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  2. A month where we saw a lot of Gamba Osaka and got through the Champions League. The J League form has been great and that was exactly what we needed. 3 points ahead of Kashima Antlers and 5 points ahead of Urawa Red Diamonds.
  3. The title race is coming up and the update for the end of the month is coming however as you can see the run involves us against Kashima which is probably the big game, as things stands Kashima are the ones chasing and would need to win that game potentially to catch up. Urawa are further behind but have a pretty nice run in apart from the Yokoham F Marinos game which will be a tough game. Kashima also have to go to Kawasaki Frontale for the final game of the season. We should be favourites at this stage of the season for the title.
  4. Hello, I started my career with atribute masking selected, and that worked for a while, but now, after about 9 years, There is no atribute masking anymore and I don't need to scout. How can I change that again?
  5. Another all Japanese affair in the Champions League semi final as we play Kashima Antlers.
  6. The second leg of the Champions League was pretty chilled out for us as we drew 1-1 and got through 4-1 on aggregate. We are through to the semi final of the Champions League
  7. can you not read the text above the images?
  8. The Champions League Quarter Final first leg goes our way as we win 3-0. Still have the return leg to go through but short of something amazing happening on the part of Gamba we should get through.
  9. Yeah pretty surprised about then turnaround that season. Russia is probably the most likely I would say, but a lot of the big teams are in the West so still outside our range at the moment.
  10. My understanding is that the relative star system means that young players look relatively worse, as you build a stronger team. In other words, youngsters look like better players in comparison to your starting squad but then don't look so good when compared with a fully developed Dantas, João Felix, Embalo, Jota etc. I've sometimes wondered if the game has some potential balancing mechanism and at the moment Portugal have such depth they've got players like Guedes, Diogo Jota, Semedo, Sanches, Bruno Fernandes, Dias, Neves, Carvalho etc unable to make the squad. But that's pure speculation. It's also not unrealistic. Even clubs with the best facilities can go through years without producing young players able to make their first team.
  11. So is it better that I post how these players have performed in my saves as opposed to pure their ratings?
  12. I think he was asking if being in the process of upgrading facilities will negatively affect the quality of the youth intake, not if upgraded facilities in general improves the quality of youth players...?
  13. November 2030 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts Four wins from four saw us stay top of the table and open up a two point lead so it is still far too close for my liking,especially as there are still fifteen games to go in the season.Not really surprising to see the top five being non B or Premier teams although seeing an unbeaten side in third place is very surprising and leaves me with the question who will beat them first. Five games in December as we play four in the league and a friendly.The friendly is for fitness purposes as there isn't a u20 or u18 game during that week so we will be playing first division side Toluca to see how we will do.In the league we face CD Tepatitlán,Pacific FC,Necaxa Premier and Tigres III.Like in November,we need to win all these games as we can't afford to slip up too much as there is only one promotion spot available.Not quite a nail biting finish yet but it looks like it will be.
  14. A remarkable improvement to reach the Premiership so quickly, congrats for achieving that. That has to be one of the worst DoFs I've ever seen. Hopefully, you've gotten someone far better now. A bit shocked to see Cliftonville go down and Ballymena United finish in 10th. Can see that Larne is starting to click into gear given they signed one of your best players. Hopefully, you can avoid losing your best players to them for nought in future so that you can re-invest that money in junior coaching and youth recruitment. That is going to be critical in a DoF challenge. All the best for next season, a top 6 finish and fighting for a spot in the Europa League seems like a realistic target. The money that a run in the qualifiers would bring in would be very helpful in building the club. Best Regards
  15. Over the past 3-4 seasons, we've developed an intense style made of aggressive pressing, high-tempo possession football and attacking and defending in numbers. The first leg of the 2023/24 Champions League Quarter Final sends us to Anfield to face an up-and-down, but potentially dangerous Liverpool team managed by Carlo Ancelotti. They've only won the League Cup in this save, to date and currently sit at 8th in the Premier League so Ancelotti is fighting for his job however they finished second last season and boast a dangerous side. The scouting report shows that they're almost playing a 4-2-4. Tactically, the positioning of Jota concerned me as playing as a second striker could isolate my centre backs, leaving a 2v2 in an away leg of a latter stage Champions League tie at Anfield. My first thought was to pull Florentino Luis back to help deal with the additional danger, in a 1-2 midfield set up. The issue with this is that João Felix has been outstanding this year in the role inspired by the Ponta de Lança. This role means we oscillate between 4-5-1 and 4-2-4, isolating opposition central defenders in turn. Additional considerations included: Cook and Keita is a very all-action midfield so I didn't want to risk being overrun. Dalot and Alexander-Arnold are two of the best wingbacks in Europe and will likely bomb forward. Ultimately I decided to play the same structure (formation, roles, duties etc) but adapt our game plan to mitigate the need. Rather than press aggressively and play intense, high-tempo possession football, we set up to play a bit deeper, draw the opposition out and attack directly. It's a fairly minimal tweak to the tactics, but with a fairly profound effect. As you can see, our defensive shape is now deep and very compact. Interesting to observe that this is an Overload mentality and a simple 4-2-3-1, which has regularly been maligned as a poor defensive shape. In this example, we're higher up the field with Liverpool building an attack from deeper but again you can see the solid structure. Particularly pleased with the compactness between the centre backs and holding midfielders and also the wingers tracking back. Liverpool's attacking fullbacks and expansive central midfielders left them open when we turned over possession. The game looked extremely tight until around the 80th minute, until Florentino Luis put us 1-0 up with a long-range screamer from a second ball after a corner and that goal then forced Liverpool forwards more and opened the game up for us. Dantas winning the intercept and putting Trincão straight in behind the Liverpool defence, who drew the defender and squared it to João Felix in the centre for the second goal. The final goal came from a more built-up attack, again Dantas putting this time Jota in behind the Liverpool defence to cross for Trincão at the far post to make it 3-0. You can really see the 4-2-4 shape in this one and the attacking options. Wonderful set up now going into the second leg, and - hopefully - on into the latter stages.
  16. @Brother Ben Discord is a communication platform. Generally a series of voice & text channels you can discuss people with, a bit like these forums. It is a lot less structured though as its a free for all in the text channels. It doesn't lend anything directly to the FM experience. Personally Discord is my favourite place to keep tabs on the conspiracy theorists from my previous World of Warcraft guild. However, this fits more in the community section so I've given it a little nudge that way.
  17. Hi Below is the 2nd of the 2 tactics you posted. I've highlighted some things to consider. You use 2 strikers with the more attacking one having an attack duty. The attack duty means that he as an individual will have an attack mentality and take up positions high against the oppo central defenders. Defensively as his job is a Pressing Fwd, he will harass defenders and press them. However you have asked your fwd line to have a much lower line of engagement. I believe that's a conflict. Similarly your fullbacks are on support. They will support attacks. But defensively you want them to drop back, and keep dropping back, to a much lower defensive line. They have too much ground to cover. If you want defenders to play with a really deep line then I think they should have a defend duty. They need to be disciplined and in position. You can not risk any gaps playing very deep. So again I believe this is a conflict in your set up. I could also have highlighted that you are attacking narrow but have selected a winger role. That's a role that wants to beat players on the outside, hug the line and cross from wide areas. Personally the more narrow I play then I become inclined to change that role to something like a wide midfielder. Hope these things help, good luck.
  18. 我没有打补丁了 亚冠小组赛前两轮都是周六,周日或者周五进行的,联赛却改到了周三,小组赛的后面几轮又回到了周三 @Jimmy Wong @changyouqing
  19. He's going to Nimes on a free - not chucking him in reserves as he's my best player so will make the most of him until then. Gutting.
  20. Today
  21. Put him in the reserves and sell him. It’s the only way to deal with ***** like this
  22. *Applause* for one of the best thread titles ever
  23. It's not demanding at all... Just be sure to manage a NT whose domestic league is active/playable, or at least one a deep enough talent pool. The game does a terrible job at keeping the balance of the gameworld for all but the Top nations, so you may be stuck with the original players well past their peak because there simply aren't enough newgens (or good ones) to replace the aging stars. Actually, I'd advise you to Add the domestic league for the NT you want to manage.
  24. 327. We play Poland a few days before Cristian Palacios’ 32nd birthday. The loyal Peñarol servant had not been called up to the national team before but would enter his 15th season with at least a single cap. Six loan spells away from the club as a youngster took him across the capital, out to Argentina twice, and Ecuador for good measure. The travelling would not phase him but the game was beginning to take its toll on his body. The mind was still there – possibly the smartest poacher in the league – but for all the sentiment he would have a partner to do the legwork for him. The national team played a 4-2-2-2 DM formation and I wasn’t about to rip that up immediately. It was interesting to see which players they had to crowbar into the system. Former Juventus man Rodrigo Betancur was moved to the right wing as playmaker to accommodate the Real Madrid and Barcelona defensive midfield pair of Lucas Torreira and Federico Valverde. The latter was a former Peñarol youth who moved direct to Madrid but had to make do with loan spells throughout La Liga after an inaugural season at Castilla. The real test of the modern player was in England or Spain, although a lot of players still felt that the real prestige was to be found in the Argentinean or Brazilian leagues. In truth, the diaspora was not going to be too much of an issue for me until I started making changes to the squad. Muslera’s time out in Turkey would go unchecked as, at 36, he was surely the next in line to be ruthlessly moved on. It seemed as if versatility is a very important part of Uruguayan football culture but perhaps this was also their downfall. With Suárez and Cavani gone, there will have to be numerous auditions. With up to half of the under-20s now ineligible for the next game, the gap to the national team couldn’t have been less ideal: a four-year hole in transition from one team to the other. It was time to watch these boys closely. First I needed to address the men, under my charge in name only. This was a sect that I couldn’t dare hope to lead. They were all too ingrained in a storied history of jobs for the boys. I had to take baby steps with the organisation of the national team, for few would follow a fresh outsider. Rebollo was tasked with appointing the last two captains, so his influence was enormous. A modest career as a footballer took him to Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina. Gaining a handful of international caps, he was too experienced to cast aside even at 57. His defensive mindset had only been tested at international level, though, and with a strike partnership of Suárez and Cavani to play with over the last fifteen years I have to firmly point the finger at him for these defensive failings. He is unscathed. Diego Demarco was a similar age, a little younger, and had largely played at Central Español before moving on to Liverpool de Montevideo as he expanded his coaching career in various youth setups. He mixed with both teams at national level and after six or seven years here it was obvious that he is just a puppet with no real influence. Tabárez’s main fitness coach, José Herrera, is fast approaching the twilight of his career and his catalogue of coaching at top clubs in Italy and Argentina would sure be of benefit to me before the year was out. When he goes Rebollo will have no more friends here… Another to straddle both teams was physio Richard López, seemingly told to once Tabárez left. There was already a senior ahead of him, Esteban Montes, who had worked with the national team for just over 20 years. I couldn’t get my head around what these men had done to justify such longevity. The backbone of the youth side, busy together elsewhere, was a very tight knit group of men.
  25. How likely is it to get Continental football soon? Given that it seems about half the league qualifies?
  26. Thanks That chairman was a bit of a **** and to be honest,I am surprised Ibrahim Ibrahim wasn't sold by him and even more surprised he hasn't left Qena yet The random numbers are age,appearances,goals,all time appearances and all time goals.As for Ibrahim himeself,doesn't look bad so I am very surprised he is still at the club!
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