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  2. Oh, and also the ref walking at a snails pace to give a card to/lecture a player. Even when it's not a highlight it takes 10+ seconds longer than it needs to as it will just play in realtime in the background rather than be skipped. PLEASE can this be changed for FM20?
  3. At 9.46 a player, Gennaro Ruggiero, wants to discuss his lack of first football. I tell him that I understand and will play him over the next few weeks. He says "Thanks boss, I won't let you down." Three minutes later, at 9.49 he formally requests a transfer because I'd previously priced him out of a transfer. This doesn't to be a sensible sequence of events. I've uploaded "DexterHovis_GennaroRuggiero.fm" which is a save game made just prior to these conversations
  4. Winter Break 2031-2032 I have covered the transfer window movement, but we have a growing issue with a couple of players who are looking to move and didn't manage to get a loan deal or transfer during January. Maes (19j), and (27l) Turpel are both looking for more football, but offering them out for transfer and loan didn't yield anything. Maes (19j) had been promised a move, but as nobody was interested we hit a snag, and he is a fairly influential player in the team so will need to be managed carefully The friendlies were organised against similar level teams to ourselves from abroad apart from the Junglinster game, who came from the local teams list for an easier game before we get back to the league. The first game was picked with a strong squad, with the later games being using the auto select, rotated squad option. The final game was an U19 team selection who contributed four of the goals, with a full team on the bench to provide a last bit of fitness tuning without the rigours of a full game. Our season continues with a tough game against Kaerjeng to open, although we did beat them in the cup to end 2031 so we should look to pick up all of the points at home. The final game of March will be a challenge against Progres, but the hope is that as they now rely on a few Rosport players on loan, that their backups will not be match fit when called upon and that will weaken them for our match. We should be looking for the maximum 15 points, but it is more likely that we drop two points somewhere, which could be costly depending on the performance of Dudelange
  5. Youth intake day wasn't the most fruitful. Gorka Perez is the pick of the bunch but even he is below the standard of my first intake: I will be looking for players I can sign and fill some of the gaps in my pipeline.
  6. The match engine causes far too many frustrations in general... (a great deal of which have been talked about in detail over the past 88 pages) In-match shouts don't work for the first 14 minutes. In previous version (I believe) this was only 10 minutes but inexplicably has been increased for FM19. Why? Throw-in glitch where the striker ALWAYS comes short and the taker ALWAYS throws to the striker not being fixed Corner glitch where the striker never challenges the keeper not fixed Crossing behaviour, where the player seems to intentionally run as close to his marker before crossing and then stand still for 2 seconds, not fixed. Seemingly no regard for whether there's even a player in a position near enough to run onto the cross either as the player is all too happy to send a cross into a box only containing the opposition defenders. Crosses are overhit past the far post far too often Pressing doesn't work properly; you can't cut off passing lanes and two or three players will stand right on top of their teammates' shoes, all trying to close down the opposition player with the ball meaning there are several easy options, completely unmarked, for the opponent to pass to. Can't instruct wingers to press more, their limit is still 'less urgent' on balanced mentality; when using higher pressing intensity the "slider" for individual pressing intensity doesn't have enough options 'Take short kicks' instruction for goalkeeper doesn't work nearly as much as it should as he'll continue to hoof it up the pitch No instruction to tell players not to clear the ball upfield as much and instead try to play their out of pressure Cross-pitch switching of play going out of play, with the intended target slow to react, making what seems to me to be not enough effort to get on the end of the pass and sitting too narrow, ending every time with the same animation of clapping his hands above his head (gets on your nerves eventually after seeing it so often in every match). The same thing happens when a midfielder in the half-space tries to pass to the near-side winger; the winger too often just stands still as if he's daydreaming. When playing with inside forwards, full-backs make attacking runs into the middle of the pitch instead of down the flank. Wingers cut inside too much and inside forwards perhaps not enough. Wingers are too inflexible (not enough control on how wide they play) and even on wider attacking width, with a full-back set to cut inside with the ball and look for underlap, the full-back will stay wide and the winger in the half-space. Can't instruct players to stop making pointless headers that lose possession when they have the time and space to control the ball with their feet. Happens a lot when intercepting a through ball or heading an overhit switch of play to stop it going out for a throw-in No option to move the centre-backs towards the middle of the pitch for goal kicks rather than their current position on the flanks Players nearby to loose/second balls are hardly ever interested in trying to get to it, all too happy to let it run out of play or for an opponent to go after it. If a player manages to get to an overhit through ball on the touchline or sideline, they'll just stand there for a second before doing anything, making it easy for a nearby opponent to take possession of the ball. Standing still for a second for no apparent reason will also happen if the player is dispossessed, as if they have extremely slow reaction times. Come short instructions for throw-ins don't seem to work, at least for me (despite telling the taker to take short throws and two players to come short). AI has no problems doing so. All this makes for an unenjoyable experience, which is a shame as outside of the ME there are a lot of improvements over the previous two iterations.
  7. This is amazing, not for you obviously but what a completely different thing to deal with! Love it! Would also be interested to see if there was a reaction when he finally leaves although I suspect if you terminate your contract there won't be any news of it.
  8. Presumably the processor. Or RAM. You likely won't get a specific answer to that anyway. But you're talking like it's some kind of limitation your system has. It likely isn't. You're using a huge dataset and trying to load it into a system that's probably designed for something far smaller. That's just going to be slow. I'm not really sure what your issue is.
  9. MLS announced yesterday it will now be expanding to at least 30 teams: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/soccer/2019/04/18/mls-announces-plans-expand-30-teams/3515131002/
  10. 260M is too much I think so it's not worth doing it. Why not pay 80 to 100M to sign other two or three world-class players?
  11. Tycoon in Scotland a couple years back in my current save. Think they ended up getting relegated in this season but you have plenty of time to add your own transfers and do well. http://www.mediafire.com/file/193je78lzx8b42g/Rangers.fm/file
  12. So what’s bad in that? Arsenal should have more than enough to defend against the likes of Bournemouth or Newcastle.
  13. Ignore it. Keep playing and winning macthes. He will become happy again after a while.
  14. I quite like the highlights packages you get from scouted players but not sure it's working properly. I have a number of kids away with the Wales U20 side and they won their first group game of some French Invitational thing 7-2. For some of these players, a highlights package wasn't available and I can understand that for my GK and a couple of others who didn't really do anything. But I don't really get why I could see a highlights package for one striker who scored one goal but there weren't any highlights of my other striker who scored a hattrick and assisted another goal ?? That doesn't seem right, does it?
  15. So, I've been playing and I'm being successful with my Peterborough side, but I feel everytime that I'm keeping my team from reaching full potential. I can't post game ss, because I can't change the language, so I thought about using Genie instead to take screanshots of my players. I don't like to use Genie, but after seeing my father using this in english I thought it was a good idea for this. My tactic: SK(S) WB(S) - CD(S) - CD(S) - WB(s) DM(D) CM(S) - MEZ(A) IF(A) - CF(S) - IF(S) The back four have fewer risky passes; IFs have stay narrower and thats all. TIs: pass shorter, PoD, dribble less, take ball to the box, counter-press, take short kicks, much higher LoE, much higher DL, tight marking, prevent destibution and close down much more. I play with a positive mentality. Now the players: CBs: PPMS: Bring ball from defence, thight marking PPMS: Stops play PPMS: Brings ball from defence and the other like this one. DMC: PPMS: dictates tempo, comes deep to get the ball PPMS: Comes deep CMS: PPMS: Gets in the box, gets further forward, tries killer balls, plays one twos, switches ball to the other flank PPMS: Tries killer balls, gets forwrd, dictates tempo, switches ball to the other flank PPMS: Comes deep, killer balls, plays one twos, dictates tempo PPMS: Dictates tempo, tries killer balls, plays one twos Wingbacks: PPMS: plays from right, comes forward PPMS: plays from left, knocks ball, goes to the line Wingers: PPMS: Knocks ball, cuts from the left, plays from left PPMS: Custs from right, plays one twos, enters the box, place shots PPMS: Comes deep, cuts from both wings, killer balls, run with the ball, plays one twos PPMS: Gets in the box, cuts from both wings, plays one twos strikers: PPMS: Place shots, killer balls, plays one twos. This is my team, the other players I don't think are that important to put here. Last season I used quite the same tactic and I got Malcom scoring 20 times in the league. The thing is I feel my front 3 super isolated sometimes and more often than not I get all of them with 6.5 or less. My striker gets a lot in scoring positions, but there's always a defender that antecipates him when there is a cross. I hear a lot about space and movement, but I don't feel that in my team even if I tick roam from position. I don't want some plug responses, I want to hear explanations to understand better.
  16. Off Field improvements. Aug 2041. There is something I don't like at all about French football, and for that reason I am unlikely to return in the near future while this rule continues to exist. The bit I particularly don't like is the bottom rule. "Maximum of 7 players allowed out on loan in a season to domestic based clubs". That's really awkward for a club like ours under my management as it properly restricts the 1st team opportunities available to fringe players. The flip side of the coin of course is that even our reserves play competitive football, so that does at least balance it up a little, but ideally I would like 50+ players out on loan before selling them for a profit, (or playing them in the Senior squad). I have had 2 feeder club for a few years and you have probably seen it in the Ligue 2 League table, but I'm not sure I ever really commented on it too much). Le Mans have recently been playing in Ligue 2, (after starting lower down in the save), but it seemed strange to have them playing in the same league as us while we were in Ligue 2. We could only sent them 2 players anyway so it was a bit of a non-event to be honest. The only other structure I had loaded was Spain, (well this is a Basque only save so did I really need anyone else), so my thinking was that I would try and get a Spanish club as a feeder and then I would be able to send them more players and these wouldn't count towards our 7 domestic loans out. They have been static in Second Division B2 in Spain all the way through this save which is a little bit of a surprise. Although only the Champions get promoted, the bottom 4 all get relegated and the 5th bottom team goes into a Relegation Playoff, (with I'm assuming the winner of the Promotion Playoff from the league below). There are 20 teams in the league so 16th is Playoff and 17-20 are relegated. The lowest they have finished is 13th, and the highest is 3rd. That's proper boring! I actually don't know if they are Basque and have no idea where they are based. Oh ok. Yes I do. Real Irun are actually called Real Union Club de Irun and I know them better as Real Union. They are Basque. Brilliant. They are basically the nearest playable Spanish club. Spanish Second Division B2 is the 3rd tier of Spain's structure. 1st Division (I know it as La Liga). 2nd Division. 2nd Division B (4 leagues at this level). It would be good to see if I can improve their fortunes over the course of the save. I wonder what their rules are on incoming loans? Well there don't seem to be an y loan specific rules, but there is something else that might throw a spanner into the works. That seems like a very small squad to me. Now I understand why Arenas Club de Getxo sometimes can't field a whole set of subs in real life. Well, we will just see how it goes. Number of Coaches increased.
  17. Here are the National Squads, sorted by club. There are three players total who are playing abroad Avellino are in Serie C, Dusseldorf are in the German 2nd Division, and Valenciennes are in the French National Division, so not exactly world beaters, and only one of the three came into the game at a club in Luxembourg I looked at the transfer window, and won't screenshot it due to the number of players moving teams meaning it would take 6+ images. Instead this is all of the fee paying transfers in Luxembourg over recent seasons Historically it was Differdange who threw the money around, but they have dropped down the table with our rise, so are missing out on the Champions League money, which will have a knock on effect on them. It does mean that it is a bit of a closed off country, and if I wasn't playing a youth focused save, if you could entice players to a club it would be quite easy to dominate as Differdange did earlier in the save (92 games without losing at one point, and a 25 win 1 draw season).
  18. To get the best balance of performance I always play with recommended settings by my Mac. Recommend settings are on high, but it’s still lagging, so the problem is in game, not in software - sorry.
  19. Jack Joyce to rescue Liverpool Neil B in this game
  20. I bought this today on your recommendation @Smurf https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-E41275T-ASUS-TUF-Gaming-FX504GD-E41275T_2458989.html Dropped to £550 from £600 - I just had to bite! Thanks!
  21. Have searched here and bugs forum but not going an answer. I have scouted a player with 4 different scouts each assigned to scout till full knowledge. I get each scout report and but for my life I can't find the 3 other scout reports? All that shows is the last scouted report, where are the other 3 reports? Has anyone else come across this? My game is a normal standard game no data base edits, is up to date 19.3.4.
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  23. Guys, thanks for your attention. But I still didn't get an answer to my question. What specific characteristic of which part in my PC is responsible for the speed of this particular operation?
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