpowered this year? At home and against weaker teams, this never happens. It’s hard to be definitive about any of this because the game doesn’t feel consistent. I’m always willing to give SI the benefit of the doubt and there are times where I’ve felt that I’ve begun to understand what’s occurring in the game, but then that gets twisted on its head. Is anyone having consistent success against top teams away from home? In a major European league? In the UCL? I’m genuinely curious.
  11. fm19之前都是解压后,放到这个文件中simatchviewer-pc,再压缩替换就可以了 然后替换了events 文件夹的文档 但是fm20用相同的方法后游戏崩溃,请问一下想替换英语解说应该怎么办
  12. Eventhough crossing was really poor, it was there in fm17.
  13. Maybe they can also tune the headers some, so that more of those set piece SOT go in. However, they should be careful, imo. If a side sits deep to spoil, it concedes more set pieces by default. If you overtune set piece conversions, they'd simply crack from a set piece every other week. Now most players prefer to play free-flowing attacking football on this. But this is crucial also for the AI, as the AI doesn't exclusively play attacking football of course. It well may be just a case of that it's too easy to finish a set piece with a shot / on target in-game, in general… In football, but a fraction of set pieces end successfully with a shot. On FM's level of statistics, you'd simply see these many shots on target and (rightfully) assume that there was something pretty good going on. Lots of attempts, lots on target… Looking behind the scenes, and judged with a subjective eye, it's oft an attacking side struggling to break a defense down from any play (and thus with its tactics used, as set pieces have seperate screens for tactics). Might still be different in the match you showed, mind. However, that's been my experience whenever viewing such a match ever since About, I don't know at least FM15 (also between AI -- or when I seem to be struggling converting SOT into Goals myself).
  14. This right here is exactly why I always add the 50% of next fee into all sales. There are a lot of possible improvements to facilities for half of that money!
  15. Yeah with those crossing and corners numbers hardly surprising. But to be fair at least crosses have been tuned down to realistic numbers at least in previous ME. Kudos for that. Hopefully we don't get it back.
  16. Abdul Osman should be at Queen of the South, he signed in October and still isn't there.
  17. Not purely, but big time so every time I have seen such a match. Lots of SOT for one side and Little goals have been a sure bet for many releases… and the mostley easily saved set piece attempts have been by far the main source of frustration imo. As such, Satistically, it's roughly a 2.9 - 2.6 match if going by average shot conversions (1 Goal in 10 shots). But indeed a higher scoring affair if going by average SOT conversions (usually 1 Goal every 3th-4th shot on target). As I don't have that match, no. It's simply what I typically find when looking at Matches with lots of SOT and Little Goals. Lots of Corners indeed here too, which is typically another clue for the set piece after set piece attempt. This is Long-term. Short-term, as to FM20 I agree, the 1vs1s / frequency of defense Splitting passes are an additional source of Frustration!
  18. PS sorry that shot analysys is from that game? still flawed.. lots of corners there too..
  19. Are you sure shots are inflated purely because of set-pieces? Even if that's the case, it's still flawed. Personally biggest issue is that it would take three games to reach those shots numbers. Statistically that match should have some 10 goals scored probably even more. That's not important here is it.
  20. Going by my experience, the flawed many attempts on target purely from the set piece (plus perhaps a couple Punts from Yards out aimed at the keeper), which as headers under pressure are oftenly saved. (Blue dots in this shot Analysis). I've Long argued this to be a game flaw, which is one reason why I'd like to see a stat introduced showing the percentages frmo the set piece / actual Play / counters. And I'd be surprised to see this differently. It's also a pain in the butt currently to assess this, as you have to double-click on all the shots back to back. In the longer term, These SOT shouldn't be that easy to come by-- perhaps, their conversion may be also slightly too low, which would mean tweaks to Header accuracy+strength, etc.)
  21. Today
  22. Replay it more, you will win and lose plenty, if you so desire. Football is a chaotic system. Similar initial conditions can lead to wildly different outcomes, and it is not predictable. That is an extremely naive way to look at things. There is so, so much more that goes into a football game. If, for example, you are a good side, your players are good enough to win in spite of your tactics. The game is not scripted in this way. Why on earth would it be? It is trying to achieve nothing. You lost because you were the worse team in a particular game. The game does not distinguish between you and the AI. It does not try to achieve anything. It calculates the results of matches. People throwing out lines such as your last one simply cannot take responsibility for the loss being their fault (at least in part their fault anyway). The game is not to blame. It does not "test" users. The moment you kick off, any replayed match diverges from itself. This is not the same as, say, flipping a coin. They are not independent trials of the same thing. They are entirely separate things. You can compare the outcome of them, but it is not predictable knowing the initial conditions. You have to watch it, see what is going wrong, and try to change things so they stop going wrong. Your question is too broad to answer. I make several changes in almost all the matches I play anyway, not only when I am losing. And if I lose, then I just chalk it up to something I have to learn and I move on. Sometimes you lose. It is part of life.
  23. @Svenc Sometimes I really wonder what you are trying to say. Also I don't get why you keep mentioning Pep all the time. It's just one team, it's a drop in sea of football. Yes his teams play expansive football with highest d-line, with best players in the world. Of course such team will always be vulnarable from counters and most teams will defend with 10men behind ball which inflates shots numbers. But it's just one team. I think we all understand best teams don't always win that's the beauty of football. Searching for anomalys is all good but it doesn't prove much in sport like football where anything can happen. Looking at statistics we see pattern how bigger teams loose their points. We know that SOT to goals ratio is far better for teams playing on counters and vice versa. This all so basic stuff. All that being said it's not hard to spot that FM stats don't reflect real life too good. It's far too easy reaching abnormal amounts of SOTs (and 1on1's in current ME) which normally leads to lots of frustration. And rightly so. Here's one game between two even teams, what is anomaly here?
  24. After every restart of my save, some regents have black skin. Before restart, they have white skin. Do you know the bug? And after restart the game:
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