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  2. Excited to see who you bring in with a respectable transfer budget.
  3. after creating a new save my game crashes. after about 3 or 4 games into a new save the game just crashes without saving which is so infuriating.
  4. Yes, I agree. Fullbacks especially when they shoot from distance from the side, they always shoot with power and it is unnstoppable for the keeper.
  5. January 2028 - , Apart from the Forest Green flogging, we couldn't buy a win. I'm not really sure what to do here, as our clear cut chances over the last 10 games outnumbered the opposition by 28-16. Obviously we just have to get more clinical. We are only a couple of wins away from shooting up the table
  6. All the most importan factors are visible though (be it in 3d or 2d). - distance to Goal - angle to Goal - keeper Position and thus how much he's tightened the angle / made the target to hit smaller by coming off his line - pressure on the Forward (distance to the next Defender/s nearby) - pace of Play - Whether the ball is on the strong or weak foot - etc. That's all fairly Basic things any football engine shoudl consider anyway. It's part of any finishing Research. The nature of finite Motion capturing animations for 3d models naturally means there is a finite amount of finishing moves as such. Same as in tendency all the motion captured keeper saves tend to look quite spectacular so to make Things look "exciting". Agree this all Needs be checked, mind, incluiding the amounts which seem clearly an issue.
  7. Hi guys, I am managing Ajax and want to make a tactic arround a False Nine, Tadic is the best guy for it. This is my tactic, don't know is there any good to put an AMC there as a Trequarista or to put an AMC at all. Was also thinking to put a DMC position instead of AMC. First games I was playing striker as CF support but want to have a False Nine there,
  8. Hey, I don't usually come here to comment on features/bugs anymore, but with these black spots on the pitch making my game look awful I had to ask... Is this something that is supposed to be a pitch effect, because I see the spots appearing (totally random) behind players as they run, or is this a bug that will be sorted out in the next update? I hope it's the latter because this doesn't make any sense, happens every game, doesn't look like anything real, and it doesn't seem to be connected to weather conditions either.
  9. SI have always said that having managers use their in-game salary for any purpose was not part of their short or medium term plans for the game
  10. It's shooting also. I think there's just far too many shots happening. Finishing needs improving along with something to reduce the number of shots, otherwise scorelines will be too high. Better finishing along with better defending to reduce the chances.
  11. For kits, I do not know. I do not use kit mods in the game really, since I do not spend a lot of time looking at them. I would imagine there are some in a megapack somewhere, but not my area of expertise! I have logos for Afirca that I downloaded from somewhere ages ago, so that I cannot remember where.
  12. October I've been playing at a glacial pace, but finally managed to get through a tricky October period. Following his excellent cameo, Borukov claimed Young Player of the Month - I rewarded him with a demotion back to the U23s! He's still too raw to feature prominently but I'm sure he'll develop into a decent player. So to review what happened in October - we somehow remained unbeaten! We cruised to victory against Hull and Wigan, followed by a tricky away fixture at Cardiff. We battled our way back into that one and came away with an unlikely point. The Stoke game was another late show - we pummelled them for long periods, conceding the only shot on target (shock), but eventually Reach nodded home the winner at the death, which was well deserved. I do wonder about our finishing though... The big game of the month was against Leeds - the only two unbeaten teams going head to head in a battle for top spot. It was the game EVERY football fan was tuned in to; so typically, it was a no-score-draw. However, we were under the cosh from minute one. I had to abandon my attacking 4-2-4 as i was getting severely overrun, and converted the two wingers into defensive wingers, and switched our approach to cautious. Leeds are easily the best and most intense attacking force in this league, and i'll be very surprised if anyone gets close this season. In the end, I'm happy with the point and clean sheet. Which leaves the table looking like this; 2nd and unbeaten after 14 games - I shouldn't grumble, although I think fatigue is setting in for some of the players. The squad is small, and the backup players aren't really up to scratch. A couple of wingers and another striker are definitely on this January's shopping list. I have £1.5m available to spend, so I'm gonna have to be creative I think! Roll on November...
  13. Knap did you ve time to look at a new 4231? i know you ve a lot of requests coming from everywhere..
  14. When I try to filter players in the National Pool, the filtering is broken. See the video below. Most of the filters do nothing when pressed. This worked perfectly in FMT19. My setup: iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 13.2.3 FMT 20.1.4-1318970 (m.e v2021) Steps to replicate: Switch to national manager Go to National Pool Try to filter players by only showing goalkeepers, left-sided full-backs, etc. I have uploaded my game save to the SI cloud service: Phil Morton - Tottenham - England.fmv RPReplay_Final1575797805.MP4
  15. I can now see the skin on the preferences menu but it's exactly the same as the original once load it. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks for your help!
  16. So here I go, second attempt at this challenge. This time I am in Spain - taking charge at CD Toledo. My Profile on Day 1 Toledo 2020/21 Squad Toledo General Info Toledo Facilities I have also a B team and Under 19 side but not players in either. *EDIT* Didn't realise I had a player on trial - I've binned him.
  17. Hi, I don't know if this was intentional, but I am missing a Checkmark for "Don't create stage if not enough teams" in League setups. It would be nice if this was reintroduced soon. Some pictures regarding this issue: FM2019 FM2020 Thank you in advance
  18. So i have a problem with a team in my Database. In Div 1 theres a team called North Harbor In Div 2 theres a team called Northland, however as you can see its not called that when you set the game up Heres the database entry for the team In Div 3 theres a team called North Otago I thought it was the "North" part screwing it up but i dont think it is. I really really really dont understand why its ONLY in game they are renamed to another team. WHY?! AMERICA PLS EXPLAIN WHY IS THIS KANSAS AND THIS IS ARKANSAS
  19. April 2021 Quiet January transfer window, just Angel Gomes to Celtic for £11.5m and a few loans. As expected PSGs renewed interest in Pogba resulted in no bids but is enough that he's refusing to sign a new contract. Massive deal of the window was Kai Havertz to Man City for £110m which is unfortunate as I would have loved to have signed him in the summer but didn't have the money now. On the competition front, we won the league cup for the second year in a row, were knocked out of the FA cup in 5th round by Liverpool, have been drawn against Arsenal in the CL QF and lead the league by 5 points but still have to play Spurs, Liverpool and Man City. Very worried about this as form hasn't been great since the patch and we are having to rely on set pieces for goals, only just got 1-0 wins against the 3 relegation zone teams in the last 3 matches, Belotti missed a penalty and 6 CCCs in one match.
  20. 4231 seems to be working fine with the top side against everything but the other top sides, since they are way too clinical and can easily punish the leaky defence.
  21. The obsession with realism has given way to complete unrealism...
  22. I've also uploaded the related save file onto the SI cloud. Named as Donadoni Yeung - Arsenal.fm Thanks for the follow up!
  23. I do think the amount of 1v1's that happen every game is a big part of the problem, its far too frequent and honestly most do seem to be through the middle, its probably part bug and part poor player finishing. I've actually resorted to just turning the CCC stat off during the game so i don't see it and rage lol. It's just incredibly frustrating as the chance looks like a good one but because the graphics and animations aren't all that great it doesn't reflect how good the chance actually is (or not as the case may be). So I've again resorted to the 2D engine like i generally do in every instalment of fm.
  24. Hi all, There are great improvements in ME after the latest patch, but surely not the case for training in first team. After half of the season of successful campaign with Arsenal, I found nearly no improvements in any attributes in majority of my players, who were well performed across different tournaments. As usual, I let my assistant manager to take care of the general training. The individual training was even set at double intensity. Most of the below players didn't suffered serious setback as shown in the no. of appearances. How would my reserve and U18 players have more significant progression than the young players with regular first team exposure and first team training?
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