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  2. Can you confirm the name of the save? I can't find it on our cloud. Perhaps you could re-upload and confirm the name? Thanks.
  3. I created a system called Maves 442 and in FM19 I did a series with Hoffenheim, where I adapted it slightly, The system still works for FM20, I just haven't done a video for that yet. It's pretty much what you might be looking for.
  4. op's question has been answered so I'm closing this thread.
  5. Hi @lookass This is a known issue where hidden attributes are too low at game start. There are too many 1s being set, but it is not all players, and changes made to progression for FM20 will mean these attributes will increase more with time.
  6. op's question has been answered
  7. Hi @CookieFM, do you happen to have a save just before the deal is completed? Also, surplus to requirements does seem odd so could you perhaps raise that separately in the transfers forum?
  8. happened again. Fermana F.C. v Reggiana.pkm
  9. Using "ctrl + s" saves the game for me (I'm on mac).
  10. Match guys will be able to advise on this @Nic Madden @Jack Joyce @CJ Ramson
  11. Hi @BruceyNTFC no problem. That is a good idea to perhaps add a reminder - perhaps worth raising in our feature request forum.
  12. Don't understand what you are getting at here. Can you please provide a screenshot?
  13. Montolivo and Gianni Munari (Parma) retired in these days. The second one will become a Parma scout, as their sports director said. - Roberto Muzzi is the new coach of Empoli - Nicoli Lancini (free agent) signed a contract with Fermana until Juve 30th 2020
  14. That's because Android tablets come out pretty much constantly. Individual devices can be and are "blacklisted", and others will sometimes slip through the Google manifest net (which takes care of most of devices) and allow the game to be installed but may not run. We strongly advise using the compatibility list as your guide. We can't guarantee the device will run on some random device not on the list.
  15. This is something we're aware of and looking to tweak and improve. It's quite a difficult one to get right as we aim to maintain the level that's set in the starting db - but this doesn't account for players who incorrectly don't have a second nationality set.
  16. No call up for Barnes. finished 5th in the league. Serious transfer market business needed to cope with Europa competition
  17. I know that this thread isn't a Youth Only thread, but any regular readers will know that that's where my heart lies. Don't worry, this doesn't affect this save, but it's interesting to me so I'm sure will be interesting to others that read my guff. Food for thought I'm sure you would agree.
  18. Minor issue, but I noticed some templated news items that just aren't accurate. Ruins the immersion a wee bit. Like a news article saying that Man United's £65m Thomas Lemar bid would make him the "most expensive French player in history" when I had already sold Ousmane Dembele earlier in the year for £75m rising to £95m including additional fees. Seems like the news article might be based on historic data, but not considering in-game activity as changing transfer records?
  19. Hey There seems to be a problem with the points record. I play in proximus league (second competition in belgium). After the season i have a new record low points. Now belgium has a rather difficult season progress. First two halfs of the competion. First to of both leagues play for promotion. Further there is an overall classification where to first xx teams go to play with first class clubs for euro ticket. It seems as if the game takes the points of the final playoffs. I think it shoul take the points of the overal classification over the two competions. Maybe you can look at this. Also is social feed everybody is negative about the season, while my objective was to just compete in the competition and not be on the bottom. Finished second overall winning the second part of the competition. greetings
  20. That worked, Now i just have to teach my brain/muscle memory to forget everything from the last 19 years,
  21. Hei. After last update almost all my young players on u18 and u20 team have only 1 in detemination. I throw 30 players out of club but still have moore of them. I also have 28000 players in database....my save before update had 32000 with same settings. I hve started 2 new saves after latest update,happened with both of them. What could this be?
  22. Hi, a thing that has been bugging me about the new screen where you make players available for your second/third squads is that after each action you do (ie: making player A available for 60 minutes for one game or player B available for 90 minutes until match fit) the screen resets and you have to click the availability window again before you can enter in a second player. It gets particularly annoying during international breaks where I generally want 4-6 people keeping their conditioning solid. The solution is just to let the screen where you can list the players for availability (my screenshot) hold until you press ok, or even move to another email so you can quickly add in multiple players without subjecting them all to the same guidelines
  23. The fact that a device is not supported means that it is blacklisted and not able to be installed? Previous years , there were tablets not in the compatibility list that were able to play the game.
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