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  2. My Sporting Lisbon Dave was ruined by this. They have elections every 4 years, which I learnt 4 years into my save. The new chairman takes over and spends 300 million on Kessie and Camavinga, whilst putting them on 300k a week each. I’d been doing the save as a buy cheap, sell high and saving the money . I also had Mandragora and a world class regen at DM so didn’t need either of them. It basically left the club with no money and the wage budget maxed out. Broke the save for me.
  3. Hi @AndyLove, that's something we are aware of and we have under review.
  4. Hi there. Opsahl, Lunov, Tjærnås, Øren left the club after the Vålerenga data was delivered for this deadline. The same goes for the signings of Kenneth Dokken, Dajani and Oldrup Jensen. These announcements and transfers happened around mid-february. The issue here is mainly that the data patch is tailored for the transfer window in the major European leagues, which ends January 31st, while clubs continue to do business until April here in Norway. Efrain Juarez to NYCFC is a different story, that one should have been completed both by me and my Vålerenga assistant. So apologies for that one. Everything has been reported to be fixed now.
  5. 谢谢您的提醒, 我们会调查了。另外,我们已经计划在2月更新更新中国联赛规则。
  6. What do you mean you're playing in Burnley? I'd like to think it's a protest stand against the Ashley regime but that's wishful thinking.
  7. I,ve had the same problem,so I always check my set pieces before kick-off as you sometimes get weird glitches like making them change position and finding players missing from set pieces.
  8. I usually load about 12 nations with maximum 65k players.
  9. Hi @Hobermallow89 I've merged your thread with this existing one. Could you let us know if you had tried to offer out the player to clubs just before you encountered this message when offering to an affiliate? This is something that we are aware of and currently looking into. Cheers, Ben
  10. I think that there are several teams in France build (especially in FM) to take over from PSG, I have had success with the usual suspects against them but have also seen other teams rise from the ether and challenge really well (Rennes epecially with their youth system).
  11. For me, I have customized selection view and when ever I do something, such as move a player from U19 (or U18, U23 or reserves) it switches automatically to "default" view. It's highly annoying, as it also takes away info I want to see, including statistics from that team's games.
  12. For the last three or four FMs I’ve been trying to use DoF more to add realism to the game, but up to date DoF is nothing more than a decorative role, completely deprived of game’s logic. My suggestion is that there should be an option for players to switch transfer responsibilities from themselves and delegate to DoF but leave some degree of control. Consider the following, IRL coaches have little say in transfer policy of clubs they work in, if we exclude top coaches that can stick it to the board. What I suggest is strip players from total control over transfers (by choice of course) for the sake of realism and harder challenge, I’m sure lots of us won’t mind. This is how I suppose it should look like DoF and/or owner handle all the transfers based on (by descending priority) coach request/club vision/current scouting focus. Their success (or failure) is calculated from attributes club’s parameters. Scouting range limits the search geographic-wise Number of scouts defines how many players can be found for a possible purchase per position Scout judgement attributes work as usual DoF judgement attributes defy his initial choice as a transfer target or a recommendation DoF determination defies his capability of bargaining and winning a competition from other clubs DoF man management MIGHT defy quality of scouting assignments Now a bit about how it should work. Providing you’ve chosen to delegate transfer responsibilities to DoF/Board it goes in three modes: Passive - DoF generate lists of players to buy and makes offers based on current scouting focus. Player approves or rejects transfer proposals Active - players ticks positions and roles they want to acquire and DoF sets focus to find them. Based on this search DoF suggests targets and players authorise (or don’t) transfers Transfer window - players submit wishlist of several EXACT players and DoF/board try (or refuse) to acquire them. This might be viewed as an easy mode, because transfer responsibilities are being taken away, but in reality this could make playing even harder because with bad DoFs players can get a hard time building an ideal team and will have to take what they can. As an option this can be hard-coded in some clubs philosophies or visions. Thank you, cheers!
  13. This is normal, it's almost impossible to get your players to follow instructions that are so vague. Because you cannot differentiate where the throw should be taken and how with only option, Defensive throws are totally different from offensive one's but this is not reflected in the game.
  14. 20.3 update of course, I'm aware that there will be another data update after february window (with polish players as well), but I believe the stats are in final form.
  15. Was doing that adventure in earlier fms but that was always a short one. No, they are in first division. Media prediction are first place. I was choosing between them and Boca but didn like Boca because they want from me to sign Colombian players. Just look at this guy, never heard of him but he is a world class striker from these stats 😂
  16. Hi both, thanks for the feedback - this is something we have under review.
  17. Don't really know what it is you're complaining about as I can't see the problem. Your oppo' is playing 4-2-3-1. The positions are correct, it just looks a bit weird on screen. the more worrying thing is in the small window (expected tactical style) where you will see that there are only nine players on your team, only noticed this yesterday myself. it may seem like a small thing but is that bug transferring to the game such as players disappearing from set piece windows, poor defending, etc'.
  18. Maybe 18 months ago but now he's a really valued member of possibly the best squad in the world. Don't see much wrong with that price, especially if Liverpool didn't really want to sell him.
  19. Could a league title be going to Paisley for the first time in their history???
  20. In my third season with Kilmarnock. For some reason I can't send any of my players to my affiliate clubs. No problems at all in previous seasons. Can someone please help?
  21. @Bigpole I'm playing in Austria atm, Demir is my key target - I took a SS to post him in here last night but never got round to it. His development has been awesome, I will upload later. Are you pre or post transfer update?
  22. I'm currently in my third season with Kilmarnock, finished 3rd in the league so I qualified for the Europa League playoffs. Somehow I drew Rangers who finished 2and in the same league. Two teams from the same country can't play each other in the Europa league playoffs or can they?? Do the rules change in the future?? This is seriously bugging me, I was looking forward to playing some foreign teams. Please someone answer me.
  23. As long as teams have players, doesn't matter if they are amateur or proffesional.
  24. I almost went to full fat FM because of the ugly purple skin being the only skin available... It prevented me from really enjoying the game.... didn't know that a skin could have such an impact. But than this guy came around and offered the beautiful light & dark skins for FMT, really enjoying it again now:
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