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  2. Season 2 I think I hate this team. Last season was fairly stress free as we won a lot of matches with no drama, this season we've been in control for large periods before doing something chaotic and conceding late on. We've dropped 6 points from winning positions which tells you everything. Lets start with the squad. Auba picked up another hip injury so he's pretty much finished. Willian is going to WBA for £10m in Jan and Guendouzi will be moved on either permanently or on loan. Brazilian wonderkid Sandry is coming in for £16m to replace the Frenchman as we are so reliant on Ceballo
  3. Is this possibly why from the get-go Rashford can't get into the England squad? He may not be having the best season for me, but he's on course for 15+ league games and I don't see any reason other than database changes for why he is cut from the first England squad and hasn't made one since. Shaw, who has been second choice for me has made the squad.
  4. Even one of the English lads has Haitian place of birth lol.
  5. Leeds Utd Youth Intake Season 1 - Look At All Of The Different Nations Lol So we have 2 x Turkmenistan, 1 x Qatar, 2 x Cameroon, 1 x Belgium, 1 Swiss a few English players We also had an Ghanian, an Liberian, an Estonian and a Bulgarian but they were rubbish.
  6. When clicking on match report this happens (see screenshot)
  7. Am I reading this wrong or the defender has more key headers than actual headers ? See screenshots.
  8. I managed to look on youtube tutorial and changed my formation to a 4-2-2-2 tactic with the instructions he recommended and I played a lot better with Man Utd against some guy who was Barcelona. I still lost but it was 3-2 up till the last minute when he scored to make it 4-2. Usually I concede 5-6 in the first half.
  9. That's a dirty move from WWE - Dark was there first....
  10. How is the Biden administration supposed to "facilitate the end of the filibuster"? Maybe there's something I'm missing, but I'm pretty sure the executive branch doesn't get to tell the legislative branch how to devise its rules. Turns out progressives are looking for a "man on a horse" just as much as any Trumper.
  11. I know im shoudnt use other topics, but its 100% related. Im trying to make my Staff do ALL transfers for me, like i want to new players just appear on my team, i dont want to do anything, and even with the delegate thing, my staff NEVER buy a new player, even if my team got 10000 reputation and infinite money. And im already search this 'handles team selection' and im in charge of that, so it cant be this.
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  13. I tried to solve the issue by myself. And I managed. In first file, I basically added in this menu U19 teams as well. Now league "Campionato nazionale U18 Serie A/B" appears in game and it works. Only issue: Under 19 squad of Serie A teams which do not partecipate to U18 league (keep in mind that U19 teams is in game used as U18) appears in game as well. This is annoying - I would prefer them not appearing. If you see in this screenshot, for example the U19 team of Bologna should be never used. IN second file, Prova 3, I created U19 teams in reserve teams submenu o
  14. In the grand scheme of things, it means almost nothing, but a lot of people are probably going to show their asses in response.
  15. Interesting , may i ask why didnt you put the AML and AMR in the AMC postion?
  16. A perfect February in the league, but a narrow first leg defeat in the Champions League and we're 10 points clear, with 10 games to play
  17. A critical body blow to this reeling administration that can't seem to get out of its own way and is facing a revolt from the left wing of the party, etc., etc.
  18. hmm, i just harry kane'd someones goalie - played a corner in, it got cleared to about 30 yards, decided to yolo a lob through ball as it just felt like a chance was there, weirdly space opened up a bit as the keeper came out to punch it, but as fabinho moved towards the 6 yard line, turned his back to goal to control the ball, the keeper kinda jumped into his shoulder, in the end everyone missed the ball and henderson got a goal from a pass. sometimes i wish you could just see how raging people were haha
  19. Grenoble Foot 38 November 2026 : Regular Season "The Gypsy Road....takes me home" Gerard looked at the schedule for November.....and saw six fixtures four in Ligue 1 and two in Europa League. He was hoping for 8 points from the league and a minimum of 4 points in Europa League Group play. Both of these numbers were possible but the team would have to start playing better.... Schedule First up was FC Lorient which was visiting Stade des Alpes to open November. During this game Gerard tinkered with his tactics and tried a 4-3-3 instead of a
  20. Norwich, February 2021 A bright start to the new year with 5 wins from 5 in the league. Our early exit from the FA Cup was a disappointment, but not surprising given Leicester's position in the Top 6 of the Premiership, although the scoreline rather flatters us - they could have scored 4 or 5. With the transfer window now closed, the big news - and big disappointment - was the departure of Emi Buendia. The mercenary Argentine had his head turned not by the bright lights of the Premiership but the filthy lucre of the Chinese league. Shanghai Shenhua offered us £40m and him £66k a
  21. D-line one notch higher than LOE (e.g. higher DL/standard LOE or standard DL/lower LOE etc.). And your team pressing urgency needs to be on default (medium).
  22. Works both ways, I had a players determination jump up 5 or 6 points due to off field circumstances
  23. Transfer Window Update Transfer window has now been and gone and we added four more player,all of whom will be in the first team despite their age,I could of signed more but I didn't want to disrupt the team too much as we are coming into the closing stages of the season and we are in the title race. These are the four new players are Karel Darida,Filip Drahos,Karel Tetour and Karel Dostal.Unfortunately signing these four players have messed up the star rating of the team so who was originally good are no longer rated as highly!
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  25. 12 to play and we've got ourselves a nice little buffer... We had a little blip in late February, taking only a point from three consecutive games, however have bounced back with wins over Circencester and Potters Bar. Meanwhile, Bognor have fallen away, going 3-3-4 over their last ten, and they have lost their last three.
  26. Ok. I just saw it on the Sortitousi site and unfortunately it is not finished ... No problem. I would wait for you to finish this great work and will definitely use it in my game. Well done again.
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