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  2. For me the game stutters quite a lot, I have an NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super with the latest i7 and 32 GB Ram. No matter what graphic quality you set, even when playing 2D. I still have an ultrabook from ASUS with an NVIDIA GTX 1650 with Max Q Design, the 3D game runs without problems here. how can I help you to solve my problems?
  3. Hi guys, i'm sorry to inform you that looks like the issue is showing up again. Once you've reached the time window for player registration, every free agent player becomes unable to join until January. "The transfer will happen on Monday 4 January because the player has not been released before the end of the last global market window, so he's not allowed to join your team during this actual one". I sent you the save, search for: Perugia_test
  4. I've downloaded the files. Players are written with japanese names, so is impossible to recognize them. And Iniesta is missing from DB. Anyway, nice job. Hope to see an "European version" soon.
  5. Priisek Dark https://www.fmscout.com/a-priisek-dark-fm21-skin.html
  6. Trying to load a game I saved last night i have tried to load up two saves this morning both the same team just maybe saved an hour apart from each other and neither one is loading keeps saying this save game could not be loaded ?? Any help please I don’t want to start over in 4 seasons in it’s saved onto the cloud. Thanks
  7. I've also got this problem too! Any feedback on this one SI?
  8. Nice intro - what are your goals in the save?
  9. Exactly - I plan to integrate him next season particularly if we switch to a 442.
  10. That 18 year old striker looks like he's first team quality already.
  11. Will the issue where the schedule always show the top of the list instead of focus on the games around the current date ever be fixed? Or is it by design? I hate it and have done so since FM20, (yes, it has been reported as a bug)
  12. Thanks mate. Just finding building my squad frustrating at the moment. With registration restrictions, I can only register 3 foreigners and I can only sign 2 players over 21 and there are not any half decent Chinese players who are under 21. Stupidly I had arranged 3 transfers months before i had any news of our failure in ffp one of them was my quality 15 now 16 year old midfielder I signed for Supersport. Who looks like he will not be able to be registered
  13. I did and I'm still confused how I do it. I read that entire thread and I'm still lost
  14. In this game he had a total of 10 duels in the air, he lost 8 of them... here is a icture of the opponent. "springrækkevide" in jumping reach
  15. Well good way to do it is to start reading my previous posts.
  16. Great read and update identifying your targets and introducing us to your signings.
  17. I've noticed that in my league, in which 26 games have been played so far, only 1 team has created more than 20 clear cut chances. This was significantly higher in previous editions of FM and in real life. Additionally, the commentary will show "he really should have scored there", yet a clear cut chance will not show up on the stats for this (this would always be a CCC in previous editions). Has anyone else noticed this?
  18. Hi sorry for my delayed response. Previously i couldnt save neither in the documents area in the the game folder nor in desktop. I checked my antivirus it was blocking the game folder but this does not explain why it couldnt save in desktop or anywhere else. I also updated the game and now its working normally, but i am not sure what was the issue exactly. In any case thanks for your feedback.
  19. You probably need to edit UEFA Nations league - not sure about WCQ.
  20. Do we know if Rosler is making anymore tactics for fm21? Absolutely loved his for fm20 and had one of the best saves in a longtime with it
  21. Some Intakes end up being about getting players that add to the rotation. Hopefully this one of those!
  22. So as i said before - you need to edit registered teams list of EC qualifying. In order to access that kind of files - read this thread.
  23. Ligue 2 next - this is good. I think Rey could end up being talented if he improves right.
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