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  2. it just will not go over 56-57 fps with the new update and i have an rtx 2060 what ever i do even if it is on medium
  3. I know, I thought I'd broken the game or something with my tactic so raised a thread about it in the tactic's forum! Sold Elynousi, Hoedt, Cedric, Ward-Prowse, Lemina, Carrillo, Sims, Hojberg, Djenepo, Armstrong, McQueen, Bednerak, and Harrison Reed. So it wasn't just the loanees, Bednerak left because I refused to give him a new contract after he had only signed one in December, JWP, Cedric, Djenepo and Hojberg all left because they weren't getting enough football, they all wanted to be regular starters and were more squad players. So got between about £8-£20 million for all those players, so it all adds up if you sell that many players. The only one that was hard to shift was Forster, most of the guys on loan seemed to do ok and so had a decent amount of takers.
  4. As mentioned just three posts up, this issue has been fixed earlier this week, so should be ok in the RELEASE version of the game. It was a problem with terracing in the EFL.
  5. It happens automatically, your team can also poach from other teams. (you don't have to do anything for it) Obviously, the better/higher your reputation is, the more likely it will happen.
  6. Glad you're enjoying FMT, I'm not planning on putting an instant result into FMM at this time.
  7. A large proportion of "bug reports" being raised in the bugs sub-forum are just based on anecdotal feedback: "I've missed five penalties" "There are too many offsides" As a reminder (and as per the stickied threads in the Match Engine bug area) SI need you to attach pkms or they have nothing to investigate.
  8. The features announced are the 'main' features in the new version, there are lots of minor additions and tweaks etc. in the new game, but you'll have to wait and stumble across those as you play ... hope you enjoy the game
  9. How come other teams poach my youth players but i can't seem to poach another teams youth player? Have they signed them up to a pro contract already? Is that what i should be doing?
  10. Second part is in. Thanks. i hope for a new editor system for kits.
  11. Since the update to version 20.1.0 - 1313242 All the in-match popups (score updates, injury information, 'we are being seriously overrun in midfield', etc, are appearing at half the usual size and spread over two lines of text
  12. Cheers mate. Obviously that would be amazing but my objective is still just stay in the division!
  13. https://community.sigames.com/topic/495979-please-read-before-posting-attaching-a-pkm-when-reporting-an-issue/
  14. This is the bug section, not an extension of the feedback threads. If you have seen something buggy, please provide. pkms for SI to look at.
  15. Hello Neil, it's still a bit laggy im afraid. I uploaded a video to your cloud named Liverpool v Southampton for SI if you need to take a look at it. It's not bad but not great either.
  16. Same problem, disable windows HDR did not fix the problem
  17. 在球员搜索页面,可以查看很多统计数据。 比如说90分钟进球数,90分钟失球数。 这些是真实游戏中比赛计算出的,还是估算出的? 是否能真实反映球员实力?
  18. Hi everyone ! Since last night and the new update I can't access the main screen. The game starts and then when I get to the screen with the footballers I only see a spinning circle and that's it. It turns, it turns endlessly. At 5pm it was working correctly and then, after installing the update, this problem appeared. Any solution ?
  19. For me, Lewandowski has missed his last 3 penalties, are pens supposed to be low conversation rate this year. To me it looks like players shoot not directly into the corners, mostly just in the half space
  20. Hello , I am having the below issue , I used to be able to change between full screen and windowed but since the update I now cannot and also I cannot exit this screen as the options in bottom right are now off screen. any help appreciated
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