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  2. Please read the following guide and if you wish to report an issue, open a thread in the relevant forum. Please note, however, that the attributes set by te researchers are opinions and so can vary. https://community.sigames.com/topic/495411-data-forum-faq/
  3. ... sometimes simple things are very complicated. Especially for HCH. HCH therefore sought an assistant manager. And he didn't find it. In fact ... no assistant manager holding a "national C" (or better) coaching qualification did not even want to talk to HCH. But there were some guys who would be willing to negotiate. None of them had any coaching qualifications. And they asked for a minimum of 7500 / year. Unfortunately the club could offer a maximum of 6000 / year (115 per week). As a result, until he finds someone to sacrifice for a very low salary ... HCH will have to work without an assistant manager. About another coaches, HOYD or other luxury items, there's no point in talking. Okay, so what did HCH find out after being informed at the club and then meeting the players? It has 43 players. 22 of them being 21 years of age or older, and 21 players being 20 years old or younger. None of them are in danger of being sought after by top European clubs. The bad thing is that those few players who have some abilities ... also have somewhat negative personalities. And those whose personality is acceptable can not boast with who knows what skills. Over 21 players : ... and under 21 players : At the end of the season all player contracts will expire. and HCH must avoid by then any renegotiation of salary because many players will want higher wages. And ... the club doesn't have money. The simplest solution would be for some players to be put on the transfer list. But surely the weakest players will not be asked for by anyone. And HCH 'll have to use these players in the league matches. Who are "the weakest"? Hard to say. In the absence of an assistant manager no one can inform HCH about some aspects such as "consistency" or "important matches". Nor does he have a list of players familiar with the various playing positions. Until he finds an assistant manager he have to use a handmade list of players ... ... and to select the players according to how much they were used by the former head coach : Some details about league rules : ******************** Three week later : a historical day. The day when HCH finally found an assistant manager. HCH's new fellow comes from Togolese second league, more precisely from the weakest team in this league. By the way, the second Togolese league have a lower reputation than the second league in Benin. ******************** The first matches of HCH's career ended with an unexpected success. Not because HCH would be a great manager but because he is very lucky : ... and some details about the matches played : Why is HCH lucky ? Because the opponents do not take his team very seriously (for the moment), because some players who seemed to be surplus to requirements have played well beyond expectations ... and because he accidentally found a tactic that really works (for the moment). But that does not mean that in the future, things will go just as well. League table looks good. Really good, considering that HCH is just a beginner. To be honest, promotion is not a realistic option, but a place in the first half seems achievable. Unfortunately the team started to climb in the media prediction. From the 6th place he came to the 4th place. And this means that the opponents will play much more seriously from now on. Transfers. The transfer period ended on January 29th. Nobody came, two players left. For HCH it would been been better if more players would been gone but unfortunately reserve players did not get many offers. ***** Well, facilities are on a "poor" level. HOYD does not exist. There are no youth coaches. The reputation of the club is extremely low. Youth recruitment is "average", that's true. If, in these conditions, a "terrific group of young players" will come to the club... it means that the level of players from the first team is very low.
  4. I believe he caps out at 17 for pace and acceleration and it should be higher, possibly 19 for both.
  5. Game date: Saturday 23rd April 2022 Pre-match v Hibernian (a) - Premiership Championship Group (1) Match Preview BairnsNews: You visit Easter Road in 5th place two points ahead of Hibs. A win today would be a massive boost to your chances of European Qualification. Stuniverse: It would. And that's what we've been working towards in training. But we haven't been done any favours. In the Premiership we played two out of three games at Easter Road and now we're away to Hibs again in the Championship Group. It doesn't seem very fair to me. Team Selection Unavailable: Oli Shaw (ineligible) Jason Holt (abdominal) Louis Longridge (hip) Doubtful: Anthony McDonald (ankle-75) Calum Macdonald (jaw-90) Lewis Smith (groin-90) BairnsNews: How have you coped with a 20-day break since your last match? Stuniverse: We gave everbody five days off as they deserved a rest. Then we went back to work in training. Unfortunately, we picked up a few injuries. I've made three changes today. Jordan Marshall comes in at left-back for Calum Macdonald (jaw). Alan Forrest replaces Anthony McDonald (ankle) on the right-wing. Georgie Kelly starts up front in place of Chris Kane. Post-match: Hibernian (1) 4-1 (0) Falkirk BairnsNews: What went wrong out there? Stuniverse: We were second best all game. Hibs wanted it more than us and they were better than us. That said, we thought we were going to make it to the break goalless until Daryl Horgan went on a mazy run in the 41st minute, we couldn't stop him, and he gave Hibs the lead. We changed things around at half-time, going 4-2-1-3, but less than three minutes after the restart Lawrence Shankland made it 2-0. Shankland then headed a third on 54 minutes and completed his hat-trick on 57. Adam Idah pulled one back for us in the 62nd minute, after good work by Calum Macdonald, but it was no more than a consolation. I'm not happy with our performance today and the players know that, I made it crystal clear to them. BairnsNews: The defeat drops you down to 6th and out of the European Qualification places. Stuniverse: It's still very close between Hearts, Hibs and us; and we remain in the conversation. We have four games left to play and we'll endeavour to pick up as many points as we can. Please LIKE if you enjoyed this update and FOLLOW the thread so you don't miss future updates.
  6. Now, lads, if you could quit the backbiting of one another, that'd be swell. Some people in here have been spoken to before about their behaviour, and I'm sure us mods would appreciate it if you could moderate yourselves without us having to have a word with anyone. That applies to you as well, @Tyburn.
  7. Season 2021/22 Table / Squad / Transfer / Finances We are done with the second season, and i've only one thing to say... We are promoted to the best league in Wales, and I hope we can get professional, so we can give our players a real contract. It will mean, than we can get some money for our players, instead of they are leaving on a free transfer. But back to the table. We won the league in the last round, where we got a 3-1 victory against Penybont. It was a big relief for me, and all they guys was fighting for the club! In the 2 cups, we havn't make a big impact. In JD Welsh Cup, we got to the 3rd round. We won against Panteg and Garden Village, before we lost against Carmarthen, the 4th place from JD Cymru North. In Nathaniel MG Cup, we started the run against @XaW's Caersws, where we got a 4-0 victory. Afterwards we won against Penybont, before we lost to the winners of the cup, TNS. Our youth intake was okay, and we got some players, who is close to the first team. 2 players are already in the first team squad. The first one are Kojo Richards 22c, who is our best goalkeeper in the club. Last time we got Sam Summer 21a, who is way better than Kojo, but he left us to join Bangor City, who ended on 10th place in the JD Cymru Premier. Kojo will be our starter for the next year and hopefully for the next few years. The next player is Peter Lynch 22a, who is our backup right wing. He looks good for our clubs level, but i'm not sure, if he will be any good in the first division. The last player, i'll talk about is Ethan Seager 22k, who is a ball winning midfielder, and that's what we need in the first team. I think you will find him next year in the first team. Lastly a funny player is Kim Ki-Seok 22m. I don't know if he will come into the first team right now, but i hope he can get some fans in South Korea, so we can sell come jerseys to Asia.
  8. One workaround might be to allow us to delegate arranging of friendly matches for the reserve team to an assistant coach so at least the reserve team will play friendlies every week.
  9. I really like the new version. I love the kit and competition logos that you added. Very cool. The change to the player page is also a lot more efficient. Less clicking for me. I miss being able to see the player numbers next to their face though. I may have also liked the old graphic behind the cut-out face more as well. New skin is a great improvement on what was already the best skin out there. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Yesterday
  11. I’m having the same issue have 0 clue what’s going on. Never have I had this issue before
  12. Hey @TOMetz, Some really good advice there from @dothestrand so I'll add a few extra notes based on things I do and where I put my focus, just to expand a little bit and focus on a few details. For me, youth development is based around two key concepts: - Recruitment - Individual attention/coaching Recruitment: In addition to the notes from @dothestrand, the personality of your HOYD can be quite important. You want to find someone with a really strong personality...model professional or model citizen are amazing, equally resolute I find pretty good as well as it means there's good determination and professionalism present. I also like to find someone with a preferred formation that suits what I'm trying to do, so i get more players coming through natural in positions I actually play people in. Individual attention/coaching: Guiding your young players through the right pathway can be key. This is helped a lot by getting your B team up a division as it provides a more controlled environment for them to gain playing time. 1) Training program - I control their individual training and make sure they are on position/role training suitable to what I want them to do in the future. For some players this can be selecting a role based individual training program that develops their weaknesses - for example, a player who already has insane creativity/passing skills I may choose to put on a BBM or CM (A) schedule to boost other characteristics that make them more well rounded within a playmaking role, at least until certain attributes reach a particular level and then I'll adjust it again and may specify them on to a playmaking program. If you take a look through my posts on this thread, take a look at Julen Uriarte's development - I targeted him as a fantastic playmaker with a good base to be versatile, I could have trained him specifically as an advanced playmaker and maximised those attributes, but instead I rounded him out so he became a threat for scoring goals and could also recover the ball well in midfield, this allowed me to use him in a 4-4-2 as a central midfielder who was the hub of the team. If I hadn't developed his defensive attributes in particular, he would never have been able to be such a key player in that particular system and I would have needed to go in a different tactical direction. You can use individual focus to do that as well if it's a more limited spread. Perhaps the one I use most often here is putting young full backs on attacking wing back programs as they are often quite weak offensively, or I'll retrain wide attackers into full back roles if they've got a decent defensive baseline. 2) Game time - This is really important once they get past around 17-18 years old, prior to that I will normally have them playing for the U19s and focusing on their training. Once they hit an appropriate point to be playing more regularly I will get them in the first team squad but available for the B team, if they are an average player with less potential I'll just move them to the B team squad to see how they go. Once they hit 19 and need to be registered, I'll either have them playing for the first team (even if it's sub appearances/very occasional starts), or they will play for the B team or go on loan. When selecting a loan club I look at playing time expectations, facilities and the clubs expectations for the season. I'll happily send a player on loan to a La Liga club in relegation trouble if they have good facilities and plan to have the loan player as an important first team player. I will also use international loans to top division clubs if they tick the above boxes and the league they play in is ACTIVE. Once they hit 19 game time needs to ramp up, so that should take priority, but I don't mind them playing more limited first team minutes when aged 19, as if they are doing well it increases their chances of a good loan move in the future. Once they hit 20, if they aren't regulars in the first team squad, making a solid number of starts and plenty of sub appearances, I am loaning them out for sure. The only exception would be a player who requires mentoring and adjustments to personality, in which case I will make room for them in the first team squad as much as possible and continually assess their progress during the season. Don't be overly stressed if you get a few bad intakes, it'll happen, just keep scouting every basque regen you can find to widen your pool of players. When you get good players, make sure they have a solid release clause so they can't get poached.
  13. What's the difference between tea for one, Beowulf and black echo 4411? Which should I use if I am a top team?
  14. Youth Intake Day! Now that's an intake! We are going to be scoring a lot of goals from corners That's our CM pairing sorted. We don't use wingers right now, but we may have to think about it...
  15. The game crashes whenever I load up my save file, but while I was playing it before I saved the game everything was working fine and I could continue as normal. The crash only started when I tried to load up the save file. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, deleted cache and preferences multiple times. I think it's a save issue and I'm unsure what to do. FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.25 17.42.51).dmp
  16. I think you might be able to see it through the player profile as well, under the History. Might be wrong, I tend to find out about it when a journo asks the question at the presser.
  17. They've not finished in the top 6 in any of my games so far. Since the update they are 4th in one save and 2nd in the other.
  18. Jakub Słota's Management Career - March 2030 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa The first half of the month was decent. The second was not. Youth Intake I'm not hopeful at all. Szymon Bulawski
  19. Sadly not - they're down in 9th but still in with a shout of the playoffs. Must be doing your team cohesion a world of good . Glad you're enjoying it, though. Seems like you've been talking about that for ages, but plenty of time remains - 9 months 'til FM21
  20. We've had an excellent start to our second season, here's hoping we can at the very least secure a playoff spot!
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