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  2. September 2033 We slip up but despite this we're just 3 points off of top spot.
  3. An interesting winner in the Champions League...
  4. I wonder how our old rivals Dinamo are getting on.... Oh.
  5. Season Review! Finally! After dominating Phase 1 and topping Group 1, you had to fancy our chances in the Playoffs. We dominated Juvenes Dogana and edged it against Tre Fiori, but I thought we'd blown it when Cailungo equalised in the 91st minute against us. We came back stronger in Extra Time, though, and Thomas Guidi (YP14) stepped up to hand us our first League title. We've only gone and done the double!
  6. Best game I've ever played. Without problems? No. Good outweighs the bad? Most definitely
  7. Another one out the club German midfielder Dario Fernandez has been pestering for a move, he's off to Frankfurt for €3.5m up front, another €1.5m in add ons, 50% of his next transfer fee and a friendly. Not bad for a lad picked up on a free.
  8. So Cancelo is putting up a fit, wanting his contract more than doubled. I think i found my next big sale for January. Now on to find Vagnoman's (who i will start from now on) new backup (hopefuly italian). Or might bring De Sciglio back on the flank, if i find myself with a nice centerback
  9. August 2033 Another very good month with just the one defeat means we're right at the top end of the table. Two more leave before the transfer window closed.
  10. To demonstrate better how things are affected, I will show it with images: A new slate, Positive mentality, cd on defend is on balanced mentality and the rest with positive mentality, but if I change the right winger to attack? I put him in inside forward attack and his mentality upped 1 notch compared the team mentality. But If I changed the DM to defend and the left fullback to attack? As you can see the ones with defend now go to cautious mentality and the ones with attack turns to very attacking. Flexible and very fluid have differences? Yes, but it affect creative freedom? I dno't know.
  11. Hi @oleg8979, apologies for the delay on this, and sorry that you've found this is still occurring in FMT19. If this can be easily reproduced, would you mind posting a save so we can take a further look into why this is still happening. Thanks, Ali
  12. Hi. I've just finished a second season with Chelsea. Half way through the second season i noticed that all of a sudden it became painfully slow when ever i tried 'continue'. I've started a Torino save and that's running fine on the same database. I have used the in game editor on the Chelsea save but only for transfer and minor other tweaks. I'd be surprised if i've made more than 25 changes. Is there any known reason why my game is running so slow all of a sudden? I've also attached a image of where the game tends to get stuck for a minute or so. I'm playing on a Mac btw. Thanks.
  13. I don't know how you could build Sarri team in FM,but I can give you some ideas saying how he plays in real life. His prefered formation is the 4-3-3 (or 4-1-4-1 DM wide), and he setup it almost in the same way for most the season. Defensively,he likes to press the ball, he put his defensive line higher and like to force the ball wide. His team plays from the back, with their keeper, defenders and DM creating 2 triangles. Usually they play the ball vertically, using his midfielders. The striker usually use the space upfront to create space or play it to the wingers or to the midfielders. In the offensive phase, the team prefers to plays on the left side, because the players on that side are the ones that get way up in the field, and the striker also go for through balls and crosses. Key players for this tactic: Keeper: He needs to use his feet and be good with it, Sarri expects use every player in the field,and his keeper is one of them. DM: He need to be very familiar with the ball,and also needs to be good defensively (Jorginho is exactly this guy) Left winger: In Sarri tactic, the AML is a inside forward, having the license to cut inside and cause havok in the defence (Hazard and Insigne) Striker: The role that is most demanding. Your striker need to be good with and without the ball, because Sarri expects him to create chances or when the opportunity appears, score goals. His setup was something like this: Defenders: They need to be familiar with the ball, and very good defensively, because you will be in a high line, so expect counters against lesser sides. Left fullback: Like I said before, he overloads his left side, so the fullback in this side is way offensive thant the other Right fullback: This side his player keep his pace and just stay more behind. Right midfielder: This guy is usually a work-horse in his tactics. A box to box midfielder that usually conserves possession and don't appear that much in the attack. Left midfielder: This guy needs to be good offensively, because he expects this midfielder to get more upin the field to help the attack. Right winger: This guy can do 2 different things under Sarri. 1: Be a Raumdeter and exploit the space that the left side leaves open (Callejon and Pedro), or 2: Be the winger and give a wide option in case the left side is populated. You need to remember that he expects the team to work possession, but be offensive (like vertical tiki-taka).
  14. Thanks Seb, that's what I have been doing. Good to know I'm not missing something. Interesting. I do have my tactics saved and the U18s and U23s have been using them all season (7-8 games so far) but the option is still greyed-out. I wonder if it has to hit a minimum number of uses to qualify as 'previously used'? Thanks. I'll keep an eye on it.
  15. Ianis is the best Romanian player. He will win us the European championship
  16. July 2033 A great start but we did face three teams predicted down in the bottom four.
  17. Unfortunately no, as it will add fake (newgen) players
  18. Please remove/increase the 5m p/w wage budget cap from the in-game editor to give players more freedom in this sense.
  19. Today
  20. Hi @DDDS, sorry to hear this, we have had reports of people using this device and we do support it, so that's quite odd. Could I ask what your model number is?
  21. 2033/34 Pre-Season Short pre-season. Just finish in the top half.
  22. Cheers @Seb Wassell. I wasn't aware they had removed the requirment for them to play X number of minutes to get a rating and therefore gain a benefit. @Snorks cheers mate, feel free to steal my schedule! If it helps, I am still playing FM18 which makes it easier to set these changes up. I would love to have the FM19 training system in FM18 as you could create some amazing young players that way as you have so much control over the types of training weeks they would undergo. Its a shame I hate the match engine and Gegenpress 101 with a passion. @Shakey One last thing that I didn't mention. As you move up the pyramid, you can start training your young players to have a lot more skills than just the basics. Training as a Centre Back only is fine at League 1, in the Prem you might want to be developing players who can at least pass the ball more than 5 yards accurately so you might look at training them as BPD instead for a few years before giving them a specialised training schedule that focus on thier main attributes.
  23. I think this link helps you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Copa_Sudamericana Read "Brazil 8". That rule change on 2017 Copa Sudamericana. Since 2016, the champion of Copa Verde has qualified to the round of 16 for Copa do Brasil for next year. Example: The champion of 2019 Copa Verde qualified into the Round of 16 of 2020 Copa do Brasil. Unterstand? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Copa_Verde PS: Sorry for my porr English. Cheers.
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