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  2. End of Season Review 2031-2032 Slightly disappointing season due to missing out on the league and our failure down the stretch, but it is part of the challenge to unseat the dominant teams in the league (30d) Dias was our player of the year, and retained the best player in league title he won in his debut season. A lot less rotation this year as we were playing catch up most of the season, so this is pretty much the starting 11 when everyone is fully fit. 12 players abouve a 7.00 rating, although a couple of those were rotational options [(30f) Chanot and Maes (19j)], with most of the rotation happening early the season and then due to injuries Positionally we were fairly consistant at GK, DR, DC, DL, and DM with a little more rotation happening further forward which mirrors the pattern of the last few seasons. (30c) Pleimling skews the look of this a bit as he dropped back to DM when (26a) Payal was unavailable. Having made more use of the loan market this season and seen eight more players hit an average above 7.00 and 17 players getting double figures in the starts column, I am going to look for a slightly different tack this coming season when looking at the squad, by aiming to keep the best player at each position, plus a strong bench of options, but to loan out the next best players even if they could play a role, leaving me with U19 players, who are too young to be loaned out, as by injury backup players. The aim will be to allow the best development of players in competitive games, hopefully in the National Division, but using the Promotion Division for some of the weaker players, as long as they are able to play regularly. While this may affect the main squad negatively if we hit a run of injuries, as while players can be recalled, they won't be able to be registered for the league, it should have long term benefits for us in boosting our options at certain positions, and help us make some money off fringe players who will never play for us, although this will be via sales not loan fees as teams in Luxembourg are cash poor, and teams from abroad are not interested currently
  3. The thing is, 90% of them are given away at corners or long throws into the box so would the d-line have anything to do with it? I think Daniel has it right with concentration as apart from Andy Robertson, their concentration stat are all "12". Any advice on how I can reduce the chance of it happening? I'm thinking to take away get stuck in, urgent pressing and tight marking around 75/80 mins? Hopefully we'd then focus more on holding a shape late on rather than going chasing after the ball and making reckless decisions.
  4. To get any kind of printer related advice, visit epson error code 0xf4. It will provide the entire guidance regarding the printer and deals with all kind of errors that the users face.
  5. I don't think it overrules it. They work in synergy. If you for example play wheri aggressive, high press, get stuck in, close down urgently etc. but set one player to ease of tackles he will still be as aggressive like someone that isn't given that instruction in a tactic that doesn't play so aggressively. Again I don't think it overrules it, he will definently do both, to what extent, I don't really know.
  6. Things are starting to get a bit easy so I think I am going to 'pull an Ajax' over the summer and ship out some of my top talent to makeway for the next wave of younsters through the academy. I may be brutal and look to ship anyone over the age of 28 or 29, which would mean club stalwarts like Aouar, Romero, Diallo, Zaniolo and Gouri (all regulary starters or rotated options) would go...
  7. Hello, i noticed that when i change a tactic i cannot load a pre saved routine... Although i found it in the set piece directory, i press "load" but nothing happens.. So when i want to use a different tactic i have to create the routines from zero...
  8. 2028 - Los Angeles Football Club Competitions -- Fixtures Year 2 in Los Angeles, California was a weird year, both a massive improvement and a massive disappointment. We did our job in the transfer market, filled most of the gaps we wanted filled, got a star to lead the team forward... and started the season with a 4-0 defeat against a team bound to finish 16th. Great. It was just a mirage, though, and soon we got a pretty good-looking run going, winning six on the trot and not losing for eleven fixtures. We were comfortably top of the Western Conference and pushing Atlanta for the lead in the Supporters' Shield, both new and old players were doing well, and everything seemed to be headed in the right direction. And then we imploded. Hard. We won five out of the last twenty-one regular season fixtures, and one out of the last twelve. We started dropping like rocks on the tables, and didn't miss out on the playoffs altogether just because of the huge lead we'd built in the early season. Our defense turned into a joke and our attack into the footballing equivalent of those fake guns you get at fairs and carnivals to win plushies with, ie completely unreliable. Oh, and we crashed out of the US Open Cup at the very first opportunity, in an admittedly quite unlucky away draw to Dallas. In the end we finished 9th overall and 5th in our conference, which didn't exactly fill me with hope for the playoffs. We salvaged a lucky win in the Wild Card stage against Dallas, but Colorado were just too much for us, even though we did have our chances. Worse, no CONCACAF Champions League entry for us, not even close, so we're exactly where we were one year ago regarding the challenge. Roster As mentioned, we managed to fill up our roster much better for this year, with adequate (on paper) cover for all positions. In the end, though, most of the rotation and backup players we brought in ended up disappointing and falling out of the rotation entirely, so it came to the starters to deliver the goods. Of course, that also meant that once the form of those starters went to hell, there was no one reliable enough to pick up the slack, and so we entered the vicious circle that led to our eventual failure to impress. Regardless, there were some solid performances overall, particularly in midfield and attack, but our defense was the most absolute of shambles for the most part. I don't think I've ever managed a team that gave up so many stupid penalties in a single season... We made two big money signings for the season, and both ended up being both the best players of the squad and, simultaneously, the main reason for our failure. Sandro came from Everton after a long career in the Premier League, and his early performances put him as one of the best players in the MLS, if not the best. Then he suddenly went from amazing to unreliable, and finally to a complete liability. He still had rare flashes of genius that made me keep playing him, but in the end he was a ghost of his early season self. His physical drop might have something to do with that, since he was played mostly on the wing, and I'll have to figure a way to keep him involved come the next season. He was still the joint best goal provider in the MLS, though, which speaks volumes of how good he was at first. Our other big purchase was Josh Sargent, American international who'd spent most of his career in Germany and Spain. He came late in the summer, and despite getting dragged in the general disastrous ambience around him, he looked quite solid upfront. I'll be relying on him next year to provide the goals for us. Assuming I'm still here next year, of course... The MLS and its way too many weird rules aren't sitting too well with me, and staying in LAFC feels like it'll become another Changchun in my career, so if the right position opens up in the following months I'll be sure to go for it. Mexico would be the ideal destination (already failed an interview with América), but I'm open to any top South American squad that wants me. No news in the international front once again, by the way. The Euros did bring some interesting openings, and Denmark did come knocking after I applied to them all, but I decided to wait for Belgium or Sweden, which looked like better options to actually win stuff in the short term. Neither picked me, so in the end I was left nationless once again. Sigh. Let's hope either Mexico or the US fail hard in the 2029 Gold Cup, otherwise it's time to wait for the WC qualifiers or the Confed Cup... Season Team League Cup1 Cup2 Continental World Other Notes ===================================================================================================================================================================================== 2018 Selangor 2nd 3rd round Group Stg. N/A N/A N/A Joined in the offseason. National C license. 2019 Selangor 1st Winners Winners East Playoff N/A N/A Domestic treble! Manager of the Year. National B and A licenses. 2020/21 Melbourne City 1st/Winners 2nd round N/A Group Stage N/A N/A Joined in the offseason. Manager of the Year. Continental C and B licenses. 2021 Changchun 7th QF N/A N/A N/A N/A Joined in July, 7th, 11 games remaining. 2022 Changchun 4th Winners N/A N/A N/A N/A Continental A license. Qualified to ACL through cup win. 2023 Changchun 3rd Winners N/A Group Stage N/A Super Cup Winners Continental Pro license. Entered Asian HoF. 2024 Changchun --- --- N/A Group Stage N/A Super Cup Winners Left in June for Hebei with the team 3rd in the league. Hebei CFFC 2nd Winners N/A N/A N/A N/A Joined with team 15th, expected top half. 2025 Hebei CFFC 2nd Finalists N/A Winners 3rd Super Cup Winners ACL champions! 2025/26 Kaizer Chiefs 3rd QF N/A In progress N/A N/A Joined in March. 2026/27 Kaizer Chiefs 1st Winners Winners Winners 5th CAF Super Cup Winners CAF CL champions! Quintuple! 2027 Los Angeles FC 23rd --- N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes, 23rd. 2028 Los Angeles Fc 9th/CSF 4th round N/A N/A N/A N/A Season Nation Continental World Final ranking Notes ====================================================================================================================================================================== 2023 Japan/Cameroon N/A N/A 74th/27th Qualified for ANC. 2024 Cameroon QF N/A 32nd Qualified for ACoN. 2025 Cameroon QF N/A 41st Sacked after ACoN. Nigeria N/A N/A 26th Joined after ACoN. Qualified for ANC and WC. 2026 Nigeria 3rd QF 21st Qualified for ACoN. 2027 Nigeria 1st N/A 22nd ACoN champions! Resigned afterwards. No new job so far. 2028 N/A Challenge Progress Club 3/10 top domestic leagues (Liga Super Malaysia 2019, Hyundai A-League 2020/21, ABSA Premiership 2026/27) 3/10 domestic cups (Piala FA (Malaysia) 2019, Chinese FA Cup 2022-2023-2024, Telkom Knockout (S.Africa) 2026/27) 2/5 club continental championships (Asian Champions League 2025, CAF Champions League 2026) 0/1 club world championship International 1/5 continental tournaments (Africa Cup of Nations 2027) 0/2 world tournaments () Other titles Piala Malaysia (2019) Chinese FA Super Cup (2023-2024-2025) CAF Super Cup (2027) Nedbank Cup (2026-27)
  9. Im on the public beta, running on high graphics when previously I was on very high..
  10. After my time in China I was looking for jobs in top clubs but it seems like none became available for season 2036/2037 so in the end I decided to gain some knowledge in Italy anyway and took a job in SPAL who was relegated to serie b and was struggling. I managed to change the course and in the end we easily won Serie B. Mexican side Tigres became interested in my services and we already made a contract that starts once the season in Italy is over. So next up Mexico Season Team Position Champs League Notes and Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16/17 Carlisle 7th Sky Bet League 2 Lost in playoffs rnd 1 17/18 Carlisle 1st Sky Bet League 2 Promotion 18/19 Middlesbrough 2nd Championship Promotion 19/20 Middlesbrough 5th Premier League EC slot 21/22 New England Revolution MLS resigned 22/23 Orlando Pirates 1st ABSA Premiership runner-up in CAF Confederations Cup 23/24 Orlando Pirates 1st ASBA Premiership Won CAF CL Won MTN8Cup 24/25 Orlando Pirates resigned in January Won Telkom Knockout 25/26 Real Betis 1st Liga Adelante Won promotion 26/27 Real Betis 13th Liga BBVA 27/28 Liverpool 6th Premier League EC slot 28/29 Liverpool 2nd Premier League Won FA CUP & EUROPA LEAGUE 29/30 Liverpool 1st Premier League Won CL Won Capital One Cup & Community Shield 30/31 Liverpool Got sacked in January Won Club World Cup, Community Shield & UEFA Super Cup 30/31 River Plate 6th Primera Div Appointed as a manager in April 31/32 River Plate 1st Primera Div Won CL 32/33 Celtic 3rd Premiership Won Scottish Cup 33/34 PSG 1st Ligue 1 Won CL Won Coupe de France & Trophee des champions 2035 Jiangsu 3rd Chinese Super League CL slot for season 2036 2036 Jiangsu 1st CSL Won CL Lost in the Cup final :( 36/37 SPAL 2013 1st Serie B International: Season Team Notes and Achievements: --------------------------------------------------------- 2020 Croatia Won European Championship 2022 Spain Won World Cup 2024 Spain Top4 in European Championship, got sacked 2026 Ivory Coast Group stage 3rd in World Cup 2027 Ivory Coast Won Africa Cup of Nations 2030 Croatia Won World Cup 2033 Croatia Failed in Confederations Cup -> resigned 2035 Brazil Won Copa America Challenge Progress 18/33 Club 5/10 top domestic leagues (ABSA Premiership 22/23/Orlando Pirates, Premier League 29/30/Liverpool, Primera Division 31/32/River Plate, Ligue 1 33/34/PSG, Chinese Super League 2035/Jiangsu) 4/10 domestic cups (Telkom Knockout 24/25/Orlando Pirates, FA CUP 28/29/Liverpool, Scottish Cup 32/33/Celtic, Coupe de France 33/34/PSG) 4/5 club continental championships (CAF CL 23/24/Orlando Pirates, Champions League 29/30/Liverpool, Copa Libertadores 2031/River Plate, AFC Champions League 2036/Jingsu) 1/1 club world championship (2030/2031/Liverpool) International 3/5 continental tournaments (European Championship 2020/Croatia, Africa Cup of Nations 2027/Ivory Coast, Copa America 2035/Brazil) 1/2 world tournaments (World Cup 2022/Spain)
  11. Does anyone know how to roll back a MacBook to 10.14.3? I've now had a temperature CPU warning that I have never had before in 10 years of FM! I've also found that the non-retina option is now also laggy, whereas without the public beta it was smooth. public beta is playable (just), but laggy, and I find that I have to stop playing every couple of hours to let my MacBook cool down.
  12. How is the CB situation coming along? I saw you had one come through your youth intake this year (Alberto).
  13. Hi guys I've been asking this question before, but was not quite satisfied with the answer... or in other words... not satisfied with my own understanding of the answer :-) Which is why I'll try again... For a long time been wondering how team- and playerinstructions awell as player traits "conflicts". My understanding of the interaction between them is, that teaminstructions is the instructions which you want to apply to all your players. Player instructions is therefore instructions you can apply to certain players, if you want them to do something different from the teaminstructions - if i understand this correctly it means that player instruction "overrules" the teaminstructions? Then taking player traits into account, does they then overrule both the teaminstructions and the playerinstructions? Eg. if i have a winger with the player trait "Cuts inside from both wings" which conflicts with the automatic player instruction of a winger "Run wide with ball", will it then make the player cut inside in the same "amount" as if he played as an Inside forward (this meaning that the player trait will "overrule" the player instruction of "Run wide with ball"), or will it actually make him do "both" more frequently in a way? ... A follow-up question of the above is, if an Inside forward have the player trait of cutting inside, will it then make him do it "more" when he also gets the automatic player instruction from the inside forward-role? Hope you understand my questions, which could propably have been more simplified... Thank you in advance!
  14. Yep, positions (natural only), date/place of birth, height/weight (although clearly this can change, eg. me growing), favourite team and a few other things are consistent between saves.
  15. As an underdog are you using P103? My be worth trying a 4141 like PILGRIMAGE 4141 or the new MM P103.
  16. Today
  17. In FM16 someone tested the various test methods and playing the games is better than instant result and holiday mode gives the worse results.
  18. In my first few seasons I scored a lot of goals from set pieces. I don't know exact number, I wish I kept track, but I would always get the message from my AM to add play for set pieces to take advantage of our good record. I even had a single game where I scored 4 goals from set pieces. In top league it seems the goals dropped a bit but it's still good. I don't think it's because of my setup, but you could try. For corners I setup my best jumpers (usually DCs and strikers) to attack far post, attack near post, and attacks ball from the deep. Set one player to challenge the GK, one to lurk outside the area, two fullbacks to stay back, and the rest to go forward. On wide set pieces I keep the default setting, just set one player to attack the far post i think, and one to lurk outside the area. Hope it helps.
  19. @Jambo98 count me mate if u can..also only in spain we can manage a team?
  20. Hi guys, Can please someone help me get a Tycoon takeover for Bari..??? Please.. please.!!
  21. Stockholm Internazionale Superettan – 2023 – 1st Squad Transfers Overview Promoted to the top flight in our second season in the Superettan. I wasn’t expecting promotion, especially as champions. I hadn’t massively improved the quality of the squad but I had sorted out the balance somewhat. Added bite in midfield and pace upfront were brought in. I expected to improve on last season but was targeting the top half of the table. Signs that we might be in for a good season came with the Svenska Cuppen. We finished top of a group containing three Allsvenskan teams and took Hammarby to a penalty shootout in the quarter final. In the league we won our first five games and form didn’t slip much all season. We never had a run of bad form, defeats were always followed by wins and ultimately we had the league won with games to spare. Next season will be a challenge, with a few new faces hopefully relegation can be avoided but I have no illusions it won’t be a battle. Key Players Henrik Johansson – Pacy striker signed on loan from AIK. Scored 19 in 26. Christos Gravius – Central midfielder converted to play left wing. Hit double figures in goals. Record Season League Position Europe Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 Div 2 4th 2020 Div 2 1st Promoted, Champions 2021 Div 1 1st Promoted, Champions 2022 Superettan 13th 2023 Superettan 1st Promoted, Champions
  22. Not sure at what Research SI are Looking at (I've seen Rashidi recently also making a strong case against headers being ever counted as "Big chances", which arguably is a bit much, mind). But, for instance:
  23. Loads of people have mentioned this. It seems like there's a bug where when a Premier League game is scheduled at the same time as the Super Cup, it's the Super Cup match which gets postponed (should obviously be the league game), and since that's never meant to happen the game doesn't know when to put it and it ends up in an international break.
  24. Hi Neil, I am using custom graphics (logos, faces, kits) and custom databases "FMTU" and "pro" files. Thanks for the quick response. FM19 Japanese Leagues & Cups (by pr0).fmf FM19 New Players (by pr0).fmf FM19 New Staff (by pr0).fmf FM19 Random Changes (by pr0).fmf FM19 Real Life Agents (by pr0).fmf FM19 Transfers (by FMTU).fmf FM19 Wonderkids (by pr0).fmf FM19 Current-Potential Ability Changes (by pr0).fmf FM19 Cypriot Leagues & Cups (by pr0).fmf FM19 Greek National C Division (by pr0).fmf FM19 Indian Super League (by pr0).fmf
  25. Hi Keysi ! I've a problem regarding the stars on the club's infrastructure. As you can see in this picture, they do not seem to be displayed correctly no matter the club, no matter the save... the reinstallation of the game didn't have any effect either like clear cache .. Have you ever encountered this problem? Thanks !
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