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  2. Great insight into your methods of playing this game as ever over the past few pages and some great progress to boot. I've had troublesome players before but nothing like Dulce, seems crazily over exaggerated in this save game. I've had the same in the U19 CL, I guess it depends on what leagues you have loaded as to whether clubs in the competitions have enough players to make a U19 team rather than having a few players and then filling the rest out with greys. Shame Africa doesn't have something similar for my current (long term) save with Ashanti Gold.
  3. That's my fault, forgot to set average attendance and finances.... Will just do it and reupload the file
  4. Hi guys, I have a silly question. On the team squad interface, a lot of people customize the view to suit their preference. To have different and more detailed pages focusing on certain stats, attributes, training, contract, mentoring, etc... It's something I do too in every FM. An important point is I always make sure it fits on one page. However, when I swap between the windows or go on other teams, the views always mess a bit and the horizontal scrolling roll below on the screen appears. I have to get to the last column (extending out of the visible screen) to reduce its width. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Of course, if you don't change nothing and only use the views coming with the game (stats, contract, homegrown...), this never happens. So, my question is do you guys experience this as well ? If yes, is there a way to prevent it from happening ? Because it can be frustrating sometimes.
  5. I see you mentioned me in the post (along with Herne), and I am always willing to help people. But given that this thread is Herne's and that it was him who created and developed the tactic, I really wouldn't like to meddle in giving advice that specifically pertains to (t)his playing style, simply because I think it would be somewhat inappropriate. Plus, I personally don't play possession-based football (nor am I a fan of it), even though I understand its principles and the point of this thread and am not opposed to possession per se
  6. 2023/24 Pre-Season Very good pre-season! We are still predicted 3rd, and now is probably a good time to explain why the two Sada sides are always predicted 1st and 2nd despite also not signing a player since the save started. For some reason they only get Spanish regens, who are far better than anyone else. And between them they have the entire best xi. They also have no affiliate clubs and poor facilities all-round.
  7. Hello. I can not buy more cash to the club from Steam, When I get up the window (Check attached image ) I cant touch the "Authorize" button? Does anyone else have this problem ?
  8. Dear Hugo, The issue was solved with those configurations. Thanks a lot. Alexandre
  9. I'll be surprised if he swaps Porto for Benfica,I've tried to get their young keeper Costa(think his name is) and he has absolutely no interest in playing for a big rival.
  10. Assists arent really important because he is not in the position to give the killer pass right? That would be more clearly when he would play AMC. Just a question. What do people have to do to get their save on Gamechangers? Its a show i watch alot and i get the thought behind the setups, but i miss 1 little "click" to really get it. The analysis before filling in the spots and checking what tactic would be good is the click i think i need. I understand there is like a huge list of saves that has been sent in, but just curious. To see one of my own teams getting analysed by someone else would help me.
  11. As @XaWsays, I've never had a problem withe getting a GK to score goals. That's over multiple long-term saves with multiple players in each save going back to FM14. I've had a GK score a hat-trick of pens in a league game. My 1st GK in my FM19 save scored 78 career goals. My 2nd GK in my FM19 save scored 70 career goals. My 3rd GK in my FM19 save has scored 24 career goals at the age of 21. That being said, my current GK has missed all 3 of his penalties taken in Ligue 1 this season. It could be that something has changed in an update this season, but equally it could be that it's just one of those things and he will go on a scoring streak again soon. I should add that my GK has a penalty attribute of 3, composure of 11 and Attributes seem largely irrelevant when it comes to deciding the outcome of penalties.
  12. Players start pressing where the LOE is set. But how they press depends on team pressing instruction, individual player pressing instructions and mentality (which affects everything). And opposition instructions have an effect of course (if you use them). If you set DL to lower and LOE to standard, that is certainly not how Atletico play. As I said in the previous post, they are very compact in defense. So the d-line should be set at least one notch above the LOE in order to achieve that. For example, if LOE is lower, DL should be standard (not vice versa, as you set it up). If LOE is standard, DL higher, and so on.
  13. FM18 started to crash after 1-2 mins of playing. After not a specific action or date. I attached the dxdiag and crash dump file. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2019.04.21 14.01.14).dmp DxDiag.txt
  14. I managed to raise the funds I need to meet Mikel Merino's release clause and now he has no interest in joining us. He had a slight interest before but it's because of our rivalry that he doesn't want to join. How did everyone else manage to sign him? Is it just timing?
  15. Having another go at it, original DB, but going to try and make more of our youth than last time out. No first transfer window as half the guys I want rid of start injured anyway. I have an ideal squad in mind for 2nd season, but given it involves 3 guys with £150m combined release clauses that I'd want to loan back to Benfica who knows. Anyway, I've gone a bit mad on staff. Cleared out about 90% of the people who joined since the start of mediocrity (May 2013), brought in an entirely British & Irish staff to replace them and fill the gaps: Also Rod Ruddick, scout, from Southampton.
  16. The game which saw Al-Ahly clinch a 5th successive league title,bet their fans enjoyed that!
  17. I didn't say "less urgent", but standard pressing on balanced mentality, coupled with tighter marking and get stuck in. People often believe that Atletico play with high pressing because they defend aggressively, but that aggressive defending is achieved primarily through tighter marking and hard tackling in combination with vertical compactness (plus counter-press), which reduces the playable space for opposition. Atletico's lines are very close and compact, which is key to their successful defensive performance. This FM profiles do not always reflect real-life facts, even though they tend to be correct for the most part. So don't follow them blindly.
  18. I have tried Jimmy Wong's solution but have another issue that hopefully someone may be able to advise? I try to select FM19 as a program but Football Manager 17 (fm exe) appears as the program to customise. I try and add FM19 as the program which appears as Football Manager 2019 Touch 19.3.4 - 1206437 (staging) but as soon as I select Football Manager 17 (fm exe) APPEARS AGAIN. It seems I am unable to choose both FM 17 and FM19 for this solution as 17 seems the default? Thoughts appreciated.
  19. This save called spain schedule, in SI cloud Staff name is Edgar Enrich. His salary in Barca 50k per year. I give him 400k per year and position of chief, but he asking for 1 mln. Where is logic? After this he still stay by current position with low salary
  20. Yours havent come through yet Ben, could you retry sending them I've got yours Chris thankyou
  21. “Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.” You're probably thinking,why has he done this post.Well the cup is over and in the Cup review their was a team called Ceramica Cleopatra FC so I was curious to how a team I've never come across managed to make it as the competitions biggest under achievers. When I took a look at them,I found out I could have a very big problem in the future. They are a second division team,to put it into comparison, these are mine. To make it worse when I was looking into why they have so much money,I checked their landmarks to see if there had been a takeover,only to find they have never had a takeover.If they ever get out of the second division then they could be a massive thorn in my side.
  22. Exactly, it seems like some people think that a player with 1 in finishing wouldn't hit the earth if not for gravity. However, 1 is the minimum expected from a professional footballer. The same goes for the other stats, some seem to think that a balance of 1 means the player is likely to fall should a slight breeze flow through the stadium, never mind playing at the Britannia, the player wouldn't be able to stand up! I'v been playing in @Jimbokav1971's challenge for goalkeeper goals, and no one in there have had issues with goalkeepers missing that many pens, as far as I have seen. Of course, there are the odd missing streak, but, and this is without checking anything at all, I think I've seen about a 80% scoring rate for my goalkeepers throughout my saves. And I've not seen much difference when I've had outfield players taking them.
  23. The final two games were in November, and the campaign ended unbeaten, but with a frustrating draw in the last game in Albania but that was enough to top the group, and Portugal qualify thanks to our Nations League triumph
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  25. Super unlucky with the ending of last season - hopefully you'll be luckier this time round!
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