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  2. You are kidding right, you can't SERIOUSLY be calling that normal gameplay. It's great that you found a workaround that exploit a problem in the game, but you could say it a bit nicer, It's bit silly to expect me to know there is a weird bug that allows me to do it.
  3. Ah, I see. It makes sense that you receive a fitness report for someone who is currently at the club for the sake of the testimonial match as it affects your selection for the upcoming match. Hope that makes sense
  4. Sure thing! My other guess is maybe I gave a trial or something to someone not in the EU and that got me? I would think one of those reasons would warn/notify before confirming a transaction (like when loans give you notification you're near/over limit). I'll upload the matchweek 35 save and the one from July 1.
  5. Which is the exact penalty you incur by letting players flagged as yellow or light green? And why players with good points in all the important skills for a specific role can be flagged as 'good' or 'can play' instead of 'natural'? What affects that 'natural' if not numbers? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. This is something that we are investigating. If you have a save game available then please upload to our cloud service and we will be able to check the issue affecting your save. Details on how to upload can be found below. Cheers, Ben
  7. It beats me how we cant get a decent, consistent 4231 system going, but every time I play against a team using it I get hammered. I'm Spurs, using BEOWULF 442 107p home and SICILIAN 4222dm away but a 4231 always seems to tear me apart. So frustrating as I want to use a 4231 myself.
  8. Here's the equivalent page for FC Barcelona: Anyone have any idea of how these stats function in the game?
  9. @schnauzer Thank you very much! This save file has been added and should help with this issue even further
  10. I personally don't like this tactic, but if it works for you - then better don't change it (as long as it works). That's always my advice to people who say their tactic works well for them. Don't change something that works and thus risk spoiling it. If/when it stops working, come again and ask for advice
  11. Couple of things before we played our next home game. The two oldest players in the squad. Collen Muzavasi and Lincoln Chimaka, both 37, decided they would retire this week. Chimaka had been the mainstay of my asymmetrical back 4 as he was the only left anything I had last season. Muzavasi had recently played 5 games for us, complained he wasn't playing enough, scored 1 goal and decided that £6 a week wasn't worth sticking around till the end of the year for. He can go be a binman I guess. More earth shattering (but only slightly) is the fact that before we play our game, this happened: CAPS Utds 20 game unbeaten run has come to an end, and with it giving us the opportunity to pull 3 points clear as well as our superior goal difference. Also, this happened: ZPC Kariba the team in 3rd place, scrape a point in injury time to leave them 3 points behind us, this weekend could be a defining moment in our season. We now play Harare City, a team sitting in mid table, we aren't favourites, but we aren't facing the impossible either. Their manager is developing a reputation for playing tight, defence first football, at least that is what the media tell me at the press conference. Our attendances are definitely increasing! Think that says everything there is to say about the game, pretty low quality all round. It's refreshing to be on the losing side of the foul count! But they definitely played defence first football. The 8 not on target efforts were blocked, and they hardly had a sniff all game. I don't think we bottled it under the pressure of being able to put clear daylight between us and 2nd place. We have crawled a point clear instead of it just being on goal difference. Plus! that is our 3rd clean sheet in a row!
  12. Are you using custom graphics/logos/kits/skins? If you are using any custom graphics, can you remove them and see if it helps, please? Also how many leagues and players are in your save game? We would suggest you to try starting a new game with less leagues and player and see if it helps, please? Out of interest, are you running any other programs in the background while playing FM20?
  13. I'll give it a go. But I've had these on with a previous save and didn't have this problem. Only started getting the problem after the 20.2. 0 hotfix
  14. Up to 84 now. Kane not scored in 10 hours. Daniel Levy is hovering over the red button.
  15. My team seems fine. I moved Messi to MC to adjust to possible aging issues for him and he can score 9.0+ just from key passes without any assist or goals. I did notice that sometimes one MC will do well and the other MC will mostly idle like the games calculation keeps favoring one player to do all the good stuff, Messi can really "steal" the show from both Arthur and De Jong, but if Messi is rested those players is the teams top performers (Thought it can be a repeat of one getting all the points.) Messi is fighting the decline, but he is rated lower than both Arthur and De Jong and the AI wouldn't play him anymore over picking those players. (Messi is neutral in MC and due to my Board buying Mo Salah even the AI knows to play him as MC as he can't compete with Salah anymore.)
  16. I agree, the more extreme Ends of the AI tactics have Always more suited mismatches such as Spain-Faroes say. But on competitive Levels, there's hardly a comparison. According to SI, all that was adressed some though, and the AI wouldn't Play that readily defensive that often. Watch out that you're not doing a full De Boer. His Palace side didn't score at all in the first 90 shots two Seasons ago in total until they did. At which Point de Boer was no more at Palace. (Actually open Play shots too rather than exclusively from the set piece a la FM )
  17. 😲 I might have a new superstition now. Never shout before 25mins Curser has to be just to the left of pause so it's an arrow. The last 'continue' before going to match has to be done via space bar
  18. I appreciate that may be your opinion based on observation however it is factually incorrect because the game is simply not coded in that manner. Here's another thought - perhaps the changes you made were so poor that the opposition simply continued to run rings around you. Replacing one bad tactic with another bad tactic isn't going to make your team play any better.
  19. Thanks for that... So started off with a 3-0 win but since then have lost and drawn a few games. How important is the tactic familiarity as im over halfway through my season. Also do you think this tactic will work with poor teams like Blyth Spartans ? To be honest im nots overly hopeful as literally every tactic ive tried have had very mediocre results at best, but will persist with it.
  20. Similar to when you deliberately play a "natural" IF in a winger role. You get a hybrid between the 2 roles.
  21. does that mean the 2017 version was "completed" ? or were there still outstanding clubs? Never mind I stopped being lazy and clicked the link! And maybe have their bodies placed into clones, or robots or something, dunno how good 2 brains in jars would look in a pundit booth though!
  22. insane results so far, 10games played 10 wins, destroyed Leipzig and Bayern at home (im predicted third behind the two) and won away vs Gladbach and Dortmund. Always a lot of goals and not many conceded genius tweak of good tactic props mate @themario
  23. Promoted clubs do not have their Serie B wage restriction lifted until the season changes (and they are in Serie A). Is this correct? In FM19 the restriction was lifted immediately after promotion was mathematically certain.
  24. How old is the scout report on the player? As players interest level can change from the time of the report. If you have a save game that shows the issue then could you please upload to our cloud service and it will take a look. This is due to Modric wanting a wage way above what Juventus can offer. This information should be displayed on the contract talks news item however it is currently missing in some scenarios. This is something we are looking to resolve in a future update.
  25. This next away game was going to confirm what I felt I already knew about Flame Lilly's psyche, or at least I hoped it would. Otherwise we could just be on a bit of a blip up front and about to get a rude awakening. We were going away to Dynamo Harare (which stirred an idea for a "Dynamo" challenge, where you had to succeed with every team with Dynamo in the name, but that's probably for another lifetime, i've not even left my 1st country yet!) I feel that we relish the underdog title, and that we love playing when the pressure is off and nothing is expected of us. Hence we struggled in our last game, when we were favourites for the first time. Now, against Dynamo, we are back in our familiar position of "facing the impossible". However, the media seemed to want to focus in on another plot line in the build up to the game. The Machete was going back to the club I poached him from, when I had the audacity to offer him an actual wage on a week in week out basis. The fans didn't mind him returning, but they booed and hissed me like a pantomime villain. 10 minutes into the game though and I was hollering like a mad man! We had just scored, not only to take the lead, but probably the best goal I had ever seen us score. Nigel Chirinda has it on the right edge of the box, he delivers a cross to the left corner of the box, Masuku controls it and tries either a shot or a cross back the way the ball came, but the attempt is blocked. He instantly plays the rebound deep past the far post and I fear it is going to run out of play, the Machete chases it down and 1st time delivers a pass back to Chirinda still on the right edge of the box. His 1st time pass on the floor into the area is met by Masuku who has made a lateral run into the space Machete has left. He hits the ball 1st time and slides it smoothly home. 3 players, 4, moments of 1 touch magic and I am a very happy camper. That is the game, nothing really happens for another hour, other than the home crowd getting more and more restless, I get booed, their team gets booed, everyone gets booed. The Machete isn't playing well, but then nobody is really playing well, we seem happy to blaze efforts wide or high (and wide) . If the Dynamo team weren't marking Machete to the determent of the rest of their defence I would have brought him off. 73 minutes, and I am thinking about making changes, what with it still only 0-1 to us and neither side is being clinical. The we play the ball down the right, Chirinda skins his man and lays the ball across the edge of the box. Masuku with his back to goal chests it down, swivels and hits it on the volley for it to crash into the top right corner from 20 yards away! Possibly the best individual goal I've seen us score! 0-2 and the home fans have had enough, they take their booing home with them as they begin to leave en masse. Suffice to say that changes the mentality of my subs just slightly, we hold firm for another 15 minutes and we look in control as we edge into injury time. We have a corner we take short, it comes into the box eventually and capping off a fantastic individual display, Nigel Chirinda heads in uncontested from the 6 yard line to add a goal to his 2 assists. On 93 minutes we have a corner from the opposite side, we play it short again before whipping it in, this time to the near post. Liberty Musaurwa our centre back ducks in front of their defender at the near post and heads in for our 4th! I'll be an underdog any day!
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