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  2. Hey guys, quick question. With overlapping causing the back to be a bit higher up and the winger being a tad less higher up the pitch than normal, does the same rule apply for under lapping? Say for example I have an IF(s), and i have an under lap on his side. Will he play narrower than usual because of this? Would ticking the instruction sit narrower be overkill? Currently running away with things in my save with Benfica, but this IF position on the right side is just a hot mess and I'm wondering if having the sit narrower player instruction with the underlap is tucking him in too far causing issues. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sep & Oct 2041. It looks like a decent period with just 1 loss and a point against PSG, but actually I look at it and see just 1 league win in 5 games over 2 months The Caen and Metz games were poor results but October seems to have been an improvement on September. 3 goals each from (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * and (39b) Xabier (Res) * are no great surprise, but 3 goals from (39i) Jon Villar (Res) is probably a surprise because I have had little if any reason to mention him in the thread so far. He came off the bench against PSG to bag a brace, and then followed that up with a goal in the Cup against Havre. (39i) Jon Villar (Res). I'm not pretending that he's the next big thing, but he's far from rubbish.
  4. After a busy pre-season, we're once again ready to go for the new campaign. The two 'big' friendlies saw us give my old side a hammering before losing comfortably to Dortmund, which may or may not give us an indication of where we stand in the European scheme of things at the moment. Local sides then took their annual hammerings as we tuned up fitness and performance, and if the firepower on show here is anything to go by, we're set for a decent year. The Super Cup suggests otherwise though - Zenit matched us blow for blow, and their early goal was enough to get the job done in the national stadium. I don't mind them taking the trophy - it's a glorified friendly anyway - but the result and performance is concerning. Perhaps we aren't as good as we thought we were? Last but not least, the transfer window. Plenty of departures, but the overwhelming departures were on loan. Novikov spent last year out on loan, as did Thé - the last outsider in the ranks - but they were the only two men even close to the starting line-up who moved on. Arriving were just five: three youngsters who may or may not develop, and two men who I've managed before. Arriving very cheaply from Tosno is former Kuban man Kozacuks, who will do a job in one of the two defensive midfield roles and has a great deal of top flight and international experience for a man of just 25. The big signing however is Prudnikov, who will line up alongside former Shakhtar team-mate Fedorenko after we failed to convince Manchester United to send Polyakov our way for another year. The Ukrainian is young, creative, and strong mentally - an ideal Spartak signing as we look to retain the title. Not long now before we get underway.
  5. Also any advice on how to change the title of the post to include DCK would be appreciated.
  6. Usually I use Foden and Malcom in the right, Bailey and Marin in the left. And I'm kinda questioning if its a good thing to use two IFs with get in the box at the same time.
  7. Operation Chicken Kiev With his time at Keymer and Hassocks drawing to a regrettable close, manager Jamie Tabb continued his career by moving 15 miles north to take over Crawley's Dynamo Chicken Kiev Maidenbower. DCK actually finished behind K&H in the 2026/27 Mid Sussex Premier League but were promoted due to unspecified irregularities. DCK then won the Southern Combination Football League Division Two(SCFLD2), meaning that Tabb takes over in their maiden(bower) season in SCFLD1. Tabb took over in bizarre circumstances; long-serving manager Reece Miles was fired unexpectedly having just secured the SCFLD2 title, and was replaced by an oddly named fellow called 'Operation Chicken Kiev'. Kiev then himself resigned and announced his retirement from management after less than 24 hours in the role, at which point DCK turned to Tabb. There are no traces of Crawley's DCK online, so this post can't include an introduction to the club like it did for K&H, but the state of the club after 12 seasons of AI management is far weaker than that of K&H. Less money in the bank, a tiny roster of frankly terrible staff members and an ageing squad. Based on the inability to sign players who would have happily come to K&H, it would seem that despite the club playing two divisions higher the club has a far lower reputation. Here's a quick look at the staffing levels left behind: Amazing what you can achieve with 12 years of pestering the board and no wages paid to staff. The squad was strengthened with the signing of numerous K&H players - that is, those who were willing to move. The defenders who managed to acquire Rio 'Ferdy' Bryan-Edwards' Driven personality were all willing to sign though, as was Literally Messi aka David Ashley. Most of the best players already at the club were picked off by higher division clubs though, so the squad certainly will be a work in progress for the next few seasons. The board expects a title win, which may not prove easy given the issues at the club upon arrival. The schedule is also likely to be far more congested, with a 34 game league season and four cup competitions. There is however one massive advantage to the move to DCK, which is DCK II. The reserve side plays in Mid Sussex Division Four, meaning that in theory they could also progress up the leagues. I can sign players for DCK II, and control as much about them as I like, but I won't be taking charge of their matches. Thus this save is now no longer just a lower league management save, it is now also a lower league Director of Football save as well. Unfortunately, Mid Sussex D4 is no longer loaded, so for the first season DCK II will only be competing in cup competitions. From the 2029/30 season onwards however they will once again be competing in the league and able to (hopefully) start to climb up the pyramid with DCK proper. If the league is close this season then there will be a mid-season update, but if it turns out to be a walk in the park then the first DCK season update will be at the end of season. Onwards and upwards!
  8. That's right, I haven't got the three in a row yet either and I have eight hahahah! Seems to be a big issue with them all doesn't there!
  9. Don't you have a better striker than Werner and a better wide forward than Coman in a top team like Bayern? Btw, when I see a combo of defensive instructions that involves much higher DL and much higher LOE coupled with extremely urgent pressing - plus counter-press - I immediately get a headache
  10. Second intake of the career, and another good one I might say. If only we could have gotten some defenders in there as well that would have been a perfect intake. But we did received good options in the wingers positions, and of course another good goalkeeper.
  11. There is no position for WP in 4231. Because WP operates in the wide midfield (MR/ML) positions.
  12. As said before I am ahead a bit with the save, but boy you sure are spot on in some aspects :)) Stop knowing what the future reserves for my save P.S. This is our tactics. Nothing fancy, just defaults mostly.
  13. Having a couple of issues that I can't seem to rectify. In the 3 seasons I've had, I've given away about 8 penalties in injury time all given by VAR and most are for pushes in the box. I'm telling my players to get stuck in so i expect to commit more fouls than normal but pushing in the back isn't getting stuck in, that's just being stupid. Why are my defenders doing it? I''ve got Harry Maguire and Rudiger at CB, and Andy Robertson and Thomas Munier as full backs so all solid defenders IRL and yet they're defending like ***** when it comes to injury time. What can I do to stop this? Is it the get stuck in instruction? I can count on 1 hand how many penalties I've been awarded on this save yet we give them away all the time. Also, holding onto leads. There's been a few times when I've gone 2-0 up in a games then begin to struggle, players start making silly decisions which result in goals, then once we've conceded 1, it normally means come injury time we'll concede and it's always worldies. Player gets ball out wide, skips past my players and sticks 1 in from 25 yards. What changes do you make to see out a result? I'm always wary of going too defensive as I feel like that will invite pressure on and we won't cope. Any advice appreciated.
  14. It's absolutely gutting to lose out on 12 seasons of progression but the bug doesn't look like it's followed to my new club (fingers crossed!) and the new surroundings might also bring a completely new dimension to the save which I will explain in my next post.
  15. Pogba is on left so I doubt it is important, as the more attacking player.
  16. And why exactly is that? Could you care to explain that?
  17. SEASON 2031/2032 MAY/JUNE 2032 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE And we are out... Huge dissapointment,we had play off place in our hands until last game but we lost it.Anyway we didn't deserve it after this awfull last month..Football is tough sometimes but we have to move on.. NATIONAL TEAM CALL UP My first calls for Andorra!! FRIENDLY GAMES RESULTS Great start,we were very good in our first games and look ready for nations league.
  18. FM19 is far away from real football tactics and training. Hope that FM20 will solve some problems.
  19. Just give some feedback that explains why you think FM19 is not good. This is a Feedback Thread, not a Rant Thread. Some users would do well to remember that.
  20. What you would hear? About Gk? About BPD? About crap ME which worst Fm17? What CFuller?
  21. Today
  22. HUGE Party Animal. Sep 2041. I warned (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * after the 1st incident, (which was mid-week), but much as I wanted to fine him for the 2nd incident, (which was Saturday night/Sunday morning), I just couldn't bring myself to as he had just scored 2 goals against PSG in a MotM performance. He's scored 7 goals in 10 league appearances this season and as far as I'm concerned he can do what he wants if he continues to score at that rate because it means that he will end the season with 26 goals if he stays fit. There is no way on Earth we will go down if he scores that many goals.
  23. I mentioned "you would infer it by observing palyer performance in matches and TRAINING". Of course you could nota rely solely on animations but I also said that some attributes should have a rating, not specifically a number. And this should happen mainly with technical attributes. Imagine that you start managing a team and after some trainings you are given an idea of the player hability in PASSING (ex: acceptable) and then you would refine your knowledge based on what you watch on matches. I agree that some managers get to know some players very well but that is based on observation rather than all the info being handed to them AND it takes time, I mean, it's not instantaneous. (ex: if a player trains penaltys but never gets to take a penalty in match, how would the manager know if he's capable of handling pressure?) And I'm not requesting that they make it like this, I'm only mentioning why I think the game becomes easy and some ideas to make it less easy. Of course I would like it to be something like this but other players surely wouldn't like it.
  24. Sure! With a bit of intercontinental football next season at the rate you're going Nah, I predict this is the point you'll struggle. Anderlecht, Genk, Club Brugge, Standard and Gent are the bigger clubs which will most likely battle for European tickets most of the time with Antwerp coming up strong. There is also this weird playoff system here in Belgium where, after regular season, your points get cut in half and you have playoff groups. edit: ofcourse you're about 3 years into your save so the balance of power might've changed during those 3 years
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