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  2. You would likely see a mixture of the two behaviours. A BPD will not always lump the ball forward or try risky passes, so with a CD who does not try these passes, you may see a bit of variety in the way you build from the back. If you use "play out of defense", this may further nudge a BPD to play shorter and safer rather than riskier. Like everything, though, there is a balance. Even if you want to play with the back, you will not want to faff around with the ball for ages, inviting pressure in your defensive third. As I said in other threads to you, there is no a single answer, because how you play will depend on what roles you have in your team, as well as your players. For example, a defender who is not comfortable on the ball will not play out of the back well no matter what instructions you use. Likewise, if your forwards all rush forwards quickly, playing from the back is hard because the passing options are limited. Most things are interlinked in FM, it is difficult to think of a single thing in isolation. I find it better to think about what I want my team to do, and then think about how the whole team works towards that goal. For playing out from the back, I will want defenders who are not going to panic when pressed. I will want there to be plenty of passing options in midfield, with players in space. I will want some of those players to be able to pass the ball and retain possession, and some players to be able to run at the defense or try risky passes forwards. So you see the decision to play out from the back will influence my entire team, rather than just my defenders. Don't worry, this can be tricky to master at the start and feel overwhelming, but it is very rewarding.
  3. In FM it's easier to keep the outstanding players. If you set up your youth in the first season, you should see results in season 3/4. So I see it as keep hold on the best players as long as possible and if monsters bids come in after 3 seasons, you have replacements lined up. I did set it all up in my second season - I'm at the start of season 3 - and I already see how it affects everything as my first team isn't as good as in season 1 and my youth still needs another 1 or 2 years so I need to look for transfers and spend cash for players that most likely will stay only 1 season or risk in competing in the Eredivisie only.
  4. This is good advice. You really should think about what he should be doing. In a 4231 the biggest weakness will be the space between defense and midfield, especially when you have just lost the ball and are in an attacking to defensive transition. You will want a player who is going to hold his position and so be able to provide cover in that area. So a DLP(D) would do that. A CM(D) the same (and you have more scope to change PIs here). There is no correct answer to be used all the time. It will depend on what players you have and what they are good at, as well as what other roles you have. The best thing to do is start with a CM(D) (just an example, you can start with whatever role you want). Decide what you want this player to do, and then watch him in a match. Focus on what he does. Is he doing what you want? If yes, great. If no, decide what he is doing that you do not want him to do. Then you can either try a different role (if you think that will help), or you can try to edit the player instructions to stop him (or make him) do particular things.
  5. It's been a quiet winter for us on the transfer front, with nobody heading through the exit door and just one arrival. Korzun was Dinamo Minsk's brightest prospect, and while he's got plenty of growing to do and was probably overpriced at £400k, even if doesn't work out we should be able to make that money back on him and then some. If he develops as hoped, Fedorenko and Polyakov will have good competition on their hands. On the field, a couple of home draws - a good show against Salzburg and a poor one vs Vorskla - preceded the usual tour around our capital in a bid to get everyone back up to speed. Chelsea won't take pity on us for coming off the back of a break, so we've got to be ready. The main event of the winter was, however, the annual youth intake, and my first as Spartak boss. Iljin is the coaches' favourite, but he'll need retraining given our lack of wingers, but they're also keen on young Philippov and of him I'm more convinced. It's always good to have a couple of promising goalkeepers on the books, and he is already the excellent combination of strong in the air without being erratic. He's by no means the finished article, but he's a very good read for a lad of 15.
  6. April 2038 Our season should be over. Despite a thoroughly entertaining game against Benfica (for everyone except me), we came out losers to a late freak goal - but the loss against Sacavanense really looked to hurt us. Fortunately, Porto have also encountered a poor run of form and we remain 3 points clear. We also bow out of the Champions League, at the quarter final stage, despite a valiant effort against Man City. They are by far the biggest club in Europe right now and are steam-rolling everyone - so to restrict them to just one goal is a positive. We have three games in May as we look to defend our title. We have a fairly easy run in but anything is possible...
  7. The only way to build Match Sharpness up is through minutes on the pitch therefore training intensity will not help player match sharpness. Unless I've mistaken your match fitness description as match sharpness.
  8. I was thinking about doing something similar and starting a save predominately developing youth players but less restrictive so that I could sign: Dutch players Anyone who has previously played for Ajax
  9. So it's slowed since 10.14.4, or has it slowed since moving onto the public beta? If you move off the public beta, does the processing speed increase? It's quite odd if that is the case as we've not changed anything which would affect processing speeds.
  10. November 2023 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts A mixed month with two wins and two losses,even when losing 7 players due to an international tournament,I feel that we should have had more but we were unfortunate.The two losses were both undeserved as we were actually the better team in both games,the ENPPI as you can see was more in our favour but we ended up losing 4-0 due to our attack being poor,the two wins saw a late goal against El Gouna to net us the win while 48,803 people saw us beat Zamalek 5-4 in a very thrilling game.As you can see it's a very open league so it could be any team in the top seven that could go on a massive winning run who will win the title. December is a very busy month with seven games to play,we have one cup game and six league games.In the cup we face Tersana,this is a very winnable tie and I will be treating it seriously as this could be our best chance of silverware.In the league we face Al-Gaish,Al-Ahly,Masr El Makasa,Petrojet,Pyrmaids and El Dakhleya.We should be able to pick up maximum points against Al-Gaish,Masr El Makasa,and El Dakhleya.The games against Pyramids,Al-Ahly and Petrojet will be tricky but if we can play to our best then we should be able to get results against them,I also want revenge against Pyramids due to the end of last season!My aim is progress in the cup and a minimum of twelve points in the league.
  11. We want to have users in a position where they can play the game without any lagging. Due to changes made within OSX 10.14.4 it may be that some systems are not able to run in the same graphics quality levels as they were previously, so at the moment we're getting feedback at what levels users are able to play in without any problems. Thanks.
  12. Great write up again, and as mentioned via DM I will be giving this a bash with Newcastle and will post some updates. Been looking for a good 352/532 for a while. Top stuff.
  13. Better leave him in u19. They have a lesser influence than the senior team.
  14. Ben Clarke and James Parry of TNS U19s are good players. Compared favourably to some of our PL2 regulars last night.
  15. March 2020 Super month in the league where we won all of our games and are now on an eight game winning streak. We lost out to Wrexham in the FA Trophy semi-finals, but all of our focus has been on the league so that's of no concern to me. We're all but crowned champions now - can't see us dropping this lead. Some words on Folarin Balogun's progress. Started the season slowly but has been finding his feet and now has 15 goals in the league and is our best striker. Just tied him down to a contract expiring in June 2023 so he'll either stay here for a while or we'll make good profit off him.
  16. If you holiday for a day the transfer should clear, please let us know if it does not.
  17. Yea I always try to build highly professional first team.
  18. @Moe.asd @AndrewDriverNo1 Would you please be able to attach a save to here in a zip folder? We believe we know what the issue is but this would help us a lot. Thank you very much.
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