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  2. Just as long as a bunch of new transfers are aren't needed. Pretty dry in the funds department right now
  3. Actually I be completely open to new changes. Draws are really getting on my nerves.
  4. Just as a general comment, I think SI have been doing a great job in interacting with the community and moving the game forward in a direction that is mainly satisfactory to the majority of people. The UI this year is very good and so many great features have been added to the game that are frankly amazing in depth and in incorporating user feedback through the years. Now the issue with the ME is that we have different expectations, We need to come to common grounds on the fundamentals of a football simulation representation. Stuff like hitting the woodwork 6 times every game, identical goals scored or world class players missing 15 a game chances are stuff that need to be addressed and not argued about and compared to real life. This is a game and frankly I believe it’s impossible for it to reflect real life because football has a certain randomness to it, But there are boundaries for freakish or abnormal behaviour of course. We need to all calm down, And trust that we are getting very close to a very good ME complimenting a great fm game, Our feedback is important as well and it does make a difference. I do notice some individuals who try to deny anything wrong about the game, You get these types of people in every walk of life and as long as they don’t ridicule or distort anyone trying to fix things, No problem at all.
  5. I was fired from maniaspor jut after 7 games, turkey is hard
  6. Yes, but if 5 rating stars are only 21,100 db size....what d you think is an average db size to be play properly?
  7. It's really ridiculous, I'm suffering from it too, not to mention that my quarterbacks kick forward and the attacker comes face to face with the goalkeeper, and the end you know, the goalkeeper always defends ...
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