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  2. Hi, This only affects teams playing in white, and only for dark base skins. We're looking into the issue. Thanks for reporting.
  3. Any club in league 1 from the start of the game as a Shrewsbury fan, just can't handle playing against them!
  4. Don’t worry, my intentions are honest. apart from watching films, and word processing, I won’t be doing much else. I do like buying from places with finance offers mind you
  5. Not disabled, was it actually uninstalled? As sometimes AV's have been known to conflict even when disabled or with exceptions set up.
  6. Oh now, gee that makes all the difference in explaining it to me Does my DoF and my HoYD try and poach players from teams?
  7. Liverpool! I think it's due to them getting in my head and me trying to change a tactic to outplay them which I've never played before, or having 8 men behind the ball at all times or going for it...none seem to work! Rest assured Salah and Mane score in a 2-0 easily.
  8. Glad to hear it, thanks for coming back to the forums and letting us know.
  9. Can you do it again now just to see if it still shows the incorrect driver?
  10. Season 2022 / 23 League Table Youth Intake Transfer History Season 2020 / 21 - 6th in Serie C Group C - Knocked out in Promotion Playoff Qtr Final Season 2021 / 22 - 3rd in Serie C Group C - Knocked out in Promotion Playoff Qtr Final Season 2022 / 23 - 2nd in Serie C Group C - Knocked out in Promotion Playoff Qtr Final A fantastic season overall, but towards the end of the season and the playoffs my boys turned off a switch and couldnt score Starting to feel ready for a higher level so I will fight hard for promotion and the leauge win yet again. Nothing to highlight from the youth intake, it was bad. In the preview I was told we had a very talented midfielder in Morratta and some very promising full backs. None of that happend I was very optimistic when they even named him...well well. GL All !!!
  11. If that's a bad idea, I'm doing it wrong for years What I almost always do (assuming I'm managing in the usual top european leagues) is to add 7 European countries with all their leagues (Portugal, Spain, France, England, Italy, Germany and Netherlands) and then add players from a whole lot of other countries, including the entire South America.
  12. Looks like you're running custom aspects with the game like graphics - if you remove all of these for the time-being do you get the same issue?
  13. so since joining PSG, the DOF Leonardo has tried to sign 30 or so players that all break the Sign Players under the age of 23 for first team. it would be great if we could set restrictions for the dof such as only sign players between such and such age etc
  14. What role are you using him in? Looking to start an Arsenal save and thinking about tactics
  15. Hi @jeremy1338, this is a known issue however, could you provide a save please as another example would be handy.
  16. Completely agreed, it used to be that the match engine would at least follow the game's own rules, but now what the players choose to do or not do seems to be a roulette and more often than not they are making the wrong choices. Sometimes it just feels like they are forced to make those wrong choices for no reason other than this is what the match engine thinks should happen, but none of it feels realistic at all. Also still winning matches, mostly dominantly, but watching the highlights in getting there is just frustrating and not very believable.
  17. No problem @Louisking1992 - I'll hopefully have a few minutes later to try and find this news item myself.
  18. @markpratchett, thanks for this information. Do you have a save just before the signing is completed? If so, can you upload it to our cloud? Thanks
  19. This one finished 2-2 and 3 of the goals were set pieces. It doesn't seem to be the first instance - the ball will get cleared and when it comes back into the box, players seem to be finding themselves wide open. Sheff Wed v Leeds.pkm
  20. I've added this comment to an outstanding Swedish scheduling start date issue.
  21. Hi @danny2978, this is a known issue that is being reviewed however if you can provide a save just before this occurs, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Apologies for my ignorance, but why does it being a beta mean no detailed change-list?
  23. Hi, So since yesterdays update my ME has been really laggy, I had this issue last week but managed to solve it by adding Fm to the Nvidia Graphics card, however that doesnt seem to do the trick anymore. Any suggestions on how I can sort it out?
  24. The only thing that Would cause issues issues imo is if SI are forced to mess with ID's or stop a path to modding the game, but that seems unlikely at this stage.
  25. Hi @iPlayNaked, this is a known issue however, if you can provide a save just before this generates, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  26. Hi @Dajoowie, indeed this is a new feature where some staff members if they are the right person for the job can chat with the players. Do you have a save just before the chat generates where you get the staff member to chat with the player? That definitely sounds like an issue as there should be some feedback about the outcome. Thanks
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