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  2. Lol, smaller clubs, then name probably the best club of the moment who happened to win the CL last season.
  3. I had a good time watching this game with my free ticket. Even clapped when you scored.
  4. @Jakobhg, could you provide a save just before that news item is sent? Ideally if you could send us a save from the end of the season where you didn't get promoted so we can check that the club vision is updating accordingly. Thanks
  5. On release me and afew mates are playing a network save in the National Leagues all based on logistics. Its not reinventing the wheel however it helped us decide instead of arguing whos picked the club with the most money/resources! i ended up with Boston United who is the closest club to my doorstep - so any fans with some insight itll be appreciated ( may even try catch afew games! ) the other lads are York City and St Albans. York look a decent club in the North divison.
  6. Surprised this hasn't been brought up on here yet but I'd consider the fact Erling Håland won't enter contract negotiations with most clubs a bug, or at the very least an inaccuracy. Since he joined Salzburg in January, it's not like he's only just signed for them. I'd imagine in real life, at the very least he will be willing to discuss a deal with Leipzig as the next stage in the development chain. Something to look at maybe? I know there's no solid reason but I can't find one for why he won't even enter talks.
  7. That's what it's quoted as, the stats back it up and the forums are the minority in the "Negative side". IMO I think the stats misslead cause people still buy the game yearly or however long they do. The things outside the ME was great to see tbh and the only downside was wanting a contract so often if they did well. I'd also argue the people outside the forums don't really see the problems but play it as it is without getting in a twist like some of us. There can only be so many people doing that though so i am inclined to believe people think of it as the best ever. There was a poll at some point last few weeks and I think people in forums generated as fm13/15 were the best and 17 close by (dont quote me on that though, check up on it).
  8. This picture shows what it should look like when players shoot from this angle. From the angle of the camera, sure it looks like a simple pass. Though put yourself in the players boots. He had so little time between receiving the ball and having to make a decision (in FM players are taking multiple touches with loads of time). If he takes another touch here, a recovering tackle could be made by No 8. Also the defenders positioning is decent. From our angle we can see the ball across is still on, but again in the players boots he has so little time and its difficult to spot the attacker (In FM defenders would be about 5 yards behind the attackers here). I said it on another post yesterday, the big problem in fm isn't the players shooting from these angles, the problem is that the defenders are terrible and are often so out of position that there's no excuse for the pass not being made. Imo the work has to be done on the defending for these situations, not the attacking
  9. @JDama, do you have a save just before you are sacked by Sociedad? We would need to check this out. @AlexTheTall, could you also provide us with a save just before you are sacked?
  10. Although perhaps not as high scoring I would add 4132 to the winger possible tactics.
  11. What about Notts County? Out of the Football League for the first time in their long history. A good challenge to get them back up the leagues, then compete at the top level. Eventually even get Juventus as a senior affiliate (if that's even possible in game), as there is an historical link between the two clubs. It's basically why Juve play in black & white stripes.
  12. take a rest, had same problem and i now what it means
  13. At the start of the season for Arsenal I have promised Ozil and Aubameyang that we would qualify for the "Champions Cup". Currently I am 31 games in and top of the league. A message from both players have come up stating they will give me extra time to fulfil my promise as I was so close to completing it? Yet I have not finished the season?! Additionally, a message for both players then come in on the same day stating that they are now not happy the promise has been kept and wish to be sold?! Is this issue due to the fact I have won the Carabao Cup (Qualifiying for the "Euro Cup") and additionally I have achieved the minimum amount of points in the league to qualify to the Euro Cup too? I do not understand how they can be unhappy if the season is not finished yet and I have not had the opportunity to qualify to the "Champions Cup"? Thanks and hope this bug is sorted.
  14. Is this being looked into at all? It never got fixed in fm 19...
  15. I would say 80% of the goals my team scores are coming out of the midfielders. My attackers kick more but are always defended. Another thing that is catching my attention is the fact that sometimes my striker is free and the midfielder does not pass the ball to him, he prefers to kick or touch aside.
  16. I can't select multiple players, staff, etc. I playing on a Mac mini, and I tried holding shift, control, command, and I simply can't select multiple players to add them to a shortlist all at once for exemple.
  17. At which point of the season did this occur? If you have a save from near before (or if not possible, a save from after) the fixtures were arranged we can take a look. Thanks
  18. Play him, hes ready . I play him as an IF (a), sometimes on the left sometimes on the right. Remember, hes both footed. I play a lot of my youngsters regularly, laird, williams, mejbri, gomes all getting regularly game time, not just cup games either. Ethan laird is my highest assister so far in this 1st season.
  19. Thanks for your help. In this years bèta I had some problems playing 3D on high quality. That's why I want to buy a new one. Was never happy with my Acer anyway. Could it be that the bèta has some problems that effect the 3D on my Acer now? Or is my laptop too old for smooth 3D? I have now Acer with I5-4210H 2.9GHz with turbo boost up to 3,5GHz.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M with 4GB dedicated VRAM and 8GB memory. I also have HDD and No SDD
  20. Those aren't 'free' in the box at all... In fact, if he cut that back he's got two defenders plus the keeper to beat before he gets to a teammate. Bad example.
  21. Play him, hes ready . I play him as an IF (a), sometimes on the left sometimes on the right. Remember, hes both footed. I play a lot of my youngsters regularly, laird, williams, mejbri, gomes all getting regularly game time, not just cup games either. Ethan laird is my highest assister so far in this 1st season.
  22. It seems ridiculous to me that the game isn't allowed to use the name "Juventus" for example. I mean, I just used it there and I didn't ask permission to say Juventus. Regarding player pics and badges etc, they're nice to have but not a deal breaker for me. But if I can't have them I'd rather have a skin which didn't have badges or pics at all, rather than the generated ones or the blank face.
  23. It seems so, do you have a save where this item still appears?
  24. Hi all. Looking for some inspiration for a new save. I'm keen to start a non-league to legend type save but I'm having trouble picking a National League North/South team. I want a club that has a bit of relevance, i.e. I did a save with Valencia when Gary Neville took charge, Bayer Leverkusen last year because they were used in a lot of the marketing for the game - that kind of thing. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
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