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  2. Firstly thanks for your advice, i have taken it on board and made some tweaks, my reasoning for not using counter in transition is I want my players not to counter all the time and instead assess the situation of whether they should counter or keep the shape.
  3. I made a similar point earlier in the thread regarding King. This might line-up a bit with AFC's interpretation as he may well be better suited to being a SS. My motivation for starting this discussion wasn't purely to replicate Bournemouth. I also wanted to create a framework for fast paced counterattacking style that wasn't purely reliant on direct passing. Thanks to you and AFC I think that we've gotten almost all of the way there for both. -OS
  4. 2024/25 Pre-Season Perfect Pre-Season. Still predicted 3rd. We sent two players to France! We also lost our best defender.
  5. This is also true In that respect, you could well need a lot of team bonding training sessions.
  6. If you finished a season in 4th with Leicester - which is a good team but certainly not expected/predicted to finish in a top four position - it means that you clearly overachieved. So opponents now generally play against you with more respect and caution than before. Which means they have adapted their tactics to your improved reputation, but you have failed to adapt yours to these new circumstances. There are a lot of people who have been facing this kind of problem. You can play any tactical style, but only on condition that you have the right players for that particular style. Btw, what exactly do you mean by "pressing style like Spurs"? This setup is extremely risky defensively (even for a top team). Because you play with extremely urgent pressing coupled with higher DL and much higher LOE, plus counter-press to further exacerbate things. And on top of that, you are doing all this in a top-heavy system such as 4231 and high-risk mentality (positive). So your defensive settings are a clear example of a tactical overkill. And your right flanks is potentially also vulnerable with a WB on attack in a system with none in a DM position to protect the back-line in a more direct manner. Milivojevic as a BBM could struggle a lot to cover defensively for a WB bombing forward all the time. In terms of pressing, rather than using high pressing for the entire team - and thus risk too many players being caught out of position - I would recommend what Rashidi calls "split block". This means, team pressing is left on default, but your front 4 players are asked to close down more via their player instructions (the PF is already set to max press by default). Considering that you use a system without a DM, I would also tweak your DL and LOE, to give you more vertical compactness and thus better protect the channels. This means that DL should be (at least) a notch higher than LOE. For example: higher DL/standard LOE. Or much higher DL/higher LOE (though the latter could make you overly exposed to balls over the top). Your in-possession TIs - short pass, POD & WBIB - as well as the deployment of 2 playmakers - suggest you want to play possession-based football. For that to work better, you need a bit more support duties. For example: PFsu IFat APsu IFsu DLPde BBM WBsu CDde CDde FBsu SKsu/de Of course, it does not have to be set up in this exact way. I just wanted to give you one possible example. Now, I have one question: why don't you use the Counter TI in transition? Not saying you should use it, just curious to learn about your reasoning on this.
  7. Second of my adventures in Spain taken from my side https://djsmileysawordp.wordpress.com/ Welcome back everybody, last time we played all our preseason games and won all of them and didn't concede a goal which for a club of our size was excellent achievement, even though it was preseason but I felt proud and thought we ready for the real deal. The day we all been waiting for finally arrived, our first major test with our 4-1-4-1DM tactic. Our first league game at the Estadio de Vallecas, Madrid vs Espanyol in their 4-1-4-1 wide formation. First minute Espanyol works the ball on their left wing with Piatti on the ball Piatti plays a lovely through ball forward and suddenly Iglesias is one on one with only the goalie to beat and he shoots...lucky for us he's denied by the woodwork. Minute 15:58 Kakuta is about to take a corner from the left side, Kakuta tries the out-swinging corner and as Amat is about to head the ball near the edge of the box, he's obstructed and the referree blows for a foul and a free kick at the edge of the area...chance Kakuta stands on the dead ball He takes the free kick with his lovely left foot and yes first blood to the home team and the stadium erupts, And look and point to the skies and said thank you God. Minute 17 on the middle of the park Imbula with the ball, plays the ball to Comesana(BWM) and he quickly returns it to Imbula and Imbula plays it across to right back Tito R.R and Tito drives forward with the ball since no one is coming to close him up and our centre forward Di Santo smells blood and start making a run in between the 2 centre back (Moves into channel) Tito keeps running with the ball and one of the centre backs decides to close him down Now Di Santo wishes Tito to play a through ball to the space which the centre back left by going to close down Tito. Rightly so Tito feeds the ball through to Do Santo but unfortunately the ball evades Di Santo and the opposition clears. So today I want us to discuss how and why did Tito decided to run with the ball while at first he was never told to do so. Now let's take a look at his profile below He's is not getting any younger is he, now if we check his attributes he's got some nice Mental attributes and with his age it makes sense as to why. And if we check again he's got the traits, Avoid using weaker food and Hugs line. So why did he decide to run with the ball? Only certain attributes will make him do what he did above. 1. Anticipation - This attribute reflects the player's ability to predict and react to events going on around them. 2. Composer - This attribute is the player's steadiness of mind and ability to make intelligent decisions with and without the ball. 3. Decisions - This attribute reflects the player's ability to make the correct choice both with and without the ball. Now Tito's has 14 for Anticipation, while his Composer is 14 and his Decisions is 15. The ball was passed to him and he started running with the ball and as he was running with the ball towards the midfield no one was actually pressuring him so on he continues running with the ball at his feet the suddenly our centre forward Di Santo start making a run in between the two centre defenders. Because of the above attributes I mentioned above he reacted to what our centre forward was doing and when one of the defenders stepped out of the line to close him up his composure and decisions attributes helped to play a through ball for a striker to run onto and hopefully finish the move with a goal. But since his Vision ( This attribute reflects the player's ability to see a potential opening and spot an opportunity another player may not have seen ) is 10 and his Technique attribute ( This attribute reflects the aesthetic quality of a player's technical game; how refined they are with the ball at feet. Technique is important in being able to pull off a tricky pass or a cross-field ball ) is 12 the pass was over hit and that chance ended up with the opposition being able to intercept and clearing their lines. Am sure you heard many of the community citing the importance of attributes when playing the game, there's no write or wrong in playing football manager game but crucially important is the player's attributes that we need to understand. We played 7 games and won 6 of them and drawing 3-3 against Atletico Madrid CF in September and am so proud of the watching my team play more especially in the final third. Thanks for joining me on chapter 2 of my project in Spain and please share so we can reach so many of the community and take care of yourself till next time...Adios *Reserved* *Reserved*
  8. Actually no you don't - you know what individual journalists writing an article think, but even amongst such articles you can find huge variances of opinions as debt and resources are spread between numerous corporations and thus it isn't wholly clear how things stand especially amongst the larger clubs where they might have seperate structures for such things as Youth Development, Investments, Stadium Management, Concessions, Sponsorship, Sports Activities, Charity Activities etc. .... all of which may or may not have the same ownership and be directly visible under the same corporate umbrella. As far as making something visible for 'bragging rights' - I don't mind that as a concept and understand the appeal, but in all honesty its not high on my agenda of things to do at present because I've already a very full plate planned for next year ..
  9. I think choosing Dortmund would be very boring. My first save in FM 2019 was exactly Dortmund and I won everything in second season. You have too much money and players are very good. Better challenge would be Leverkusen but only buy German players. I once played with Sassuolo and I was only buying Italian players. That was my best save
  10. Try to get in Samaden or Bernhard Peters. Sometimes they have 17 or 18 tactical knowledge as well depending on the save.
  11. In the biggest game of our lives, after overcoming the odds to make it, we only went and did it - Spartak Moscow are European champions! The statistics suggest a game that Benfica were unlucky to lose, but in reality we were in control from the moment Shestakov met Fedorenko's corner with a thumping header after just two minutes. Our opponents had more of the ball, but we were able to stay compact, press them at opportune moments, and break with pace when we turned over possession. 20 minutes in Kostenko was brought down inside the area on one such break, but he saw his shot saved well and we stayed just the one goal to the good. That lasted less than 15 minutes, when our dead ball tsar Fedorenko bent a free-kick past Coelho from nearly 30 yards to double the lead, and it was all I could do to stop my men getting carried away. The stats will show that Benfica had more than double the number of shots we managed, but all bar one of ours hit the target. We managed the game well, stopped them getting too close, and in the closing stages shut things down expertly. Spartak Moscow are European champions - and what's more, they deserve to be. These are the men who conquered a continent, and each one of them deserves their place among the icons of the club. There are, of course, those who will say that defeating Sporting, Celtic and Benfica is hardly a run worthy of champions, but that conveniently forgets the quarter-final win over Chelsea, and the fact that we had to get past Juventus, Manchester City and Lyon just to make the last 16. We're on top of Europe, on top of Russia, and nothing can bring us down right now. I'm being mentioned as one of the best managers of all time, but really this one is down to the players. Fedorenko has come of age, putting in a man-of-the-match display in the Champions League final to cap off a superb season for the Ukrainian. Ahead of him, with Vorobjov struggling a little, both Kostenko and Kolosov stepped up their games, the latter in particular adding assists to his cool finishing. Finally, we were superb at the back, Shestakov overtaking Pipia for a first-team berth and securing a fantastic year with a goal on the biggest stage of all. We have a squad both strong and deep, and the level of interest in our players suggests that others know about it too. Our summer business will largely depend on how much of that interest we can fend off. The likes of Fedorenko, Shestakov, Vorobjov, Xoshimov and youngsters Gusev and Cherepanov are all being watched by big Western Europe sides, and while we can clearly compete on the field, our financial limitations are somewhat tighter. Losing one or even two would be manageable given the depth and youth we have in our ranks, but any more than that and we'll find ourselves scrabbling around somewhat. We wouldn't be short of cash however, so we'd be well-positioned to recruit as European champions. As for my own future, at present I can see absolutely no reason to do anything other than remain in Moscow. To have reached the very top of my profession after 20 years in the game, and with the club I have always dreamed of leading to this point, is a superb feeling. To have done it on my terms, with my players, is incredible. Now, as we go into the next season with a huge target painted on our backs, it is time to secure a legacy, to build a dynasty. Saparow and Spartak should be a combination to be feared the world over - until that is accomplished, there is little point in stopping. -- Despite a horrible group and being the underdogs at every stage, Saparow had somehow guided his Spartak to the top of the footballing world. The Champions League win - the first ever for a Russian club - turned him and his men into global stars, and it was hard to argue that they didn't deserve it. Our Turkmen hero was now being honoured as one of the all-time greats, and he wasn't done yet. With Europe conquered the first time, he had sights on doing so again, all the while fending off CSKA and other pretenders on the domestic front. He wanted to become an icon of the club, a man who would have stands named after him and of whom generations to come would speak fondly of. Bahtiyar had earned that right, and now he would cement it. Another right he has undoubtedly earned is the right to speak for himself. From now on, I plan to simply sit back and enjoy the show.
  12. Hi Smurf, I have been looking for a new laptop (current one is approx 6 years old, and running much slower than it used to). I only really use it for FM, films, netflix, the odd bit of work etc, nothing too strenuous. I have seen this in my local store; https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-inspiron-15-7000-15-6-intel-core-i7-laptop-512-gb-ssd-silver-10188862-pdt.html And have also seen this while on the website checking; https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-g3-15-15-6-intel-core-i7-gtx-1050-ti-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-128-gb-ssd-10182914-pdt.html That is my budget really, could stretch just over that but would prefer not to. I currently play with about 5 nations loaded, and the processing time is not really an issue but ideally would like to play with higher graphics in 3D (game hasn't changed much for me recently as on the same laptop). I have read a number of your previous posts and I seem to have just confused myself with what to buy and what not to buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Lots of Mexican youngsters coming in during the transfer window, lots of regens in the lower divisions. Two of the most promising which will be in and around the first team despite their age are: Poor start to the season considering that we were supposed to be challenging for promotion. both wing backs sent off against Potros UAEM in a disappointing defeat but a slight change in formation to include the veteran Ecuadorian playmaker Christian Luna in the last couple of games seems to have helped.
  14. Welcome to Season 9 Episode 9 of my FM19 story, The Head Coach. This is a LLM Journeyman story with a twist, as we work under a director of football with the players/staff we're given at every club on our road from non league to legendary status! In this episode, we play West Ham United in the Europa League Semi Final 2nd Leg, looking to book Newcastle's place in a European final! If you enjoyed this episode, LIKE the video & SUBSCRIBE to the channel for daily FM19 content. New episodes of FM19 The Head Coach on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 4.30pm, with new content from my other FM19 story, Part of the Furniture, on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at the same time. There's also a new video from Snooker 19 every Friday. Thanks for watching!
  15. To be honest your tactic looks pretty good. I don't know how far you are through the season but if you make a lot of changes to your squad like you have, it does take a while for everyone to get used to the way you play and each other as team-mates. One thing that might be worth changing is "work into box". I find that that TI is sometimes a bit of a trap, particularly if you're struggling to score goals. Looking at the average ratings of your players, there don't seem to be too many playing poorly. Maddison is on a 6.74 - perhaps tweaking his role and trying something different might be worthwhile? Good luck.
  16. THE BOOK OF ROLES When creating tactics we need to know how we are going to win games with the players at our disposal. Visualising how we score goals helps. Knowing which area of this pitch we can control with our players is vital. There are many ways to build a tactic, you can go ground up by analysing your team to find a tactical shape that suits them or you can impose your own tactical shape on them and slowly mould them into how you want to play. There is no right way, only your way. Ultimately football is just a battle on a pitch where sides try to win battles across the pitch. Weaker sides will try and win the battles in defence and try and launch quick counters. Sometimes they will try and force stronger sides on the backfoot and deny them a chance to play their game. Stronger sides could try and impose their will on a game and try and control the bigger areas of the pitch forcing weaker sides into an endless barrage of attacks. That’s the beauty of the game – there is no one tactical approach, and that’s the same with creating a tactical system. There are many ways to do it. There is one thing that stands true in any system. You need to find the right player to do the job you want. If you aim to play a defensive game then you need the right kind of players to do the job. Choosing the right player for the right task is also just as important. With that in mind I will explain certain roles in the game to begin with so that I get the basics out of the way before constructing a tactic. A role can be played in different ways and it can work in combination with other instructions in the game to offer you choices. How these roles play on the pitch can affect your tactical shape, so its important to understand the basics first. Once you understand roles you will be able to make effective combinations with the players that you have. The Short and Sweet of Roles Goalkeepers Sweeper Keeper · Technically proficient, good first touch, dribbling and kicking are attributes needed apart from typical keeper attribute · Ideal for possession football and countering prevent short goalkeeper distribution and the high press. · Used well when we have players in close proximity to offer passing options. Eg. Ball Playing Defender, Deep Lying Playmaker · Might leave the box to launch attacks from deep · Real Life Example: Allisson, Liverpool · Works well in combination with a BPD, to counter the jigh press or prevent short goal keeper distribution. How a sweeper keeper and a ball playing defender can create passing combinations to beat a high press. The draw the team in before releasing the ball either to a playmaker or they can use the BPD to do a deep diagonal. Without these roles the Sweeper Keeper could try and pass the ball to the nearest fullback. Goalkeeper · Orthodox keeper, doesn’t need to have good first touch · Can still play the ball on the ground with the “Play out of Defence” team instruction · Stays in the penalty area, rarely ventures out of the box · Real Life Example: Kaspar Schmiechel, Leicester Central Defender: · Generic defenders who are a good option for any side · Will play the ball out of defence or in the air. · Team instructions and mentality can influence their play, sometimes they will play the ball long when there are no adequate passing options. · Movement – Does not leave the defensive line Ball Playing Defender · Technically proficient player, good first touch, dribbling, passing, vision and technical defender attributes · Can launch deep diagonal attacks from the back if there are good options in front. Eg an Inside Forward on attack duty playing against the high press, with space to attack. · Risky role if used with players who have poor first touch, composure and dribbling · When paired with a sweeper keeper they can counter a high press or prevent short GK distribution · Can be used very effectively in a 5 man or a 4 man defensive line. · Movement – Dynamic role that can leave the defensive line to initiate attacks or break lines (eg, Move from defensive line to midfield) · Real life example: Virgil Van Dyke (Liverpool), Matthis De Light (Ajax) Libero · Creative central defender, passing, decisions, vision, and dribbling are recommended attributes to have in addition to central defender attributes · Technically proficient player · Can push out of his defensive line when he brings the ball out of defence · To bring the best out of him, it’s best not to have playmakers ahead of him · A good role for playmakers who need to be retrained as they get older as long as the defenders around them are fast. No Nonsense Central Defender · Ideal role for players who are not great with passing, first touch or dribbling · A role that plays direct balls into space or towards a player · Ideal role for sides that want to play defensive football where clearing the ball is the first priority · Can be used by any team as an option for a deep strike when they are playing with attacking duties in the final third No Nonsense Fullback · Does not overlap · Simple fullback role whose priority is to guard the flanks · His starting positioning is usually too deep to offer support to attacking players in central positions because he holds position · His job is to help the team recycle possession so he will not be expected to cross often. · He may clear the ball when he has no good options to pass to Fullback · Versatile with plenty of options offered by duties, including automatic duty, which makes this a very customisable role that can be abused. · If a team is on attacking mentality and you use a FB on auto he will follow the team mentality and you can instruct him to do things that may not be available to other duties. It’s a duty I avoid. · On defend duties he holds his position and crosses from deep · On support duties, decisions and his individual mentality will influence his play. He will choose when to do cross, play the through ball. His job is to support the midfield and attacks. · On attack duties, the fullback will cross more often and look for chances to move higher up the pitch. · A fullback on support can be positioned higher to support midfield with the overlap/underlap shout. This will place them close to midfield, but can run the risk of putting the team in danger if the side is not good at circulating the ball. · A fullback can be influenced to pass inside more by using the “Sit Narrow” instruction. This will move them narrower during buildup play. This can be useful for sides that have issues with keeping the ball when they are building play from the back. In this image you can see how the fullbacks position themselves. When playing on support or defend they will not commit to attacking transitions early, instead they will wait till your side exerts control over the opposition area. Here the FB(D) on the left flank is helping the team circulate possession, he will have plenty of passing options. The FB(D) may not overlap but if you have the right distribution of roles in midfield you can use them to control midfield creating space for him to be an unmarked cross deliverer from deep. Never look down on a FB(D). These are some of the movement patterns we can expect from duties and from certain player instructions like “Sit Narrow” and “Overlap/Underlap” Wingback · More aggressive than the fullback · Good role for sides opting to play an aggressive possession game in midfield and the opponent’s third · A wingback on defend duty will help the side keep possession of the ball, help the ball move the ball through the midfield transition phase but will prioritise returning back to a defensive position when needed · Wingbacks on Defend duty are positioned higher up the pitch than a fullback on support In attacking transitions they will get themselves higher up the pitch Here is a wingback on defend duty supporting the attack, if the side loses the ball he needs to track back quickly. His priority is to cover the threat that is on the flank. Wingbacks on defend do not cross from the byeline, they will hold position and cross from deep Inverted Wingback - A cross between a defensive midfelder and a fullback - Positions himself in the defensive midfield tier when the team has the ball and they are moving from defence to midfield - On defend duty he will hold position, unless you have the overlap instruction, which could influence him to down the flanks if you are in control of the opposition third - On support/attack duty he can end up attacking the box centrally. In some cases he may move further than a central midfielder on support. This role requires specific requirements to work, failing which they default to playing as wingbacks - If used with two defensive midfielders, the role defaults to playing like a wingback because the defensive midfield strata is already occupied - If only one defensive midfielder is used but he is not centrally placed the IWB closest to the DM will default to playing as a wingback - If there are no wingers/wide midfielders playing in the AML/AMR/MR/MR slot, then the IWB defaults to playing as a wingback - These are done by design by SI. - Real Life Example: Phillip Lahm, (Bayern under Pep Guardiola) Here we are playing with two IWB, behind two wingers, note how the IWB’s are positioned slightly ahead of the DM. These IWB’s have been given the overlap instruction. We are in control of the opposition space, and the IWB goes forward to overlap and receive the pass out wide IWB’s can also break through lines quickly, here our IWB has dribbled all the way from his starting position, out to the right flank, even before the other IWB has got into position. He holds the ball long enough for the rest of the team to catch up, plays the ball to the central midfielder The central midfielder moves wide to play the ball out back to the IWB as he comes in free to cross the ball. This IWB was played on support, with the overlap instruction to create this style of play. However this kind of dynamic attack also has its risks. His driving runs can sometimes leave your flanks exposed. To use this role effectively you will need a technically capable player who can do the task without losing the ball. He will also need to have good acceleration, stamina and work rate. When used with high defensive lines, choosing the wrong player for this role can be catastrophic. Complete Wingback Along with the IWB this is the other wingback role that has roam from position making their play-style unpredictable CWB can cut inside or go wide Suited for players with good technical, mental and physical attributes. Since they roam they need to have good decisions to make the right call whether to go wide or narrow. They start from wider positions and will dribble more. Defensive Midfielders Before looking at their roles it’s worth noting that one can play with up to 3 defensive midfielders in that strata but whether it’s a good idea or not I leave it to your imagination. Anchoring Defences Anchor Man - The most disciplined defensive midfielder - Positions himself in front of the two central defenders and does not venture too far from them. - Plays simple passes and does not do anything extraordinary - Is a great choice when you want to move the ball safely to playmakers positioned in central midfield - One of the best roles in the game for disciplined defences - Effective against lone man striker formations in isolating them as passing options An anchorman’s position in front of the central defenders and in the opponent’s third when you have possession Forming a tight partnership with the central defenders, not expected to close down players on the flank An anchorman will not venture too far away from his defenders Defensive Midfielder - Another excellent role for protecting your defences - A bit more creative than the Anchorman and might try longer passes and risky passes - He may close down further away than an anchorman. - If there are other players closing down in midfield then this could lead to complications as the DM may also enter the mix leaving you vulnerable. - Ideally you want someone with good positioning, concentration and decisions to play this role, because they can sometimes commit to actions that reflect poor decisions. - This may be a generic role but it is also a simpler role without being locked into player instructions and can be a good option for more creative players, as they wouldn’t be shoe-horned into a particular playstyle - Real life example: Javi Martinez A defensive midfielder generally occupies the same area as an anchorman Here the DM has joined other roles in midfield to close down a player even though the team is playing on balanced and he is on defend duty. This leaves the defence vulnerable. With a good defensive line and the right players this may not be an issue, but it’s worth paying attention to. Ball Winning Midfielder - A very interesting role, this player is a disruptor - He breaks down play, has a big area of influence and needs to be used with care. - If used in the defensive midfield tier, he can leave the central defenders to close down the flanks. - If used in midfield as a support duty he can close down further up the pitch. A good position to use him is in central midfield on support where he can disrupt sides and make it hard for them to build up play in midfield Here we have a BWM who has left the area in front of the central defenders unprotected as he goes to close down the opposition in their half.
  17. In my first season as Leicester i finished remarkably in 4th, and after a summer window where i had a bit of a reshuffle we are currently underperforming just wondering if anyone has any advice on what they'd change with my tactic, thanks. Looking to play a 4231 with a pressing style like spurs.
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