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  2. Ok, so not Portugal then. Maybe Iceland as I always like it there and I will hopefully get back into my FC United save. I am seven seasons in after all.
  3. We started off with 4 wins in 4 games and have just knocket out a Liga NOS team in the cup.... Things are going pretty well!
  4. I tried the dude tactic at Fiorentina. I had tremendous results but unfortunately my save file was corrupted. I decided to try it in my other career (Fenerbahce). Really good. Despite seeing a red card, the team did not lose to A. Madrid on the road. We act very fluently and as a team. Watching the matches is very enjoyable. And Results.
  5. Hello, in the player’s form, Sometimes there are balls indicated for count the goals, sometime, nothing. Why ?
  6. You can click on the goal scored on the dropdown to the left of the screen, where goals, cards, etc, are shown.
  7. After thinking about where to start I have decided to keep it local. So started in Spain, but unfortunately there are no teams available from the province i am from. After looking other close teams, the choosen has been... CLUB ESPORTIU EUROPA - INTRODUCTION CE Europa is one of the clubs with most history in Catalonia, after being founded in 1907, and that is the main reason why I have choosen them. CE Europa is, with another 9 more teams, one of the founders in 1927 of the Primera Divisió, the first league football championship in Spain, where it played on its first 3 se
  8. Bonjour ; Je remet le post car on a cloturé le topic sans jamais me répondre. J’ai acheté le jeu sur Steam, installé, redémarré le PC mais je jeu se crashe au démarrage. J’ai mis à jour tous les périphériques, toutes les mises à jour windows mais le jeu ne se lance toujours pas, je comprends pas pourquoi d’autant que mon PC est bon, je jouais sans soucis à FM 20. Mon PC a les configuration recommandé pour jouer AMD Ryzen 7 / RAM 8 GO / CPU NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Quelqu’un aurait-il une autre solution ?
  9. End of season review Competitions Taca de Portugal Placard Again, knocked out in the second round. Awful performance really so there isn’t much else to say! Really have to try harder next year so we can generate some more income for the club! Allianz Cup Board weren’t bothered about this but we gave it a good go. Went down to a decent Caldas side who we ended up doing the double over in the league, so there that! League Excellent performance by the boys. The signings made a real difference. Claudio Fernandes and Vitinho were god sends so I’m glad we mana
  10. Wingbacks make a run and gets isolated to cross the ball to the striker, what they do? they wait for the opponent´s defender and only then they cross, so either they lose the ball crossing to the body of the defender or they get a corner. :facepalm:
  11. Donnarumma signed a new contract almost immediately in my save, asked his agent out of curiosity and he expects $325k/year and wants to consider the club a stepping stone, so ruling that out for now lol Will the next season budget update later in the current year? I know they said most teams would deal with COVID related financial impact in the first season, but $0 seems a tad harsh for year two (unless Levy wants me to operate like Poch did )
  12. Youth only saves are that though! Spend time, and by time - it's seasons and not transfer windows, making those marginal gains, and then things will move forward. What are your honest expectations?
  13. Hopefully. We’re slowly building. I revamped my backroom staff so hopefully it has a positive influence.
  14. Will be following! Nice to see Redditch coming up although they'll probably go straight back down!
  15. You're building something really good here! Good luck for the season ahead.
  16. The sort of message I love to get from the board after I've raised the best part of £1m in a transfer window.
  17. Wingbacks make a run and gets isolated to cross the ball to the striker, what they do? they wait for the opponent´s defender and only then they cross, so either they lose the ball crossing to the body of the defender or they get a corner. :facepalm:
  18. I am actually very annoyed that you can't play 2 or more players on the xbox edition. In this day and age where gamers mostly want a game to play with their friends both on and offline, it's a joke. Since when was fm single player?? Even the 07 and 08 games had multiplayer function. Are there plans to add this later? If not I want my money back and you can shove your joke of a game! It's not like the code would be hard to add more managers, is it? Just a joke, honestly. None of you have the forst clue what people want from games, it's only about making money for you!
  19. You can add freezing on iPad Air 2 on iOS 14.2 It’s happened 3-4 times where the match just freezes for at least 30 seconds. Pressing play or anything else doesn’t work. Then it just starts again. I have rebooted my iPad. Cleared the memory before I play.
  20. Same thing happen to me to various of managers that are scouts.
  21. Added 80 New languages, 62 NEW Dialects. Edited 100 Nations and 1,500 Regions. Experience the world's cultures. **This file changes the way languages work. Please read below, so you understand what you are getting.** Intro: Languages in FM are very simple, and generally apply to an entire nation. This is very unrealistic, when language in real life is endlessly complex, and not all people of one nation speak the same language. The original database has less than 120 languages, while in real life there are over 6,000, not to mention each language's regional dialects
  22. Hi blokes. How, during a match, can I view goals scored by my team - in fact by either team? In previous games, there was the 'timeline' at the top with a goal icon that could be clicked on - it isn't there any longer. Help please?
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