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  2. Thanks! These 4 are definitely right at the top of my list! Hey, thanks! Reims is in Ligue 2 which is very intriguing... Especially since Messi is going to be down there with Saint-Etienne... But at the same time it might be too early to go back to France.
  3. They also have Joao Felix as AP, with Fabinho and Keita behind him :/
  4. @knap I just noticed that the attacking throw ins at VOLANTE 42220 Strikerless is off. They throw the ball at opposition players, since they search the forward.
  5. If that is the backline they have they are going to be incredibly tough to beat. Their starting squad is already strong but with the addition of de light they can probably be very strong for a few seasons.
  6. in my latest (2022) save it has been atletico, barca, psg, psg. man utd & liverpool runner up two times. to be fair though klopp lost his mind and decided to spend £72 million on inaki williams and then got sacked within a year. in my 2031 save it is as follows: liverpool, liverpool, liverpool. then they had a barren spell with no appearance in the final at all for 8 seasons. but klopp left in 2025 for real madrid (who didn't win it under him), and then left them for chelsea who haven't won it either. i feel I can take some of the blame though, as his chelsea squad is composed almost entirely of regens that were trained by me at various clubs.
  7. December 2023 Good news is that I've gotten (YP5a) scoring after changing the lone striker from a complete forward to a poacher but that loss to UCS Sada means we're just one point ahead with six games still to play.
  8. Just to emphasise this point as it’s important in the context of FM and how counter attacking teams play IRL. A counter attack might only represent 10% of a team’s total attacks. These typically occur automatically* when the AI over commits and leaves space behind. This is why attributes are so important. A side like Bournemouth are going to be so much more effective at the counter than most sides due to the pace of the attacking players. When the counter isn’t on, which is most of the time, counter attacking teams will look to transition into an attack just like almost any other side. A DLP could form an important part of that, especially if the attributes suit the player in question. * In FM19 the automatic counters function slightly differently. We do now have a specific TI to encourage this. Nonetheless the fundamental principles haven’t changed. The more you set up to draw the AI onto you and leave space behind, the more effective the counter will be.
  9. The whole reason I started letting my GK take penalties back in FM14 was because someone was ranting that the "game was broken" and he couldn't get Messi to score penalties. I wish I had kept a note of who said it. Penalties are not right, but they are penalties so.......
  10. The whole reason I started letting my GK take penalties back in FM14 was because someone was ranting that the "game was broken" and he couldn't get Messi to score penalties. I wish I had kept a note of who said it. Penalties are not right, but they are penalties so.......
  11. I understand that you are on Easter holiday, but a proper update before leaving would have been nice. It has been 4-5 weeks now, and no information about your dialogue with Apple or anything for days now. The beta updates are not working, and I cannot see any people on this forum has confirmed them to be useful? Correct me if I am wrong. Are they just released to buy more time? Amarente have tested and send you a lot of feedback, but no one has returned them him? This years game has not been playable for almost 2 out of 6 months for mac users. Please consider the option for a re-found.
  12. They're also overrated when it Comes to consistently scoring Goals. This is and has Always been primarily About the chances, both in type as well as numbers, as that's far more important than the Player who has it. (Which is also some in line with real world Football analysis; there are difference between Forwards on each Level, but Clubs spend gazillions in attempts to go the few crucial extra percentages. Additionally, Ronaldo et all don't score this consistently because they would bury every other shot. On Occasion their superior technique leads to an added "wonder Goal". However, Ronaldo et all score because they consistently have a bucket load of finishes (up to 7 per match average), mostly from good positions. Part of that is skill (off the ball, touches, etc), part of that is playing for Clubs who are Camping in the opposing half for almost all Season, part of that is superior assisting by superior Players. Buying another Forward on this game has never, ever been a fix for consistently finishwing woes (if they exist rather than are "imagined"). It's primarily About the type of chances, which are primarily influenced by tactical Things -- on both Ends of the pitches. That said, there should still be a difference between "specialists" and "non-specialsts" in Terms of penalties Long-term. Tempted to go into the Editor for a few Tests...
  13. check some of the above links mate, you can already get it for less than half the price it is displayed on steam
  14. Hello guys, In my current (and only, for now) save I've just finished season 2021/22, and Liverpool has now won THREE consecutive Champions Leagues. My Roma side has faced them three times during my career, with two losses and one draw. They seem to be pretty much unplayable, especially with Salah and Mane upfront. Virgil Van Dijk seems like a fusion between Baresi and Beckenbauer, plus his defensive partner De Light is very well known both in the FM community and in real life. Have you encountered anything similar?
  15. i'm managing in switzerland too. since i've upgraded my facilities to 5 star and have great coaches i keep my young players playing in the under 18s/21s until at least age 19 (unless they are good enough for first team already). then i start rotating them into the squad and loan out the ones that didn't make it yet. make sure you spam "praise > training & conduct" on all of them every few weeks if you aren't already. easy way to keep their morale as high as possible (easy to reach superb/exceptional). and it also seems to impact on them having you listed as favourite personnel too (i think). oh and you should look into making a custom training schedule with less rest time if you didn't already, i found that the default schedules had way too much time spent resting. and set all youth players to double and see if they start complaining. oh and to the goalkeepers.. don't forget the legendary chilvert
  16. Doesn't work like that. A player's demands to play are based on more than just the last game, more like the past 6-8, if not more. If, over that time, they 'think' they haven't played enough they will moan. Admittedly, there do seem to be more players complaining in FM19 a lot sooner than in other recent versions and it can be a pain but it's certainly not based on just the last game played.
  17. Looking forward to try your schedules - finally getting back to the playing again after the update "circus". Played the Beta, tried to make schedules, but that went as well as my tactics - no too good at all
  18. Today
  19. Have a look at the pinned guides. Herne's mentions why it can't be specifically trained. Basically, you can't train it on your own.
  20. Hi I'm after a little bit of help, In the individual training screen for a player, you can select areas for a player to improve upon e.g. Strength, attacking movement etc well is there a way I can instruct my players to focus on improving their crossing? I can't seem to find away to do this apart from training in a particular position on the pitch improves it but I don't wanna retrain or have players natural in a position focusing on that in training, just crossing?
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