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  2. The first season I played the game, the manager of the Tottenham team was fired despite winning the champions league.
  3. Right ... I really could do with some help. I've tried pretty much everything i can think of, i've read multiple guides, i've tried multiple paths ... and nothing is working. I've even extracted the simatchviewer-pc.fmf, changed the dds file, packaged it back again ... and nothing. I've also extracted sitoolkit.fmf - edited the paper files in skins/fm-widgets/graphics/boxes/custom/match/widget/standard(& resizable) - repackaged them back ... and nothing. I'm reloading skins. I'm resetting the cache, i've used base20dark and darkisdarker skins, i'm going a little crazy. Have i got the wrong files? I want to make the grey box around the pitch in 2d ideally transparent (but i'd take anything right now) - and to make in match widgets more opaque. I'm enjoying the learning process, but i'm starting to get a little frustrated lol. Anything at all ... greatly appreciated.
  4. Quick question on the rules... How does dual citizenship work? As long one of the player's nationalities (first or second) is either British or Irish, it's good?
  5. EPISODE 8: We continue with 2 group stage qualifying rounds of the 2020 Finnish Cup. We face JS Hercules and FF Jaro. NEW SCHEDULE: MONDAY: Tous Pour Gagner - A FM 20 Story with Montreal Impact (7:30PM ET / 12:30AM GMT) TUESDAY: FC TPS (Finnish Save) (12:00PM ET / 5:00PM GMT / 7:00PM Eastern European Standard Time - Finland) WEDNESDAY: Tous Pour Gagner - A FM 20 Story with Montreal Impact (7:30PM ET / 12:30AM GMT) THURSDAY: FC TPS (Finnish Save) (12:00PM ET / 5:00PM GMT / 7:00PM Eastern European Standard Time - Finland) FRIDAY: Tous Pour Gagner - A FM 20 Story with Montreal Impact (7:30PM ET / 12:30AM GMT) FINNISH SAVE: MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER SAVE:
  6. Tactic I will start with a very generic and standard Gegenpress formation and tactic. I will then adjust as we go but now its just to get us going and seems to be a good option for the squad at hand. I had thoughts about trying a 3 at the back formation but we are not as strong in central defense as we are in the central midfield and to get the best players on the park I need more bodies there. In the few tests saves I have played its been a hit and miss start with various teams. Its quite suspect against the lobbed through ball over the top due to the high line but with the OP ratings for the GKs vs One on Ones at the moment, its not life threatening. Caktas was the leagues leading goal scorer last season and the 2nd highest scoring midfielder in all of Europe so I am not sure what to do with him for the moment. Hes likely to find himself playing Mezzala. Manager Transfers Players out 6 Players have departed for a total of around 4.4 million Hamza being the most high profile player to depart, I just didn't really need him and I needed to raise some cash to bring in some targets. I also focused on moving out anybody not homegrown or Eastern European (yes some are but not the quality I desire) also moving out are Vucur and Svatok that does leave us with a slight issue of quality in depth at CB but we some youth prospects that will fill in as 3rd and 4th choice option) and Jradi was wanted by a few clubs and I didnt see anything in him so he was allowed to leave. Players in We bought in 4 players for total of around 4.2 million and 3 of the 4 being Croatians from within the league. There is actually an immense quality of cheap players in this league, it was quite pleasing to be honest. Obviously Dinamo have the best squad, they could likely field a 2nd team and come 2nd or 3rd and with Dani Olmo, Antonio Marin and Lovro Majer its almost like cheating for them but we will find a way. Luka Zahovic I really liked this guy, he as been dominating in real life (allbeit with Maribor in the Slovenian league) and his Dad is a bit of national legend. With 36 goals in 48 games for his former club I saw enough to make him my first signing despite him not really looking like a superstar. I was also not 100% happy or convinced with my forward options as our new free signing made before my arrival Ivan Bulos was the best option we had and hes scored a grand total of 15 goals his entire career at 9 different clubs and at 26 years of age.... so I wanted to add some depth. I also had some success with a former team mate Jan Mlakar in FM19 so I a hoping for a repeat. Marijan Cabraja A low risk option to add depth to the left back space. Due to having to always have 6 homegrown players in the match squad, we need to ensure we always look for a Croatian option first. Its very likely at this point he will play 2nd fiddle to David Colina Peter Bockaj Our new club record signing! Hes super versatile to be fair and can slot in anywhere down the left but I have designs to turn him into the right side Inside Forward. I was quite surprised to get him actually, both the Red Bull teams from Germany and Austria were also in for him but the former Dinamo academy prospect joins us in Split. Martin Pilj We returned back to NK Osijek to poach another good young prospect, I just really loved his mental stats and his stamina and fitness. He came across as a player who would burst a lung for the team. He wont be an instant starter at BBM as we have our on loan star Flip Bradaric playing there but I will groom him for next season to take over.
  7. Me too.. a lot of lag in the ME and between days In 20.0.4 it was very smooth
  8. Opted into the beta-beta. Match engine is much better, however I'm now getting performance hits. FPS was a silky smooth 60 before, now it drops to 40-44. It's nothing to do with my graphics card, or rather it shouldn't - it's a GTX1080, so there absolutely shouldn't be an issue here, but yeah, framerate issues, stuttering and lag on the 3D at the moment.
  9. I've not played long but I am a bit disappointed so far to be honest. I like the fact that FM20 has been tethered more towards long-term planning than FM19 was, with the addition of features such as the club vision and the promised playing time paths. However, the game to me feels largely unchanged from the previous year besides this. The development centre is a nice addition which makes tracking player progression slightly easier but in my view the match engine is quite honestly horrendous. I know it's a beta but there's just so much wrong for me. Highlights are extremely repetitive and predictable, with a ludicrously high number of long balls to the flanks. One-on-ones are also just a ****ing joke. I was recently playing as Manchester United against Leicester, with Martial and Vardy up front for their respective sides, and the keepers must have saved about 10 one-on-one situations combined, some of which should have been fairly easy to score. This has been a regular fixture in all my matches thus far, and given the number of one-on-ones that now happen as a result of the match engine's emphasis on long balls it is to some extent understandable, but there has to be a balance and that just isn't struck in my view. I wouldn't exactly say FM20 is a bad game thus far; it's slick and well designed, but I was hoping for a slightly bigger improvement on FM19 if I'm honest.
  10. A ball is floating in the air, in the major and also youth 3D matches, fix it.
  11. I have players that have played together for the whole season and yet no link up is shown between the two players, for e.g I play Maguire and lindelof, when I rotate the squad I play a pairing of Bailly and tuanzebe for man utd. 2nd season in even though Bailly and lindelof have not played together whole season they still have a link yet nobody else in the whole team has made a link up with any other player
  12. I get sacked in 2020 for not meeting the end of 2021 expectation to 'Remain in the Sky Bet League One' even though I'm on course to get promoted from Sky Bet League 2 in 2020. I also achieved the previous 2019 season objective of making the Sky Bet League 2 playoffs (lost the finals) The current 2020 season vision requires me to win promotion from Sky Bet League 2 which I'm well on my way to accomplishing. (Board is very pleased for this objective). These screenshots are from 2 games before my sacking (I won both the games before my sacking).
  13. agree with all of that, always miss alot of penalties, miss a lot of 1 and 1
  14. Please can you fix third color missed in the kits editor? And please show them in pre and post match menu. thanks
  15. Twice I've signed someone (2 different players) for West Brom with promises of winning the Championship and competing for the FA Cup. IMMEDIATELY once signed he's disappointed that even though he was promised the title he will still be happy if he wins the FA Cup instead. The very NEXT news item (didn't even need to press 'Continue') had him increasingly unhappy at the club's failure to win the FA Cup and is now unhappy and seriously considering his future. I had just signed him with zero games or days on the clock. If you want to test this, manage West Brom and sign Johan Djourou (free agent), I have linked 3 images which may help (taken from phone so not great quality). They have been uploaded to the following addresses: https://ibb.co/zVkVWHH https://ibb.co/FKY4JtQ https://ibb.co/cwhq9Mr Thanks, Chris
  16. Yesterday
  17. We need to talk about this... I like to consider myself to be fairly smart, but sometimes I do incredibly dumb things. So this is me at the squad selection screen for the Australia World Cup qualifier screen and the Australia B Copa America screen picking our best players to finish Qualifiers we'd already qualified from and sending a bunch of untested 18-23 year olds to the Copa America. "It's Australia B, surely it won't matter?" We went from 29th to 56th and in my ignorance, we also lost a chance at competing for the Copa America - Why is this a big deal? Well if we'd won it wed have the Oceania Cup, the Asian Cup and with the Copa America all we'd need to do is join the EU and win the European Championship, shamefully, World Domination is now a long-lost memory...
  18. A cross came in with no one in the box and my goalkeeper caught it and then just ran into the goal.
  19. wow. thats impressive. i couldn't do that lmao
  20. This is what I mean. Yes, you will see players attempt those, but by any standards it's an ambitious effort.
  21. It's more stupid and unrealistic if you'd have better chances. It's already softer than in real life. With Leverkusen I'm in the 3rd season and could keep Havertz without big problems, while in real life an 80M+ deal too Barca is pretty certain next summer.
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