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  2. Messi is getting old, so in anticipation I tried to play him as MC and OMG, I feel like I've found a exploit in the engine. A high stat player like him is godlike on MC, carrying the entire team with 9.0+ scores just from key passes, add in assist and the goals he get and it creeping close to 10.0 scores every match. I feel like I'm getting 10 times the value of the player in MC, than anywhere else on the pitch. I had no luck with AMC, every team has double DM's so AMC just doesn't seem to do enough in my tactic. He is fantastic in AML and score goals, but the position is limited in how much it can contribute to general play. The game even say a lot of dangerous attacks involved Messi when he was primary AML,but it's nothing compared to him as MC RPM/S (He got neutral in MC quickly for me), I don't like AP and DLP as they seem to limit using certain attributes, so I especially try to avoid those roles for players with good longshot. It's possible that a more strict tactics would use him as a Mezzala, but since I favor very fluid and be more expressive, the RPM/S lack of flair focus won't matter. Messi is older Messi in game, but he still has all those godlike non-physical stats (Not sure if mine has lost physical stats yet, did have a scare where he went from 10 to 8 stamina, but he recovered), so not sure if he is a fluke as MC or other players like Sadio Mane, Mo Salah would contribute way better to the overall team effort if MC'ed.
  3. I’ve already logged a bug report please add to it:
  4. @Jasonxx I have played about 6 hours in two days so it definitely has me hooked despite it's flaws lol
  5. If a staff member is willing to take a role, I have not noticed any issues with them in regards to their performance. I enjoy playing lower league saves which means I am often forced to give staff members two roles (Head of Football/Coach, Head of Sports Science/Head Physio, etc) and I have never encountered an issue. Is their a reduction in efficiency for their second role? I am not sure and maybe someone else could comment.
  6. Yet another week with a unplayable game that was released in November. The lag issue was fixed app. 3 weeks after release, and now this issue making the game unplayable.
  7. I find the current match engine too frustrating to use at the moment however i like the transfer set up, training, and pretty much the rest of the experience outside the ME. Has anyone ever played where you control everything but leave your AM to manage the games? I presume the only way to do this is to go on holiday each time there is a game?
  8. I see herne a very detailed and great response. What i take from that is that while people may have a good grasp of a philosophy or tactical style but then when it comes to implementing into the engine some of us unnecessarily add things we interpret from what we see when the setup and mentality could be providing what we want naturally and roles and dutys the same. So it is more a lack of ingame tactic engine knowledge or understanding. Naturally then whats the method to taking an idea of football and implementing it? Also this is something related so o will add it here. This is in no way a dig at anyone on these forums merely an observation. Say ive become highly influenced by arrigo sacchi jurgen klopp and rinus michels, i want my FM team to display a hybrid of these guys philosophy, one look at a sacchi milan and im clicking mh dl mh loe extreme urgency and an offside trap. I believe if i came here with that it would be labelled suicide. Therefore how would one hypothetically produce the sacchi style of press and high octane football without comiting through ball suicide, as in my mind theres no way arrigo lowers that line or turns off the intensity of press or stops using a trap, is this the limitations of the game where certain styles as sacchi would just work poorly ME wise? Hope this makes sense to you people :=)
  9. 2033/34 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 2 The League On the field we had a nice safe and boring 14th place, without coming close to a relegation battle. Just what was needed. Off the field we struggled to keep hold of a promising group of youth. Some I was forced to sell to the highest bidder and a 50% sell on clause when clubs started offering contracts for compensation only and one I received an offer too good to refuse. The Players Goals were spread around a lot more, but Alaa Saibi just scraped the top scorer award with 11 goals. He now holds the club record for the most league goals overall with 121. Leopold Alves YP22a was the player of the season. Albert Njoya YP33e was the best of the youth players I was able to keep and bring into the first team. He was shifted between DM and Right Back as needed. Transfers The sale of Jean-Marie Monteiro in January was not what I wanted. But he had 1.5yrs on his contract and would not sign a new one. 3.5m now, potentially rising to 5.25m was a very good deal. I can sell the +50% clause now if I want, for another 1m.
  10. The higher tactic familiarity, the more close your players follow the tactic… I find that this tactic gives the highest overacting level with any team under current ME, please note, it doesn't mean that with this tactic you should win every match, it means that with any team at the end of the season your result should be better than your media before the season prediction As I said the current ME is very random and I find this tactic gives the highest consistency possible under current ME...
  11. Hi, Thanks for reporting this, this issue is known and with our dev team. This was already raised in another thread so closing this one off as a duplicate. Any further info will be included in that thread. Cheers, Adam
  12. Any chance about a new ME update before the holidays? Gonna have some free time, but the ME right now seems so boring to me, no variety of goals, lack of ground trough balls, mentally challenged defenders, 1on1s etc. Just can't get myself to play the game as I did some versions before.
  13. Could you please post specific steps to reproduce so we can attempt to see the issue you are facing? Thank you very much.
  14. You are kidding right, you can't SERIOUSLY be calling that normal gameplay. It's great that you found a workaround that exploit a problem in the game, but you could say it a bit nicer, It's bit silly to expect me to know there is a weird bug that allows me to do it.
  15. Ah, I see. It makes sense that you receive a fitness report for someone who is currently at the club for the sake of the testimonial match as it affects your selection for the upcoming match. Hope that makes sense
  16. Sure thing! My other guess is maybe I gave a trial or something to someone not in the EU and that got me? I would think one of those reasons would warn/notify before confirming a transaction (like when loans give you notification you're near/over limit). I'll upload the matchweek 35 save and the one from July 1. Edit: uploaded via cloud as fenwayhotspur_Munich_ineligible_july1.fm fenwayhotspur_Munich_eligible_mw35.fm Thanks!
  17. Which is the exact penalty you incur by letting players flagged as yellow or light green? And why players with good points in all the important skills for a specific role can be flagged as 'good' or 'can play' instead of 'natural'? What affects that 'natural' if not numbers? Thanks
  18. Thanks for the feedback guys. This is something that we are investigating. If you have a save game available then please upload to our cloud service and we will be able to check the issue affecting your save. Details on how to upload can be found below. Cheers, Ben
  19. It beats me how we cant get a decent, consistent 4231 system going, but every time I play against a team using it I get hammered. I'm Spurs, using BEOWULF 442 107p home and SICILIAN 4222dm away but a 4231 always seems to tear me apart. So frustrating as I want to use a 4231 myself.
  20. Here's the equivalent page for FC Barcelona: Anyone have any idea of how these stats function in the game?
  21. @schnauzer Thank you very much! This save file has been added and should help with this issue even further
  22. I personally don't like this tactic, but if it works for you - then better don't change it (as long as it works). That's always my advice to people who say their tactic works well for them. Don't change something that works and thus risk spoiling it. If/when it stops working, come again and ask for advice
  23. Couple of things before we played our next home game. The two oldest players in the squad. Collen Muzavasi and Lincoln Chimaka, both 37, decided they would retire this week. Chimaka had been the mainstay of my asymmetrical back 4 as he was the only left anything I had last season. Muzavasi had recently played 5 games for us, complained he wasn't playing enough, scored 1 goal and decided that £6 a week wasn't worth sticking around till the end of the year for. He can go be a binman I guess. More earth shattering (but only slightly) is the fact that before we play our game, this happened: CAPS Utds 20 game unbeaten run has come to an end, and with it giving us the opportunity to pull 3 points clear as well as our superior goal difference. Also, this happened: ZPC Kariba the team in 3rd place, scrape a point in injury time to leave them 3 points behind us, this weekend could be a defining moment in our season. We now play Harare City, a team sitting in mid table, we aren't favourites, but we aren't facing the impossible either. Their manager is developing a reputation for playing tight, defence first football, at least that is what the media tell me at the press conference. Our attendances are definitely increasing! Think that says everything there is to say about the game, pretty low quality all round. It's refreshing to be on the losing side of the foul count! But they definitely played defence first football. The 8 not on target efforts were blocked, and they hardly had a sniff all game. I don't think we bottled it under the pressure of being able to put clear daylight between us and 2nd place. We have crawled a point clear instead of it just being on goal difference. Plus! that is our 3rd clean sheet in a row!
  24. Are you using custom graphics/logos/kits/skins? If you are using any custom graphics, can you remove them and see if it helps, please? Also how many leagues and players are in your save game? We would suggest you to try starting a new game with less leagues and player and see if it helps, please? Out of interest, are you running any other programs in the background while playing FM20?
  25. I'll give it a go. But I've had these on with a previous save and didn't have this problem. Only started getting the problem after the 20.2. 0 hotfix
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