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  2. At every dawn arrives new hope and it's the hope that kills you.
  3. Also worth noting that you only have to verify the last league . You don't have to verify all of your created leagues . So if you have 10 leagues in a pyramid then just save and verify the last league . This will check all the above leagues as well then save edited data and go to your game and it will start the game at your lowest league selected .
  4. Here is the updated rules for the squad registration in Norway, this is for the top tiers (Eliteserien and OBOS-ligaen): https://www.fotball.no/globalassets/regler-og-retningslinjer/turneringsbestemmelser/turneringsbestemmelser-eliteserien.pdf So to summarize: 1. A-list: Max squad size of 25, minimum 20. Only for professional footballers. Of those 2 need to be "club developed" and a total of 16 need to be "country developed", so a maximum of 9 non "country developed" players in the squad at any time. This preliminary list should be sent to the FA March 1st. 2. The definition of "club developed" is a player that has been registered to a club for a total of 3 whole season OR 36 months between January 1st of the year the player turned 12 until December 31st the year the player turns 21. A "season" is here defined as from the first official match starts until the last official match is done. Do also note that even if the player is out on loan at another club the time for club develped is still counted towards the the club that own the players contract, not the club the player is loaned out to. This differs from the UEFA rules. 3. The definition of "country developed" is the same as "club developed" just to another club within Norway. Also the same rules for loans. 4. The B-list. In addition to the points above, Norwegian clubs have a "B-list". This is for non-professional players. The players need to be aged 14 or older for goalkeepers, for outfielders they need to be under 19 at January 1st. This list can contain 5 players at any time, but one slot is designated for a goalkeeper. This list is set and cannot be changed. These players can be in the match squad up to 3 times (no matter if they play or not). They will not be eligible for a match day squad until they are offered a professional contract and added to the 'A-list" after the 3 match involvement. 5. The A-list can be changed for every game, but at least 4 hours before the match starts and at the latest Friday 15:00 before the match if in a weekend. If the list is changed after that, the club will be fined 5k NOK. So the only list that cannot be changed are the (up to) 5 players at the B-list. The A-list can be changed at any time as long as the list is between 20 and 25 players. For the tiers below, I couldn't find similar documentation, but I would assume it's the same except that at some level professional turns to semi-professional. For 4th tier and below I would expect most to be amateurs, but those are not represented in the game as playable at any rate. For simplicity, the B-list could be excluded from the rules, I suppose, but add that amateur players can only fixture in 3 matches before needing a pro/semi-pro contract or something similar? But the squad should be possible to change at any time during the season and amateur players do not need to be registered I think would be the correct way to handle it should the A-list/B-list not be possible to implement.
  5. At the moment your player shots at the goal, 3 of your other players are in offside positions in front of the goal. I think that's the reason for the goal not being given. Simple football rules.
  6. I have developed my own successful tactic in FM2019 managing a fourth tier Norweigan team called Lyn Fotball. With this tactic i have managed to take them from the fourth tier to the first divison and am currently top of the league. The tactic relies on playing attacking, attractive football and focuses on scoring goals and lots of them. The idea of the tactic is simply to outscore the opposition and if you have the right players this can easily be done. It relies on fast direct balls over the top to fast forwards who will regularly break the defensive line and find themselves one on one with the keeper. Where possible play will be built from the back, but eventually a direct ball will be launched to the fowards and a clear cut opportunity will arrive. The key to this tactic is to have the 2x AFs and the AML/AMR with high acceleration and pace attributes, (ideally 15 for each or higher) however it can also work with attributes that are 12 or higher. The AFs will need to have decent finishing attributes and decent composure for the best results. They will get a lot of one on ones every single game. You will also need two creative midfielders with a high vision attribute (ideally 12+) as these guys will be creating the multiple clear cut chances you can expect each game. I only train part time as my club is semi pro, but i recommend that you use the following training choices, Play from the back and Attacking Direct training. My weekly training schedule is attached and works well with this tactic. I don't use opposition instructions. I have setup the set pieces to suit my players, feel free to adjust those if required. There are two tactics: 4-2-4 Push - Uses a high defensive line so this is useful for games in which you are the favourite or the opposition is parking the bus. I use this tactic in most games and is pretty much plug and play. 4-2-4 Balanced - Same tactic but uses a standard defensive line and a lower level of engagement for the forwards. If the opposition is getting behind your backline and are outscoring you then this can help. Here are three PKM files (recorded matches) which you can place in your My Documents > Sports Interactive > FM2020 > Matches folder and you can view the matches and tactic in game. Notodden 1 - Lyn 6 - https://www.mediafire.com/file/vbgtwyiot39es0e/Notodden_v_Lyn_1-6.pkm/file Asker 2 - Lyn 7 - https://www.mediafire.com/file/az6pfrmpw14xn2f/Asker_v_Lyn_2-7.pkm/file Lyn Reservers 13 - Ranheim Reservers 1- https://www.mediafire.com/file/xmqzksav5d9civt/Lyn_2_v_Ranheim_2_13-1.pkm/file (i also manage my reserve team as they play in a league a couple of divisions below the first team) I have attached some images showing the tactics, the key players attributes and my results. Please try out the tactics and let me know what you think and if they work for you. Happy goal scoring folks. Download Links 4-2-4 Push - https://www.mediafire.com/file/rl8vfhl5aunixpn/4-2-4_Push.fmf/file 4-2-4 Balanced - https://www.mediafire.com/file/g3juy233h1m2wvm/4-2-4_Balanced.fmf/file
  7. This is just pointless. For no reason, two defeats against Juve and Parma with countless one on one misses. Re-start. Play both games. A draw and a win. The Parma game pushed me over the edge. Parma 1 chance, 1 goal, go down to 10 men, my players created 20 chances including missed 2 or 3 one v one's. It's just so obvious. I knew I was going to lose after 60 minutes. I made subs but I knew it would make no difference. Re-start. Enter a new reality. Win the game. The real lesson here is not to re-start because it shows up the game.
  8. I started unemployed and got a job managing Braintree in the National South. They have some very good players for this level - enough to get promoted first season. Dipo Akinyemi - the pick of the bunch. Beast of a striker who ended up top scorer. Killing it in the division above as well Jason Banton - 5star LW. A little inconsistent but on his day destroys teams on his own. Seems to enjoy big matches and he tore it up in the playoffs. Byron Lawrence - he was at the club on loan when I arrived. Not sure if he starts there. Plays amazing as a carrilerlo and is a bit of a set piece specialist. Notable signings: Phillipe : a Brazilian free agent. Plays from the left or behind the striker. I like to think of him as my Coutinho. Plays best from the bench and is still cutting it on the National League. Ngoo - a 6ft7 striker who can also play on the wings. Ex Liverpool youth who is now in Albania. Very good impact sub off the bench. I had him on loan from January, he was available for free after that as his contract expired but he wasn't interested in negotiations. Mark McKee - he's mentioned above but he's worth mentioning again, his stats are way too good for this level. He's a natural box to box midfielder, however I seem to be getting more out of him recently as a mezzala. Alex Palmer - My big signing after promotion. A freebie goalkeeper from West Brom. He's probably good enough for the professional leagues. Costs a fortune but I had to have him.
  9. I searched but couldn't find this. In my game It's Australia B, not Australia in the Copa America. In reality the full Socceroos are playing, not a B side.
  10. I've absolutely the same problem after hotfix 20.2.1... On the otherside look good to say I've that problem also before the hotfix... Don't know what I've to do.
  11. Can you help please? I can't continue my game...
  12. My documents/sports interative/Skins/YOURSKIN/graphics open the overlay file (the square colour) in photoshop/paint etc and adjust the transparency/opacity
  13. You would be best to open a thread in the Transfers forum of the main Bugs forum and have a save game available from just before one of these players reactions. That way the Devs can have a look at what is happening
  14. Yup. It seems utterly ridicolous that they have such an amazing team
  15. Yes, it was. Do you think some divergence has occured? If there's a way to completely erase all the Steam achievements and start them again, I'd be totally fine with that. I'm just very reluctant to start my save again.
  16. Currently nearing the end of my second season with Arsenal. First season finished 2nd behind City, was back and forth for the lead most of the season but just couldn’t get it done in the end, lost to them at home with 10 games left and never caught up after that. However we won the Europa League, played vs Tottenham in the final. Lost early in the FA/league cups, just didn’t have the squad depth to stay competitive in all those competitions. Got extra money in November so brought in Ceballos permanently and got Ruben Dias to improve defensively. Also Ivan Martinez, Emiliano Martinez’s wage demands were ridiculous so let him go free. First season lots of inconsistent performances, Pepe in particular really struggled to the point I replaced him in the first team with Nelson. Second season going much better. Brought in Luiz Felipe to pair with Dias at CB, Bruno Fernandes, and Erling Haaland. Haaland and Fernandes in particular have been excellent and Pepe has really been great this season as well. Currently in April, played 29 in the league, 1 point behind City but with 3 games in hand. Lost in the league cup final to United, have upcoming CL QF vs Barca and FA cup semifinal vs Liverpool. Right now going with Leno/Ivan Martinez Tierny/Kolasinac Luiz Felipe/Holding Ruben Dias/Saliba Torreira/Xhaka Guendozi/Ceballos Fernandes/Willock Auba/Smith-Rowe and Saka Pepe/Nelson Haaland/Laca Not really playing Ozil so priority upcoming is to offload him, Mustafi, Luiz, Sokratis, Mkhitaryan. Lots of older players with huge wages to clear out.
  17. If anyone has clear cut examples where players definitely need to pass, please report it in the bugs forum with a PKM and the time of the event(s). While I am seeing my players pass, even in 2nd Div Croatia, there are times when they should pass but don't.
  18. It will be playable only after March update, believe me. Last years I start to play the new version only on march
  19. Is there also a chance that the AI is just better (maybe too good) at exploiting tactical weaknesses this year? It’s inconsistent, but that’s how I end up conceding - where I’m flawed. That seems to be obvious, sure, but it doesn’t happen in 95% of games. Yet, when it does, I’m picked apart.
  20. Thanks. I'm sorry for posting this here but can you have someone take a look at these too? Posted this on the forum but haven't got any replies yet. Some of the database are outdated and they're going to be changes regarding the teams in the Malaysian league. For the first issue, which is about the latest feeder teams in the league, I've attached the official statements from the league organisers. https://www.malaysianfootballleague.com/portal/news-details?id=329&fbclid=IwAR2CuScnqeK13ueMPHTgancgrsNW3vssWN_SepOAVgY7UVbfbCY8v_u32ag
  21. Meh think it came across wrong … Was meaning like don't rock the boat too much as its still floating at this time
  22. Did u use pass thru middle tweak or no? Just finished season in LLM, works very good... but curious how is gonna be second season in higher division
  23. How do you do it for normal teams?
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