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  2. Now that Uncle Sam did his update is it still different as far as using his Canada or ur Canada file? Or the same now
  3. The nature of FM is that as soon as you get the data, it's already a question of us looking forward as researchers. It's why I often try to encourage people to present information about how players are in the game, because its an ever shifting process behind the scenes. Of course attributes don't get updated weekly/monthly etc because that would just be a bit of a joke to impose on a voluntary research team but our thoughts on players do evolve as the season passes. So a researcher can say a player won't be like X or Y the next time there is an update, but you will have to respect the fact we cannot disclose what the player will be like. Partially due to perhaps not having fully decided yet, and then partially due to the fact we all have non-disclosure agreements in place covering specifics. When you get to see this information is of course at SI's discretion. Based on previous years though, most likely it would be the next edition of FM now.
  4. Just caught up to this thread, I am doing a Cardiff save too. Good work so far. Those youngsters look excellent!
  5. Guys is there any way to edit the topic of the thread?
  6. At least right now I know it is not my skin fault so I am not gonna try to fix that. Thanks for reply
  7. No longer at those ratings where? I was going off the winter update.
  8. Today
  9. Hi, I normally use Selection view when selecting my team for an upcoming match. Any chance that you can add Morale to that view? This could possibly be done by replacing the Condition wheel column as there is already a column displaying Condition as a percentage. See screenshot for details. Thanks
  10. With roles that are vastly different, and which therefore will change entirely how you side plays. Nothing really exists in isolation in FM. Changing to a mezzala changes the movement this player makes from midfield. It changes passing options. It changes where and how you create space. I would suggest reading on the posts on what different players do and how to combine them. This is quite fundamental. Of course it does not. It does not even prefer one role over another. The Mezzala is not a special role that makes goals happen. I get more goals from CM(A). But that it because my tactic is set up to get this guy some chances. The ME rewards well designed tactics that create space and chances for players.
  11. No, that is a known problem with skinning with the “match caption”. You will have to make changes to the file, exit and reload the game for the match caption to show again. So making changes as a result is time consuming.
  12. I was wondering if manager stats will ever increase. I know they will when I gain license levels but do they gain with experience/reputation? For example, I create a manager with the highest coaching badge but was a Sunday league player. Will he ever get better? Is the only way to have a top rated manager is by making him a former international star?
  13. October & November Pretty good results over the last two months with two big wins over Watford and Bristol City, four draws (two with Liverpool and Man City), and the loss to Everton that wasn't as close as the score suggest. There is also the win over Oxford United in the FA Cup. The bad news from this time period is that yet again Stevic missed a game because he was at the pub (this time the Liverpool match) and was upset that I treated him "unfairly" and demand to be transfer listed. League Table We move down one spot to 9th in the table, 15 points behind Tottenham in first and 9 points ahead of Bristol City in 18th.
  14. https://steamdb.info/app/872790/depots/?branch=public-beta I use the public beta primarily and i use this website to keep track of when things are changed on the version. Yet i never ever see any update fromy ou guys about whats be3ing worked on and what needs testing or whatever, Can you like, start doing that?
  15. @warlock A very impressive start at Ipswich, way above what any mere mortal could expect with that group of players! The pressure is really on you now @smplfc123 @john1 You had a very strong second half of your season, very unlucky to lose at the end like that but it was a massive overachievement. @Carlf788 Well done on your work with Brentford, I can totally understand you wanting a fresh challenge though. Meanwhile, on this special day for Charlton Athletic... Charlton Season 1 - Part 4 Having ended 2018 with two defeats in League 1, it was crucial to start the new calendar year in a positive way However that was far from the case as a drab home draw with Walsall was backed up by three more winless games That run was finally broken with an out of character 5-0 thumping of Rotherham in my 3rd Round FA Cup Replay, a great relief On the score sheet that day was debutant Antoine Semenyo, who I signed on loan from Bristol City a few days earlier The 19 year old Londoner was the only new arrival in the winter transfer window, as I needed more cover for my striking pool This game was my third replay in three rounds, but also kicked off a run of six matches without conceding Two of these shutouts were in the much-loved Checkatrade Trophy, and another was FA Cup Round 4 (a kind tie at home to Lincoln) At this stage I was still alive in three competitions, although lots of players were in need of regular rests too After a blip at Peterborough where I threw away an early two-goal lead towards the end of the match, the rest of February was faultless And that sequence included the result of my season, with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Chelsea in Round 5 of the FA Cup I followed that up with a massive 3-1 win at promotion rivals AFC Wimbledon and confidence at this point was really high That was evident as Peterborough were then crushed 4-0 to book a place at Wembley for the Checkatrade final March would not follow the same pattern however, as I failed to win the next three and also exited the FA Cup in Round 6 On the face of it, a 1-0 loss to West Ham doesn't look bad, but Felipe Anderson was sent off after 40 minutes so I could have done better The end of the month saw a return to form, with a league win over Bradford and then a fortunate result at Wembley against Scunthorpe 2-0 looks comfortable, but on closer scrutiny you will see both of my goals were scored in stoppage time as extra time loomed As said before, I just cannot seem to lose in this competition, and I somewhat embarrassingly had to hold aloft the sponsor's trophy Again, a new month brought a downturn in fortunes as two trips to the South West yielded one point from six Faith was restored with two consecutive wins over Wycombe (away) and Luton, but then two more poor shows set me back again It's true that defensively I'd improved a lot over these last few months, but the goals weren't flowing and results were up and down This had seen my side fluctuating between 2nd and 4th for some time, and as I travelled to rock-bottom Gillingham I was only in 3rd spot Lyle Taylor, who I had pinned so many hopes on back in the summer, finally came good as his brace earned me a solid 2-0 win And that left me in 3rd ahead of the final day of the regular season, two points behind AFC Wimbledon but with a better GD So, it was out of my hands - and all I could do was try to beat 7th placed Rochdale and hope for the best Luckily for me, good fortune was again on my side as my weary players stumbled their way towards another drab draw With just 10 seconds left of the 92 minutes allowed, I was awarded a free kick 27 yards out slightly to the right of centre The angle favoured a left-footer, but I had no idea what Joe Aribo had in mind as he stepped up to take it Much to my delight he hit it sweetly, and the ball flew past the despairing dive of their keeper in to the right hand side of the net It was a dramatic end to the season, but at this point I didn't have a clue how AFC Wimbledon had got on themselves Moments later, I checked and discovered that they had been held to a 0-0 draw at Bradford, and I had scraped promotion on GD Aribo and Taylor were soon hearing the news too, and the look on their faces as they ran across to the fans was pure joy It was terribly sad for AFC Wimbledon, and although they rallied to see off Bradford in the SF, they lost 2-0 to Coventry in the PO Final Here is a quick summary of my performance in the various competitions And the player stats in all competitions Josh Parker was the biggest over-achiever by far, and on reputation I'd say Taylor had disappointed me the most The fans vote went to German central defender Patrick Bauer (fittingly) and he also won the League 1 player of the year award too Winning promotion for the new Chinese owner and sticking two fingers up to Roland Rat was very satisfying I don't know why there hadn't been any help in the budget earlier (I guess FFP), but the club balance still sat at £62 million by season end And they demonstrated their commitment by revealing the budget available for the Championship return I'll be waving goodbye to all of the loan players and several others will be allowed to leave, but £37 million should help the club avoid the drop...
  16. Finances are fine on my save but yes having no CL soccer can take a hit on your finances...
  17. Portugal will love to have Florin Andone join my squad please!! 🇵🇹
  18. I don't know about the argentinian league, but the Brasileirão is a huge problem not just for FM,but also other games. Here in Brasil in we don't have any organization that grab all players and clubs rihts of image, so every football game needs to negociate with the CBF, with the clubs, and also the players. The biggest problem in all of this is that some reserves in big teams asks loads of money for their right of image, and some clubs have their right already filliated with some game, so is pretty hard to have this league licensed for now.
  19. European World Cup Qualifying Tables (2 games to go) Best second placed teams (Top 3 qualify for World Cup) Final South American World Cup Qualifying Table Uruguay and Portugal have successfully qualified for the 2022 World Cup joining Mexico, USA and Costa Rica. New Zealand will play 2 legs against Jamaica for qualification. Final North American Nations League A Tables
  20. @TheSparkyDee @ZLazer_500 and @estewu are all skipped and receive their first strikes for failing to select a player within 24 hours Round 32 - October 2021 Israel and New Zealand don't feature in this round Ukraine (Weiry) Won 6-0 against Malta I choose Son Heung-Min to join Ukraine Romania @Muttley84 Lost 2-1 to Italy Loses Ivan Perisic to Italy USA @JaytheGreat Drew 1-1 with Trinidad and Tobago USA’s Hirving Lozano is swapped with Trinidad and Tobago’s Omar Gonzalez Serbia @Koetzer Lost 3-1 to North Macedonia Loses Miroslav Bogosavac to North Macedonia Mexico @ssestig Won 3-0 against Jamaica Please choose ONE player to join Mexico Kosovo @terence123470 Lost 3-1 to Germany No loss Portugal @TheSparkyDee Won 4-1 against Slovenia Please choose ONE player to join Portugal Costa Rica @David Corperial Won 3-1 against Suriname Please choose ONE player to join Costa Rica Rep. of Ireland @GylfiAsCharged Drew 1-1 with Moldova Rep. of Ireland’s Harry Kane is swapped with Moldova’s Radu Ginsari Norway @XaW Lost 2-1 to Spain Loses Omar Elabdellaoui to Spain Uruguay @vossmaj Drew 0-0 with Paraguay Uruguay’s Davinson Sanchez is swapped with Paraguay’s Derlis Gonzalez Russia @dkouv Lost 1-0 to Montenegro Loses Robert Lewandowski to Montenegro Luxembourg @scousevasey Drew 0-0 with Albania Luxembourg’s Chris Stumpf is swapped with Albania’s Ermir Lenjani Canada @ZLazer_500 Won 3-2 against Honduras Please choose ONE player to join Canada Poland @estewu Won 2-0 against Liechtenstein Please choose ONE player to join Poland This concludes Round 32 The following members have 24 hours to select a player ssestig David Corperial TheSparkyDee ZLazer_500 estewu
  21. No I won things a few years in from my screenshots on here on an older patch, but getting the quality of players in along with sufficient backup isn't easy. When updating the tactic to this latest patch, I did win the league and ecl first year, but it required a lot of wheeling and dealing in the market! The tactic is not designed for lesser sides and not created to beat the ME nor uses exploits - it's created to play a particular style to accommodate only the very best of players and gives them the full freedom to show their abilities on the pitch. It would be suicide to play with an inferior squad. The choice of roles will instantly tell you only the best will do. Think of them saying "give me the ball and let me do my thing" - for all six midfield roles, with a poacher on hand to put the ball in the net and the 3 centre-backs the only defensive players on the pitch. There are no overlaps or underlaps to create space to open up teams - it's pure individual ability, and it's exactly what I aimed to create. High possession is also the form of defence. If you don't punish teams with the possession you'll be extremely exposed on the counter-attack. Therefore if your players aren't good enough to break teams down, you'll just get hit on the counter. There are few players in the world that can produce this style of a game and as in my example, designed for Ballon D'or player quality only. But once that team is assembled, the football on offer to watch is really beautiful and elegant. But it will rely on individual brilliance rather than a well oiled tactical system to bring about success especially if your team aren't playing well on the day. Then magic from Messi or a Ronaldo is what is needed rather than the whole team putting in a shift to grind out a result. Who wouldn't want 2 Pirlo's, 2 Messi's, 2 Ronaldo's and Mbappe occupying the 6 midfield and striker positions That was my footballing vision anyway =)
  22. I'm attempting to implement pro/rel in the USA however when I go to make a save to test for bugs ingame, it will load about 1/3 of the way before the game stops responding and will not load any further. Any help would be appreciated. USA Pyramid Try 3.fmf
  23. DCK Maidenbower vs Rochdale attempt 2 Not for the first time, my rickety old computer failed on me and I lost progress. Thankfully the game had been saved shortly after we won the Accrington match so only the two Rochdale matches and a few league games were lost. When replaying the Rochdale games I was determined to not let the data loss affect the results, which meant that I had to savescum both legs, much to my discomfort; the first match because we lost 2-0 on the first attempt and the replay because we actually took Rochdale all the way to penalties, and then went and won the shootout! Reloading to make sure we lost the replay as it originally played out was one of the toughest things I've had to do on FM. With that in mind, this is what happened in the replayed FA Cup matches. Home Leg: DCK 1-1 Rochdale After an exciting but scoreless first half, Rochdale took the lead when Dan Pring curled in an absolute beauty of a free kick shortly after the break. The lead didn't last though, as 12 minutes later Callum Gribbin played in David Ashley who finished low into the bottom corner. The match seemed to be headed for the desired replay before Bradley Bell gave away a silly penalty fifteen minutes from time. It looked like getting the required draw would take a third attempt but Jack Payne's lame effort from the spot was easily save by Leigh Jenkins, meaning that we would travel to Rochdale's Spotland as the universe intended. Away Leg: Rochdale 2-1 DCK Having been forced to reload to overwrite a brilliant shootout victory in the replay I was not in the best of moods and was really not looking forward to FM inevitably serving us up a 10-0 loss. The DCK players clearly sensed my frustration though as they put in an excellent performance to go out narrowly with their heads held high. Rochdale held a 2-0 lead as the clock ticked towards the final whistle, courtesy of two goals either side of the break (and also another missed Rochdale penalty) but David Ashley raced clear on 83 minutes to give a glimmer of hope to the fans, and a sense of dread to myself that I might have to overwrite another incredible victory. But it was not to be, and the 2-1 loss sent the DCK fans home proud and left me very grateful to be done with savescumming . Hopefully I've now finally learned my lesson about making sure I've saved all progress before posting about it online.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hi, I'm suffering with this exact issue on my laptop. Geforce Experience is saying FM's resolution is set to 3840x2160 when it's actually set to 1920x1080 in the game. The start up screen is blurry and the text within the game is very zoomed out and grainy. Has a fix been found for this? It's basically running at a resolution much higher than it should be. I've tried to disable DSR within Nvidia Control Panel but the option isn't there.
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