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  2. Been reported in the bugs forum a couple of times, so SI are already aware
  3. Update: My B-Team has vanished from the league after the first season, going to it still tells me it's in the Liga Ledman but it has no matches scheduled and it's not in the league table. Anyone know why?
  4. Have you tried editing the first post? I'm sure you can change the title there
  5. @nie jem frytek Does Roda JC not qualify? I mean, I'm not saying I would like to see you at Roda, but- who am I kidding, I would really like to see you at Roda!
  6. I would also play them on the same sides like you, but would swap duties. In my setup Bailey/Marin would be IF on attack (AML), and Foden/Malcom would be IF on support (AMR). The mezzala would then be moved to MCR, to give more balance. Btw, I wouldn't be too obsessed with possession if I had players as good as yours.
  7. Wow... I feel dumb about that one. Thanks so much for the fast reply - that certainly fixed it.
  8. This is great news! Thanks so much for sorting this. I can't wait to test it.
  9. Individual Training Position automatically changes to there playing position randomly this is a bug hope someone has reported this
  10. Big Money. Nov 2041. I knew this was coming but I'm even less of a hurry to sell (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * than I was to sell (39b) Xabier (Res) *. (39b) Xabier (Res) * had 2 years left on his contract and was never going to re-sign, so I got the best deal I could. (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * on the other hand still has 4 years left on his contract, so whats the rush to sell? He's absolutely smashing the goals in at the moment and leads the Ligue 1 scoring charts with 12 goals from 13 appearances. He is going absolutely nowhere, (but lets see what sort of fun I can have with those who want to buy him). Besiktas have actually offered a straight £20M cash for him, but want us to pay £13k per week of his wages. They're taking the mick. I've upped his valuation to £25M. In fact no, I'm going to up it to £50M. He's going nowhere and I wouldn't even sell him for that. We don't need the money.
  11. Looking at the screenshots of the 4 front players, I would probably play Coman as IF support on the left, Hazard as a TQ on the right, Isco as a SS and Werner as a PF on support. And then the rest of the team would be adapted to them in terms of roles and duties.
  12. Mirror version which ended up exactly the same result. !!!!!FM19.3.4WULFVOL4222IWAFKnapMirrorP105ALLCUPS.fmf
  13. Very seldom use a TM in a tactic. There is no reason to use a TM unless it is a very specific style, and in general is restrictive.
  14. I only added the "work ball into the box" instruction after losing the community shield to Man City in a rather humiliating way.
  15. yeah IF regens are crazy, I was getting all wingers. in the end I just tried to get my 16/17 year old strikers to retrain. i wouldn't pay it, but then again I got sacked as bayern because I didn't spend enough money on updating the squad and relied on my regens so..
  16. Remember the time Zlatan ate my goldfish, and you lied and said I never had a goldfish?! Then why did I have the bowl, Drake?! Why did I have the bowl?! Celta Vigo / Belgium -- December 2049 It's mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve, when I realize that I can no longer hear it -- the noises from the basement. For a time, I think it is just the 4 pints of Peppermint Schnapps that I've had...but no, the sound really is gone. And has been, for some weeks now. The rhythmic thumping. The moans. The incessant complaining from Taylor. (Zlatan allowed him free reign of the basement during the day, only locking him in the soundproof box overnight.) I confront Zlatan, but he is evasive. Drake will only say that Taylor is "running free on a farm in the country." When I remind him that I know that euphemism, they quickly change the subject with furrowed brows and half-glances, while Zlatan refills my pint glass with more Schnapps. I can only hope that Taylor has gone to a better place. A happier place. I'm lost in a Schnapps-induced haze when I see a Christmas card from Drake's nephew's cousin's roommate...on their farm in rural County Cork. Could he...?! Is that...?! The picture is blurry, but I'd recognize that mop of unwashed, bleached blonde hair anywhere. I think rural Ireland will suit TayTay just fine, thank you. Especially after all of the psychological harm he's endured at the hands of my assistants...their hearts were in the right place. What they did, they did out of love...not that the prosecutors would agree, mind you...
  17. Is not about how much players, is about a rare role to see in this save, got a lil more over the preseason and could sign the 20M guy, he will be out for a month, but better than having a non optimal IF
  18. Sound mate, I'm having a save using this in Germany atm, not a great side but lower 40 % would be the average possession so far, just wondered if that was around the same. Cheers for the reply.
  19. All of which would still be useful for FM20 and beyond. Feedback doesn't have to be restricted to the current version This is a constructive feedback thread. People don't have to post here, but if they are going to it needs to be constructive. It's really that simple and anything else simply just sidetracks the thread. The amount of sidetracking is tiresome, people complain that devs don't pop in as much, but why would they at this rate? Let's keep the posts constructive and on point or they'll start getting removed. People should know better by now
  20. I'm looking for help in doing a Diego Simeone style counter tactic. I've only had some moderate success in creating a 'tiki taka' style passing tactic but I don't want everyone of my saves being along the same tactical style. I have long admired Simeone tactically taking on the two spanish heavyweights with a vastly differing take on winning games. I support Newcastle so the last few years especially have been a culture shock in playing styles from my younger days of Keegan and Sir Bobby's attacking sides to Rafa's 10 men behind the ball and play the percentages, however I love the tactical prowess of Simeone/Rafa to pull these defensive structures out and they have proven there are many ways to take the 3 points. Now as mentioned replicating tactics on to fm has been a problem for me so I'm looking for some help, I will be using the tactic in a new save with Newcastle, with the first transfer windows disabled(save Mike the £3m budget he gives anyway) so I feel I have a hard working side to start with, alas lacking much need quality. I will attach what I feel is a Simeone style 442 in FM terms, any help in fine tuning before I start the save will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.
  21. Hmmm. After a flying start in August, September was a much more mixed month. In cup competitions, we've been very good - the second string blasting past second-tier Tom Tomsk over in Siberia, and the first team getting our Champions League campaign off to the perfect start, a goal in each half seeing us past Juventus. That win should make others sit up and take up notice - but it will also put a target on our backs. In more prosaic matters, one win from three in the league is unacceptable form, especially given our opponents. We should be beating the likes of Sibir, needed a last-gasp winner to beat lowly Yenisey on our own patch, and then blew an early lead to suffer defeat at midtable Terek. Chechnya or otherwise, it isn't the sort of match we can be losing if we're to harbour title aspirations, and we need to turn things around rapidly next month if we're to stay in touch. For the time being, we're just about in contention, sitting just two points off the top of the pile. Zenit have been miserable, picking up just one point this month, but of more concern to us are CSKA. Our city rivals have been perfect other than that 6-1 hammering they took off us, and are looking like the team to beat at the moment. We'll be aiming to change that, of course, but will need to up the ante if we want to hold on to our title.
  22. I've updated 1st post. Version down to 4th level is up and running major things changed from previous version set Pro Junior System money for every playable division (as in real life) corrected old values in Pro Junior System fixed u-22 rule for 2019 season in ekstraklasa fixed under-soil heating as requirement in I Liga few tweaks to Match rules in CLJ-18
  23. In my test save which I ran for a full season of 38 games, my Valencia side was tied in 7th place with 51% and just below Barcelona's 52% average possession for the season. So pretty decent considering my tactic was not really focused solely on possession and had no special Team Instructions to get possession just for the sake of possession.
  24. None of which would make FM19 any better because they are not not going to fix anything on this version now
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